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FAll 2000


Wanda Gág’s Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs Studies and Illustrations Arrive

The Children’s Literature Research Collections (CLRC) at the University of Minnesota Libraries recently acquired the original, preliminary and final drawings for Wanda Gág's Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, first published in 1938. The CLRC now contains all of Wanda Gág’s original manuscripts and illustrations, with exception of Tales from Grimm, making this the foremost collection of its kind in the world.  Her Grimm original materials for this title are held by Pennsylvania State University. Wanda Gág is the author of the classic children’s tale, Millions of Cats.

Support for the purchase of this original artwork came from the Elizabeth F. and Phillip Y. Barrett Endowment Fund for the University of Minnesota Libraries.  “This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for us,” noted Dr. Karen Nelson Hoyle, Curator of the Children’s Literature Research Collections.  “Thanks to magnanimous foresight of Mr. and Mrs. Barrett, the Collections will now be much richer.”  The Elizabeth F. and Phillip Y. Barrett Endowment Fund was established to enable the Children's Literature

Research Collections to purchase rare and unique collections as they become available on the market.

Wanda Gág (1893-1946) was born in New Ulm, Minnesota and lived there through graduation from high school.  She attended art schools in St. Paul and Minneapolis and then moved to New York City (with stints in Connecticut and New Jersey), where she became part of the art scene. Her book Millions of Cats (1928) became an immediate classic. It has remained in print since its publication and has been translated for publication to serveral languages.

The Kerlan Collection held seven typescript drafts of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, but had only one original ink drawing from the work,  before the recent acquisition.

Prior to the purchase, Dr. Hoyle consulted with several local book dealers who supported her recommendation to acquire the entire offering of original artwork. If the collection were to be listed in a dealer's catalog, it would be sold piece by piece and would be almost impossible to reassemble in the future.

Walt Disney's first full-length animated film Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs was released in December 1937, just prior to Gág’s book. Disney modified the original Grimm fairy tale for his screen adaptation, but Gág provided a faithful text, as she spoke and read German fluently. A comparison of the Disney movie (now more familiar to the American public) and Gág’s work makes an interesting assignment for K-12, as well as for adult researchers.

For more information, please contact Dr. Karen Nelson Hoyle, (612) 624-4817.

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From The Curator

Plea for Depth in Author-Illustrator Donations
It is the unusual depth of holdings in the Kerlan Collection that attracts scholars and enhances research. Therefore, parameter guidelines are needed in selecting books and their related manuscripts and illustrations, if such materials are to be acquired for the collection consistently. If an author or artist promises his/her respective manuscripts and illustrations, then our staff searches for the books.

Ideally, the comprehensive book collection should include all children’s and young adult books in first printing which are inscribed by the author and illustrator. Frequently, the prospectus includes variant editions and translations of these books.

Historically, collecting Newbery and Caldecott Award books in first printings was the principle guideline for founder Irvin Kerlan, MD. He was so committed to this task that he compiled a bibliography of these award titles that was published by the University of Minnesota Press in 1949. The staff extended this to include translated and British editions. Frequently, the latter have changes in spelling, such as “colour” for “color” and word preferences such as “dustman” for “garbage collector” and “biscuit” for “cookie.” Occasionally in translated editions there are deletions of entire episodes.

If an editor arranges for updated illustrations, such as Lynd Ward’s second set of illustrations for Elizabeth Coatsworth’s THE CAT WHO WENT TO HEAVEN or Ed Young’s new illustrations for SHEN OF THE SEA, the staff attempts to acquire the new edition.

Furthermore, the staff encourages the authors and illustrators to inscribe the copies. While some merely autographed their books, others including Minnesotan Kristine Franklin wrote a paragraph-length commentary in each of her books in the Collection. In a recent book, for example, she described what precipitated the book while she was living in Guatemala.

Authors in the past often wrote a first draft by hand, termed “holograph.” Marguerite Henry placed her first draft in a three-ring notebook and corrected it by hand. She frequently used the reverse side of the page to the left for further revisions. She typed later drafts, and some of them were further revised by editors using red or green pencil. Numerous drafts are “grist” for researchers.

Similarly, many artists folded small paper booklets to create a thirty-two page “dummy” for each book. Golden Press provided Gustaf Tenggren with a booklet with clearly marked dimensions for each illustration. Dahlov Ipcar used a large poster for her DAY BIRDS AND NIGHT BIRDS storyboard. Tomie dePaola painted color swatches on the margins of some watercolors.

Authors, illustrators, editors, marketing staff, and private collectors frequently respond generously to the University of Minnesota’s commitment to this research collection. On an annual basis, the Kerlan Award acknowledges one or more of these individuals. With increasing electronic developments, some of the steps in creation will be difficult to document. Some authors already edit on-line rather than on paper print-outs, and even e-mail the final draft to the publisher.

There is a direct correlation between visits of scholars to the Kerlan Collection and the depth of material in its holdings. Professor Sarah Smedman was attracted here to study Katherine Paterson’s manuscripts. Julie L’Enfant is currently working with Wanda Gag’s legacy for a forthcoming book.

As the depth of holdings in books, manuscripts, and illustrations the Kerlan Collection receives from the authors and illustrators and others increases in the future, visiting scholars and potential exhibitors can be more successful in their respective endeavors.

--Karen Nelson Hoyle, Curator

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The 2001 Kerlan Award

The Kerlan Award is given “in recognition of singular attainments in the creation of children’s literature and in appreciation for generous donation of unique resources to the Kerlan Collection for the study of children’s literature.” Individuals from all areas of children's literature, including authors, illustrators, editors, publishers, and educators, are eligible for this honor.

The Kerlan Award committee invites nominations for the forthcoming Kerlan Award. The Kerlan Award nominations are due Monday, October 16th and the award will be presented in the spring. You may suggest as many names as you wish, but list them in order of priority, with the highest recommendation first.

For more information, please call 612-624-4576.

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New Staff
Colette Lunday Brautigam joined the CLRC staff on August 28th as the Library Assistant II.

New Web Address
CLRC, including the Kerlan Collection, has a new web address. The new address is:

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Coming Events

Fall Book Week
Event: Tuesday, October 17th
The Annual Book Week Program at the University of Minnesota, will include book displays, reviews, and a featured speaker.  The College of Education is pleased to sponsor Jane Kurtz as the 2000 Book Week speaker. The Book Week Dinner immediately follows the review of new books session.  The book display and reviews are free and open to the public.
Book Display
Radisson Metrodome Nolte Room
12 to 6, Tuesday, Oct. 17
10 to 6, Wednesday, Oct.18
10 to 6, Thursday, Oct. 19
10 to 12, Friday, Oct. 20
Review of New Books
4:00 p.m. Tuesday, Oct. 17
Radisson Metrodome
Hubert H. Humphrey Room
To be followed by a cash bar
from 5:30 to 6:30 p.m.
Evening Dinner
6:30 p.m. Tuesday, Oct. 17
Radisson Metrodome
Hubert H. Humphrey Room
Cost: $25 per person

Jane Kurtz, a superb storyteller, is a author of Fire on the Mountain; Pulling the Lion’s Tail; Amiro in the Kingdom of the Sun; I’m Sorry, Almira Ann and several other books. She is noted for her ability to weave details of place and time into powerfully moving stories. The Kerlan Collection holds original material for several of her books, including Faraway Home; I’m Sorry Almira Ann; and The Storyteller’s Beads. Her recent picture book, River Friendly, River Wild, consists of a series of poems about a family’s experiences during the recent Grand Forks, North Dakota flood. This moving account of personal loss and the triumph of the human spirit is the basis for her speech following the Book Week Dinner on Tuesday October 17, in the Hubert H. Humphrey Room, Radisson Metrodome Hotel.  There will be an opportunity to purchase books before the dinner. The speech will be followed by an autographing session. For more information, call  at 612-625-3310.

Hubbs Lecture
On February 24th, 2001 Emily McCully will be the speaker at the 2001 Ronald Hubbs Lecture at the University of St. Thomas.
For more information call Julie Kimlinger, 651-962-5014.

The Art of Harlin Quist
Minnesota Center for Book Arts Star Tribune Foundation Gallery. On Exhibit: September 26  through December 31, 2000. Opening Reception: Saturday, September 23, 6 – 9 p.m.

Harlin Quist always believed in the ineffable magic of books and in the incredible capacity of youngsters to reach beyond words and pictures  into a realm where fantasy and feeling lie deeper than words.

The Art of Harlin Quist investigates the mystery of “what a book is and what a book can do” in the context of commercial publishing, presenting 80 original illustrations from Quist books old and new – from the classic The Geranium on the Windowsill Just Died but Teacher You Went Right On, Guy Billout’s Bus 24, and Patrick Couratin’s Shhh! to the new (and yet unseen) When Cats Were Green, A Question of Detail, Mozart and His Chimp, and Taxi!.

In conjunction with the display, Dr. Nicholas Paley of George Washington University will present a lecture discussing the impetus and import of Harlin Quist’s work, including thoughts on his new publications and re-entry into the children’s book publishing industry. The lecture will be held at MCBA on Thursday, October 26.

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The Kerlan Essay Award
The Friends of the Kerlan Collection are pleased to announce the seventh annual award to be presented in 2001 for an outstanding paper written during the preceding school year by a college or university student using the resources of the Children’s Literature Research Collections.  This award will consist of a citation and the sum of one hundred dollars.  The purpose of the award is to promote the use of the Kerlan Collection, and it is given in the recognition of outstanding research utilizing original resources available in the Kerlan collection.

In evaluating the papers, judges will emphasize the formulation of a research topic that provides a contribution to knowledge and utilizes original resources, especially manuscripts and illustrations in the CLRC.  The writing style and organization of the paper are also important.
Call 612-624-4576 for specific instructions on submissions.

The deadline for entries is June 1, 2001.

The Ezra Jack Keats/Kerlan Memorial Fellowship
The Ezra Jack Keats/Kerlan Memorial Fellowship from the Ezra Jack Keats Foundation will provide $1500 to a “talented writer and/or illustrator of children’s books who wishes to use the Kerlan Collection for the furtherance of his or her artistic development.”  Special consideration will be given to someone who would find it difficult to finance a visit to the Kerlan Collection.

The Ezra Jack Keats Fellowship recipient will receive transportation cost and a per diem allotment.  Applications for 2001 must be received by Friday, April 27th, 2001.  For application materials, please send a self- addressed, $0.55 stamped envelope to:

Ezra Jack Keats/Kerlan Collection
Memorial Fellowship
113 Andersen Library
222 21st Avenue South
University of Minnesota
Minneapolis, MN 55455

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Kerlan Friends Board

Bette Peltola

Karen M. Bihrle

Financial Secretary:
Walter Peik

Anne Weber

Board Members:
Ruth Berman
Christine Dyrud
Sheila Fitzgerald
Norma Gaffron
Nancy Hof
Julie Jensen
Grace Kurtz
Phyllis Mattill
Dianne Monson

Education/Outreach Chair:
Sheila Fitzgerald

Humanities Scholar:
Ruth Berman

Kerlan Award Chair:
Walter Peik

Kerlan Essay Award Chair:
Julie Jensen

Marketing/Publicity Chair:
Norma Gaffron

Membership Chair:
Karen M. Bihrle

Helen George
Marilyn Hobbs
Sally Kaiser

Karen Hoyle

The Friends of the Kerlan Collection act as advocates for the Collection by encouraging its use and by financially supporting this rare and unique resource.

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Research Based on CLRC Resources

Mary Jo Kane. Fictional Denials of Female Empowerment: A Feminist Analysis of Young Adult Sports Fiction. University of Minnesota, Human Kinetics Publishers, Inc., 1998.
“Representations of Athletic Females in Young Adult Sports Fiction: Intersections of Race, Gender and Sexuality.” Keynote address at symposium on women’s sports. Symposium entitled “From Title IX to the World Cup: Women in Sports” was sponsored by the Department of Women'’ Studies at the University of Kansas.

Sarah Wadsworth. Dissertation articles “Reading the Marketplace in Nineteenth-Century America: Formations of Audience and Genre.” Ph.D. Dissertation. University of Minnesota. University Microforms International, 2000. “A Blue and Gold Mystique: Reading the Material Text in Louisa May Alcott’s ‘Pansies’ and Ticknor & Field’s Blue & Gold Series.” Harvard Library Bulletin. Forthcoming.

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Recent Visitors

In July, Nancy Carlson, made a surprise visit to the Kerlan Collection to donate some of her illustrations.

On July 25, Connie Barkley and Karen Schutte visited the Kerlan Collection to view a variety of children’s authors and illustrators for their personal enjoyment.

Coralyn Bryan did informal research in July with the Kerlan Collection.

Jason Busch, from the Minneapolis Institute of Art, sought illustrations on tea parties in children’s literature for an upcoming exhibition.

Ryan Carlson, from the Design, Housing, & Apparel Department, came on July 6 to analyze graham cracker boxes for a future design package being created for a course called Packaging Design, under Jake Jacobson.

Angelica Carpenter, curator of the Arne Nixon Collection, visited the Collection from California State University to discuss collection strategies on July 17.

Carol Crowley researched the “Underground Railroad” and signals used during the Civil War.

Randolph Cox and Zoe Ingalls discussed aspects of the Dime Novel Collection on August 10th.

Sandra Harthan, a graduate student, researched children’s poetry for a future Minnesota Writing Project Presentation.

On August 2, Ted Hathawan did informal research on baseball in children’s literature.

Patricia Hemmis, a graduate student & lecturer, examined holdings of Boris Artzybasheff for her Doctoral Dissertation on popular descriptions of early computers as “giant brains.”

Margo Herman & Deborah Tabert came to the Kerlan Collection on July 3.

Andrew Knighton, a graduate student from the Comparative Study & Discourse on Society Department, came on August 2 to research for his Doctoral Dissertation.

The Keats Fellowship 2000 winner Hilary Janeway Smith came from UCLA to study material by Marguerite Henry, and Wesley Dennis’ illustrations, for a course in Children’s Literature under professor Mitzi Myers.

Louisa Smith, a faculty member from the English Department at Minnesota State University, came on August 15 to study material by Helen Sewell for a conference presentation.

Margaret Sullivan came to the Kerlan Collection on July 11 to study works by Carol Ryrie Brink on Caddie Woodlawn for her personal interests.

Maureen Webster visited on August 15 to do informal research.

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In Memoriam

Elizabeth M. Petersen, an established children’s book editor and a Kerlan Friends Board member, died on August 3, 2000.  Elizabeth helped the Kerlan Collection in many ways. One of her many contributions was to the production of the quarterly newsletter, she helped create the current design.

Emily Ardell Crofford, a successful writer of books for young adults, died June 4, 2000. Emily’s has had 14 books and numerous short stoies published. The Kerlan Collection holds several of her books and manuscripts, including Born in the year of courage, A matter of pride, and Stories from the blue road.

Harlin Quist, famous children’s book publisher, died in May during a trip to Minneapolis. Harlin Quist was best known for tackling unusual subjects for children and illustrating them with the leading French artists.

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Kerlan Friends Invited

Kerlan Friends are Needed . . .

- To act as advocates for the Kerlan Collection by encouraging appreciation for and sustaining this rare and unique resource by...
- Supporting the creation of projects featuring Kerlan holdings, such as traveling author and illustrator portfolios for classroom use.
- Helping to acquire additional books and original materials for Kerlan research and exhibitions.
- Sponsoring an annual award for an outstanding research paper prepared by a college student using original resources from the Kerlan Collection.
- Contributing and encouraging Kerlan gifts, endowments, and bequests.
- Promoting other children’s book-related events, such as museum displays and book readings.
- Sponsoring the annual Kerlan Award, given "in recognition of children’s literature and in appreciation for generous donation of unique resources to the Kerlan Collection.”

As a Kerlan Friend, you will...
- Receive a quarterly newsletter.
- Be invited to all Kerlan events including the annual Kerlan Award luncheon and summer events.
- Have the opportunity to participate in interesting volunteer work, such as assisting with document preservation, engaging in reference and research projects, writing newsletter articles, mounting exhibits for special occasions and locations, and hosting events and special guests.

I/we wish to join the Kerlan Friends.
_____ Kerlan Friend ($25)
_____ Kerlan Collector ($100)
_____ Special Patron ($1000)
__________ Kerlan Student full-time ($10)
__________ Gift Membership(s) ($25 & up) for:

Please send information to: Becoming a Kerlan Friend, 113 Elmer L. Andersen Library, 222 21st Avenue South, Minneapolis, MN 55455

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Resources for Teachers

Educational Portfolios
The three portfolios listed below can be sent to the borrower by US mail, FedEx or UPS and returned at the borrower’s expense to arrive the last day of the loan. For a listing of other portfolios please call CLRC staff at 612-624-4576, or visit the web address at:

Marion Dane Bauer, Author
Featuring Touch the Moon (1987).  Included is correspondence with Bauer’s editor at Clarion Books, James Cross Giblin, and his assessment of and recommendations for her manuscript, along with the first, second, and final drafts of selected chapters.  Upper elementary children interested in writing will find these materials useful for making comparative analyses of this “realistic fantasy” and, in the process, they will become aware of the perseverance that is necessary in order to become a good writer.  Two copies of Touch the Moon are included in the portfolio, along with a video about the author produced by Northern Lights. (CC)

Phyllis Reynolds Naylor, Author
Suggested for use in grades five and six, this portfolio features Shiloh, the 1992 Newbery Medal winner.  It contains laminated photocopies of the working manuscripts with the author’s notes as well as jacket studies by illustrator Lynne Dennis.  Six paperback copies of the book accompany the kit.  (CC)

Katherine Paterson, Author
Suitable for middle school students, this portfolio features the award-winning author’s Park’s Quest (1988).  It includes laminated photocopies of the working manuscripts as well as copies of the related information and research material provided by the author.  Also included are six paperback copies of the book.  (CC)

All of the educational portfolios are available for a two-week loan period for a nonrefundable advance payment of $25.  This fee covers the cost of insuring the original artwork and for boxing and maintaining the portfolio.  Your canceled check or money order, payable to the University of Minnesota, will be your receipt.  Portfolios must be reserved in advance by calling the Kerlan Collection at 612-624-4576 and be picked up and returned in person at a prearranged time during regular Kerlan hours (M-F, 9:00 A.M.-4:00 P.M.), except for portfolios listed above.  There is an additional $5-per-day fee for late returns, and an added usage fee may be charged if the portfolio is returned damaged and/or with pieces missing.

Portfolios were prepared by Kerlan volunteers Carmel Conry (CC), Mary Lou Voigt (MLV), and Karen Ritz & Lyn Lacy (KR/LL).  Written permission to reproduce their works was secured from the participating authors, illustrators, and publishers by the Kerlan staff.  Funding for these projects was provided by the Kerlan Friends.

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Gifts to CLRC

The Children’s Literature Research Collections would like to thank the Blanche Hull Estate for bequeathing $2,000 to CLRC.

Minnesota Humanities Commission re-granted $4,000 for the Kerlan Friends and CLRC to explore further and expedite networking with other state organizations.

Harcourt Brace Publishers granted $5,000 for the further preservation of manuscripts and illustrations in the Kerlan Collection. Student staff worked on this project during the winter, spring and summer. They transferred some materials to acid free folders and boxes and slip-sheeted new acquisitions with barrier paper. Among the contributors whose work was processed were Ashley Bryan, Michelle Edwards, Jane Kurtz, Emily McCully, Marissa Moss, Theodore Taylor, Ann Turner, and Jane Yolen.

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Recent Acquisitions

MS-manuscripts, IL-illustrations; Published titles are indicated by italics.  These materials have been donated by the authors and/or illustrators, or their families.  Titles for which additional materials have arrived are not listed if already reported in The Kerlan Collection: Manuscripts and Illustrations (1985) or in previous newsletters.

Bryan, Ashley: IL The cat’s purr; The dancing granny; The house with no door; Lion and the ostrich chicks; What a morning! These illustrations were a gift from Professor Norine Odland.

Carlson, Nancy: IL Bunnies and their sports; The cat walked through the casserole and other poems for children; How to lose all your friends; Life is fun; The masked maverick; Watch out for the weirdos!; What to do when bugs crawl into your mouth and other poems to drive you buggy

Conrad, Pam: MS A biographical study of Pam E. Conrad; A day with a chimney sweep; A tiller to my bed; Alcohol article; And love beads; Animal lingo; Animal lullabies; Animals misc.; Anna Roses; Anna Roses Winkle John walks her dog; Any kids here my age? Articles on writing and writers; The bedspread; Being a twin; Being Irish; Ben’s button; Biographical information; Blue willow; Boat people; Bones; The butterfly experiment; Call me Ah Nightio; Casting her out; Cat in the rain; The celebrity; Cement for skating; Checkered flag eyes; Chicken pox; Chose your own adventure; Clean your room; Contemporary authors; Coping with writers block; Critics choice; Cynthia’s romance; Daughter;  The day off; The day with a chimney sweep; Decision; Detecting my life; Dexter/flying; The dime; Divorced Christmas; The doing sisters; Doll face has a party; Doll face, miscellaneous sequels; Double dutch; Epstein; Errand; Exploration; Fame; Fifteen minutes of fame; Finding our heritage; Five times; Free-lance writing on juvenile fiction and non-fiction; The gas station; Gazebo stories; Getting dressed; Giant promises; Headdress; Heather skips her birthday; “Hiring a house keeper;” Holding me here; Hollynock; How the meteorite got to the museum; Humility talk; I don’t live here; Is anyone here my age?; “Is there intimacy in your life?”; Jane Eyre condensation; Julian Fowles; Keeping the children; Kissing you; Kitchen poem; Kitchen poems waiting for you; Ladybug, ladybug, fly away home; Little prophecies; Living in suburbia; “Living with refugees;” The lost sailor; The love beads; Lovely long island lady; The lunch bunch; Making it in elementary school; Mary Sarton; Molly and the strawberry day; Mother’s day & baby’s death; My Daniel; My daughter Chrysalis; My father; My first period; The noble loser; Norway article; Not writing; Notable children’s book list; The ocean challenge; Old man hoovers dead rabbit; One day at a time; One more spring; Opening summer porches; Orchard; Other author’s poetry portfolio; Other author’s written works; Other people’s stories; Our house: the stories of levittaon; Parentwise: Getting help; Pedro’s journal: A voyage with Christopher Columbus; Pertaining to assertiveness; Prairie songs; Prairie visions: The life and times of Solomon Butcher; The PTA meeting; Pumpkin moon; Reflections on my father; Rejected, not me; Ride in the car; Rite Van Winkle: a fable; Rites of passage; Rooster’s gift; Roses and wildflowers; Sarah’s loose tooth; Second chance of love; Sensory; Setting; Seven silly circles; Sky knots; So, how does it feel to be a published author?; Something about the author; Speeches; Spring cleaning; Squirrel love; Starfire; Staying nine; Stone words: A ghost story; The story of ourselves; The summer Wilma died; Supermarket solution; Tackle that block; Taking the ferry home; Telephone lists; The term paper; The three elevators at the new school; The tiller to my bed; This mess; Transracial adoption; Travel pumpkin; The tub grandfather; Tub people; Tub people’s Christmas; Two Lisas; Waves; The way I see it/Mind games; What I did for Roman; White grandmother; Women friends; Working mother/live in housekeeper; Writer’s swimming workshop; Writing like fielding; Writing my life; Writing quiz; Writing under the influence; Zoe rising

Cooley, Lydia: IL Wind in my hands

Edwards, Michelle: MS Blessed are you; Calliope; Jackson friends; Moonsong; Pa Lia’s first day; IL Alef-bet: a Hebrew alphabet book; And Sunday makes seven; Blessed are you; The littlest candle MS & IL A baker’s portrait; Chicken man; Eve and Smithy

Freeman, Don: MS& IL Bearymore; ILBest of luck; Botts, the naughty otter; Corduroy; The day is waiting; The determined termite; The first day away; Gaylord; The guard mouse; Hattie, the backstage bat; The most wonderful windows; The paper party; A rainbow of my own; Shadow shadow follow me! The seal in the slick; Space witch; Tilly rides again; The whole truth & nothing but the hole; Will’s quill; You can swim

Franklin, Kristine: MS Dove song; El nino pastor; The gift; Iguana beach; Out of the dump: writings and photographs by children from Guatemala

Koertge, Ron: MS The brimstone journals

LaFaye, Alexandria: MS Dad, in spirit

Lauber, Patricia: MS Purrfectly purrfect: life at the acatemy; The true-or-false book of horses

Levin, Betty: MS Shadow-catcher

Mathers, Petra: IL Mommy go away!

McCully, Emily Arnold: IL The ballot box battle; Four hungry kittens; Hurry!; Mirette and Bellini cross Niagara Falls

McGraw, Eloise J.: MS “The changing world of children’s books” from the Oregon Humanities; Cornelia cornsilk; The forbidden fountain of Oz; The golden goblet; Heidi; Hillary’s hats; Mara, daughter of the Nile; The money room; The Morf’s; Picture books; A really weird summer; Rundlestone; Sawdust in his shoes; Trick or treat.

Naylor, Phyllis Reynolds: MS Alice on the outside; The grooming of Alice; Jade Green: a ghost story; Keeping a Christmas secret; Sweet strawberries. Clothing: Two dresses for Maudie in the middle

Olson, Marianne: MS Over the waves

Osofsky, Audrey: MS My buddy; Dreamcatcher

Servello, Joe: IL Studies for unpublished work

Shannon, George: MS April showers; Frog legs: a picture book of action verse; Heart to heart; Lizard’s home; Spring: a haiku story; This is the bird

Stuve-Bodeen, Stephanie: MS Elizabeti's doll

Taylor, Theodore: MS The siege at Los Coyotes

Tomey, Ingrid: MS Nobody else has to know

White, Ruth: MS Memories of summer

Yolen, Jane: MS Animal fare; And twelve Chinese acrobats; Among angels; Baby Bear’s bedtime book; Before the storm; Camelot; Child of faerie, child of earth; Color me a rhyme: nature poems for children; Eeny, meeny, miney mole; Encounter; The fireside song book of birds and beasts; The girl in the golden bower; Good Griselle; The lullaby songbook; Night driving; Raining cats & dogs Sea watch: a book of poetry; A sip of Aesop; Sky dogs; Sky scrape / city scape; Sleep rhymes around the worl; The sleeping beauty; Snow, snow: winter poems for children; Songs of summer; The wolf girls

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Want List

The Kerlan want list includes book titles that CLRC needs either to match a manuscript or an illustration or to fill a gap in the book collections.  All books should be first printing hardcover in excellent condition; dust jackets preferred.  This list will be continued in future newsletters.  Please contact the Kerlan for more information about any donations, at 612-624-4576.

Andersen, Hans Christian.
The Emperor's New Clothes, illustrated by Portia Takakjian. American Book Pub. Co., 1976.

Brandenberg, Aliki.
The Long Lost Coelacanth. Crowell, 1973.

Brown, Myra Berry
Best of Luck, illustrated by Don Freeman. Golden Gate Junior Books, 1969.

Carter, James P.
Keeping Your Family Healthy Overseas, illustrated by  Aliki Brandenberg. Delacorte Press, 1971.

Clymer, Eleanor.
Tommy's Wonderful Airplane, illustrated by Kurt Wiese. Dodd, 1951.

Conrad, Pam
Pedro's Journal: a Voyage with Christopher Columbus. Caroline House, 1991.
Our House: the Sstores of Levittown. Scholastic, 1995.
Holding Me Here. Harper & Row, 1986.
I Don't Live Here! E. P. Dutton, 1984.
The Lost Sailor. HarperCollins, 1992.
Pumpkin Moon. Harcourt, 1994.
Seven Silly Circles. Harper & Row, 1987.
Staying Nine. Harper & Row, 1988.

DePaola, Tomie
Tomie De Paola's Book of the Bible. Penguin Putnam, 1990.

Dickens, Charles
A Christmas Carol, illustrated by Portia Takakjian. Cleery-Cummings, Inc., 1963.

Emrich, Duncan
The Folklore of Weddings and Marriage;the Traditional Beliefs, Customs, Superstitions, Charms, and Omens of Marriage and Marriage Ceremonies. Illustrated by Tomie dePaola. American Heritage Press, 1970.

Fife, Dale
Joe and the Talking Christmas Tree, illustrated by  Margot Tomes. Coward-McCann, 1968.

Fisher, Aileen Lucia
Prize Performance, illustrated by Margot Tomes. Bowmar, 1977.

Ford, Corey
Where the Sea Breaks its Back; the Epic Story of a Pioneer Naturalist and the Discovery of Alaska,. Illustrated by Lois Darling. Little, Brown, 1966.

Freeman, Don
Botts, the Naughty Otter. Golden Gate Junior Books, 1963.
Will’s quill. Puffin Books, 1975.

French, Laura
Trixie Belden and the Pet Show Mystery. Western Publishing Company, 1985.
Trixie Belden and the Mystery of the Galloping Ghost. Western Publishing Company, 1986.

Gauch, Patricia Lee
A Secret House, illustrated by Margot Tomes. Coward McCann, 1970.

Gelman, Rita Golden
Why Can't I Fly? Illustrated by Jack Kent. Scholastic, 1976.
More Spaghetti, I Say! Illustrated by Jack Kent. Scholastic, 1984.

Gikow, Louise
Boober Gaggle's Celery Souffle, illustrated by Kelly Oechsli. Holt, Rinehart and Winston, 1986.

Gould, Marilyn
The Twelfth of June. Lippincott, 1986.

Gross, Ruth Belor
If You Grew Up With George Washington. Scholastic, 1982.

Haig-Brown, Roderick Langmere
A River Never Sleeps, illustrated by Louis Darling. Lyons & Burford; Douglas & McIntyre, 1991.

Harris, Bernice Kelly
Wild Cherry Tree Road, illustrated by Margot Tomes. Doubleday, 1951.

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New Kerlan Friends
New Kerlan Friends
From June-August, 2000
Calvit, Gretchen (gift from Carolyn S. Briese)
Cullinan, Bernice
Gangl, Susan D.
Hageman, Donna J.
Krieb, Richard
Larson, Kirby
Stehr, Marie

Kerlan Friends Renewals
From June-August, 2000
Anderson, Cheryl A.
Arndt, Joan
Askey, Elizabeth
Bach, Barbara
Bauer, Beverly K.
Beck, Cornelia Ooms
Bergstrom, Jane C.
Blau, Coreen Stettner
Briese, Carolyn S.
Brown, Kent L., Jr.
Byers, Barbara
Carlson, Karen J.
Carney, Vera M.
Carus, Marianne
Cat Whisker Ranch-Cargo/Cilcain
Cellotti, Kathie
Clausman, Cheryle
Coaire, Elizabeth
Cowie, Elizabeth H.
Crowl, Donna
Dahill, Judith M.
Dalbotten, Mary S.
Donhowe, Ruth S.
Drewlow, Bruce
Dykstra, Robert and Lou Ann
Dyrud, Christine
Eelkema, Irene
Eubanks, Margaret H.
Fitzgerald, Sheila
Fortin, Clifford C.
Gaffron, Norma and Bernie
Galda, Lee
Garmer, Maryls
George, Helen (donated in memory of Elizabeth M. Petersen)
Gilbertson, Irvyn
Glotzbach, George L.
Graves, Bonnie
Green, Ronald F.
Greenlee, Adele
Hageman, Donna J.
Hall, Kathleen M.
Hansen, Miriam
Hanson, Barbara
Harm, Gary
Harshman, Marc
Haynes, Lois
Hegel, Claudette
Hobbs, Marilyn
Hof, Nancy K.
Hoyle, Karen (KF renewal and in memory of Elizabeth M. Petersen)
Hull, Robert W.
Husen, S. Aino M.
Huston, Rosalie
Isele, Reginald H. and Joan L.
Jenkins, Christine
Jenkins, Marjorie L.
Jensen, J. Vernon
Johnson, Kathleen S.
Johnson, Mary Pat
Johnson, Sylvia (donated in memory of Elizabeth M. Petersen)
Kaiser, Sally (KF renewal and in memory of Elizabeth M. Petersen)
Keljik-Geisenhoff, Zarm
Kennemer, Phyllis K.
Knutson, Barbara
Kortmeyer, Gloria C.
Kozberg, Geraldine
Lacy, Lyn
Larson, Joan B.
Looney, John J.
Lynch, Molly
Mattill, Phyllis
McMillan, Barbara
Mikkelson, Evelyn
Misty of Chincoteage Fdn., Inc. c/o  John J. Giusti
Monson, Dianne L.
Myers, Karla
O’Brien, Joan K.
Olson, Donald W., Jr.
Pagel, Doris
Palmquist, Vicki
Peik, Walter E.
Peltola, Bette (KF renewal and in memory of Elizabeth M. Petersen)
Peterson, June N.
Peterson, Mary Ann
Pond, Patricia B.
Puzak, Virginia G.
Rapport, Rebecca
Ringquist, G. Lois S.(donated in memory of Elizabeth M. Petersen)
Ripke, Bette
Romslo, Nancy
Rys, Judith
Sanderson, Anne Rae
Schlieder, Anita J.
Schullo, Mary
Setzler, Marilyn
Sibley, Carol
Smedman, M. Sarah
Spratt, Ray H. and Patricia
Stan, Susan (KF renewal and in memory of Elizabeth M. Petersen)
Steenblock, Maureen
Stoebe, Grace
Swartz, Lois Jane
Swenson, David J.
Swenson, Evelyn J.
Techam, Nancy J.
Thornley, Phyllis
Thurston, Charles B.
Topp, Mary L.
Van Dyck, Lois
Venburg, Cynthia A.
Warnock, Alene M.
Weaver, Candy
Weber, Anne G.
Weiblen, Katharine B. (donated in memory of Elizabeth M. Petersen)
White, Sandra G.
Wilmot, Charlotte Strauel
Wright-Prince, Deborah L.
Yenika-Agbaw, Vivan

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