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Selected titles on a variety of topics from publishers that contract with EBSCO.

General Information

Number of simultaneous users: 1 user, 3 users, or unlimited users (varies by title)
Format: PDF
Export citation: At the book title level only.
Printing: Yes, page limit varies by title. Create a PDF of a page, or a range of pages, that can be printed or saved. Number of pages that can be printed or saved is listed after clicking Save Pages or Print Pages.
Downloading: Yes, page limit varies by title. Download an entire document as an e-book in Adobe Digital Editions. Advantages include offline reading and having access to the entire book. Disadvantages include need for Adobe Digital Editions (although it is free) and limited "check-out" period, after which files disappears from your device.
Chapter-level Linking: Yes, click the Permalink button.
Time out period: 15 minutes

Personal account information

Personal account: Yes
Annotation/note taking in personal account: Yes
Other capabilities in personal account: Adobe Editions account is also needed to download a book for offline reading or to use the mobile app.

Mobile devices

Bluefire Reader for Android
Bluefire Reader for iPad/iPhone
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EBSCOhost ebooks for iPad/iPhone