What are some state and local resources to find candidate accountability?


Here are some state and local government information resources to find accountability information both for election day and the terms after.

* National Taxpayers Union
Highlights Minnesota's yet-to-be-realized spending database. In addition they have worked with Project Vote Smart to promote budget issues.

* StateVote 2008
From the National Conference of State Legislature

* Minnesota Campaign Finance and Public Disclosure Board
All state candidates must file with the Disclosure Board regarding sources of income.

* wcco.com - Reality Check
Provides campaign fact checking with a local emphasis.

* Eyewitness 5 - Vote 2008
Provides the "truth test."

* Minnesota Independent
From the Center for Independent Media

* MINNPost.com

* Citizens League
Focuses on issues such as the "policy and poverty project" and "immigration and higher education study committee."

* Americans for Tax Reform

* Minnesota Budget Project
Analyzes the impact of current office holders.


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