Faculty publications or other research outputs like patents may need to be tracked for internal reporting, or a center may want to track use of their data or equipment. Internal or external grants may require reports on activities and productivity. Once you get all the data about your researchers and research in one place, you can put the data together in different ways.

Examples on this page

Who's doing what? Scheduled reports of media coverage and scholarly publications for a school

The School of Public Health Communications team needs to know about recently published research by SPH researchers, and is particularly interested in work that catches the imagination of media outlets. Rather than relying on each researcher to report publications and media contacts, the team wanted to be more proactive.

Now members of the team receive two reports via email on a regular basis:

Both reports were created for SPH by a Research Services Librarian. Contact us for regular updates on the work of a group of researchers.

Using a list of people to uncover publications related to a center

Do you regularly send out emails to people affiliated with your center to find out what they've published?

That used to be the starting point for staff at the Materials Research in Science & Engineering Center (MRSEC). Now, the managing director gets a spreadsheet via email each week that lists all new-to-Experts@Minnesota publications with a MRSEC author.

Not all those publications are related to the authors' work with the Center. Authors often list grants, centers, and facilities in an Acknowledgements section of their papers. That information is increasingly available in databases like Scopus and Web of Science. For MRSEC, once the spreadsheet is open in Excel, staff can click a button to that pulls acknowledgement text from Scopus. Then it checks for known grant numbers and other ways of acknowledging the MRSEC contribution. Publications can then be tagged in Experts as MRSEC-related.

Contact us for regular updates on the work of people associated with your center or grant and a custom Excel add-in to check for acknowledgements.