Our process includes five major steps. You will be assisted by members of the Publishing Services Team throughout the process. 

Step 1: Let's Talk

We would be happy to have an initial consultation with you to determine if this is the right service for your publishing needs and if you meet our eligibility criteria. We will also lay out the scope of our services and potential workload associated with your project.

Step 2: Make a Proposal

Two times a year, the Libraries will review proposals for new publications. The next deadline for submitting a proposal is: February 10 2020. Proposals will be reviewed at that time. Only a limited number of publications can be developed during each launch cycle. Those publications that are of high quality scholarly content and align with the University's strategic goals will be given priority. We would be happy to walk through this form with you and discuss your needs as they relate to our publishing platform options.

Step 3: Determine the Publishing Platform

University of Minnesota Libraries Publishing can publish open access books, journals, conference proceedings, and interactive works. Once we learn what your goals are for your scholarly or creative work, we will offer you a platform for hosting that content. We will want to know if you need an editorial back end, a venue for reviewers to comment on submissions, the ability to have supplemental images or videos, etc. Once we understand your goals, we'll work with you to decide which service best fits your needs.

Step 4: Set-Up the Publication

Now that we have a shared understanding of what we're creating, we'll walk through the design and set up processes to make sure your site looks great, and your content is presented clearly. We'll walk through the graphic design elements and layout of your publication. Then, we'll make sure that it is clear what the scope of your publication is and how frequently it is published. We'll help you with the submission guidelines, templates for letters to reviewers, formatting of publications, etc.

Step 5: Editorial Training

Once your publication is ready to go, we'll train you, your editorial team, and your reviewers on how to use the platform as needed.

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