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The Publishing Services Team will review proposals for new publications three times per year. The next deadline for submitting a proposal will be announced shortly.

Who is Eligible?

Any individual faculty member, staff member, student*, department, center, or college associated with the University of Minnesota Twin Cities' campus may publish content with the University Libraries.

We will also support the publication of materials that have been edited or sponsored by University of Minnesota-affiliated departments, research units, individual faculty members, staff, or graduate students. For example, a journal edited by a UMN faculty member or sponsored by a UMN department may publish articles written by scholars outside the UMN-Twin Cities campus.

Similarly, a UMN research unit may publish the proceedings from a hosted conference, regardless of the institutional affiliation of conference attendees.

*Student run publications must have UMN faculty or department sponsorship with active involvement in their effort.

What Publishing Services are Offered?

University of Minnesota Libraries Publishing will support the production and dissemination of accepted publications by providing access to publishing platforms that have both editorial features as well as public display options. University of Minnesota Libraries Publishing will not assist in the management of the publication (e.g., finding editorial staff, enlisting reviewers, marketing the publication, etc.).

What Content Types are Supported?

University of Minnesota Libraries Publishing will provide support for the following types of original scholarly content:

  • The proposed publication and resulting site must be comprised primarily of scholarly content.
  • It should be determined that the publication cannot be fully supported by current enterprise-wide systems such as Blogger, OIT Drupal, or Google Sites

Examples of the Types of Publications We Can Support:

  • digital journal publishing
  • original book-length works
  • open educational resources (OER) and open textbooks
  • digital publishing services for conferences
  • interactive scholarly sites

Experimental or nontraditional forms of scholarship are encouraged, but the acceptance of these types of projects will be determined by our current technical capacity as well as platform considerations or constraints.

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