Learn how the data flows between tools and data sources

Flowchart for automated, semi-automated, and manual processes for research information tools.

Many of the research information management tools used by the University of Minnesota are interconnected and can be linked together automatically, semi-automatically, or manually.

Experts@Minnesota automatically imports publication data from Scopus, grants data from Sponsored Projects Administration, and Human Resources (HR) data from PeopleSoft.  Experts@Minnesota then pushes this data automatically to Manifold, which is used by the Medical School. 

ORCiD accounts can import data in three ways:

  1. ORCiD automatically imports journal and grant data where the author entered their ORCiD during the submission process.
  2. ORCiD can be set up to automatically import from various systems once the author has enabled the connection, such as with CrossRef and Experts@Minnesota.
  3. ORCiD can import data manually by the author using an identifier like a DOI, a BibTex file, or other systems such as the MLA International Bibliography.

ORCiD can also manually export to Works, the UMN faculty reporting system.

SciENcv can be set up to automatically import from ORCiD, MyNCBI (PubMed), and eRA Commons (NIH grants).

For questions or assistance, contact your librarian or expertsmnhelp@umn.edu.