The ABC of the BSI & The Florin Society
2014 Edition
Alexian Gregory, BSI, ASH
(“The Grimpen Postmaster”)

This is my alphabetical listing of all BSI investiture names and their years of bestowal. Investitures are ordered by the first word in them. Thus “Beryl Stapleton” and “Beryl Coronet” are both listed under “B”. When there is a title affixed to the name, the name is listed under the title; thus “Lord Bellinger” is under “L,” “Sir James Damery” is under “S,” and “Dr. James Mortimer” is under “D.” The exceptions to this rule are Investitures beginning with “A” “An” “The” “Those” “Mr.” “Miss” or “Mrs.” etc. These will be listed under the next word. Thus “Study in Scarlet, A” and “Saunders, Mrs.” On the other hand Investitures beginning with “Monsieur” or “Mme.” are listed under these titles.

Where the same Investitures have been re-issued, they are given in the chronological order of bestowal. “Inspector Baynes” and “Wilson Hargreave” have been re-issued with minor variants. Here I bowed to history and have abandoned strict alphabetization in favor of chronological order.

In searching for a particular investiture, care must be given to all canonical possibilities. Thus one will find neither “Maiwand” nor “Battle of Maiwand, The.” Rather, it is listed under “Fatal Battle of Maiwand, The.” Similarly one will find “Baron Maupertuis” under “Colossal Schemes of Baron Maupertuis, The”; while “Charlie Peace” is listed under “My Old Friend Charlie Peace.” Then we have both “Cardinal Tosca” and “Sudden Death of Cardinal Tosca, The.”

The longest Investiture (48 characters) is “The Lighthouse, the Politician, and the Trained Cormorant”. The shortest ones are “Billy” and “Cooee.” The Investiture with the most unusual punctuation is “Smack! Smack! Smack!” That is also a unique investiture in that it consists of only a repeated word.

Only two Investitures contain numerals: “17 King Edward Street,” and “V.V. 341.”

Two investitures share the distinction of being composed of only non-English words. They are “Baritsu” and “Englisher Hof.”

One investiture consists of a sound that isn’t a proper word at all, “Cooee.”

Strangely two Investitures are totally non-canonical. They are “The Field Bazaar” and “The Curious Incident of Sherlock Holmes in Japan.” And strictly speaking, “St. Bartholomew’s Hospital” and “Chemical Laboratory of St. Barts” are not canonical investitures as only “Bart’s” and “The Chemical Laboratory” are mentioned in Study in Scarlet.

Two investitures are simultaneously held by living BSIs. They are “The Hammerford Will Case” and “Vamberry, The Wine Merchant.” The latter investiture has a rather interesting history. “Vamberry, The Wine Merchant” was first issued in 1954 to Tony Montag. In 1956 it was issued to Dean W. Dickensheet. So at that point it was held simultaneously by two living BSIs, Montag & Dickensheet. On March 15, 1983 Dean W. Dickensheet passed beyond the Reichenbach Falls, and thus the investiture was held by only one living BSI, Tony Montag. In January 1985 this same investiture was issued to Arthur Liebman. Since then it has been held yet again by two living BSIs, Montag & Leibman.

Then there is the case of simultaneously held variant investitures. “Anstruther” and “Dr. Anstruther” are held by two living BSIs.

The Florin Society

The first list presented below is of all those couples in which both spouses have been invested in the BSI. Since each couple has two shillings, I have chosen to call them the Florins---the two-shilling coin of the Victorian Era.

This list is alphabetical by surname. The name of the spouse who received the investiture earlier is given first. Next to each name is the year the shilling was awarded.

In cases where one or both have died I have indicated this by an asterisk next to the name(s). This same use of the asterisk is found in the second list, ABC of the BSI.

Two couples hold a special distinction in that both spouses were invested in the same year. They are David Stuart Davies & Kathryn White and Jonathan & Elaine McCafferty. In the case of the latter couple the investitures are even more unusual. Elaine was invested at the BSI Dinner in NYC, and Jonathan was invested in London eight days later at the SHSL Dinner.

On the other hand, the Andersons had the longest gap of any spouses between their investitures---40 years!

These two lists will be updated as needed. Both lists are free to all, but they are only sent by e-mail. Any mistakes or omissions in either the ABC of the BSI or in the Florin Society should be brought to my attention. A hearty tip of the deerstalker to all these couples who by their hard work have earned their membership in the Florin Society!

The Florin Society

Anderson, Poul*1960 & Anderson, Karen 2000
Bond, Scott 1983 & Rose-Bond, Sherry 1992
Davies, David Stuart 1995 & White, Kathryn 1995
Diamond, Susan Z. 1998 & Devitt, Allan 2009
Dickensheet, Dean*1956 & Dickensheet, Shirley*1993
Herzog, Evelyn 1991 & Baesch, John 1998
Joffee, Andrew 1989 & Montague, Sarah 2010
Johnson, Roger 1991 & Upton, Jean 2000
Kitts, Richard 1997 & Kitts, Francine 2004
Kobayashi, Tsukasa* 1989 & Higashiyama, Akane; 2012
McCafferty, Elaine 2007 & McCafferty, Jonathan 2007
Niver, Harold 1979 & Niver, Theodora 1997
Rice, Susan 1991 & Fromkin, T. Michelle 1994
Roden, Christopher 2002 & Roden, Barbara 2005
Rosenblatt, Albert 1974 & Rosenblatt, Julia Carlson 1991
Rusch, Barbara 2009 & Zaldin, Donny 2012
Shreffler, Philip 1974 & Rich, Mary Ellen 1992
Smedegaard, Paul*1977 & Smedegaard, Margaret 1997
Stetak, Tom* 1990 & Stetak, Ruthann 1994
Stix, Thomas*L. Jr. 1961 & Stix, Dorothy 1997
Swift, Wayne*1978 & Swift, Francine*1994
Van der Flaes, Edwin 1984 & Van der Flaes, Maureen*Green 1992
Vizoskie, Ben 2000 & Vizoskie, Susan 2003
Whelan, Michael F. 1974 & Bradley, Mary Ann 2012

The ABC of the BSI


Abbey Grange, The *Oursler, Fulton; 1950
Abbey Grange, The *Lang, Milton C.; 1953
Abbey Grange, The *Oursler, Will; 1956
Abbey Grange, The Klinger, Leslie S.; 1999;
Abe Slaney *Nieminski, John; 1969
Abe Slaney *Levin, Alfred A.; 1993
Abe Slaney Cunningham, Philip; 2013
Abergavenny Murders, The *Hart, Thomas; 1960
Abergavenny Murders, The *Ross, Billy; 1977
Actor and a Rare One, An *Shull, Richard B.; 1986
Actor and a Rare One, An Armstrong, Curtis; 2006
Addleton Tragedy, The *Robb, Alexander M.; 1961
Addleton Tragedy, The *Addlestone, Alan; 1985;
Adolph Meyer Meyer, Charles A.; 1988
Agony Column, The Betzner, Ray; 1987;
Alexander Hamilton Garrideb Vizoskie, Ben; 2000
Alexander Holder Goodrich, William D.; 1977;
Aloysius Doran, Esq., of San Francisco, Cal. *Berner, William A.; 1983;
Altamont Hoffmann, Frank A.; 1979
Aluminium Crutch, The *Hogan, John V. L.; 1954
Aluminium Crutch, The *Gillies, Joseph; 1962;
Amateur Mendicant Society, The *Schulz, Theodore G.; 1961
Ancient British Barrow, The *Hartman, Harry; 1968
Ancient British Barrow, The Utechin, Nicholas; 1975
Anstruther Brody, Howard; 1981
“Anthropological Journal,” The Pollock, Donald K.; 1990 (Resigned. Investiture open)
Antonio Christenson, Edwin L.; 2003;
Arcadia Mixture, The *Page, Frederick C.; 1990
Archie Stamford, The Forger *Kreuzberger, George; 1956;
Arnsworth Castle Business, The *Schutz, Robert H.; 1961
Arthur Cadogan West McIntyre, Peter; 2014
Arthur Charpentier Utecht, Thomas D.; 1994
Arthur H. Staunton, The Forger Lebowitz, Mo; 1970
Athelney Jones Fusco, Andrew G.; 1972;


Bank of France, The Cagnat, Jean-Pierre; 1993
Bannister Kennedy, Bruce; 1968
Bar of Gold, The Renkwitz, Art; 2005
Baritsu *Kobayashi, Tsukasa; 1989
Baritsu Higashiyama, Akane; 2012
Barker, My Hated Rival *Fish, Robert L.; 1971
Barker, My Hated Rival *Silverman, Milton A.; 1982
Baron Adelbert Gruner Higurashi, Masamichi; 1998
Baron Dowson *Germeshausen, Alvin F.; 1980
Baron Dowson *Ruyle, John; 1983
Baron Gruner, The Austrian *Krejci-Graf, Karl; 1967
Barque “Lone Star,” The Beeson, William B.; 1983
Barrymore *Fairlie, Matthew; 1971
Barrymore McCafferty, Jonathan 2007
Bartholomew Sholto Nadel, William; 1991
Battered Tin Dispatch-Box, The *Duval, James O.; 1984
Battered Tin Dispatch-Box, The Kitts, Richard J.; 1997
Beeswing Rice, Susan; 1991
Bert Stevens *Galerstein, David; 1972
Beryl Coronet, The *Abramson, Ben; 1949
Beryl Coronet, The *Hoffman, Richard H.; 1952
Beryl Coronet, The Saunders, James B.; 1969
Beryl Stapleton Roden, Barbara 2005
Billy Redmond, Chris; 1966
Binomial Theorem, The *Hogan, John C.; 1962
Birdy Edwards *Kaegebehn, Charles; 1968
Birdy Edwards *Armstrong, Walter P., Jr.; 1985
Birdy Edwards Bergem, Phil; 2012
Bishopgate Jewel Case, The *Akers, Arthur K.; 1958
Black Jack of Ballarat Groves, Derham; 1985
Black Peter Blau, Peter E.; 1959
Blanched Soldier, The *Iraldi, James C.; 1952
Blanched Soldier, The Jensen, Jens Byskov; 2009
Blue Carbuncle, The *Hall, William S.; 1944
Blue Carbuncle, The *Silk, Eric H.; 1977
Blue Carbuncle, The Pollak, Michael; 2009
Bob Carruthers Olken, Richard; 2006
Bodymaster McGinty McDonough, Donald A.; 1976
Bogus Laundry Affair, The *Starr, Edward; 1959
"Book of Life,” The Cooke, Catherine; 1994
Boscombe Valley Mystery, The *Stout, Rex; 1949
Boscombe Valley Mystery, The *Reilly, Frank F.; 1980
Boscombe Valley Mystery, The Russo, Thomas M.; 1983
Brenda Tregennis *Campbell, Mary; 2002
British Barque “Sophy Anderson,” The *Klinefelter, Walter; 1962
British Government, The *Bruxner, Pamela; 1998
British Museum, The Houle, David; 2011
Bruce-Partington Plans, The *Macy, George; 1951
Bruce-Partington Plans, The *McDiarmid, E. W.; 1957
Bruce-Partington Plans, The Dahlinger, Susan; 2009
Brunton, The Butler, of Hurlstone *MacDougald, Duncan, Jr.; 1962
Brunton, The Butler, of Hurlstone *Pond, Walter; 1970


Cabinet Photograph, The White, Ronald. S., 1995
Camberwell Poisoning Case, The *Passen, William; 1955
Camberwell Poisoning Case, The *Harrison, Michael; 1964
Camberwell Poisoning Case, The Stetak, Ruthann; 1994
Camden House Ruber, Peter A.; 1964
Canadian Pacific Railway Elliott, Douglas; 2000
Captain Arthur Morstan *King, Edwin V.; 1991
Captain Jack Crocker *Prestige, Colin G.; 1961
Captain Teddy Marvin Wroblewski, Ralph; 1976
Cardboard Box, The *Leavitt, Robert Keith; 1949
Cardboard Box, The Fletcher, George; 1969
Cardinal Tosca *Cochran, Leonard; 1973
Carina Niver, Theodora; 1997
Cartwright Belanger, Terry; 1968
Case of Fairdale Hobbs, The *Mather, Philip R.; 1960
Case of Fairdale Hobbs, The Moss, Robert A.; 1980
Case of Identity, A *Davis, Elmer; 1949
Case of Identity, A *Henriksen, A. D.; 1959
Case of Identity, A *Tracy, Jack; 1976
Case of Identity, A *Mansbridge, Ronald; 1998
Case of Identity, A Bradway, Jeffry; 2009
Case of John Vincent Harden, The *Mahoney, Tom; 1962
Case of John Vincent Harden, The *Sherrod, Floyd; 1982
Case of Mme. Montpensier, The *Carver, Robert Q.; 1962
Cecil Barker McPherson, Mark; 1979
Certain Gracious Lady, A *Doyle, Dame Jean Conan; 1991
Chaldean Roots . . . of the Great Celtic Speech, Those *McCabe, John; 1966
Charles Augustus Milverton *Heldenbrand, Page; 1951
Charles Augustus Milverton *Kalt, Bryson R.; 1969
Charles Augustus Milverton *Kaplan, Alan R.; 1985
Chemical Laboratory of St. Barts Pilot, Roy E.; 1997
Colonel Carruthers *Turner, Ralph F; 1983
Colonel Emsworth, V.C. *Herst, Herman, Jr.; 1968
Colonel Hayter *Merriman, Charles O.; 1963
Colonel Hayter Posnansky, Daniel; 1977
Colonel James Barclay *Foss, Thomas Frederick; 1970
Colonel James Barclay Speck, Gordon R.; 1986
Colonel Lysander Stark *Dame, Morency R.; 1982
Colonel Ross *Hahn, Robert W.; 1963
Colonel Sebastian Moran *Martin, Alastair; 1972
Colonel Sebastian Moran Horrocks, Thomas A.; 2013
Colonel Upwood *Frier, Robert B.; 1960
Colonel Warburton's Madness *Rabe, W. T.; 1955
Colossal Schemes of Baron Maupertuis, The *Keller, Cyril A.; 1951
Commission from the Sultan of Turkey, A *Foster, Alan; 1965
Commonplace Book, The Friedman, Theodore; 1995
Conk-Singleton Forgery Case, The *Simpson, A. Carson; 1954
Conk-Singleton Forgery Case, The Cox, J. Randolph; 1967
Cooee *Olding, Alan C.; 1988
Copper Beeches, The *Clarke, Richard W.; 1949
Copper Beeches, The Bond, Scott; 1983
Coptic Patriarchs, The *Matthews, Robert E., Jr.; 1958
Corot *Churchill, Paul; 2006
Corporal Henry Wood Monty, W. Scott, II; 2001
Count Negretto Sylvius *Epstein, Marvin P; 1977
Count Negretto Sylvius Guerrera, Stefano; 2013
Count von Kramm Morrill, David 2008
Count Von und Zu Grafenstein *Dalliba, William Swift; 1956
Count Von und Zu Grafenstein *Levinson, David; 1965
Count Von und Zu Grafenstein *Scheideman, J. Warren; 1982
Covent Garden Singleton, Paul G.; 1997
Cox and Co. *Eustace, Frank J., Jr.; 1965
Cox and Co. *Schweickert, William P.; 1979
Creeping Man, The *Harris, Robert G.; 1952
Criterion Bar Smedegaard, Margaret; 1997
Crooked Man, The *Keddie, James, Jr.; 1949
Crooked Man, The Constable, John D.; 1986
Crosby, The Banker Weiss, David A.; 1958
Culverton Smith Moss, Daniel; 2013
Curare Stajic, Marina; 1995
Curious Incident of Sherlock Holmes in Japan, The *Naganuma, Kohki; 1962
Cutter “Alicia,” The Levine, Arthur L.; 1955


Dacre Hotel, The Salvatori, Gianluca 2005
Daintiest Thing Under a Bonnet, The Herzog, Evelyn A.; 1991
Dancing Men, The *Pratt, Fletcher; 1949
Dancing Men, The *McDade, Thomas M.; 1957
Dancing Men, The Devitt, Allan; 2009
Danite Band, The Lehman, John; 1984
Darlington Substitution Scandal, The *Stix, Thomas L.; 1951
Darlington Substitution Scandal, The Stix, Stephen; 1977
Devil's Foot, The *Haycraft, Howard; 1950
Devil’s Foot, The Gaiman, Neil 2005
Diogenes Club, The Evans, Constantine; 1974
Disappearance of James Phillimore, The *Bready, James H.; 1955
Dr. Ainstree Katz, Robert S.; 1983
Dr. Anstruther *Musto, David F.; 1969
Dr. Barnicot *Edwards, Ralph E.; 1963
Dr. Grimesby Roylott *Burrows, George F.; 1964
Dr. Grimesby Roylott Decker, Jeff; 1992
Dr. Hill Barton Sveum, Richard J.; 2002;
Dr. Jackson Caplan, Richard M.; 1989
Dr. James Mortimer *Carey, Eugene F.; 1964
Dr. James Mortimer Crotty, John P.; 1972
Dr. Leon Sterndale *Tinning, Herbert P.; 1974
Dr. Leon Sterndale Ferry, Frank; 2011
Dr. Leslie Armstrong *Hoff, Ebbe Curtis; 1965
Dr. Leslie Armstrong Martin, C. Paul; 1986
Dr. Moore Agar *Smith, Edgar B.; 1981
Dr. Percy Trevelyan *Schwartz, Richard; 1977
Dog in the Night-Time, The Purves, Shirley A.; 1992
Don Murillo Levy, Mark; 2013
Douglas Maberly Wolff, Ira; 1970
Dreadful Abernetty Business, The *Anderson, Poul; 1960
Duchess of Devonshire, The McKuras, Julie A.; 2001
Duke of Balmoral, The Hough George A.; 1983
Duke of Holdernesse, The *Luther, Howard; 1970
Duke of Holdernesse, The Skene Melvin, David; 1981
Dundas Separation Case, The *Kasson, Philip; 1963
Dundas Separation Case, The Swanson, Martin J.; 1965
Dutch Steamship “Friesland,” The *Howard, Samuel F.; 1958
Dying Detective, The *Dannay, Frederic; 1950
Dying Detective, The Suszynski, James P.; 1986
Dynamics of an Asteroid, The *Hoffmann, Banesh; 1963
Dynamics of an Asteroid, The Stampe, Mia: 2003


Eliza Barrymore McCafferty, Elaine; 2007
Elsie Cubitt Upton, Jean; 2000
Emilia Lucca Anderson, Karen; 2000
Empty House, The *Honce, Charles; 1944
Empty House, The Novorsky, Donald E.; 1977
Engineer's Thumb, The *Austin, Bliss; 1944
Engineer’s Thumb, The Darak, Gregory; 2009
Englisher Hof, The Meer, Michael A.; 2000
Enlarged Photograph, An Vande Water, William H.; 1994
Enoch J. Drebber Homer, Michael; 2007
Ettie Shafter Doyle, Pj; 2010
“Evening Standard,” The Karlson, Kate; 1996


Famous Card Scandal of the Nonpareil Club, The *Hoerr, William A. 1968
Famous Card Scandal of the Nonpareil Club, The MacDonald, Brian R.; 1982
Fascinating and Beautiful Woman, A *Meiser, Edith; 1991
Fatal Battle of Maiwand, The *Lesh, Richard D.; 1965
Ferrers Documents, The *Brean, Herbert; 1961
Ferrers Documents, The *Denbo, Elic; 1974
Field Bazaar, The *Guthrie, Douglas; 1964
Final Problem, The *Christ, Jay Finley; 1949
Final Problem, The *Park, Orlando; 1967
Final Problem, The *Potter, H. C.; 1971
Final Problem, The Gerber, Samuel M.; 1980;
Fine Morocco Case, A Nicholas Meyer 2004
Five Orange Pips, The *Boswell, Rolfe; 1951
Five Orange Pips, The *Bigelow, S. Tupper; 1959
Fordham, The Horsham Lawyer Goldfarb, Clifford S.; 1984
Francis Hay Moulton, Mr. Bliss, John; 1984
Franco-Midland Hardware Company, The Leeb, Gene A.; 1981
Francois le Villard Hill, Stanfield D.; 1977
Fritz von Waldbaum Meyer, Karl E. 1977


Gap on the Second Shelf, That *Brosnan, Vinnie; 2011
Garrotter by Trade, A *Parker, Robert G.; 1962
Garrotter by Trade, A Parker, Bruce R.; 1982
General Charles Gordon Kean, Michael H.; 1979
General de Merville Griffin, Daniel; 1968
Gennaro Lucca Solito, Enrico; 2002
George Sand Rose, Lloyd; 2001
Giant Rat of Sumatra, The *Daniels, Thomas L.; 1961
Giant Rat of Sumatra, The *Swift, Wayne B.; 1978
“Gloria Scott,” The *Baring-Gould, William S.; 1952
“Gloria Scott,” The *Fox, Lyttleton; 1969
“Gloria Scott,” The *Brodie, Robert N.; 1971
“Gloria Scott,” The *Schultz, Robert S.; 2002
“Gloria Scott,” The Barnes, William; 2009
Godfrey Emsworth Wachs, Jerry; 1995 (not in use)
Godfrey Norton *Nolan, Norman S.; 1972
Godfrey Staunton Warshauer, Richard; 1982
Golden Pince-Nez, The *Randall, David A.; 1951
Golden Pince-Nez, The *Zeisler, Ernest Bloomfield; 1957
Golden Pince-Nez, The Folsom, Henry T.; 1965
Good Old Index Redmond, Donald A.; 1969
Gorgiano of the Red Circle Accardo, Pasquale; 2002
Great Mogul, The Diamond, Susan Z.; 1998
Greek Interpreter, The *Tucker, Rufus; 1944
Greek Interpreter, The *Rosenblum, Morris; 1952
Greek Interpreter, The Yates, Donald A.; 1972
Grice Patersons in the Island of Uffa, The *Morrow, L. A.; 1966
Grice Patersons in the Island of Uffa, The *Miller, Richard H.; 1982
Grimpen Postmaster, The Gregory, Alexian A.; 2003
Grosvenor Square Furniture Van, The *Lawson, Douglas; 1961
Grosvenor Square Furniture Van, The *Davis, Norman M.; 1972


Halifax Alberstat, Mark; 2014
Hammerford Will Case, The *Feldman, Lew D.; 1956
Hammerford Will Case, The Athey, Forrest; 1978 Held simultaneously
Hammerford Will Case, The Berry, John Stevens; 1980 Held simultaneously
Hans Sloane of My Age, The *Shaw, John Bennett; 1965
Hansom Cab, The *Robinson, Robert E.; 1986
Harold Stackhurst Randall, Warren; 2007
Harraway de Groat, Raymond A.; 1971
Harry Pinner Genova, John 2008
Hatty Doran, Miss Kinnee, June L.; 1999
Head of the Police at Cleveland, The *Stetak, Tom; 1990
Heidegger Skornickel, George R., Jr.; 1987
Helen Stoner Dorey, Helen; 2012
Henri Murger Berdan, Mike; 2007
Henry Baker *Schwartz, Jeffrey; 1984
Henry Ward Beecher *Dinegar, Robert; 1984
High Tor *Warner, Richard S.; 1987
Hilton Cubitt Margolin, Jerry; 1977
Hilton Soames, of the College of St. Luke's, Mr. *Grady, Thomas F.; 1962
His Last Bow *Cumings, Thayer; 1953
His Last Bow Lanza, Kenneth C.; 1997
Holloway and Steele Polvere, Daniel; 2010
Holy Peters *Wall, Wayne; 1976
Honourable Philip Green, The Bergman, Ted; 1978
Horace Harker *Reppert, Ralph; 1966
Horace Harker *Davis, Stafford G.; 1980
Horace Harker Raymond, Trevor; 2006
Hosmer Angel McCormack, George; 1961
Hotel du Louvre Marriott, Guy 2008
Hound of the Baskervilles, The *Smith, Edgar W.; 1944
Hound of the Baskervilles, The Eberman, Barton A.; 1986
Howard Garrideb *Cleary, James C., Jr.; 1988
Hudson, Mrs. *McGaw, Lisa; 1982
Hugh Boone Duke, Anthony; 1985
Huret, The Boulevard Assassin *Hardenbrook, Don; 1955


Illustrious Client, The *Williamson, Jerry Neal; 1950
Illustrious Client, The Ellis, Robert; 2009
Imperial Opera of Warsaw, The Francis, Thomas J.; 1995
Imperial Palace of Peking Rozan S. J.; 2014
Imperial Tokay Guy, Patricia; 2010
Inner Temple, The Horrocks, Peter; 1996
Inspector Baynes, Surrey Constabulary *Anderson, James L.; 1964
Inspector Baynes, of the Surrey Constabulary *Derleth, August; 1971
Inspector Baynes, Surrey Constabulary Peck, Andrew Jay; 1973
Inspector Bradstreet Rosenblatt, Albert M.; 1974
Inspector Forrester Hapner, Barry; 1983
Inspector G. Lestrade *Pinson, Rex, Jr.; 1973
Inspector Gregory *Liebow, Ely M.; 1979
Inspector Lestrade Hobbs, Don; 2012
Inspector Montgomery Montgomery, Jeffrey; 1979
Inspector Stanley Hopkins Schrandt, John; 1973
Intricate Matter from Marseilles, The Deutsch, Irwin F.; 1962
Ionides of Alexandria *Middleton, Herbert H.; 1985
Irish Secret Society, An Cummings, Carey; 1988
Isadora Persano *Blomquist, Alvin E.; 1955
Isadora Klein Veiga Hayzen, Maria Carmen; 2010
Ivy Douglas *Dickensheet, Shirley; 1993


Jabez Wilson Curtis, Donald E.; 2000
Jack Douglas Ruiz, Mel; 1988
Jack Prendergast Hill, Gideon 2004
Jack Stapleton Kittle, C. Frederick; 2000
Jacob Shafter *Runnquist, Ake; 1981
Jacob Shafter Hammarqvist, Anders; 2000
James M. Dodd, Mr. *King, Martin J.; 1970
James M. Dodd, Mr. Laxton, Glenn; 1975
James Stanger of the “Herald” *Buchholtz, James; 1960
James Stanger of the “Herald” Morrow, Daniel J.; 1977
Japanese Armour Ueda, Hirotaka; 1994
Japanese Cabinet, The Tanaka, Kiyoshi; 1987
Japanese Vase, The Hirayama, Yuichi; 1993
Jean Baptiste Greuze Katz, Richard L.; 1979
Jefferson Hope Shreffler, Philip A.; 1974
Jephro Rucastle Broderick, Robert M.; 1983
Jeremy Dixon, Trinity College Otten, Eric H.; 1983
John Ferrier Cohen, Saul; 1978
John Garrideb *Enberg, Henry W.; 1991
John Hector McFarlane *Howlett, Anthony D.; 1994
John Hector McFarlane Zaldin, Donny; 2012
John Hopley Neligan Coghill, Bob; 1983
John o' Groat's *Armstrong, George; 1984
John Sanger Brogdon, Philip R.; 1988
John Scott Eccles, Mr. *Paulison, Keith; 1973
John Straker *Tolins, Stephen H.; 1991
Jonathan Small *Schatell, Norman; 1977
Jonathan Small *Umansky, Harlan L.; 1981
Jonathan Small Saksema, Franklin B.; 2013
Josiah Brown *Fleischauer, William E.; 1972
Josiah Brown *Bassett, Carl; 1977
Josiah Brown *Brewer, James; 1979
Joyce Cummings Earle, Ralph, II; 1968


Khalifa at Khartoum, The Pearce, David B.; 1977
King of Bohemia, The Penzler, Otto; 1976
King of Scandinavia, The Bergquist, John 2005
Kitty Winter *Green, Maureen; 1992
Kitty Winter Faye, Lyndsay; 2011


Lady Clara St. Simon Nuhn, Dayna; 2007
Lady Frances Carfax *Nelson, James; 1952
Lady Frances Carfax Rich, Mary Ellen; 1992
Lady Hilda Trelawney Hope Kitts, Francine 2004
Lady Mary Brackenstall McNamara, Rosane; 2013
Langdale Pike *Lowndes, Robert A. W.; 1973
Langdale Pike Dirda, Michael; 2002
Laura Lyons Paton, Jennie C.,; 2006
“Leeds Mercury,” The Calamai, Peter 2005
Leverton, of Pinkerton's, Mr. Herbert, Paul D.; 1977
Lion's Mane, The *Bengis, Nathan L.; 1950
Lion's Mane, The *Henry, Charles E.; 1980
Lion's Mane, The Morris, Jacquelynn; 2014
Little Ribston-Pippin, A Stinson, Regina, 2006
Lomax, the Sub-Librarian De Waal, Ronald B.; 1969
London Library, The McLean, Austin J.; 1990
Long Island Cave Mystery, The Walker, Lynn E.; 1975
Lord Backwater *Beckman, Frank S.; 1984
Lord Bellinger Cynkin, Tom; 2010
Lord Cantlemere *Abromson, Herman; 1977;
Lord Holdhurst Mende, Frederic H.; 1982
Lord Saltire Page, Andrew; 1974
Lowenstein of Prague Prager, Jan C.; 1975
Lucy Ferrier *McMahon, Katherine; 1991
Lucy Ferrier Rosenblatt, Betsy 2008
Lyceum Theatre, The Wilmer, Douglas; 2000


Major-General Stoner Hammer, David L.; 1986
Major Prendergast *Ward, Bill; 1984
Man on the Tor, The Niver, Harold E.; 1979
Man with the Twisted Lip, The *Wigglesworth, Belden; 1944
Man with the Twisted Lip, The *Bartlett, Edward; 1952
Man with the Twisted Lip, The *MacKenzie, Stanley; 1967
Manor House Case, The *Donegall, Marquis of; 1955
Manor House Case, The Wright, Sean M.; 1977
Market Street Izban, Donald B.; 1994
Marlow Bates Foley, Charles; 2001
Martha Stix, Dorothy K.; 1997
“Martyrdom of Man,” The *Duschnes, Philip C.; 1964
“Martyrdom of Man,” The *Fink, Joseph; 1986
Mary Maberley Cooper, Barbara Roisman 2008
Mary Morstan Mary Ann Bradley; 2012
“Matilda Briggs,” The *Fisher, Charles; 1958
“Matilda Briggs,” The *Lawrence, Edgar H.; 1967
“Matilda Briggs,” The Lachtman, Howard L.; 1982
Matter of the French Government, The *Clark, Edward F., Jr.; 1963
Mazarin Stone, The *Petersen, Svend; 1951
Mazarin Stone, The Rusch, Barbara; 2009
Merridew of Abominable Memory Hoffman, Everett C.; 1958
Meyers, Toronto Boote, Henry W.; 2002
Mike Scanlan Rutter, Richard R.; 1983
Missing Three-Quarter, The *Hand, Herbert T., Jr.; 1951
Missing Three-Quarter, The *Johnston, Ames; 1966
Missing Three-Quarter, The Fromkin, T. Michelle; 1994
Monsieur Bertillon Saint-Joanis, Thierry; 1998
Monsieur Oscar Meunier, of Grenoble *Norris, Luther; 1966
Monsieur Oscar Meunier, of Grenoble *Kamil, Irving; 1981
Moriarty *Gardner, John; 1988
Morse Hudson *Clarkson, Paul S., Jr.; 1970
Most Valuable Institution, A Hyder, William J.; 1997
Most Winning Woman, The Burke, Jan; 2013
Murray Cochran, William R.; 1988
Musgrave Ritual, The *Frisbie, Owen P.; 1950
Musgrave Ritual, The *Hendrickson, John R.; 1966
Musgrave Ritual, The White, Kathryn; 1995
My Old Friend Charlie Peace *Rhode, Franklin; 1967
My Old Friend Charlie Peace Lione, James; 1976
Mysterious Scientist, The Stek, Robert J.; 1996


Napoleon of Crime, The *Moriarty, Daniel L.; 1960
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