How can I find the acceptance rates for a given journal?


The Premier Source for Journal Acceptance rates is the database Cabells.  We have Cabell's Directories: Business, Education, Psychology and Psychiatry.

Cabell's collect and publish information about academic journals designed to assist researchers in finding journals which are compatible with the style and content of their manuscripts. Directories include information about the subject areas emphasized by each journal, type of review process, acceptance rate, number of reviewers, time required for review, and availability of reviewer comments. Some specific manuscript submission guidelines are also provided.

Various online and print sources in several fields are listed at one or more of the following FAQ pages from other libraries:

St. John's University: "Journal Rankings and Acceptance Rates"

University of North Texas Library: Journal Acceptance Rates

For those journals in literature, linguistics, and folklore indexed by the MLA Bibliography, the data is available in the MLA "Directory of Periodicals," found in the search menu in the online version of the MLA International Bibliography.

For journals published by the American Psychological Association, this data is made available in their Journal Statistics and Operations Data.

In some other cases, the information might be supplied by the journal itself, either on its website or in the information for prospective contributors in its print issues.


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