10A Actors, Performances and Recordings -- Criticism (50)

1. "Pulp Fiction in Bangladesh: Super Spies and Transplant Authors." World Literature Today 82, no. 3 (2008): 39-42.

Inlcudes a passing reference to Doyle. "...The 1960s generation and the ones that followed were not the first to flock to thrillers in the Bangla language. Going back to the late 1800s, Bengal has a tradition of crime fiction. The mystery genre known here as rohossho also includes horror stories, pretty much anything that can’t be explained by simple logic and reason. A century ago, inspired by the arrival of Conan Doyle’s books in Calcutta, a local writer created a fictional character known as Sorolakkho Hom...."

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Contents: Preface / Austin J. McLean -- Editor's note / Lucy M. Brusic -- John Bennett Shaw : A remembrance / Thomas L. Stix Jr. -- Labryinths : the worlds of Sherlock Holmes / Lawrence Frank -- Holmes by any other name : translating the Sherlock Holmes stories / Nils Nordberg -- Holmes and Watson among the scholars : when the game is really afoot / J. Randolph Cox --The writings about the writings : being a requiem for the great game / David L. Hammer -- Turn the dial to Sherlock Holmes on radio / William Nadel -- I see Sherlock everwhere : Holmes on film / Jennie C. Paton -- If it sticks to the ceiling it must be done : the Holmes pastiche / Robert Brusic -- Elementary Holmes : Sherlockian children's literature / Ruth Berman -- Sherlock Holmes meets Batman : the great detective in American comic books / Charlotte A. L. Erickson (cont.) Contents: The Art and craft of Sherlock Holmes, and I don't mean detection / Derham Groves -- I never believed there was a society such as yours : Sherlockian Societies / Peter E. Blau -- Contributors. Includes bibliographical references. ;

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Review of The Spoken Word: Writers. Historic Recordings of Writers Born in the 19th Century. Compiled by Steve Cleary, Richard Fairman, and Toby Oakes. London: British Library, 2003. CD-ROM. GBP9.95. ISBN 0-7123-0516-5. Includes a reference to Doyle and Holmes. "...To a modern American ear most of the voices in this collection share a cultured but bland upper-class English inflection. There are some vivid exceptions: Conan Doyle's slight Scottish burr, James Joyce's dense music, Agatha Christie's down-to-earth exposition, and Noel Coward's theatrical yet distinctive diction. Overall, though, this is not one of those spoken word collections that offer rich auditory pleasures. Still, the content is well chosen and nicely varied. Roughly half the writers read from (or, in Coward's case, perform) their own work. The others offer ideas about writing or other subjects that are, in general, succinct and enlightening. Bernard Shaw begins with an account of the touring companies that were his early bread and butter. Arthur Conan Doyle follows, first with the relatively well-known story of how a medical professor inspired Sherlock Holmes, then with reflections on how Holmes changed not only the mystery genre but also forensics...."

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Discusses the success experienced by film adaptations of books on Sherlock Holmes. Main attraction of the silent films on Sherlock Holmes played by Eille Norwood; Actors who played the role of Sherlock Holmes; Overview of film adaptations of books.

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Reviews three motion pictures including 'Fairy Tale: A True Story'. Includes reference to Doyle and Holmes. "...Even better, 'Fairy Tale' follows the case on which it was based by having Gardner pass them on to Arthur Conan Doyle (Peter O'Toole) who, known to all as the creator of the super-logical Sherlock Holmes, had lost his son in the war and become an ardent spiritualist. Doyle in turn was a close friend of the skeptical Houdini, who is shown exposing a seance as an elaborate hoax...."

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"Offers interesting discussions of Sherlockian and Doylean plays performed in Edinburgh (mostly during the Edinburgh Festival Fringe), Conan Doyle's speeches and lectures in Edinburgh, and memorials to him in Edinburgh, with amusing artwork by Hall."

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Reviews the motion picture 'Fairy Tale: A True Story,' from Paramount Studios. Includes multiple references to Doyle and a photograph of Doyle and Houdini.

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Charles Spencer reviews The Hound of the Baskervilles at The Duchess Theatre.

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"To the Editor: Re "Is That You, Sherlock?" by Sarah Lyall [Jan. 25]: I would have thought it impossible to write an extensive piece about a dramatization of Sherlock Holmes without mentioning Jeremy Brett. He appeared on the television series, but he certainly set the standard by which the portrayal of the character must be judged. The notion of Holmes as a 19th-century James Bond is disconcerting....Holmes is a respectable Victorian with values appropriate to his situation. He is certainly a respecter of British institutions but hardly a stodgy person; in fact he's rather eccentric, as Watson's accounts make clear. He appreciates classical music and is a good violinist. He's also skilled in the arts of self-defense and is proficient with firearms. If Sherlock Holmes morphs into Jack Bauer, we Baker Street Irregulars camp followers will be disappointed."

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