Organizing PDFs, using multiple devices, collaborating... how do you work efficiently? The tools and tips in this section can help you fine tune your individual and group organizational needs.

The 10,000 Workflows Blog as well as Profhacker and gradhacker are good places to stay informed about how to integrate technology into your workflow.

Work Individually

Make your work life portable.

Learn how you can store your files in the cloud and access them from any location with an Internet connection.

Organize Your Papers and Data

Secure Your Research Materials

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Work in a Group

Write Collaboratively and Share Documents

Web tools to edit, view, and share documents in real time instead of emailing versions back and forth.

Share Your Citations

All citation managers allow you to share your citations with others, although the methods vary. See the Guide to Using Citation Tools and check under the "Work Collaboratively" section.

Manage Projects

Check out the U of M Project and Change Management Collaborators to learn about campus resources.

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Get More Help

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