Until further notice, the University of Minnesota Libraries Archives and Special Collections are open by appointment only and appointments are limited to UMN affiliates. Appointments must be made one week in advance of your visit to enable us to page and quarantine collection materials before use.

Please contact ascref@umn.edu for assistance or, if known, the curator of the collecting area you wish to use. We will continue to provide scans of requested research materials whenever possible, especially for our non-campus clientele.


These collections represent some aspect of science or technology and may include books, periodicals, and/or archival material. These collections include:

Ballooning Collections (A card file for this collection is found in the 1st Floor suite) (WV)

  1. Aeronautical Collection (SCRB Collection Number 38) (WV)
  2. ----Piccard Collection (SCRB Collection Number 44)
  3. ----Scholl Collection (SCRB Collection Number 45)
  4. ----Winzen Collection (SCRB Collection Number 46)
  5. ----U of M Collection (SCRB Collection Number 47)
  6. Dr. Malcolm A. McCannel Papers (unprocessed, preliminary inventory) SCRB Collection Number 149)
  7. Joseph S. Mertle Collection on the History of Photomechanics (SCRB Collection Number 81) NOTE: AVAILABILITY IS CURRENTLY LIMITED DUE TO WORK BEING DONE ON THE COLLECTION (S1R3R1; HB).