Project management tools help an individual or a group map out the steps needed to complete a project or assignment in a timely organized fashion.

Basic Tools

Consider a basic tool if:

  • you are working alone
  • you have a short deadline
  • you are working on a research paper, speech or video (either alone or as part of a small group)

Possible Basic Tools

Advanced Tools

Consider an advanced tool if:

  • your project has multiple sub-projects or contingent projects associated with it
  • you are working over an extended time period (longer than a semester)
  • you are working with a large group of people

Possible Advanced Tools

  • Google Sites—Project Management Template offers more functionality than a calendar, but is not a full-blown project management program. One advantage is that it is compatible with the University's Google Apps suite.
  • Microsoft Project is a multifaceted and sophisticated tool. It can be purchased at a discount from the University of Minnesota’s Office of Information Technology and E-training is available for all Microsoft products through OIT
  • Do is a free project management tool that integrates with public Google products; however it is not currently compatible with the University's Google Apps suite.