About BibTeX

BibTeX is a bibliographic software program that is used in conjunction with the LaTeX typesetting software. You can use BibTeX to organize your references and create a bibliography within a document created with LaTeX.

  • BibTeX creates a bibliography file and each reference within the file is given a unique "key."
  • References are added to LaTeX by pointing to those keys.
  • References can be stored in any of the common citation managers and then output in a BibTeX format for addition to your BibTeX bibliography file.

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How to Use BibTeX

Introductory BibTeX video This video introduces you to the basics of using BibTeX to add references to a paper being written in LaTeX.

Wikibook chapter on using BibTeX with LaTeX.

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How to use BibTeX with other Citation Managers

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How does it Compare?

Want to know how BibTeX compares to other citation managers? Review our citation manager chart.

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