How to move citations from RefWorks to Mendeley

If you want to keep your folder structure, you will need to export each folder individually and create folders in Mendeley that replicate the folder name in RefWorks.
For best results export no more than 500 references at a time.
  • Log into your RefWorks account.
  • Click on the folder you want to export.
  • Go to References menu. Choose Export.
  • Select Bibliographic Software(EndNote,Reference Manager,ProCite) as the export format and click on export references.
  • A browser window will appear with your references in a tagged format. Right click in the browser window and choose Save As… Save the export as a .txt file on your desktop.
Open Mendeley Desktop
  • Create a folder to put your reference into.
  • Once you have named your folder, right click in the main area and click Add Files...
  • Find the file you saved on your desktop and open it.
Mendeley should import all the references automatically.
Additional Notes
  • File attachments will not transfer from RefWorks to Mendeley. You can save the attachments on your computer and add them to Mendeley manually.


  • The Personal Notes and User fields in RefWorks will not transfer to Mendeley . You can copy and paste this information into another field manually.


  • You cannot use the Mendeley Word plugin in a document that contains RefWorks Write-N-Cite formatted citations or bibliographies.