Plant Pathology Library


From 1942-1985, the Plant Pathology Library was located on the eastern end of the 2nd floor of Stakman Hall (pictured right). This space was designated specifically for the library and was part of the building's original design.

Before the collection had its own official space, it was housed in Drill Hall, a former military training facility on the St. Paul Campus. This building was remodeled in the early 1900's to house the Division of Vegetable Pathology and Botany before it was known as the Department of Plant Pathology and with the department came the library collection.

Limited space became an issue over time, so when plans were made for the construction of Borlaug Hall during the late 70's and early 80's, a larger area for the Plant Pathology Library became part of its design. The library now holds over 12,000 physical items and comprises roughly 2,400 square feet in 395 Borlaug Hall – including a meeting room, several study carrels, a built-in circulation desk, after-hours book drop, an office space, a rare books cabinet and many other amenities that the old location was unable to support.

This history of the Plant Pathology Library has been written with the help of information gleaned from Aurora Sporealis, the departmental newsletter and Professor Emeritus Dr. Richard Zeyen.