Archives and Special Collections are open by appointment only, limited to UMN affiliates. Appointments must be made one week in advance of your visit. Contact or the curator of the collecting area you wish to use for assistance. We continue to provide scans of requested research materials when possible, especially for our non-campus clientele.
These collections cover some aspect of local, national or world history or politics and may include books, periodicals, and/or archival material. These collections include:
  1. The Wesley L. Anderson Collection of World War II Editorial Cartoons and Newspaper Front Pages (preliminary inventory, SCRB Collection Number 40) (HB)
  2. Dutch Law Collection (SCRB Collection Number 59)(HB)
  3. English History Collection (SCRB Collection Number 62)(WV)
  4. English History of the 17th Century is represented by thousands of items, including broadsides, pamphlets, newsletters, and books providing detailed accounts of the struggles between Parliament and Crown, the Civil War and the Restoration. The collection documents the religious controversies through the century, as well as innumerable matters of the changing social and cultural scene. Most of these items are accessible through the Libraries' catalog.
  5. Fearing Collection of Cartoon and Editorial Art (unprocessed, SCRB Collection Number 113)
  6. Eugene J. McCarthy Papers, SCRB Collection Number 14) (HB)
  7. Minneapolis Journal Index (SCRB Collection Number 125)
  8. Dr. Robert Poor Chinese Poster Collection (in process, SCRB Collection Number 157)
  9. Postcard Collection (SCRB Collection Number 86)(HB)
  10. Die Presse, newspaper collection (SCRB Collection Number 87)(HB)
  11. The Franklin D. Roosevelt Collection of Olivia Irvine Dodge (SCRB Collection Number 88) (HB)
  12. Vienna Revolution/1848 Collection (SCRB Collection Number 105)
  13. World War I Pamphet Collection (SCRB Collection Number 111) (WV)
  14. Summary: Comprises approximately 5,500 items published worldwide, in all the major languages of the world. The pamphlets treat a broad spectrum of subjects: war, peace, social, political and ethical issues, economic and military concerns, legislation, relief organizations, army training, returning vetrans, neutrality. It includes such formats as maps, journals, posters, and scrap books. The pamphlets are written by organizations as varied as the American Library Association, the Catholic Church, the Red Cross, the National War Garden Commission, the New York Public Library and the League of Nations. Individuals as diverse as Cristabel Pankhurst, Clarence Seward Darrow, Leon Trotskii, Rudyard Kipling, Jan Christian Smuts and Lord Asquith are represented.
    Indexes/User Aid: Author, title and subject listing (4 drawers) can be found in the Special Collections Reading Room card catalog.