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Take Action

Here are some steps individuals can take to effect change in scholarly publishing

Take Action in Your Own Scholarship and Publishing

  • Prioritize open access to your publications, through any of a variety of approaches.
  • Seek out opportunities to act as a peer reviewer for open-access journals.
  • Deposit your work into the University of Minnesota's open digital archive, the University Digital Conservancy (if you have retained the right to do so).
  • Manage your copyrights when publishing:
    Modify the agreement supplied by the journal publisher to retain more of your rights, or
    submit your articles to publishers with enlightened copyright policies. More on your rights as an author
  • Learn more about copyright to make ethical and legal use of others' materials in your own research and writing
  • Consider whether a journal's or publisher's practices match your values, when you're deciding whether to write or referee or edit for them.
  • Contact your subject librarian for additional ideas or information.

Work to Within Your Department, Societies, or Discipline to Effect Change

  • Invite your library liaison to your department's faculty meeting to discuss the issues.
  • Work for promotion & tenure policies supporting high-quality, low-cost publications, such as peer-reviewed online journals.
  • Encourage your society to create competitors to expensive journals.
  • Educate yourself about your society's policies and prices.
  • Monitor discussions of publishing issues within your society and elsewhere.
  • Check the status of related legislation at the SPARC Advocacy site.

Take Action in Your Teaching

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