How do I find Plan B (Master's Degree) papers?


Students who graduate with a Plan B Master's Degree are not required to submit their Plan B papers for inclusion in the Libraries' collections, as are students who complete a Plan A Master's Thesis.

However, the Libraries do occasionally receive one as a gift from the student or their adviser. These donated Plan B papers are cataloged in MNCAT, similarly to full theses and dissertations. You can search for these by author or title. You may want to include the keyword "Plan B" to limit it down to those titles.

To determine whether a student wrote a Master's thesis (Plan A) or a Plan B paper you can contact the University of Minnesota Archives. They may be able to help you determine whether if the student in question submitted a Plan A Master's thesis, or graduated under the Plan B program. However, University Archives does not keep Plan B papers. For information on how to find a Plan A thesis please see:

You can contact the Department that the student graduated from to determine whether the Department retained a copy of the Plan B papers. Use the University of Minnesota Department Directory to find Department contact information:


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