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Includes millions of books scanned by Google. Searches include the full text of the books, and for those that are out of copyright, you may download a copy. In other cases, a preview is available, and links will take you to a nearby library so that you may borrow a copy. Avenues to purchase of a print or e-version of the book are also provided.

General info:
Number of simultaneous users: Unlimited
Format: PDF
Export citation: Within the Google Book record, click the About this Book link (located on the left side of the screen). Scroll to the very bottom of the screen to see the Export Options tab.

Printing: For those out of copyright
Downloading: For those out of copyright
Reading offline: PDF download for those out of copyright
Chapter-level Linking: No
Plug-in software needed: No
Time out period:
Waiting period before able to sign back in:

For further info:

Personal account info
Personal account: Yes
Annotation/note taking in personal account:
Other capabilities in personal account:

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