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Data have not traditionally been seen as an integral part of the scholarly publishing ecosystem, but that perception is changing. Funders have recognized the increasing importance of data preservation and access, often requiring data management plans as an element of funding applications.

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Scholars should seek out publication options that best achieve their own scholarly goals, which may include considerations such as timeliness, reputation, exposure, access, cost/price, rights ownership, and many others. Since these goals may vary between scholars (or even within the course of one scholar's career) there is no "one size fits all" solution. You may find our Overview chart helpful in getting the lay of the land

Goals and considerations also vary depending on the form a scholar's work takes. Please explore the site for more information on:

Picking a journal publisher who's right for you
Journal Articles, Working Papers, Conference Papers, etc.
Books and Monographs
Textbooks and Teaching Materials
Non-Text Works (Images, Music or other Audio, Video, etc.)

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