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Fall 1999



The University of Minnesota and the Royal Norwegian Consulate General, together with the Sons of Norway, will be sponsoring Trolls, Mrs. Pepperpot, and Beyond: Celebrating Norwegian Children's Books, a traveling exhibit by Capital Children's Museum-Washington DC. This largest exhibition on Norwegian children's literature ever to tour North America interweaves the development of Norwegian children's literature with the history of Norway. It can be seen here between November 19, 1999 and January 9, 2000 on the 4th floor of Wilson Library on the West Bank of the University of Minnesota campus in Minneapolis. The exhibition is free.

As a special event while the display is here, Minnesota's Sons of Norway organization invites the public for a Family Day on Sunday, November 28, 1-4 p.m. in the exhibit area. Lodge members will provide programming.

Groups may request reserved time for viewing the exhibit.

For further information call the Kerlan Collection 612-624-4576 or the Center for Scandinavian Studies 612-625-3388 at the University of Minnesota.

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From The Curator

Collections Within the Collections

The Children's Literature Research Collections (CLRC) occasionally, and always joyously, acquires a collection which an individual spent a lifetime assembling. Irvin Kerlan MD signed a contract with the University of Minnesota on June 16, 1949 to place the first children's book collection here. This propitious event has inspired other acts of generosity by librarians, professors, authors and illustrators, and other friends of children's books at the University of Minnesota Libraries.

Collectors often focus on a specific subject matter, genre or format. Librarians may take a "busman's holiday" in their private life. The first Campus School Librarian for the State University College at Oswego, New York, Beulah Counts Rudolph, collected children's book character figurines, wall hangings and bookmarks whenever she traveled, both nationally and internationally. Her practice in sharing them to children necessitated, that a copy of the book accompanied the figurine. Her bequest arrived here after her death in 1973; the permanent exhibit follows her intention.

Author donor Ellen Wells, Chief of Special Collections at the National Museum of American History in the Smithsonian Institution, packed and drove her Black Beauty collection right to the doorstep of Walter Library. By prior arrangement, she gave the August 10, 1989 Summer Forum on the history of the book and her research. Blanche Hull and her husband, who was a University of Minnesota graduate from the Institute of Technology and working in Delaware, visited the reading room annually when he returned for reunions. She would request several titles to examine; little did we know she was checking to see if her collection had a first printing lacking here. She gave them to the Kerlan when she moved to a retirement home. Librarian Phyllis Moulton, living in Marblehead, Massachusetts, carefully identified and donated first printings of Mitsumasa Anno, Ed Young, and Diane Wolkstein.

Professor Vera D. Pedersen joined the faculty at Portland State University in Oregon in 1955. Her oversize dissertation at Columbia University Teachers College in 1951 was entitled, Some Graphic Processes Used in the Illustration of Contemporary Children's Books, and a copy resides in the Kerlan Collection. Chapter Headings include "The Artist Cuts," The Artist Engraves" and "The Artist Draws." Her private collection, including original art by Taro Yashima, greeting cards from artists with whom she became acquainted personally, and books by Beatrix Potter is now part of the Kerlan. Professor Emerita Helen Huus from Northwood, Iowa placed in the CLRC historically important books such as Peter Parley, Tales about America and Jane Taylor, Original Poems for Infant Minds. Richard Abell from the Department of Design and his wife Jeanne provided the Kerlan with hundreds of books he'd referred his students to in both his office and home. Dr. Bette Peltola, current Kerlan Friends president gave books she used while a professor and continues to offer titles.

Mallie Tenggren, widow of the illustrator Gustaf Tenggren, turned over her considerable collection of his children's books, including many published by Golden Books. The Executors of the Wanda Gag Estate, Bob Jansson and Gary Harm, and the Flavia Gag Estate provided manuscripts, illustrations, papers, and related material which have been the basis of numerous studies and publications. Eleanor Cameron bequeathed her entire literary estate to us. She wrote notes on the inside covers of many children's books in her collection, and wove them into her books of criticism, The Green and Burning Tree and The Seed and the Vision.

Denis R. Rogers, who traveled from Kent, England to visit our Hess Collection, willed his Edward S. Ellis Collection, which arrived in 1982. The Trustees of the Laura Jane Musser estate decided that her Wizard of Oz Collection belonged here. China plates, ephemera, such as magazine articles and clippings enrich CLRC. James Taylor Dunn placed his Struwelpeter Collection and accompanying notes here. At the advice of Dilys Fine Evans II, the Society of Illustrators gave all the books from the holiday exhibit in 1992 to the Kerlan; therefore, they were all covered first printings.

Individual collectors' treasures and their carefully crafted notations thus have enhanced the CLRC enormously through its first fifty years. We are grateful and look forward to receiving other focused collections already promised.

--Karen Nelson Hoyle
CLRC Curator

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Andersen Library

After January 1, 2000 the address for the Children's Literature Research Collections (CLRC), including the Kerlan and Hess Collections, will be Room 113, Andersen Library, 222 21st Avenue South, Minneapolis, MN 55455. The telephone number will remain 612-624-4576.

During this fall transition and move, Library staff encourages potential researchers and visitors to telephone in advance to inquire about the availability of the reading room and to make an appointment.

The CLRC will move to the new Andersen Library in two stages. The books, dime novels, serials, manuscripts, illustrations, and other materials will move to the underground storage area. Staff members and the office will move late. Service will be unavailable during the physical move days and voice mail will pick up messages.

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Coming Events

Visit to Elmer L. Andersen Library Underground Storage Area
A sneak-preview visit to the Elmer L. Andersen Library Storage Facility has been offered by Don Kelsey for Wednesday, September 15 from 3-4 p.m. or 4-5 p.m.

Parking is available at the metered area north of the portal entrance along the West River Road.

The group will meet at the portal on the hour. Please call 612-624-4576 evenings or weekend to request a time reservation for one of the 30 hard hats, leaving your name and daytime telephone number.

Norwegian Children's Book Lecture
A Lecture on Norwegian Children's Books will held Wednesday, November 17 at 4:30 p.m. in the Arthur Upson Room, 109 Walter Library. This presentation is in conjunction with the Norwegian Children's Book Exhibit, and will be free and open to the public. For more information, call 612-624-4576.

Fall Book Week
The Annual Book Week program at the University of Minnesota, will include book displays, reviews, and a featured speaker. The College of Education and Human Development is pleased to sponsor Wendell Minor as the 1999 Book Week speaker. We invite teachers, librarians, and all others who enjoy his books to join us for his dinner presentation on Tuesday, October 19. The Book Week Dinner immediately follows the review of new books session. Afternoon sessions are free and open to the public.

An exhibit of Wendell Minor's illustrated books and original art from the Kerlan Collection is scheduled for Coffman Union Third Floor Gallery Monday, September 20 through Thursday, October 21. The exhibit is designed by Pat Hemmis, CLRC temporary staff.

Book Displays and Reviews Display of Books for children and young people. Coffman Union Presidents' Room
Hours: 1:00 to 5, Monday, October 18
10 to 6, Tuesday, October 19
10 to 6, Wednesday, October 20
10 to 6, Thursday, October 21
10 to 1, Friday, October 22

Review of New Books
Coffman Union Mississippi Room, Third Floor
4:30 p.m., Tuesday, October 19
Evening Dinner
Coffman Union Great Hall
Tuesday, October 19, 6:00 p.m.
Cost: $20.00 per person
Speaker is Wendell Minor

Wendell Minor, the 1999 University of Minnesota Book Week Speaker, has an illustrious history as an artist. For more than 25 years, his art has graced the world of books, for both children and adults. His book covers capture in a single image the essence of the books they introduce. Books for children for which he has created the covers include Words by Heart, Let the circle Be Unbroken, The Road to Memphis, Eleanor Roosevelt, Baby, Julie, Julie's Wolfpack, and Harris and Me. His stunning covers for adult books such as My Antonia and O Pioneers! Reflect his appreciation for the beauty of design in both nature and machine.

Like his cover art, his picture books are stunning. From Mojave, Sierra, and Heartland to Ted Fox Running, The Seashore Book, Arctic Son, Shaker Hearts, Morning, Noon, and Night and others he offers children a visual image of words that is also fine art. Winner of over 200 professional awards, Wendell Minor also designed the U.S. Postal Stamp commemorating 100 years of North Dakota statehood.

Wendell Minor will speak on Tuesday, October 19 at 7:00pm following the Book Week Dinner in Coffman Union Great Hall.

Minnesota State Fair
University of Minnesota President Mark Yudof will read books to children from the Kerlan Collection while at the Minnesota State Fair. He selected books by Minnesota authors and illustrators whose manuscripts or art is in the collection.

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1999 Ezra Jack Keats/Kerlan Fellow Named.

Sandra Ure Griffin was selected as the 1999 Ezra Jack Keats/Kerlan Collection Fellow at the University of Minnesota. The Fellowship is awarded to "a talented aspiring writer and/or illustrator of children's books who wishes to use the Kerlan Collection for the furtherance of his/her artistic development." Ms. Griffin visited the Kerlan Collection in mid-August. She utilized the collection to learn more about presentation techniques and finished art for picture books as well as to gain insight into the creative processes of several renowned authors and illustrators.

The selection committee represented the College of Education, the College of Liberal Arts, the College of Human Ecology, the Minnesota Library Association, and the Friends of the Kerlan Collection. Previous Fellowship winners include Ilse Plume (1985), Ellen Stoll Walsh (1986), Richard Jesse Watson (1987), Loreen Leedy and Jean Gralley (1989 co-recipients), Leslie Tryon (1990), Andrea Wyman (1991), Marjorie Allen (1992), Constance Bergum (1993), Marc Harshman (1994), Paula Nourse-Ragland (1995), David Pelletier (1996), and Beth Royalty (1998).

Sandra Ure Griffin has published a children's book entitled Earth Circles (1989) and was a past recipient of the Don Freeman Grant-In Aid Award from the Society of Children' Book Writers and Illustrators. She was the illustrator and contributing author for Birth and the Dialogue (1980), and her illustrations have appeared in brochures and posters for the Consumer Product Safety Commission.

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The Kerlan Essay Award
The Friends of the Kerlan Collection are pleased to announce the seventh annual award to be presented in 2000 for an outstanding paper written during the preceding school year by a college or university student using the resources of the Children's Literature Research Collections. This award will consist of a citation and the sum of one hundred dollars. The purpose of the award is to promote the use of the Kerlan Collection, and it is given in the recognition of outstanding research utilizing original resources available in the Kerlan collection.

In evaluating the papers, judges will emphasize the formulation of a research topic that provides a contribution to knowledge and utilizes original resources, especially manuscripts and illustrations in the CLRC. The writing style and organization of the paper are also important.

The deadline for entries is June 1, 2000.

The 2000 Kerlan Award
The 2000 Kerlan Award committee invites nominations for the forthcoming Kerlan Award. You may suggest as many names as you wish, but list them in order of priority, with the highest recommendation first.

The Kerlan Award is given "in recognition of singular attainments in the creation of children's literature and in appreciation for generous donation of unique resources to the Kerlan Collection for the study of children's literature."

Past recipients of the Kerlan Award include Marie Hall Ets, Elizabeth Coatsworth, Marguerite Henry, Roger Duvoisin, Wanda Gág, Carol Ryrie Brink, Margot Zemach, Glen Rounds, Tomie dePaola, Jean Craighead George, Katherine Paterson, Margaret Wise Brown (and her editors and illustrators, represented by Clement Hurd), Eleanor Cameron, Charlotte Zolotow, Charles Mikolaycak, Jane Yolen, Gail E. Haley, Madeleine L'Engle, Leonard Everett Fisher, Barbara Cooney, Mary Stolz, Myra Cohn Livingston, Phyllis Reynolds Naylor, Margot Tomes, Marion Dane Bauer, Paul Galdone, Theodore Taylor, Dahlov Ipcar, Eve Bunting, Dr. Edward B. Stanford, Dr. Norine Odland, and Lois Lenski.

Please send your nominations to KERLAN FRIENDS, 109 Walter Library, 117 Pleasant Street S.E., Minneapolis, MN 55455. ATTN: Kerlan Award Chair, received by November 1, 1999.

Nominations will be accepted until November 1, but are most welcome in early October.

The Anne Spencer Lindbergh Prize in Children's Literature
The Charles A. and Anne Morrow Lindbergh Foundation has announced that it is seeking entries for the third biennial Anne Spencer Lindbergh Prize in Children's Literature. The Prize program offers a $5,000 award to the author whose children's fantasy novel is judged to be the best published in the English language over a two-year period. The Prize for 1999-2000 will be awarded in early 2001.

Deadline for entries for the 1999-2000 Anne Spencer Lindbergh Prize is November 1, 2000. Four copies of each book entered should be sent along with a $25 application fee for each title submitted, to The Charles A. and Anne Morrow Lindbergh Foundation. Send submissions to 2150 3rd Ave. No., Suite 310, Anoka, MN 55303-2296

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Summer Forum Recap

Not for Children Only Reading and Discussion Programs in American's Libraries pamphlet, donated by Dean Elizabeth Baer, is available on request with a self-addressed stamped envelope from the Children's Literature Research Collections.

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Kerlan Friends Board

Bette Peltola

Karen M. Bihrle

Past President:
Rebecca Rapport

Financial Secretary:
Walter Peik

Gwen Willems

Development Chair:
Grace Kurtz

Education/Outreach Chair:

Kerlan Award Chair:
Diane Monson

Marketing Chair:
Christine Dyrud

Membership Chair:
Karen M. Bihrle

Summer Event Chair:

Helen George
Marilyn Hobbs
Sally Kaiser

Other Board Members:
Ruth Berman
Kathie Cerra
Norma Gaffron
Maythee Kantar
Katharine Weiblen

Karen Nelson Hoyle

The Friends of the Kerlan Collection act as advocates for the Collection by encouraging use of and by financially supporting this rare and unique resource.

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Research Based on CLRC Resources

Ruth Berman. Curiosities, The Unicorn with Silver Shoes, by Ella Young. The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction, Volume 97, No.2. Mercury Press, August 1999.

J. Randolph Cox. The Nick Carter Stories in Robin Winks & Maureen Corrigan's Mystery & Suspense Writers. 2 volumes. New York: Charles Scribners Sons, 1998.

Fred Erisman from the Department of English, Texas Christian University. Boys' Books and the Popularizing of American Aviation. 1998 National Aerospace Conference Proceedings, Wright State University, April 30, 1999.

Carolyn Gwinn, from the Department of Curriculum and Instruction, College of Education and Human Development at the University of Minnesota, "Crown of Lights: Preserving Sweden's Lucia Celebration." Bookbird. Volume 37, No. 2, 1999.

Anne Lundin, Associate Professor. School of Library and Information Studies at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. "Sensational Designs: The Cultural Work of Kate Greenaway," in Literature and the Child: Romantic Continuations, Postmodern Continuations. Ed. James McGavran. University of Iowa Press, in press.

Sarah Wadsworth. Charles Knight and Francis B. Head: Two Early Victorian Representatives on Printing and the Allied Trades. Victorian Periodicals Review. Volume 31, No. 4. Winter, 1998.

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Recent Visitors

Constance Bergum, a former Keats/Kerlan fellow studying at Marywood University, reviewed Charles Mikolaycak illustrations for her Master's thesis.

Elder Learning Institute class - 8 sessions spring 1999

Stephen Feinstein, instructor for College of Liberal Arts, Center for Holocaust and Genocide Studies, brought his Workshop on the Holocaust and Contemporary Genocide class to the Kerlan Collection in late June.

Kathryn O. Galbraith, author, from Tacoma Washington signed her own books.

Keiko Hori, a teacher in Japan, studied Bertha Clay Dime Novels from the Hess Collection.

Virginia Allen Jensen, author and director, International Copenhagen, Denmark signed her own books.

A group of 12 Japanese visitors from Kijo Picture Book Village captivated the CLRC staff with their visit to select Wanda Gág material for an upcoming exhibit in Japan.

Julie L'Enfant, a U of M alumni and current student of the College of Visual Arts in St. Paul, researched Wanda Gág material.

Christina Menyoli, a graduate student in Creative Writing, looked at West African folktales.

Kathryn Miller, Iowa State University, studied Lois Lenski manuscripts for a conference presentation.

Brenda Storms, a former student staff member, showed to her children her favorite original art.

Mary Sundstrom, studied Gustaf Tenggren's illustrative technique.

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NEH Update

In previous newsletters we have listed the names of authors and illustrators for whom our holdings of manuscripts and/or illustrations have been entered into our on-line Internet database. This project has been made possible through a grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities. Since our last report the work of the following individuals have been added to the record:

Marie Bloch, MF; Ingri and Edgar d'Aulaire, MC; Fritz Eichenberg, MC; Mirra Ginsburg, MF; Juanita Havill, MF; Isabelle Holland, MF; Felice Holman, MF; Ezra Jack Keats, MC; James A. Kjelgaard, MF; Patricia Lauber, MF; Marie G. Lee, MF; Victor Mays, MC; Gerald McDermott, MF; Ferdinand N. Monjo, MF; Beni Montresor, MC; Nicolas Mordvinoff, MC; Lensey Namioka, MF; Susan Pearson, MF; Maud & Miska Petersham, MC; Leo Politi, MC; Philip G. Reed, MC; Cynthia Rylant, MF; Georges Schreiber, MC; Helen Sewell, MC; Zilpha K. Snyder, MF; Mary Q. Steele, MF; Helen Stone, MC; Tasha Tudor, MC; Ilse-Margret Vogel, MC; Mildred P. Walter, MF; Kurt Werth, MC; Ester Wier, MF; Jacqueline Woodson, MF; Hildegard Woodward, MC; Herbert S. Zim, MC.

MC represents illustration material.
MF represents manuscript material.

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Minnesota Humanities Commission

The Minnnesota Humanities Commission awarded a $4,000 Humanities Organization Network Re-Grant to the Kerlan Collection, University of Minnesota. Funds are used to support the newsletter, Kerlan 50th Anniversary, Kerlan Friends 25th Anniversary, Kerlan Award, Elmer L. Andersen Library opening celebrations, visiting speakers, exhibits, and other humanities events which benefit the Minnesota public.

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Letter From A Visiting Author

Thank you, thank you, thank you. As you know, I spent a delicious morning pouring over manuscripts in the reading room of the Kerlan Collection. It was, truly, water in the desert.

My first thrill was holding Margaret Wise Brown's manuscript for Goodnight Moon in my hot little hands. I thought it couldn't get better than that, but it did because right after that, I saw another manuscript she'd written that was bad. Don't get me wrong, I take no pleasure in another author's misfortune. But if Margaret Wise Brown, an icon, could write a bad manuscript, then maybe we all do. It put her right in the messy little soup along with the rest of us. And I don't mind saying that I enjoy being in the same soup as Margaret Wise Brown.

After that, I looked over Lois Lowry's manuscripts and correspondence. Ms. Lowry happens to be my hero. She's not only an excellent writer, but a writer of many voices. I read over a letter from her editor, asking for a massive revision. That letter would have had me on the floor. The editor listed a dozen massive things "wrong" with her story. If I'd received that letter, I would have 1) railed against the insensitivity of the editor and her obvious lack of vision 2) felt sorry for myself 3) set my jaw and revised the thing. Ms Lowry indeed proved her mettle, because, although the archives didn't allow me to see #1 and #2, her letter to the editor a few months later indicated #3.

We authors work alone. We are, as I have said, a dramatic lot, particularly skilled at creating cataclysmic scenarios of our one professional demise with a rejection letter or bad review. We don't know the demons that lurk in other author's minds. But going through the archives gave me a reassuring view. Maybe the most telling trait-the thing that makes good authors great-is the ability to take criticism and use it. It's OK to rail against injustice . . . as long as you return to your office the next day, rethink your story, and rewrite it again.

Your Fan,
Barbara Joosse

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Fall Classes

Best Children's Books (NINETEEN FIFTIES & SIXTIES)
Review some of the best in children's literature beginning with U.S. and international award winners (Caldecott, Newbery, Wilder, Carnegie, Greenaway) of the 1950s and learn how criteria for quality writing and illustration have changed through the decades. Whether you are a writer of children's fiction, a teacher, or a parent, grandparent, or family member seeking more information about literary purchases, this interesting course provides a look at the best books published.
CSch 0477m $100 (age 62, $90), Sec. 1, T, 6-8:30 p.m., Sept. 14 - Oct. 5 (4 meetings), Walter Library, East Bank Campus. Limited to 25.

From Trolls To Tough Issues: Scandinavian Children's Literature
Scandinavian folk tales are often filled with wonderful woodland creatures such as trolls, nisse, and tomte, but recent Scandinavian work is often cutting edge and deals with a variety of important social issues. This class, offered in conjunction with the Norwegian children's literature exhibit, "Trolls, Mrs. Pepperpot, and Beyond," at the University's Wilson Library, explores both classical and contemporary Danish, Finnish, Norwegian, and Swedish literature in translation for children. Using slide-illustrated lectures and books from the Kerlan Collection, the instructor examines Norwegian folk tales and modern work, as well as the writing of other Scandinavian authors such as Hans Christian Andersen, Tove Jansson, and Astrid Lindgren.
CSch 0476, $100 (age 62, $90), Sec. 1, M, 6-8:30 p.m., Oct. 4-25 (4 meetings), Walter Library 109, East Bank Campus. Limited to 25.

For more information contact the Student Support Services/University College at: 612-624-8880 or FAX: 612-625-1511

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Recent Acquistions

MS-manuscripts, IL-illustrations; Published titles are indicated by italics. These materials have been donated by the authors and/or illustrators or their families. Titles for which additional materials have arrived are not listed if reported in The Kerlan Collection: Manuscripts and Illustrations (1985) or in previous newsletters.

Betsy Bowen: IL & MS. Shingebiss: An Ojibwe Legend; IL. Gathering: A Northwoods Counting Book

Nancy Carlson: IL. Arnie and the Skateboard Gang; I Like Me; What To Do When a Bug Climbs in Your Mouth and Other Poems to Drive You Buggy

Judy Delton: MS. (Almost) Everyone is Irish but Me; Amigos; Beginnings & Ends; Best Friends; The Boy who had Good Manners; A Cat on Every Chair; Chipmunk's Change of Luck; Crestwood House "Mystery" Series; The Fitness of Forbes; Hatfield and the Bake-Off; Haunted Camp; Hello Huckleberry Heights; He's My Twin; Laura Lives; Molly For Mayor; "A Mouse in Gumbar's House" ; My Daddy and I and the Lake; My Daddy Went Away; My Mom Hates Me in January; My Mom Made Me Go To Camp; My Mom Made Me Share My Room; My Mom Won the Lottery; My Mother Lost her Job Today; My Mother's Getting Married; My Uncle Nikos; The Mystery of the Man Next Door; No Time for Christmas; On My Front Porch; One Shoe's No Good; One Word is Worth 1000 Pics; Peanut-Butter Pilgrims; Pedal Power; Pedantic Semantics; The Pee Wee Jubilee; The Perfect Valentine; A Pet for Duck and Bear; "The Prettiest Christmas Tree of All"; Rabbit Finds a Way; Rosy Noses Freezing Toes; Run-away Christmas; Send in the Clowns; Sky Babies; So You Want to be a Writer when You Grow Up!; Something About the Author: Autobiography Series; Something to do for Jon Raymond; Sonny's Secret; Space Cadets; The Thing I Can't Talk About; Trash Bash; Trouble with Fox; Untitled Space Series; An Unusual Rabbit; What Ails You Today Anyway Bruce, I Said; What Do You See?; Why?

William Durbin: MS. Wintering

Gioia Fiammenghi: IL. Best Friends; Small Dawn

Nancy Garden: MS. The Year They Burned the Books

Joyce Hansen: MS. Women of Hope

Juanita Havill: MS. Jamaica and the Substitute Teacher

Paul Brett Johnson: IL & MS. The Pig Who Ran a Red Light

Patricia Lauber: MS. All about the Ice Age; All about the Planet Earth; All about the Planets; Alligators: A Success Story; Battle against the Sea; Be A Friend to Trees; Clarence and the Burglar; Clarence and the Cat; Dust Bowl: Earthquakes; Fingers, Forks & Chopsticks; Fur, Feathers, and Flippers; Getting to Know Switzerland; Highway to Adventure; Home at Last; How Dinosaurs Came To Be; Hurricanes; Journey to the Planets; Living with Dinosaurs; Look-it-up Book of Mammals; Look-it-up Book of Stars and Planets; Look-it-up Book of the 50 States; Lost Star; Seeds Pop, Stick, Glide; Summer of Fire; Tales Mummies Tell; Tapping Earth's Heat; This Restless Earth; The Tiger has a Toothache; Valiant Scots; What Big Teeth You Have!; What Do You See?; Who Eats What?; Who Discovered America; You're Aboard Spaceship Earth.

Ted Lewin: IL. The Storytellers

Alice Low: MS. The Witch Who Was Afraid of Witches

Chris Lynch: MS. Whitechurch

Robert McClung: MS. Animals That Build Their Homes; How Animals Hide; Old Bet and the Start of the American Circus; IL. & MS. Treasures in the Sea; Wings in the Woods

Graham McNamee: MS. Hate You

Betty Miles: MS. Goldilocks and the Three Bears; The Three Little Pigs; Tortoise and Hare

Lensey Namioka: MS. Yang the Second and Her Secret Admirers

Donna Jo Napoli: MS. Crazy Jack

Doris Orgel: MS. We Goddesses

Shoshanah Rabinovits: MS. Thanks to My Mother

Anne Rockwell: IL. Long Ago Yesterday

Marilyn Sachs: MS. Another Day; Ghosts in the Family; Jo Jo & Winnie; Surprise Party; Thirteen, Going on Seven; Underdog

Art Seiden: IL. Berlitz Zoo Animals; Sonny the Bunny; The Big Treasure Book of Fairy Tales; Water, Water, Everywhere

Joe Servello: IL. Dinosaur Barn

James Skofield: Translated MS. Thanks to My Mother

Margo Sorenson: MS. Fight in the Fields: Cesar Chavez; Nothing is for Free; Don't Bug Me

John Stewig: MS. Princess Florecita and the Iron Shoes

Vera Williams: IL. Scooter

Jacqueline Woodson: MS. Lena

Jane Yolen: MS. The One-Armed Queen

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* * * NEWS RELEASE * * *

The Norwegian Children's Book Exhibit is scheduled for November 19, 1999 to January 9, 2000 on weekdays from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. and weekends from noon to 5 p.m. in Wilson Library 4th floor gallery, 309 19th Avenue South, Minneapolis University of Minnesota West Bank Campus. The exhibit is free and open to the public. Groups may schedule visits with the Center for Scandinavian Studies, 612-625-3388.

As a special event while the display is here, Minnesota's Sons of Norway organization invites the public for a Family Day on Sunday, November 28, 1-4 p.m. in the exhibit area. Lodge members will provide programming.

The University of Minnesota (Center for Scandinavian Studies, Children's Literature Research Collections, Kerlan Friends, Friends of the Library) the Royal Norwegian Consulate General, and the Sons of Norway, are co-sponsoring Trolls, Mrs. Pepperpot, and Beyond: Celebrating Norwegian Children's Books, a traveling exhibit by Capital Children's Museum-Washington DC. This largest exhibition on Norwegian children's literature ever to tour North America interweaves the development of Norwegian children's literature with the history of Norway.

"From the Ashlad to Sophie's World: Heroes and Heroines in Norwegian Children's Literature" A program on Norwegian Children's Books will be held Wednesday, November 17 at 4:30 p.m. in the Arthur Upson Room, 109 Walter Library. Torild Homstad will talk about contemporary Norwegian children's books on Wednesday, November 17 at 4:30 p.m. at the Children's Literature Research Collections Reading Room, 109 Walter Library, University of Minnesota East Bank Campus. She is the Administrator, North American Office of University of Oslo International Summer School and Adjunct Instructor of Norwegian at St. Olaf College. The lecture is free and open to the public. For more information, contact the CLRC, 612-624-4576.

Lisa Lunge-Larsen will autograph at the Red Balloon on Saturday, November 13 at 10:30 a.m. and tell folktales at the Minnesota Children's Museum on Saturday, November 20 at 11 a.m. and 1 p.m. For more information, call the museum at 651-225-6008.

For further information, call the Center for Scandinavian Studies 612-625-3388 or the Kerlan Collection 612-624-4576.

--Karen Nelson Hoyle, CLRC, 109 Walter Library, 117 Pleasant Street S.E., Minneapolis, MN 55455. 11/10/99

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The CLRC Kerlan Collection is an internationally recognized center of research in the field of children's literature. The Collection contains original materials, including manuscripts, artwork, galleys, and color proofs for more than 8,700 children's books. These materials represent eight decades of American children's books and selected books published in other countries. The Collection also includes more than 75,000 children's books.

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