Do you need to summarize information about your organization's research for the director, a board of advisors, or a funder? Do you need to create annual or ad hoc reports? We can help you set up reports that list publications, grants, and other information. We can also help you analyze your research information to see where and with whom your researchers are collaborating and how their work is making an impact.

Examples on this page


Report: List all publications funded by a grant

Like staff at many grant-funded centers, MRSEC's managing director regularly reports the center’s outcomes and impacts to MRSEC’s funder, NSF. Publications are a primary outcome. MRSEC support results in more than 100 peer-reviewed articles published each year.

In the past, the process of reporting involved sending e-mails to 50+ busy researchers, keeping track of their email responses, and confirming that each publication was reported once and only once.

Now MRSEC uses Experts@Minnesota to find out about and keep track of MRSEC-related publications. The managing director receives an automatically generated report of new publications, reviews them for MRSEC acknowledgements, and adds tags to related publications for MRSEC authors and the appropriate grant. Producing the Publications part of each NSF report--or a sorted list for the MRSEC website--takes minutes instead of hours.

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Report: With whom do your researchers collaborate?

Soon after its formation, the Water Council, an interdisciplinary University of Minnesota System-wide group, had assembled a list of University researchers doing work related to clean water access. But they needed a way to both update the list and find people they hadn't already identified.

Using Experts@Minnesota data, Libraries staff identified people who have collaborated with known water researchers over the past five years. The Water Council used the resulting list of people and the publications on which they collaborated with known water researchers to find faculty, researchers, and post-doctoral associates to add to their records.

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