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Fall 1998


The 1998 Book Week

The Annual Book Week program at the University of Minnesota will include book displays, reviews, and a featured speaker.

The College of Education is pleased to sponsor Betty Ren Wright as the 1998 Book Week speaker. We invite teachers, librarians, and all others who enjoy her books to join us for her dinner presentation on Tuesday, October 20. The dinner immediately follows the review of new books session.

Display of Books
A selection of recent publications will be on display for children and young people, in the Coffman Union President's Room, during these hours:
Monday, October 19-Noon to 5 P.M.
Tuesday, October 20-10 A.M. to 6 P.M.
Wednesday, October 21-10 A.M. to 6 P.M.
Thursday, October 22-10 A.M. to 5 P.M.
Friday, October 23-10 A.M. to 2 P.M.

Review of New Books
Coffman Union Mississippi Room, Third Floor
Tuesday, October 20, 4:30 P.M.

Evening Dinner
Coffman Union Great Hall; Tuesday, October 20, 6 P.M.
Cost: $16 per person
Speaker is Betty Ren Wright
To attend, please use the reservation form on page seven of this newsletter

When she was eight, Betty Ren Wright began copying her poems into a loose-leaf notebook with her name lettered across the cover. That was her first book, and she liked the idea so much she never stopped writing. Her first short story, a mystery, was published soon after her graduation from college, and her first picture book appeared a few years later. She is the author of the successful novel, The Dollhouse Murders, the recipient of seven state awards. Other titles include: The Cat Next Door, The Scariest Night, Christina's Ghost, A Ghost in the Window, The Ghost of Ernie P., Ghosts Beneath Our Feet, The Pike River Phantom, Rosie and the Dance of the Dinosaurs, The Secret Window and The Summer of Mrs. MacGregor, among others. Her Book Week talk will focus on her life as a writer.

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From The Curator

Clusters of new student orientation tours decorate the University of Minnesota East Bank campus, like chrysanthemums, reminding us at the Kerlan Collection that fall quarter begins momentarily. There are other hints, too, as faculty schedule class visits, graduate students check the reading room hours, and area organizations recruit speakers.

Soon the reading room converts occasionally to a classroom. With great anticipation we await newly appointed Professor Lee Galda's visits with Curriculum and Instruction students. Metro State students accompany author Marsha Chall when she teaches them about the craft of writing, using working manuscripts as touchstones. Minneapolis College of Art and Design students look for examples of graphic imaging and digitizing. Meanwhile, students assigned to individual projects need comparable space substitution. While they work with manuscripts and art independently, security remains a consideration.

Researchers gravitate once again toward the reading room and carts assigned to them burgeon with anticipated use. Years ago Donna R. White read Welsh mythology in the Kerlan and then traveled to Wales to complete her study. She honed her doctoral dissertation into a book, published recently as A Century of Welsh Myth in Children's Literature (Westport, CT: Greenwood Press, 1998).

The Kerlan Friends Board plans its first meeting of the fiscal year in early October. President Rebecca Rapport will distribute a list of suggested goals/objectives for the year. One challenge will be to extend appropriate outreach for the Kerlan Award and 50th Anniversary projects, funded by the Minnesota Humanities Commission. Meanwhile, Phyllis Mattill, the 1999 Kerlan Award Committee chair perosn also convenes its organizational meeting.

1999 Ezra Jack Keats/ Kerlan Fellow announcements in journals prompt inquiries and requests for application forms. Beth Royalty's recent visit energized the people around her as she expressed admiration and appreciation of the art she studied.

Undergirding this collection activity is the continuation of acquisition and processing of materials for now and the future. Acquisition takes many turns. Since Eleanor Cameron's manuscripts came to the Kerlan Collection, her friends have come forward with gifts and suggestions. Steve Kuehler telephoned about a gathering during which friends in the Boston area read excerpts from her books. Rita Lister sent more than 100 letters from Cameron. Author Betty Levin advised that Cameron's notes would be of upmost importance to a biographer. Another friend offered to identify individuals in the photo collection.

Senior staff schedule interviews with prospective student assistant workers. These assistants fill out book orders, especially by those who promise their manuscripts and art to the Kerlan Collection. Processed books are shelved. And finally, Children's Literature Summer Forum, the Musser Trust grant, and the annual CLRC annual reports become due. Hopefully all are complete before the first snowflake descends from the Minnesota sky.

--Karen Nelson Hoyle

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Kerlan Award Submissions

The 1999 Kerlan Award
The 1999 Kerlan Award committee invites nominations for the 1999 Ker-lan Award. You may suggest as many names as you wish, but list them in order of priority, with the highest recommendation first.

The Kerlan Award is given "in recognition of singular attainments in the creation of children's literature and in appreciation for generous donation of unique resources to the Kerlan Collection for the study of children's literature." Individuals from all areas of children's literature, including authors, illustrators, editors, publishers, and educators, are eligible for this honor.

Past recipients of the Kerlan Award include Marie Hall Ets, Elizabeth Coatsworth, Marguerite Henry, Roger Duvoisin, Wanda Gág, Carol Ryrie Brink, Margot Zemach, Glen Rounds, Tomie dePaola, Jean Craighead George, Katherine Paterson, Margaret Wise Brown (and her editors and illustrators, represented by Clement Hurd), Eleanor Cameron, Charlotte Zolotow, Charles Mikolaycak, Jane Yolen, Gail E. Haley, Madeleine L'Engle, Leonard Everett Fisher, Barbara Cooney, Mary Stolz, Myra Cohn Livingston, Phyllis Reynolds Naylor, Margot Tomes, Marion Dane Bauer, Paul Galdone, Theodore Taylor, and Dahlov Ipcar.

Please send your nominations to:
109 Walter Library
117 Pleasant Street S.E.
Minneapolis, MN 55455
ATTN: Kerlan Award Chair, before November 1, 1998.

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Silent Auction Recap

Rare first editions, children's literature memorabilia, enthusiastic bidding, helpful volunteers-a few of the components of the successful Kerlan Friends' Silent Auction and Book Sale. Held as part of this year's Summer Event, Kerlan Friends and other lovers of children's books participated in this fundraising event. After a preview of silent auction items on Monday, June 22nd, excited buyers were lined up as the Book Sale kicked off at 9:00 a.m. on Tuesday, the 23rd. Hundreds of books donated by The Five Owls were added to donations from Kerlan Friends members.

As the Book Sale continued throughout the day, bids were taken on the Silent Auction items. These items included original art by children's book illustrators, prized editions of signed children's books, and unique items related to children's literature. There was a scheduled break to allow everyone to attend the annual Chase Lecture presentation. Refreshed and enlightened, bidders returned to the Arthur Upson Room, where bidding grew even more heated. There were even genuine "bidding wars," which kept prices increasing until the Auction was declared closed at 5:30 p.m. As successful bidders gathered their new treasures and paid their bills, the event was declared a huge success, raising nearly $5,000 for the ongoing work of the Kerlan Friends. -- Gerald Barnaby, chair

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In Memoriam

Mildred L. Batchelder died August 25 in Evanston, Illinois. She donated her international children's book collection and materials related to the Mildred L. Batchelder (MLB) Award, given annually by the American Library Association to an American publisher for a children's book considered to be the most outstanding of those books originally published in a foreign language in a foreign country and subsequently published in the United States. Her friends Margaret Nicholson and Peggy Sullivan designated the Kerlan Collection for memorials; funds will be used to support the MLB Award Collection.

Marie Halun Bloch died on February 7, 1998 in Cambridge, MA at the age of 88. She was born in Komarno, Ukraine and emigrated to the United States as a small child. She donated sixteen manuscripts for children's books, including Aunt America.

Lillian Hoban died recently. In the Kerlan Collection are four manuscripts, including Arthur's Prize Reader and the art for four titles, including The Little Brute Family. In 1977 she visited as the College of Education Book Week speaker. Other original work is in The Northeast Children's Literature Collections at the University of Connecticut.

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Volunteer Projects

Volunteers are invited to participate in activities such as identifying artists and processing greeting cards and sorting material for the vertical file.

Barbara Brokopp completed 100 hours for the study of preservation of library materials and processing incoming materials as a College of St. Catherine/ Rosary College Master of Library and Information Science student intern. She worked with illustrations by Francoise Seignobosc (French-born), Edward Shenton, Tasha Tudor, Emil Weiss, Harvey Weiss, Luther Wells, Leonard Weisgard (Caldecott Award winner), Irma Webber, Erika Weihs, and Ida Weisburg.

A big thank you to the CLRC Volunteers in 1997-98, Robin Dusterhoft, Deborah Murphy, Toni Girard, Sally Rigler, and especially to Dr. Edward B. Stanford, Betty Ripke (100 hours) and Elizabeth Dorsey Hatle (24 hours).

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Recent Visitors

Public school librarian Kathleen Ahern, Diane Cox, Denise Ferrell, and Renee Rogers, from Stillwater, Oklahoma, visited.

Carol Brock, a faculty member in the English department at University of Minnesota Duluth, studied 19th century children's magazines.

Barbara Elleman, faculty at Marquette University, studied the Tomie dePaola work for her forthcoming book.

While attending a graduate summer course for continuing education, graduate student Paula Hall studied children's author Matt Christopher.

Brad Kaspari looked at materials by Wanda Gág for possible quotes to be used in a public art project at Winona State University.

Wendy Lamb, from Bantam Doubleday, researched children's author Edward Fenton.

Margaret Phinney, from the Curriculum and Instruction Department at the University of Minnesota, stopped by to view the author/illustrator entries for an upcoming publication, The Encyclopedia of Children's Literature.

Olivia Walling of the University of Minnesota's History of Science Department visited the collection to research natural history of the early 19th century.

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Staff Changes

Library Assistant Carrie Tahtamouni, resigned as Library Assistant III in CLRC to work as a paralegal in a Minneapolis Law firm, effective August 28th. She has served on the staff since late December, 1995.

Jennifer Elliott, former student employee and a June graduate, is a Library Assistant on special assignment until March to participate in and supervise students in the preservation and preparation for the move of the books, art and manuscripts to the new building.

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The CLRC reading room will be open fewer hours beginning in January 1999 to prepare for the move. Beginning on September 15, 1999, the special collections and archive material from the seven units will be transferred to the new facility, as the storage area will be finished. These units include archives for Social Welfare History, Immigration History Research Center, Northwest Architecture, YMCA, Sherlock Holmes, and Archie Givens Collection of African-American Literature. Staff expects to occupy the building in late November. Arrangements will be made to accommodate reseachers during the interim. In the new configuration, Special Collections and Rare Books and Children's Literature Research Collections will share a reading room.

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Ezra Jack Keats/Kerlan Fellow Visit

Beth Royalty, selected as the 1998 Ezra Jack Keats/Kerlan Collection Fellow as "a talented writer and/or illustrator of children's books who wishes to use the Kerlan Collection for the furtherance of his or her artistic development," visited during the summer. Visitors can read her report, which incorporated digitized images.

The selection committee represented the College of Education, the College of Liberal Arts, the Department of Design, Housing and Apparel, the Kerlan Friends, and the Minnesota Library Association.

Beth Royalty is the author/illustrator of The Craggly Man (Children's Library Press, 1998).

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The Walter Library's main hallway displays announce the final Summer Forum given by John Solum about James Daugherty, illustrator and author. Illustrations from Better Known as Johnny Appleseed, written by Mabel Leigh Hunt and illustrated by James Daugherty, are included in these displays which were designed by Sara Ross, student office assistant.

Located just outside the Kerlan reading room is a display featuring the CLRC summer forums. This display features art from Tracks in the Wild by Minnesotan author and illustrator Betsy Bowen. Professor Anne Scott MacLeod's book American Childhood, Essays on Children's Literature of the 19th and 20th Centuries is displayed, as well as more information about the summer forums. Another case recognizes the 1998 Naomi C. Chase Lecturer James E. Ransom. Prepared by Jenny Elliott, Library Assistant.

Julie Philion and Elizabeth Becklin, student office assistants, captured the enchantment of Oz in their display titled "The Wonderful World of Oz." This display includes Oz books by L. Frank Baum, given by the Laura Jane Musser Trust, as well as memorabilia spread out along the yellow brick road.

In honor of one of the most popular Kerlan resources, Jenny Elliott has also created a display for the Kerlan Portfolios. These educational portfolios feature texts and illustrations of favorite juvenile authors and artists. The display includes materials from Charlotte Zolotow, Karen Ritz, Marguerite Henry, Anne Rockwell, Katherine Paterson, Myra Cohn Livingston, and Tomie dePaola. Located near the entrance of the reading room are two small displays featuring James Daugherty. Art from Of Courage Undaunted, Abraham Lincoln, and Daniel Boone are shown, as well as some of his many books. This display was prepared by Sara Ross.

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The CLRC/Kerlan Collection web page has added a new "Finding Aids" section. This section is a listing of all the manuscripts and illustrations cataloged in the Kerlan Collection. The site is currently under construction. Not every author/ illustrator is listed at this time, however, it is being updated daily. The web site is located at

Jim Kjelgaard web page. This site is dedicated to the work of Jim Kjelgaard, author of books for young people. Web site is located at

Riverbank Review, a new magazine devoted to exploring the world of children's literature, has published its premiere issue. The first issue features cover art by Erik Blegvad, and incluedes reviews of new spring books; essays on children's literature, education and issues in children's lives.

The new building, being contructed to hold Archives Special Collections in the future, was the subject of a feature article in the August 2nd Star Tribune. The article featured the new building and its progress, as construction is underway, and is scheduled for completion by Fall 1999.

The Minnesota Humanities Commission has awarded the Kerlan Friends and the Kerlan Collection $4,000 for the Kerlan Award and 50th Anniversary Outreach Project. The grant is intended to expand the awareness and the audience for the Kerlan Award and the Kerlan Friends projects. Kerlan Friends will identify organizations including children's book authors, illustrators, publishers, booksellers and humanities groups.

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Recent Acquisitions

MS-manuscripts, IL-illustrations; published titles are indicated by italics; unless otherwise noted, these materials have been donated by the authors and/or illustrators and their families. If materials are added to titles previously announced in a printed catalog or newsletter, titles are not repeated.

Katy Keck Arnsteen: IL Abraham and Isaac; Deborah; Jonah, the Whale and the Vine; Joseph and the Dreams; Joshua God's General; Moses; Naomi and Ruth; Queen Esther

Francesca Lia Block: MS I was a Teenage Fairy

Aliki Brandenberg: MS Marianthe's Story; Painted Words; Spoken Memories

Margaret & Raymond Chang: MS The Cricket Warrior: A Chinese Tale; In the Eye of War

Janina Domanska: IL The Bremen Town Musicians; Din Dan Don, It's Christmas; Little Red Hen

Gioia Fiammenghi: A Birthday Book for Six; Hello Math Reader - level 2; I Love to Sneeze; Little Sister for Sale; 98, 99, 100, You're It!; Otto and Oscar; Pooh's Christmas; Second Grade Dog; Toby's Toe; Why do Cats do That?; Working Together

Patricia Reilly Giff: MS Adios, Anna; Beast and the Halloween Horror; The Beast in Ms. Roony's Room; B-E-S-T Friends; Candy Corn Contest; Columbus Circle; Count Your Money at the Polk Street School; December Secrets; Emily Arrow Promises to do Better This Year; Fancy Feet; Fish Face; Gift of the Pirate Queen ; The Great Shamrock Disaster; Happy Birthday, Anna, Sorpresa; Happy Birthday, Ronald Morgan; I Love Saturday; In the Dinosaur's Paw; Laura Ingalls Wilder; Lazy Lions Lucky Lambs; Look Out, Washington, DC; Matthew Jackson Meets the Wall; Meet the Lincoln Lions Band; Monster Rabbit Runs Amuck; Mother Teresa; The Mystery of the Blue Ring; Next Stop, New York City; Pickle Puss; Poopsie Pomerantz Pick Up Your Feet; The Powder Puff Puzzle; Purple Climbing Days; Rat Teeth; The Red White and Blue Valentine; The Riddle of the Red House; Ronald Morgan Goes to Bat; Rootin' Tootin' Bugle Boy; Rosie's Big City Ballet; Say Cheese; Say Hola, Sarah; Secret of the Polk Street School; Shark in School Showtime at the Polk Street School; Snaggle Doodles; Spectacular Stone Soup; Sunnyside Up; Teacher's Guide; Today was a Terrible Day; Tootsie Tanner, Why Don't You Talk?; Turkey Trouble; Valentine Star ; The War Began at Supper; Watch Out Man-Eating Snake; Watch Out, Ronald Morgan; Yankee Doodle Drumsticks

Marguerite Henry: IL& MS The Adventures of Willie the Oyster Catcher ; The Illustrated Marguerite Henry ; MS Album of Dogs; Benjamin West and His Cat, Grimakin; Black and Gold; Brown Sunshine of Sawdust Valley; Cinnabr, the One O'Clock Fox; Geraldine Beilinda; The Illustrated Marguerite Henry; Little or Nothing From Nottingham; Misty's Twilight; Mr. Quackerbuch and His Quacker; MUGGS (International Hound); Our First Pony; Patrick; Portfolio of Horses; Robert Fulton, Boy Inventor; Sing a song Susie; Stablemates; "The Story Behind the Story of King of the Wind;" The Story of Sophia; Stories from Around the World; Stormy, Misty's Foal; Two Loves of Alexander; Wagging Tails

Johanna Hurwitz: MS Helen Keller: Courage in the Dark; Ever Clever Elisa

Dahlov Ipcar: IL Dahlov at the Printing Press; The Nightmare and her Foal; and Other Stories; Red Belt Jack

Elizabeth Orton Jones: IL This is the Way

Barbara Joosse: MS Number Ten Brian Fryout

Patricia Lauber: MS& IL Famous Mysteries of the Sea (Lewis Zacks, Illustrator) MS Bats: Wings in the Night; Big Dreams and Small Rockets; a story History of Space Travel; The Congo River into Central Africa; Cowboys and Cattle Ranching: Yesterday and Today; Curious Critters; Earthworms, Underground Farmers; The Everglades Country: A Question of Life or Death; The Friendly Dolphins; From Flower to Flower: Animals and Pollination; Get Ready for Robots; Great Whales; The Junior Science Book of Icebergs and Glaciers; The Junior Science Book of Penguins; The Junior Science Book of Volcanos; Life on a Giant Cactus; The Mississippi Giant at Work; The Mystery Monsters of Loch Ness Of Man and Mouse; How House Mice Became Laboratory Mice; Painters of the Caves; Penguins on Parade; The Quest of Galileo; The Quest of Louis Pasteur; Sea Otters and Seaweed; The Story of Dogs; The Story of Numbers; Suprising Kangaroos; Too Much Garbage; The True-or-False Book of Cats; Volcanos and Earthquakes; What's Hatching Out of That Egg?; Who Needs Alligators; Your Body and How it Works

Gail Levine: MS Ella Enchanted

Lois Lowry: MS See You Around, Sam!

Harry Mazer: MS Bright Days, Stupid Nights; Cave Under the City; The Dog in the Freezer; The Dollar Man; The Girl of His Dreams; Heartbeat; Hey Kid! Does She Love Me?; I Love You Stupid!; The Island Keeper; The Last Mission; Someone's Mother is Missing; Twelve Shots: Outstanding Short Stories About Guns; When the Phone Rang; Who is Eddie Leonard?

Norma Fox Mazer: MS After the Rain; Babyface; C my Name is Cal; D my Name is Davie; Downtown; Missing Pieces; Mrs. Fish, Ape, and Me, the Dump Queen; Out of Control; Silver; Someone to Love; Summer Girls, Love Boys & Other Short Stories; Taking Terri Mueller; Three Sisters; Up in Seth's Room; When She Was Good; When We First Met

Norma Fox Mazer & Marjorie Lewis: MS Waltzing on Water: Poetry by Women

Eloise McGraw: IL The Striped Ships; Tangled Webb

Donna Jo Napoli: MS For the Love of Venice

Catherine Nicols: MS Battle of the Stallions; Sire of Champions

Joan Kane Nicols: MS The Big Race; The Capture; Going Home; Ponies for Sale; The Storm; The Whirlpool

Beth Peck: IL If You Lived at the Time of Martin Luther King

Louis Sachar: MS There is a Boy in the Girls' Bathroom

Alvin & Virginia Silverstein: IL A Star in the Sea

Felice Holman: Donated 16 foreign editions of her books

Helen Huus: Donated 12 boxes of books

Rita Lipkis: sent more than 100 letters written over the years from Eleanor Cameron.

Lili Wronker: Donated a collection of holiday cards by children's book illustrators

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Friends Board

Rebecca Rapport

Vice-President & Finance Chair:
Bette Peltola

Financial Secretary:
Walter Peik

Gwen Willems

Development Chair:
Grace Kurtz

Membership Chair:
Phyllis Deer

Education/Outreach Chair:
Gloria Kortmeyer

Summer Event Chair:
Diana Swanson

Kerlan Award Chair:
Phyllis Mattill

Marketing Chair:
Christine Dyrud

Preservation Chair:
Kathie Cerra

Other Board Members:
Ruth Berman
Karen M. Bihrle
Norma Gaffron
Maythee Kantar
Dianne Monson
Katharine Weiblen
Gwen Willems

Ex-officio: Karen Nelson Hoyle

The Friends of the Kerlan Collection act as advocates for the Collection by encouraging the use of and financially supporting this rare and unique resource.

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