Where can I get a print copy?

Some publications from UMN Libraries Publishing are available in print. However, most Open Textbooks are not available in print, but can be downloaded by each user and printed. If you are an instructor/bookstore and would like to provide print copies to students, please see the Creative Commons license attached to each book for allowances and limitations. (Most Open Textbooks published by UMN Libraries use a CC BY-NC-SA license.)

Are there teaching materials available for Open Textbooks?

Currently, four books have supplementary materials:

Information is available at the end of each book. If you are currently using any of the open textbooks provided by UMN Libraries Publishing and you have created supplementary materials please consider sharing those materials with us. We can make your supplementary materials available to other users.

I've found an error in an Open Textbook. What should I do? 

Although each book has been copyedited, typos may still exist. If you find an error, please email with a link to the page and a description. 

I've developed teaching material for an Open Textbook. Can I share this with others? 

If you would like to share teaching material for an Open Textbook, contact

Potential Authors:

I have something I'd like published. Where do I start?

If you are looking to publish with UMN Libraries Publishing, visit this page. If you are looking for a publisher specific to your field, contact your subject librarian

When are proposals accepted? 

Proposals for publications submitted to UMN Libraries Publishing are typically accepted twice a year, visit this page for more information.

The copyright of a previously published work was reverted back to me. Can I publish an updated edition with the Libraries? 

Set up a consultation by emailing to get started.

I have a creative work I'd like published. Can I publish with the Libraries? 

At this time, UMN Libraries Publishing does not publish creative works. However, we are happy to meet to discuss publishing strategies. 

Current Authors/Editors:

I am unable to login to my journal account. Where can I get help? 

Please email if you are having issues accessing editor/author accounts. 

I would like to make major updates to my published work. How should I do this? 

Contact for information about creating new editions or versions. 


Additional questions? Email