These collections are not actually part of the Orchestra's archives but are from people that were associated with the Orchestra sometime during their career and who donated their collections to the Orchestra's archives.

Online finding aids are available for selected collections. Note that they are XML files encoded in Encoded Archival Description and can only be viewed in XML-aware browsers such as Internet Explorer 6.0 or Netscape 7.0. or Mozilla.

Complete finding aids for the other collections are available in printed form in the archives. Please contact the Performing Arts Archives (612-625-3550) with questions or for additional information. Click here to go back to the Minnesota Orchestra Association Archives home page.



PA 12 A Arthur Gaines photograph collection [finding aid]
PA 12 B Dottie Carpenter photograph collection [finding aid]
PA 12 C Steve Zellmer collection [finding aid]
PA 12 D Elbert L. Carpenter collection [finding aid]
PA 12 E Mrs. H.A. Wilson scrapbook [finding aid]
PA 12 F Danz collection [finding aid]
PA 12 G Mary La Grange scrapbook [finding aid]
PA 12 H Maddy/Angelucci collection [finding aid]
PA 12 I Ray W. Fitch memoirs [finding aid]
PA 12 K Gustav S. Janossy music books [finding aid]
PA 12 L Henry Denecke, Jr. Interview [finding aid]
PA 12 M Dorothy Cummings Collection [finding aid]
PA 12 N Scrapbook and Clippings [finding aid]
PA 12 O Jenny Cullen Collection [finding aid]
PA 12 P Brian Newhouse Collection [finding aid]
PA 12 Q Carl Rudolph Collection [finding aid]



Related Collections in the Manuscripts Division


Additional collections within the Manuscripts Division have a direct link to the Minnesota Orchestra. Finding aids are available in the Division.


Mss 15 Pflaum, Rosalynd Mary Cohen
Mss 16 WAMSO Encore Cookbook
PA 4 John Sherman collection
PA 37 Minneapolis Musicians' Association
PA 51 Young People's Symphony Concert Association
PA 71 William Trotter collection

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