Open Research and Learning: Collaboration, Connections and Communities

April 30, 2012

The "open" movement provides fertile ground for innovation and collaborations that advance research and enrich the learning environment. Through open-source tools and initiatives, students and faculty are reaping the benefits of free-flowing knowledge and data. Dr. Jason Baird Jackson, folklore professor from Indiana University, was joined by U Faculty and staff David Ernst, Lucy Fortson, and Doug Armato for a series of presentations on open publishing and research. Among the questions they addressed are:

  • What social dynamics or institutional cultural shifts lead to successful open research partnerships?
  • In what ways are open textbooks a potential solution to the issues facing the traditional textbook publishing model?
  • What predictions can you make about monographic publishing practices?
  • What are issues surround the concept of open data and citizen science?

Presented by the University of Minnesota Libraries and the Department of Anthropology

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