Open Monographs

These books are all openly available and published in electronic format.


From Digitalis to Ziagen: The University of Minnesota's Department of Medicinal Chemistry

A comprehensive history of Medicinal Chemistry beginning with the founding of the University of Minnesota’s College of Pharmacy in 1892 until today.


A How-to Manual for the Graduate Review and Improvement Process (Program Evaluation Series)

by Leah Hakkola, Doug Moon, and Michelle Ginger
The inaugural volume of the Minnesota Evaluation Studies Institute (MESI) Program Evaluation Series features the Graduate Review and Improvement Process (GRIP). GRIP is an innovative student-centered process designed to develop actionable steps to enhance student success in graduate programs. With its commitment to active student involvement in the evaluation, GRIP can serve as a complementary process to external monitoring and surveying, one that allows students and program leaders to assess the quality of their curriculum, advising, instruction, and related services and to devise realistic plans to improve them.

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