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Whether you are publishing with the Libraries or via another route, when creating a new publication, you will want to consider the use of color and design elements to create a unique presence for your work. You can use the resources listed below, other resources you find, or you may consider hiring a graphic designer. Some of these resources are freely available while others may require a fee for use. Please review any terms or license statements before use.

M Libraries Publishing  Works officially published by the University of Minnesota Libraries Publishing will include our publishing stamp.

Color Palette Sites


These fonts may be used for designing images, but please use web-safe fonts when building your site:

Icons and Graphics


Plagiarism Detection Resources

Editors of scholarly publications may want to consider the use of a Plagiarism Detection Software to prevent the acceptance of materials that have been previously published. The following websites are not subscribed to by the University of Minnesota nor do we guarantee or recommend any of their services; however, they may assist in plagiarism detection:

Citation Tools

These resources will help you create and use permanent citation links to online content:  

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