Research support from University Libraries:

University Libraries supports research in every discipline.  And with the Libraries’ near-comprehensive knowledge of the research activities across campus, librarians are well positioned to connect you and your Grand Challenges team with other campus experts and a vast array of scholarly resources.

Librarians know there is an overwhelming amount of information out there, but they can help you find, organize, and assess literature, data, and other sources.  Whether you’re just starting your research proposal or are nearing publication, get in touch with University Libraries.

The Libraries support your Grand Challenges research at each step:

Form your team:

Experts@Minnesota helps you find potential collaborators

Get started:

The Interdisciplinary Group Toolkit has tips and resources for successful collaboration

Explore a new field:

Connect with a subject expert who can help you get up to speed in areas that are new to you:

Find tailored support:

Libraries offers dedicated, sustained research support to every Grand Challenges research team. This support is tailored for the needs of each team and can help you:

Connect with the Libraries:

Whether you’re simply thinking about applying for a Grand Challenges grant or your Grand Challenges research is well underway, connect with the Libraries and discover all the ways librarians can collaborate with you.

Email Benjamin Wiggins, Libraries Grand Challenges Research Support Lead

Learn more about Research Sprints:

Hear about the experiences of two UMN Grand Challenges Research teams as they spent four days conducting research with a team of University of Minnesota librarians. It's all part of the U of M Libraries' Research Sprints program.