When you leave the University, you don't have to leave your citation database behind. Former students--either alumni or those who've transfered elsewhere--and retired faculty have access to their RefWorks accounts as long as the University of Minnesota subscribes to RefWorks.

Accessing RefWorks

Access to RefWorks off campus is provided through a RefWorks group code specific to the University of Minnesota. If you have a working Internet ID (x.500), you can retrieve the Group Code here. If you have already left the University, contact a librarian and provide your Internet ID for verification.

Once you have the Group Code:

  1. Enter the Group Code on the Remote Access tab at the RefWorks login center.
  2. Click Go To Login.
  3. Log into your RefWorks account with your login name and password.

Updating Your User Status

To help us track the number of alumni participating in this program, please change your RefWorks user status to Alumni.

  1. Log into your RefWorks account.
  2. Click Update User Information in the Tools menu.
  3. Select Alumni in the Type of User drop-down list.
  4. Click Update.

Accessing Other Library Resources

Due to licensing agreements with our resource providers, only currently enrolled students and faculty & staff are permitted remote access to many library electronic resources, including electronic journals, article databases, and the Find It links in your Refworks account. Refer to Library Services for Alumni for details regarding on-site and off-campus access to library resources.