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"...of all our pleasures those we get from the great artists are indisputably among the best..."
-Virginia Woolf, "Hours in a Library"

The Maeve Butler Beck Virginia Woolf/Bloomsbury Collection was a gift of longtime Libraries supporter Cornelia W. Ooms Beck, in honor of her husband's first wife Maeve Butler Beck (1919-1979), a Woolf admirer to whom the volumes originally belonged. The collection consists of eighty-one items: 1940s and 50s American editions of the novels, nonfiction works, letters and diaries of Virginia Woolf; American editions of the works of Lytton Strachey and E.M. Forster; biographies and critical studies of Woolf, Lytton Strachey, Dora Carrington and Lady Ottoline Morrell; and memoirs (of Leonard Woolf, Gerald Brennan, Bertrand Russell and Nigel Nicholson) that illuminate the Bloomsbury milieu. A complete list of the collection is given below.

In addition to the donation of the volumes, Mrs. Beck's gift will fund their cataloging and preservation. The gift will also allow the Libraries to add materials to the Beck collection, to support the acquisition of expensive resources for the circulating collection (like microfilmed Woolf manuscripts) and to program guest lectures.

The circulating collection of Wilson Library contains extensive holdings relating to Virginia Woolf and the social and literary milieu in which she moved and wrote.



Tate Online

Biographies of Roger Fry, the Bells, Duncan Grant, Lytton Strachey and others of the Bloomsbury Group, as well as a timeline, and samples of Omega workshop and Hogarth Press designs. Copiously illustrated with photographs and painted portraits.

Collections & Exhibits

Bloomsbury: Books, Art & Design: Victoria University Library, Toronto, 10/20/97-12/20/97

An exhibition commemorating Mary Coyne Rowell Jackman and the twenty-fifth anniversary of her founding of the Virginia Woolf/Hogarth Press/Bloomsbury Collection at Victoria University Library. The site features artwork of Vanessa Bell, Duncan Grant, Dora Carrington, Roger Fry and others, along with Hogarth Press dust jackets and illustrations.

National Portrait Gallery: Woolf Portraits

Britain's National Portrait Gallery presents 56 photographic and painted portraits of Virginia Woolf, ranging from the teenage images taken by Charles Beresford, to wartime garden party snapshots by Lady Ottoline Morrell and the 1930s portraits by Gisele Freund.

Works & Texts

University of Adelaide Library

Complete e -texts of Woolf's collected works, from The Voyage Out (1915) to The Haunted House and Other Stories (1944).

Major Authors on CD-ROM: Virginia Woolf
The complete works of Virginia Woolf, including variant and hard-to-find editions. Over 12,000 manuscript images from the Henry W. and Albert A. Berg Collection at the New York Public Library and the Monks House Papers at the University of Sussex. Also includes a 1937 interview/reading for the BBC, the only recording Woolf made.

TC Wilson Library PR6045 .O72x 1997


The International Virginia Woolf Society

Comprehensive site of the MLA-allied organization, featuring a comprehensive and up-to-date Woolf studies bibliography, information on conferences and calls for papers, a listserv and extensive links to important research collections and dealers in rare books.

The Virginia Woolf Society of Great Britain

Publisher of the Virginia Woolf Bulletin, and host and publisher of the Annual Virginia Woolf Birthday Lectures. The site presents a helpful short biography, photographs of Bloomsbury homes and haunts, as well as offering for sale copies of the Birthday Lectures by noted scholars like Lyndall Gordon and Julia Briggs.

Virginia Woolf Society of Japan

Established in 1977 and publisher of the annual Virginia Woolf Review, the VWSJ counts 200 members and holds regular autumn conferences.


The Hours (2002)

Plot summary, actor profiles, reviews, shooting locations and other information on the 2002 film version of Michael Cunningham's novel The Hours, a homage to Woolf works that includes a Woolf storyline that recreates her struggle to write Mrs. Dalloway.


BBC - Seven minute clip from the 1937 interview/reading.


Titles listed alphabetically by author.

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