Our phones, digital cameras, tablets, and computers all contain the digital record of our lives. How do we keep track of our vast photo libraries? Here are two solutions to get you started.

A Savvy Solution Using Dropbox

Engineering Librarian, Jan Fransen, shares her method of archiving photos using cloud based storage and Wi-fi. View this Diagram of her process and watch the video tutorial.

A Savvy Solution Using an iOS Device

Media Librarian, Scott Spicer, shares his method of archiving photos from an iPad (or iPhone/iPod Touch) using a Mac computer.

  1. Capture photos with iOS device (iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch)
  2. Dock iOS device to Mac computer via USB
  3. When Photos opens, select photos you want to import to your Photos library
  4. Rename your photos (optionally, apply face and geographic tags)
  5. Create a folder for your newly imported photos, drag photos to new folder
  6. Create a folder on your desktop, give it a name of the event and the date (e.g., "DisneyWorld3-10-13")
  7. Select photos from the newly created folder in Photos and drag to the folder on the desktop
  8. Open Dropbox folder, drag desktop folder to Dropbox for cloud storage backup

Optional Tasks

  • Backup camera rolls on iOS mobile device periodically by selecting the iCloud "Storage & Backup" feature. This allows you to recover photos if you lose your iOS mobile device
  • In Photos, share selected photos to Flickr, Facebook, or iCloud (using "Share" drop down)
  • In Photos, burn a CD/DVD of selected photos (using "Share" drop down)

Other Great Examples

Check out the Library of Congress's Guide to archiving your personal photos.

Which Photo Manager Should I Choose?

Use this Matrix of Photo Managing tools, such as Flicker, Photos, Picasa, and Facebook, to see which one meets your needs. Contact Scott Spicer with photo management questions.