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Introduction to The Universal Sherlock Holmes
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Names, Place (Real-Life)


C17232. -- B3680. Bergman, Ted. "Stockholmesiana," BSCL, No. 7 (1969), 22-24.

An attempt to find out how the streets of Stockholm have been named in order to determine the chances of getting a. real "Sherlock" or "Baker Street" in that city.


C17233. -- B3681. Blau, Peter E. "Greetings from Apollo," BSJ, 23, No. 1 (March 1973), 48. illus.

One of the lunar craters around the Apollo 17 landing site was named "Sherlock" by geologist-astronaut Jack Schmitt.


C17234. -- B3682. Blau, Peter E. "I Hear of Sherlock Everywhere ..." Pittsfield, Mass.: The Spermaceti Press, 1974. [4] p.

Published for the annual dinner of The Baker Street Irregulars, January 4, 1974.

----------. ----------, Reprinted in part in Sherlockiana, 19, Nr.1 (1974), 5.

Further commentary on the Sherlock crater, including the transcript of a Sherlockian conversation, taken from NASA's tapes, between Joe Allen in Houston and Jack Schmitt in the lunar module Challenger.


C17235. -- B3683. Fenley, G. Ward, and Louise Miller. "Action Line," Albuquerque Journal (March 28, 1977).

Answer to a reader's query on the pronunciation of Moriarty (New Mexico). "The word is pronounced as in Professor Mo'riar'ty...."


C17236. -- B3684. "Watsonville [Santa Cruz]," California Place Names: The Origin and Etymology of Current Geographical Names, [by] Erwin G. Gudde. [3rd ed.] Berkeley and Los Angeles: University of California Press, 1969. p. 359.

"The town was laid out in 1852 on a part of Rancho Bolsa del Pajaro by D. S. Gregory and Judge John H. Watson, owners of the land, and was named for the latter. The post office is listed in 1854. Watsonville Junction [Monterey]. The earlier name Pajaro, which had been given to the station when the railroad was built in 1871, was changed to the Southern Pacific in 1912."


C17237. Blau, Peter E. "`I Hear of Sherlock Everywhere,'" PP, 2, No. 4 (1979), 7-11.

----------. ----------, Earth Science, 34, No. 4 (Summer 1981), 24-25.

First published by The Spermaceti Press, 1974 (DB3682).


C17238. Dandrew, Thomas, and Philip Dalton. "In Honour of the Master?" SHJ, 14, Nos. 3-4 (Summer 1980), 115. illus. (Wigmore Street Postbag)

Notes several thoroughfares named "Holmes," "Watson," and "Doyle," including "S. Holmes Street" in Scotia, N.Y. Also, a "Cardboard Box" factory in Camden.


C17239. Leighton, Mike. "From Nathan Garrideb's Notebook," PP, 3, No. 3 (1981), 3-4.

"Nathan Garrideb" comments upon the substantial number of Canonical place names in Westchester County. Still there are not any full names like a Sherlock Holmes Boulevard or a John H. Watson Ramble.


C17240. Miller, Richard H. "The Giant Rat of Sumatra, Montana, USA?" SMuse, 12, No. 1 (Summer 1993), 13-17.

References to the Canon in the State of Montana; e.g., the town of Sumatra and Holmes Avenue in Butte.


C17241. "Toronto's Sherlock Lane May One Day Be as Famous as London's Noted Mews," CH, 3, No. 2 (Christmas 1979), 7.

In addition to a proposed street named Sherlock Lane, the article mentions that John Comstock has compiled a list of 249 streets in Metro Toronto that have connections to characters, places, or incidents from all the Canonical tales. His paper, presented at the October 27 meeting of the Bootmakers, is on file in the Bootmakers' archives.


Altamont, N.Y.


C17242. Dandrew, Thomas. "A Visit to Altamont," CN (NS), 2, No. 4 (December 1979), 17.

An account of the author and his son's tour of Altamont, N.Y., where, according to Donald Hayne, Holmes spent the summer of 1912. One of the mailboxes in this village bears the name Holmes -- undoubtedly a relative of the Great Detective!


Holmes Peak


C17243. Davis, Stafford G. "Remarks on the Treaty of Peace and Friendship at Holmes Peak," APD (December 1990-January 1991), 4-5.

With the text of the Treaty, dated November 18, 1990, and signed by Stafford G. Davis for the Holmes Peak Preservation Society and by Geoffrey Standing Bear for the Osage Tribe.


C17244. Davis, Stafford G. "20.00 Hours: The Dedication of Holmes Peak," BSJ, 36, No. 3 (September 1986), 156-161. illus.

An account of the dedication on July 27, 1985, with remarks by Richard S. Warner and Michael Hardwick.


C17245. Davis, Stafford G. "Wander-Freunde to Wander on Holmes Peak: Perceivers Invited to Participate in November 18 Trek," APD (October-November 1990), 1.

"A courageous party Of climbers from the Green Country Wander-Freunde Walking Club will attempt the dangerous Holmes Peak climb on Sunday, November 18, 1990. Perceivers who have made their wills and settled their estates are encouraged to join in this valiant effort."


C17246. Hardwick, Michael. "The Naming of Holmes Peak," SHJ, 17, No. 3 (Winter 1985), 79-80.

----------. "Sherlock Holmes Gets a Peak of His Own," The Washington Post/Book Review (January 19, 1986), 11.

----------. ----------, LCH (June 1986), 1-2.

----------. ----------, MP, 7, No. 1 (February 1986), 4.

----------. ----------, PPofFC, No. 81 (February 1986), 7.

----------. ----------, The Sherlockian, 1, No. 1 (1986), 7-11.

A report by the featured speaker at the dedication of Holmes Peak.


C17247. McUsic, Jim. "Astronaut Ascends to New Heights! Schmitt Climbs Holmes Peak," APD (January-February 1990), 1.

"Dr. Harrison Schmitt, lunar module pilot on the Apollo 17 Moon Mission and former U.S. Senator from New Mexico, accompanied Stafford Davis on a Holmes Peak ascent on the afternoon of January 29, 1990."


C17248. "News of a Sherlock Holmes Expedition," Reported by John H. Watson, M.D. The American Wanderer (January-February 1988), 11.

An announcement of the ten kilometer walk on February 27, 1988.


C17249. Pollak, David. "Tulsa `Elevationary, My Dear Watson,'" Dallas Times Herald (April 26, 1987), D-1, D-9, D-10. illus.

"Somehow, the only place on the planet officially named for London's most famous detective is a bald hill in ranch country three miles northeast of a city more known for Oral and oil. Welcome to Holmes Peak."


C17250. Rouby, Jason. "The Journal and Logbook of Jason Rouby, B.S.I.," APD (January-February 1988), I-IV.

"Being the description in his own words of his successful assault on the east flank of Holmes Peak and the False Peak, nr. Tuls-a in the Land of Okl-ahom-a in the Territory of the Osage Nation, 18 October 1986."


C17251. Rouby, Jason. Up the Peak! A Saga of Success. Little Rock: Arkansas Valley Investors Press, 1986. 13 p. illus.

"The Journal and Logbook of Jason Rouby B.S.I., being the description in his own words of his successful assault on the east flank of Holmes Peak and the False Peak, nr. Tuls-a in the Land of Okl-ahom-a in the Territory of the Osage Nation, 18 October 1986."

Second edition, April 1987.


C17252. Warner, Richard S. Guide Book and Instructions for the Ascent of Holmes Peak. Sponsored by The Holmes Peak Preservation Society. Tulsa: The Perceivers Press, 1985. 16 p.

A booklet that provides complete information about Holmes Peak, including the history, geology, flora and fauna, climbing instructions, and future plans for the only geographic feature on Earth that has been officially named by a national government to honor Sherlock Holmes.

Reviews: BSJ, 36, No. 1 (March 1986), 54 (Peter E. Blau); BSM, No. 43 (Autumn 1985), 40-41 (Jon L. Lellenberg).


C17253. Warner, Richard S. "The Naming of Holmes Peak," BSJ, 35, No. 1 (March 1985), 29-31.

----------. ----------, The Oklahoma Philatelist (January 1986), 2, 4.

----------. ----------, The Daily Herald, 3, Nos. 3-4 (May 5, 1986), 10-11.

An account of how the author succeeded after four years in getting the U. S. Government to officially name a mountain after Sherlock Holmes.


Moriarty, N.M.


C17254. Aig, Marlene. "Message from Moriarty," SMuse, 11, No. 1 (Autumn 1992), 5-6.

Report on a visit to the town in New Mexico where The Brothers Three of Moriarty hold their Unhappy Birthday Parties to dishonour the Napoleon of crime.




C17255. -- A4829. The Sherlock Holmes Society of London. Sherlock Holmes Tie.

A dark-blue background with motifs in silver of a deerstalker cap and a curved pipe.


C17256. -- B3821. Sherlock Holmes Necktie. Pittsfield, Mass.: England Brothers, 1975.

A street scene with Holmes, Watson, and a hansom cab, in dark blue or brown.


C17257. -- B3824. The Sherlock Holmes Society of London. Necktie. 1976.

Terylene/crimplene, with 4 in. blade. The motif of the deerstalker and curved pipe in white on a mid-blue background is the same as the Society's first tie (DA4829).


C17258. Sherlock Holmes Necktie. Pittsfield, Mass.: Warren Ltd., 1981.

Deerstalker-and-pipe pattern in green or navy blue or blue on burgundy.




C17259. -- B3817. Nolan, Diane. Needlepoint Kit. Middletown, N.J.: 1976. 8 x 8 in.

Handpainted; profile of Holmes; seven colors; complete with yarn and instructions.


C17260. -- B3819. Ranus, Carol S. Sherlockian Needlepoints. Buffalo, N.Y.: 1978. 10 designs.

Contents: Sherlock Holmes on Baker Street. -- Comic Sherlock Holmes. -- Whitbread. -- Sherlock Holmes (2 sizes). -- Baker Street. -- Reichenbach Falls. -- Baker Street (with Gaslight and Holmes). -- A Study in Scarlet (Beeton's). -- Train Scene. -- Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson.


C17261. -- B3823. Sherlock Holmes Pub Sign. England: 1973. 12 x 14 in.

A needlepoint adaptation. "The kit includes design hand-painted and screened on 12-mesh white mono canvas, English tapestry yarns to work design and background, needle and directions."

Illustration: The Stitchery Catalog, No. 62-473.

See also DA4833.


C17262. Carter, Suellen. Sherlock Holmes Needlepoint Coasters. Peoria, Ill.: Privately Produced, September 28, 1979.

Made for the 2nd annual 2704 Banquet of The Hansoms of John Clayton.


C17263. Wein, Cynthia. Sherlock Holmes Needlepoint Kit. Plainview, N.Y.: Privately Produced, 1991. 18 x 18 in.

Handpainted canvas for framing or pillow.


C17264. Wood, Joan S. Mrs. Hudson's Handbook of Sherlockian Cookery and Holmesian-Needlepoint. [Ellenton, Fla.: Privately Printed, January 6, 1993.] 51 p. illus.

Spiral binding.

Limited to 100 numbered copies.

Contents: Pt. 1. Sherlockian Cookery: Anthology of Recipes from The Pleasant Places of Florida's Communication. -- Simpson's-in-the-Strand. -- Pt. 2. Holmesian Needlepoint.




C17265. -- B3685. Bloodhound Pipe. New York: Avon Products, 1976. 5 fl. oz. (6 in.)

Similar to Avon's Bulldog Pipe decanter (DA4819) except for the change in dogs.


C17266. -- B3686. Brandicap: The Perfect Pourer. Britain: Tallon Ltd. (Ref. No. TP 5)

The box is illustrated with a profile of Holmes, and the liqueur pourer is adorned with a deerstalker and pipe.


C17267. -- B3687. Broderick, Robert M. Sherlock Holmes Lightswitch Plate. [Philadelphia: Privately Produced, 1977.] 4 1/2 x 2 1/2 in.

Features a black silhouette of the Master Detective.


C17268. -- A4819. Bulldog Pipe Decanter. Avon Products, 1972. 6 in.

Shaped in the form of curved pipe with removable stem and a bulldog's head, with deerstalker as the base.

Available in "Wild Country or Oland After Shave," or in "Wild Country or Oland Cologne."


C17269. -- B3688. Calabash Pipe. New York: Avon Products, 1974. 6 fl. oz. (6 in.)

"It's filled with Wild Country or Deep Woods After Shave. Glass decanter with plastic fitments." (Avon catalog, 1974, p. 53)


C17270. -- B6077. Castor Oyl. Hong Kong: King Features Syndicate, c. 1974. 3 1/4 x 1 1/2 in.

Magnetic plastic figure of Castor Oyl (from the Popeye comic strip) with a deerstalker and pipe.


C17271. -- B3689. Charlie McCarthy/Sherlock Holmes Advertising Spoon. "Duchess Silverplate." 6 in.

One of several character spoons offered about 1936 for ten cents and a Chase and Sanborn coffee label. Charlie is depicted in his detective outfit. The spoon is mentioned in "Advertising's Old Spoons," by Winifred H. Scheib (American Collector, October 1976, p. 12).

See also DB4637.


C17272. -- B3690. Detective Arthur. Brown and yellow fiberglass. 6' 4" x 6' x 4'

"This super-sleuth prop came straight from a famous children's story-book classic. He's pure bloodhound and he knows how to sniff for clues with his big nose and magnifying glass." (Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade Auction: Fifty Years of Spectacular Parade Memorabilia) Offered at Macy's Parade Auction, N.Y., October 2, 1977; purchased for $1,100 by Ghiordian Knot Ltd., 1050 Second Ave., New York.

Advertisement: New York, 10 (September 26, 1977), 1.


C17273. -- B3692. Genuine Inn Sign Cocktail Sticks. The Hotels & Inns of London. I box (4 1/2 x 8 3/4 in.)

One of the twelve swinging sign cocktail sticks is the Sherlock Holmes.


C17274. -- B3693. Herzog, Evelyn A. Authentication: This Sherlockian relic, No._____ of Type_____, _____, is warranted to be fully authentic as all other relics of this type distributed by me. Evelyn A. Herzog (signed). [New York: Privately Printed, 1977.] 12 cards (3 3/8 x 5 3/8 in.) and specimens.

Contents: 1. Lock from Violet Hunter's coil of hair. -- 2. Fragment from one of the busts of Napoleon smashed by Beppo. -- 3. Scrap from black silk masks constructed by Watson. -- 4. Wax shaving from Oscar Meunier's bust of Holmes. -- 5. Fragment of Violet Smith's bicycle tyre tube. -- 6. Black Formosa corruption germs. -- 7. Reddish gravel from Leon Sterndale's cottage yard. -- 8. String used in solving the Musgrave Ritual. -- 9. Excerpt from Huxtable's Sidelights on Horace. -- 10. Dart-tip thorn used by Tonga. -- 11. Down from James Ryder's Christmas goose. -- 12. Sawdust from young Gilchrist's jumping-shoes.


C17275. -- B3695. O'Heir, Bernard J. Official Sherlock Holmes Credit Card. [1976]

"To be used by below listed personnel only -- Basil Rathbone -- Nigel Bruce. Void for -- Professor Moriarty."


C17276. -- B3696. Schulz, Charles M. 15 Postaletters and Sealing Wax, with one seal and handle. Kansas City, Mo.: Hallmark Cards, [1978]. Box: 7 1/2 x 6 in.

The back of each postaletter features Snoopy in Sherlockian guise.


C17277. -- B3697. Sesame Street. Gift Wrap. Drawing Board Greeting Cards/Children's Television Workshop, 1977.

In Happy Birthday and Alphabet designs, both including Sherlock Hemlock. Sold in sheets (20 x 30 in.) and rolls.


C17278. -- B3699. Sharps Smokers Outfit: Candy & Chocolate Flavour Candy with Model `Hansom Cab' to Cut Out. Maidstone, Kent, Eng.: [1973]. 5 1/4 x 12 in.

In addition to the cut-out hansom cab, the box is illustrated with a portrait of Holmes.


C17279. -- B3700. Sherlock Holmes Hotel. Ash Tray. 3 1/4 x 6 1/4 in.

Black, with the name and address of the hotel in gold letters and a portrait of Holmes.


C17280. -- B3701. Sherlock Holmes Hotel. Ash Tray. 5 x 3 1/2 in.

White, with the name and address of the hotel in black letters and a picture of Holmes and Watson.


C17281. -- B3702. Sherlock Holmes Hotel. Bottle Opener in Red Case. "Exquisite."

With a profile of the detective and "Sherlock Holmes, Baker Street."


C17282. -- B3703. Sherlock Holmes Hotel. Key Chain in Red Case. "Exquisite."

With a profile of the detective and "Sherlock Holmes, Baker Street."


C17283. -- B3704. Sherlock Holmes Hotel. Pocket Mirror in Case. 3 1/2 x 2 1/2 in.

The back of the mirror is illustrated with the same picture of Holmes and Watson that appears on one of the ash trays.


C17284. -- B3705. Sherlock Holmes Hotel. Service Bell.

With a profile of the detective and "Sherlock Holmes, Baker Street."


C17285. The Sherlock Holmes Society of London. To The Baker Street Irregulars, January 7, 1994. The Sherlock Holmes Society of London. England: H & R Johnson Ltd., 1993. 3 1/2 in.

White ceramic coaster with letters and design of a deerstalker and pipe in blue; gold rim.


C17286. -- B3706. 6 Soho Coasters. Alcohol and stain resistant. Unbreakable. Felt backed. Box: 9 x 13 in. Coasters: 3 3/4 x 3 3/4 in.

Contents: Joe Cannon. -- Gettysburg Commanders. -- Commoner. -- Old Hickory. -- Christy Girl. -- Sherlock Holmes.

See also DB3828.


C17287. -- B3707. Top of the Table, by Karen. International Laminations, Inc. 12 x 19 in.

A serving piece covered back and front with photographs of old-time screen stars, including Rathbone and Bruce in The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes.


C17288. -- B3708. Wood, Norbert. Sherlock Homely, Private Eye. Chester, N.J.: Lenorka, Inc., 1973.



C17289. The Book of the Hound of the Baskervilles. Los Angeles: Lleft, Wright & Senter, 1988.

"Lies 8 in. x 12 in., open to a facsimile of the famous legend, surmounted by the snarling Hound."

Advertisement: BSJ, 38, No. 3 (September 1988), 162; 38, No. 4 (December 1988), 236.


C17290. The Case of the Colorful Disappearing Eggs: An Intriguing Egg Decorating Kit. Carle Place, N.Y.: Easter Unlimited, 1989. Box: 8 x 8 in.

Features Harelock Holmes and Dr. Wabbiston on the cover and inside, where they are joined by Bunny-Arity.


C17291. "Elementary, My Dear Watson" Super Sleuth magnifier. New York: Avon Products, 1979. 10 in. long.

A magnifying glass with 2 fl. oz. of Everest or Wild Country After Shave. Glass and plastic.


C17292. Fat Finder. Encinitas, Calif.: Vitaerobics, 1987.

A pocket-size device to calculate the percentage of fat in food products. Features a caricature of Holmes.


C17293. Hallmark Christmas Gift Wrap. Kansas City: Hallmark Cards, [1980]. 20 ft. roll.

The Kringle Chronicle, North Pole Edition, features caricatures of Holmes.


C17294. Inspector Hector (The Super Duper Snooper). Reading, Pa.: R. M. Palmer Co., [n.d., 1982]. Box: 8 1/2 x 4 x 2 in. (Item No. 007)

A hollow milk chocolate Sherlockian rabbit; also, Sherlockian illustrations on the box.


C17295. Jumbo Fridge Magnets of Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson. Huntington, York: Lark Rise Designs, [n.d., 1992]. 4 5/8 in.

Designed and handmade in England.

A larger version of the Holmes lapel pin.

Photograph: What on Earth (Autumn 1993), 18-19.


C17296. Kugler, Sherry. Deerstalker-Calabash Pipe Magnet. Paramus, N.J.: Us 2, March 1983. 2 x 3 1/4 in.

Handmade out of felt. Brown on beige.


C17297. McCallister, David R. Sherlock Holmes Key-Chain Fob. Wesley Chapel, Fla.: Privately Produced, 1993.

Made for the annual dinners of BSI and ASH, January 8, 1993.


C17298. Mrs. Hudson's Cliffdwellers. The Engineer's Thumb. Cliffside Park, N.J.: 1991.

Rubber replica of a thumb that once belonged to Victor Hatherley.


C17299. Napkins. Kansas City: Ambassador Cards, [n.d.l. Package: 5 x 5 in.

Sixteen 100 sq. in. (10 x 10 in.) napkins featuring the Pink Panther with a deerstalker, magnifying glass, and caption: "Let's get to the bottom of this!"


C17300. New York Evening Graphic. $11,250 Given Free in Cash and Paragon Radio Sets to New York Evening Graphic Readers by Shylock Homes, the Master Detective. December 7-25, 1925.

Lottery ticket with an illustration of Shylock Homes.


C17301. The Pink Panther Vinyl Figure. Talbot Toys, 1982. 3 1/2 in. (No. 73000)

Made and printed in Hong Kong.

The Pink Panther is outfitted with a deerstalker and magnifying glass.


C17302. Sesame Street. Lunch Box. Nashville: Aladdin Industries, 1979. 7 x 8 in.

Features two scenes with Sherlock Hemlock.


C17303. Sesame Street. Pre-School Presto MagiX Rub-Down Transfers. Madison: American Pub. Corp., 1981. Package: 12 x 6 1/2 in.

Includes a rub-down figure of Sherlock Hemlock.


C17304. Sherlock Holmes Dog Cape. Belleville, Ill.: Checkerboard Marketing, 1980.

Made in several sizes, the cape is dark gray and light gray houndstooth check, complete with lining, vest, collar, and button-on cap.


C17305. Snoopy. Bellmawr, N.J.: Plymouth Inc. for Butterfly Originals, [1985]. Portfolio: 12 1/2 x 9 1/2 in. (No. 1829)

Sherlock Snoopy is featured on the cover of this portfolio for students.


C17306. Stetak, Ruthann and Tom. "Dead ... 100 Years." [LaGrange, Ohio: Privately Produced, Winter 1993-1994.] 20 in.

A black arm mourning band, in commemoration of "the death that never happened."


C17307. "Super Sleuth," The Wilton Yearbook of Cake Decorating 1981. Woodridge, Ill.: Wilton Enterprises, 1980. p. 16.

Instructions for decorating a child's (or Sherlockian's) birthday cake with a mustachioed profile of Sherlock Holmes. Illustrated.


C17308. 221b Brick. London: Abbey National Building Society, [1981]. 4 3/4 x 9 in.

"The brick contained in this box was taken from buildings forming part of the Abbey National Building Society Head Office, which itself is partly constructed on land comprising 221b Baker Street, the legendary home of Sherlock Holmes."


C17309. 221b Sparkling Table Water. London: Abbey National Building Society, 1981.

"Extracted from the well at 221b Baker St., the legendary residence of Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson. Bottled on the premises of the Abbey National Building Society for the benefit & refreshment of all."

With a "221b Baker Street" label that features a silhouette of Holmes.

Reviews: Soft Drinks Trade Journal [London] (March 1981); The Sun [Baltimore] (February 12, 1981), B1 (Robert A. Erlandson), and reprinted in CPBook, 4, No. 1 (March 1981), 315-317.




C17310. Sherlock Holmes Nutcracker. W. Germany: Steinbach, 1983. 12 in.

"Volkskunst aus Hohenhamelin."

The mustachioed and bearded nutcracking detective is 12 inches high, carved, turned, and handpainted. He wears a wool checked coat, deerstalker, and carries a pipe, walking stick, etc.

Advertisement: BSS, 1, No. 1 (March-April 1989), 6.


Paper Dolls


C17311. -- B3406. Judd, Diane. "Paper Dolls," NCTM, 1, No. 1-4 (Winter 1975-Fall 1975); NNCC, 1, No. 1-4; 2, No. 1-4 (1976-1977).

Contents: 1. Sherlock Holmes. -- 2. Sherlock Holmes Paper Doll Clothes. -- 3. Bibliophile (Empt) and Old Woman (Maza). -- 4. Irene Adler. -- 5. Neville St. Clair and "Hugh Boone". -- 6. Professor Moriarty. -- 7. Good Old Watson. -- 8. Mary Morstan. -- 9. Miss Violet Hunter. -- 10. Mrs. Hudson. -- 11. Lucy Hebron. -- 12. Dr. Grimesby Roylott.


C17312. Allert, Kathy. Peter Rabbit Paper Dolls in Full Color. New York: Dover Publications, 1982. [32] p. (16 plates)

A collection of 28 amusing costumes and a Peter Rabbit doll, including a Sherlock Holmes outfit (plate 11).


C17313. Brown, Patty. Cat's Closet, by Patty Brown, Jay David [and] Will Elder. Photographs by Joshua Horwitz. New York: Simon and Schuster, 1982. 1 v. (unpaged)

"A Fireside Book."

"Kitty cut-ups and cut-out wardrobe," including a Sherlockian disguise.


Paper Money


C17314. -- B3694. [Norris, Luther.] Bank of England. I promise to pay, the bearer on demand the sum of One Pound. [Culver City, Calif.]: The Pontine Press, [n.d.]. 2 3/4 x 6 in.

Features an illustration of Holmes and the serial no. SH221b.


C17315. [Gould, Henry W.] Pound Sterling Note: One Sherlock. A Baker Street buck! Series 1894. No. 221221221b. John H. Watson, Secretary. Irene Adler, Treasurer. Morgantown, W.Va.: The Scion of the Four, 1981. 2 5/8 x 6 1/4 in.

The note, printed in six different colors, can be exchanged for one 7 percent solution or irregular assessments.


C17316. Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson Personality Dollar Bills. Almont, Mich.: The Bailey Studio, 1984.

A set of three genuine $1 bills with photographs of Rathbone as Holmes, Bruce as Watson, and Rathbone and Bruce affixed over Washington by a special process. Issued in durable acetate currency holders.

Photographs and commentaries: Afghanistanzas, 7, No. 5 (December 1984), 15-16; Q£$, 5, No. 3 (August 1984), 38.


C17317. Watson, John H. [Cheque] London: Cox & Co., 19 June 1891.

Reproduced, with comments by Steve Clarkson and Paul G. Churchill, and distributed at the annual dinner of The Baker Street Irregulars, January 7, 1994.

"A genuine, certified, authentic faux-cheque signed by John H. Watson, M.D., in the amount of three pounds two and six to pay for vault storage for his tin dispatch-box full of unpublished manuscripts at Cox & Company and drawn upon his account there."


Parade Floats


C17318. -- A4787. "`Famous Books' Theme Provides Color," The Oregonian (June 12, 1955), B, 4M.

"`The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes' was amusing story in flowers for float entered by the Portland Bureau of Police. It won first place in government section of entries."


C17319. The 1993 Fiddle Parade Sherlock Holmes Float, "The Hound of the Baskervilles." [Shelburne, Ontario: George A. Vanderburgh, 1993." [8] p.

Contents: Chronology of Events. -- The Legend of Sherlock Holmes (to the tune of Davy Crockett), by David Sanders. -- We Never Mention Aunt Clara, by I. Eugene and Ruth Willis.




C17320. -- B3569. The Baker Street Irregulars. The Woman Pendant.

A pendant of the 221b door, with the name of the woman and year received.

See also DB2862.


C17321. -- B3571. Byerly, Ann, and Christopher Byerly. Sherlock Holmes Silhouette Pendant. Westtown, Pa.: 1978.

Sterling silver, with or without a chain.


C17322. -- B3578. Spindler, Gertrude. Sterling Silver Pendant. Matawan, N.J.: 1976.

Handcrafted pendant profile of Sherlock Holmes.


Place Mats


C17323. Decker, Jeff. "Nothing serious, Mrs. Hudson -- He was cleaning his revolver when ... eh ... well, his game was a foot." [New York: Magico Magazine, 1986.] 10 3/4 x 13 in.

Mrs. Hudson serves a meal as Watson sits with a bandaged foot resting on a stool.


C17324. Decker, Jeff. "You know my methods ... They are founded upon the observation of truffles." [New York: Magico Magazine, 1986.] 10 3/4 x 13 in.

Holmes studies a menu while Watson licks his lips in anticipation of the dessert.


Plaques (General)


C17325. -- A4846. Andrew, Clifton R. "Memorials to Sherlock Holmes," BSJ, 7, No. 4 (October 1957), 240-242.

An informative discussion of the plaques that have been erected to honor Holmes and Watson.


C17326. -- A4847. Boothroyd, J. B. "The Air-Gun, Colonel Moran," Punch, 226 (February 3, 1954), 173-174.

An unfortunate attempt to find amusement in the fact that several plaques have been put up to commemorate certain incidents in the Canon.


Abbey National Building Society


C17327. -- B3709. "Sherlock Gets a Plaque," Abbey National News, No. 28 (November 1978).

Illustrated with a photograph of Chris Bazlinton, Geraldine Moriarty, and Mark McPherson, who presented Abbey House with a plaque on September 27, 1978. The plaque is inscribed: "Upon this site Mr. Sherlock Holmes, consulting detective, shared residence with Dr. John H. Watson at `221-B' Baker Street. The Baker Street Irregulars, 1978, by The Napoleons of Crime of Detroit."


Baker Street


C17328. Baker Street. London: Garnier & Co. [n.d. 1984]. 3 3/4 x 5 in.

A "Miniature Bullseye" London Underground plaque of "Baker Street."


Criterion Bar


C17329. -- A4848. Baritsu Chapter of the Baker Street Irregulars, Tokyo. Plaque. Erected in Piccadilly on the north wall of the Criterion building, January 3, 1953.

"This plaque commemorates the historic meeting at the original Long Bar at this hotel on January 1st, 1881, of Dr. Stamford and Dr. John H. Watson which led to the introduction of Dr. Watson to Mr. Sherlock Holmes."

Photograph: Sherlockian Who's Who and What's What (1962), 14.


C17330. -- A4849. Chivers, Lena. "Dr. Watson at Bart's," The Bedside `Guardian' 2. A selection by Ivor Brown from the Manchester Guardian, 1952-1953. London: Collins, 1953. p. 56-57.

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Ex-Chief Inspector John Fabian of Scotland Yard unveiled a plaque at the Criterion restaurant, memorializing the meeting in 1881 of Drs. Watson and Stamford. The plaque was presented by The Baritsu Chapter of The Baker Street Irregulars.

First appearance of DA4849.


C17333. -- B3711. Green, Benny. "The Freckled Band," The Guardian (August 10, 1963).

The plaque was stolen by a freckled-faced Swiss experimental chemist named Helsom Schloker "whose resemblance to his father is more than anagrammatical."


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On the theft, recovery, and return of the plaque to the wall of the Criterion -- now the Grill and Griddle restaurant.


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Reprinted from The Guardian, August 10, 1963 (DB3711).


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"Words on the plaque after standing one day at the Criterion Bar in Picadilly."


The Literary Agent


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----------. "Drilling for a Memory," Passport to London: The London Hotels' Own Newspaper, No. 5 (September 26-October 10, 1973), 2.

Frank Barnes erected a memorial plaque on May 18, 1973, at 12 Tennison Road, South Norwood, London, where Sir Arthur lived from 1891 to 1894.


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C17340. Arthur Conan Doyle Lived Here 1876-1880. 23 George Square, Edinburgh.

The plaque was unveiled on November 20, 1987, and commemorates Doyle's sojourn in Edinburgh as a medical student.

Photograph: SHJ, 18, No. 4 (Summer 1988), 102.


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Dame Jean Conan Doyle returned to her childhood home -- Windlesham, on the outskirts of Crowborough -- to unveil a plaque honoring her father.


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An account of the dedication ceremonies on May 23 for the memorial plaque to Crowborough's most famous resident, who lived there from 1907 to 1930. With a photograph of the plaque.


C17343. "Doctor Arthur Conan Doyle M.D. practised from 1882 until 1890 at No. 1 Bush Villas which formerly stood on this site. It was here the first Sherlock Holmes story was written."

Photograph: SHJ: A Study in Scarlet Centenary Special, 1887-1987. p. 3.


C17344. "Holmes's First Case Started Here," Portsmouth News (November 18, 1982). illus.

Capt. William R. Michell and L. A. Kitchen unveil a commemorative plaque at Bush House in Elm Grove, Southsea, where Doyle established himself as a general practitioner 100 years ago.


C17345. Johnston, James. "Edinburgh Pays Tribute to Conan Doyle," The Scotsman (November 21, 1987).

Catherine, the wife of Councillor James Tait, unveiled a bronze plaque on November 20 outside 23 George Square, where Sir Arthur lived while he was a medical student. It bears the inscription "Arthur Conan Doyle lived here 1876-1880."


C17346. Wiggins, Elizabeth. "In Memory of Sir Arthur," SHG, No. 5 (Summer 1992), 8. illus.

Sherlockians and Doyleans from around the world gather at Crowborough for the unveiling of a memorial to the town's most famous resident.




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A report on the Maiwand Jezails' negotiations with the Royal Government of Afghanistan for permission to erect a large stone plaque on the sacred battleground of Maiwand to commemorate the historic occasion when Watson was wounded by a Jezail bullet.


C17348. -- A4852. McMorris, Robert. "Sherlockians Score Diplomatic Triumph," The Omaha World-Herald (January 19, 1966).

----------. ----------, CPBook, 3, No. 9 (Summer 1966), 181.

The Maiwand Jezails gain approval from the Afghanistan Government for their plan to erect a commemorative marker on the Maiwand Battlefield.


C17349. -- B3716. "Afghan Dr. Watson Memorial Planned," The Times (January 18, 1965), 9.

Dr. Abdul Majid, the Afghan Ambassador, proposed to his Government the erection of a memorial plaque at Maiwand to honor Dr. Watson. The plaque's inscription is quoted.


C17350. -- B3717. The Afghanistan Perceivers. In Tribute to Murray, the Faithful Orderly Whose Prompt Action Saved the Life of John H. Watson, M. D., Thereby Preserving His Destiny as Chronicler of Sherlock Holmes, World's First Consulting Detective. 8 1/2 x 11 in.

"Dedicated 95th Anniversary, Battle of Maiwand, 27 July 1975, at Watson, Oklahoma, by the Scion Societies of B.S.I.: Afghanistan Perceivers, Arkansas Valley Investors, Maiwand Jezails."

A souvenir replica of the memorial plaque.


C17351. -- B3718. "Inscription for Proposed Monument at Maiwand (Afghanistan) Battlefield," Lincoln Sunday Journal and Star (May 17, 1970).

A copy of the stone plaque, in Arabic and English, that The Maiwand Jezails would like to erect on the historic site where Watson was wounded.


C17352. -- B3719. Meyer, Karl E. "Watson of Baker Street May Get a Plaque," The Washington Post (January 17, 1965). illus.

----------. "A War Plaque for Holmes' Dr. Watson," San Francisco Chronicle (February 3, 1965).


Reichenbach Falls


C17353. -- A4853. The Old Soldiers of Baker Street. Plaque. Erected at the Rossli Inn in Meiringen, Switzerland, near the Reichenbach Falls, November 1952.

"To this valley in May, 1891, came Dr. Watson and Sherlock Holmes and here Holmes bested the infamous Prof. Moriarty in mortal combat: though Holmes was thought to have perished, he escaped and returned to London in 1894. He has since retired to Sussex and bee-keeping."

Photograph: Sherlockian Who's Who and What's What (1962), 16.


C17354. -- A4854. Henriksen, A. D. "Sherlock Holmes fylder 99," Weekend Social-Demokraten (January 9, 1953), 1-2.

On the erection of the Rossli plaque and the worldwide celebration of the Master's birthday.


C17355. -- A4856. The Norwegian Explorers of Minnesota and The Sherlock Holmes Society of London. Plaque. Erected at the Reichenbach Falls, June 1957.

"Across this `dreadful cauldron' occurred the culminating event in the career of Sherlock Holmes, the world's greatest detective, when on May 4, 1891, he vanquished Prof. Moriarty, the Napoleon of Crime. Erected by the Norwegian Explorers of Minnesota and the Sherlock Holmes Society of London, 25 June 1957."

Photographs: The Annotated Sherlock Holmes (1967), Vol. 1, p. 46; BSJ, 7, No. 4 (October 1957), 231; Sherlockian Who's Who and What's What (1962), 17.


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An article about Reichenbach and the commemorative plaque, the Society's visit to Meiringen in 1968, and Hans Peter Thoeni's Sherlock Holmes Motel.


C17358. -- B3721. Funicular Funicolare Reichenbach Meiringen. Berner Oberland Switzerland Svizzera. [Photo: Krebs, Gyger. Meiringen: Brügger AG, n.d.]

An advertising leaflet, illustrated with photographs of the funicular, the plaque, and the Falls.


C17359. -- B3722. Rabe, W. T. "Telegram Climaxes Sherlock Holmes Ceremony," Waterbury Sunday Republican (January 4, 1953), 4. illus.

"Strange occurrence marks visit by `Old Sob' to Alps where plaque is hung in memory of sleuth's mountainside battle with archenemy Moriarty." (Subtitle)

The chief medical officer (ret.) of The Old Soldiers of Baker Street describes the dedication ceremonies on November 11, 1952, in innkeeper Emil Menotti's taproom. The ceremony was briefly interrupted by the arrival from Sussex of the following message: "Sorry to miss event but kept here by urgent business. The hive is swarming."


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"The Bimetallic Question of Montreal and The Reichenbach Irregulars of Switzerland announce an international Sherlockian venture."


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----------. ----------, YSM, No. 1 (1992), 4-6.

A report on the planning and dedication of the plaque during the weekend of May 2-3, 1992. With photographs of the plaque and John Doubleday's statue of Holmes.


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An account of the dedication ceremonies.


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Reminiscences of the ceremony marking the final encounter between Holmes and Moriarty.


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An editorial note about the commemorative bronze plaque erected at the Reichenbach Falls by The Bimetallic Question of Montréal and The Reichenbach Irregulars of Switzerland. The wording -- in English, German, and French -- reads: "1891-1991. At this fearful place, Sherlock Holmes vanquished Professor Moriarty, on 4 May 1891."


St. Bartholomew's Hospital


C17365. -- A4857. The Amateur Mendicant Society of Detroit. Plaque. Erected at St. Bartholomew's Hospital, January 21, 1954.

"At this place New Year's Day, 1881, were spoken these deathless words: `You have been in Afghanistan, I perceive' by Mr. Sherlock Holmes in greeting to John H. Watson, M.D., at their first meeting. The Baker Street Irregulars -- 1953 by the Amateur Mendicants at the Caucus Club."

Photographs: The Annotated Sherlock Holmes (1967), Vol. 1, p. 46; BSJ, 4, No. 3 (July 1954), 189; In the Footsteps of Sherlock Holmes [Revised ed.] (1971), facing p. 53; Sherlockian Who's Who and What's What (1962), 18.


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Eyewitness reports on the unveiling of the plaque in Dr. Watson's old hospital.


C17367. Blankenship, Lynda and Bob. "In Search of a Shrine," Tails of the Giant Rats: Sherlockian Musings by The Giant Rats of Massillon. Edited by Hugh T. Harrington and Roy K. Preece Jr. Massillon, Ohio: The Village Bookshelf, 1990. p. 5-6.

An account of a visit to Barts in search of the room where Holmes met Watson.


Salt Lake City


C17368. The Avenging Angels. "The Ferrier Memorial Plaque," NFJH, No. 2 (December 1992).

Reproduction of the proposed plaque -- "In memory of John Ferrier, who was murdered by Enoch J. Drebber and Joseph Stangerson on August 4, 1860, and Lucy Ferrier, `the flower of Utah,' his adopted daughter, who pined away and died within a month." Designed by Jan Walker.


Plates, see Commemorative Plates,

Postage Stamps, see Commemorative Postage Stamps




C17369. -- B3723. [Abbey National Building Society.] Sherlock Holmes Exhibition, London, 1951.

A photograph of the 221b sitting room, reconstructed by Michael Weight for the St. Marylebone Borough Council and exhibited at the Abbey National Building Society during the Festival of Britain. There are several variations of this card, including two different views of the room.


C17370. -- B3724. The Culinary Institute of America. "Alumni Hall" Instructional Dining Facility and Setting for Special Events at the World's Largest Cooking School. Hyde Park, N.Y.: Bill Herman, [1976].

Color photograph of the dining room as it was set up for "An Evening Dining with Sherlock Holmes," November 6, 1976.


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C17372. -- B3726. Foundation Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Château de Lucens. Photo: J. Thévoz.


C17373. -- B3727. Gillette Castle, Hadlyme, Conn. New London, Conn.: The New London News Co. ("Tichnor Quality Views")

"Gillette Castle is a dream castle on earth, designed by William Gillette, a Shakespearian actor who won greatest fame in the role of Sherlock Holmes. Struck by the beauty of the country above Essex, he built there the fantastic castle which thrills visitors today. Secret stairways, invisible rooms, a hidden gallery -- are all on exhibit today, in the Gillette Castle, maintained by the State Park and Forest Commission of Connecticut."


C17374. -- B3728. Gillette Castle, Hadlyme, Conn. Photo by Edward Saxe. Tenafly, N.J.: The Tecraft Co.


C17375. -- B3729. Gillette Castle State Park, Hadlyme, Conn., showing the Grand Central Station for William Gillette's miniature railroad, now used for picnicking. Photo by Edward Saxe. Tenafly, N.J.: The Tecraft Co.


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A reproduction of the book's cover illustration by Robert Geissmann.


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A photograph of the Falls and Holmes's profile, from the memorial plaque.


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A photograph of Kurt Ingvall as Holmes.


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C17382. -- B3736. The Sherlock Holmes. [221b Sitting Room]

A photograph of the room, reconstructed in the Abbey House for the Festival of Britain and then moved to the pub.


C17383. Abbey National Building Society. Sherlock Holmes. London: 198-.

Reproduction of a handsome painting by Jack McCarthy of Holmes holding a pipe and a coded message (Vall).


C17384. The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes. Dramatised on BBC Radio Four, with Clive Merrison and Michael Williams. Illustrations by Sidney Paget. Designed and produced by BBC Information, 1990. 1 set (12 cards)

The stories were broadcast November 14, 1990 -- February 6, 1991.


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One of the artist's linocuts for the Folio edition of Houn (August 1987).


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Limited to 50 numbered copies.

Reproductions of twelve postcards with comments about each.


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Reprinted from Private Eye, April 28, 1989.


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"Prepared for the Annual Dinner of the Baker Street Irregulars, January 8th 1988."

Commentary and reproduction of "Hound of the Baskervilles" postcard by W.M.B., dated 1903, in the British Series of "Popular Novels Illustrated" postcards, No. 2073.


C17389. Bond, Scott. Greetings from Baker St., London. [Philadelphia: Privately Printed], 1982.

A handsomely illustrated card featuring several Canonical scenes and persons, including Holmes and Watson.

Photograph: BSJ, 32, No. 4 (December 1982), 250.


C17390. Château de Lucens. Galerie Koller, 1522 Lucens, [n.d.].

"Reconstitution du salon de Sherlock Holmes."

Reproduced in TT, No. 11 (October 1984), 1.


C17391. Château de Lucens/Galerie Koller. Genève: Linda Color, [1987].

"Reconstitution du salon de Sherlock Holmes."


C17392. Doubleday, John. The unveiling ceremony of the statue of Sherlock Holmes in Meiringen, Switzerland on the 10th of Sept. 1988. Photo by Akane Higashiyama, Japanese Sherlockian.


C17393. Gillette Castle State Park, Hadlyme, Connecticut. Cheshire, Conn.: Clifford Scofield Color Productions.

"The William Gillette `Castle' is built atop the Seventh Sister hill on the east shore of the Connecticut River at Hadlyme. Erected on a solid rock foundation, walls of native granite, 5 ft. thick at base, 2 ft. thick at tower; 22 masons took several years to complete the castle walls and ledge walks."


C17394. Gregory, Gervase A. All Saints Church, Minstead, circa 1900. England: G. G. Pictures, n.d. (Hampshire Series 2, No. 20)

From an original watercolor, with note: "Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, the originator of Sherlock Holmes, is buried here."


C17395. Hall, Charles. Sherlock Holmes. Essex: Fidelity Colour Printers, 1991. (The Charles Hall Collection. Famous Detectives) (FSM650/215)

A caricature of the detective, dated 1990.


C17396. Holmes & Watson. New York: Ludlow Sales, [1982]. (FC-74-50)

A brown-tone photograph of Basil Rathbone and Nigel Bruce.


C17397. The Hound of the Baskervilles. Ballston Spa, N.Y.: I/R Miniatures,. 1982. (Plate 126)


C17398. "Hound of the Baskervilles" by Sir A. Conan Doyle. The "Premier" Picture Post Card, 1903. (No. 2073)

"Popular Novels Illustrated."

Illustration of a bloodhound by W.M.B.


C17399. Hound of the Baskervilles, Eagleg Nest, Clearwater Belleair, Fla. Chicago: Curt Teich & Co. ("C. T. Photo-Colorit")

"Animal or Vegetable? This hideous object suggestive of `Cerberus' of ancient Mythology or `The Hound of the Baskervilles' of modern fiction, is an unusual form of vegetable growth occasionally found at the foot of the cypress tree and locally called cypress `knees.'"


C17400. Keetley, Deirdre. "The Librarian." London: Studio Gallery Decorative Editions, 1991.

"Exclusive issue through The Sherlock Holmes Gazette."

Limited to 1,000 numbered and signed copies.

Reproduction of a watercolor on board (30 x 21 1/2 in.) of a woman surrounded by Sherlock Holmes books.

The postcard is reproduced in BC, 9, No. 3 (April 1992), 17.


C17401. King, Linda. Jeremy Brett. Salisbury, Wiltshire: Privately Printed, 1990.

Sepia-style postcard featuring Brett as Holmes.


C17402. Kyd. The Book and Its Reader. [1908?] (The Wrench Series, No. 10665)

Features an illustration of a man with a terrified look on his face about to read The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes.


C17403. MacKenzie, Stanley. Centenary 1887-1987. London: Privately Printed, 1986.

The card shows a color reproduction of the cover of Beeton's Christmas Annual for 1887, flanked by the D. H. Friston frontispiece to Stud, and a photograph of Doyle, with captions and comments.

Reproduced in SHJ, 18, No. 1 (Winter 1986), 6.


C17404. The Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes. Dramatised on BBC Radio Four, with Clive Merrison and Michael Williams. Illustrations by Sidney Paget. Designed and produced by BBC Information, 1992. 1 set (11 cards)


C17405. Movieland Wax Museum. The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes. Emeryville, Calif.: Mike Roberts Color Production.

Color photograph of a reproduction in wax by Logen Fleming of a scene from the 1939 film with Basil Rathbone and Nigel Bruce.


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"Modern Sherlock Holmes postcards."


C17407. The Oxford Sherlock Holmes. Artwork by Ivan Allen. Oxford University Press, 1993. 9 cards.

A set of specially commissioned silk-screen images found on each cover of The Oxford Sherlock Holmes.


C17408. Reichenbach Centenary Jug. London: Studio Gallery, 1991.

Photograph of the two jugs (limited numbered edition of 1,000) created by Studio Gallery.


C17409. S. Holmes, Esq. 221b Baker Street, the Home of the World's Greatest Consulting Detective. May Design Group/Photography by Craig Buchanan. San Francisco: [n.d.].

Color photograph of the 221b sitting room at the S. Holmes, Esq. Public House and Drinking Salon.

Reproduced in SS (NS), 1, No. 13 (June-July 1981), 1; TT, No. 6 (April 1982), 1.


C17410. Satoh, Yoshinori. The statue of Sherlock Holmes in Oiwake, Karuizawa, Japan, raised on the 9th of Oct. 1988. Photo by Akane Higashiyama, Japanese Sherlockian.


C17411. Satoh, Yoshinori. The unveiling ceremony of the statue of Sherlock Holmes in Oiwake, Karuizawa, Japan on the 9th of Oct. 1988. Address by Mr. Yoshinori Satoh, the sculptor of the statue. Photo by Akane Higashiyama, Japanese Sherlockian.


C17412. The Sherlock Holmes Inns. The Sherlock Holmes Inns are located at 415 Collins St., Melbourne & 580 St. Kilda Road, Melbourne.

At these establishments, genial host John Webb offers a wide selection of English beers, excellent pub lunches and restaurant meals, in traditional atmosphere. Lots of Sherlockiana on display.


C17413. "Sherlock Holmes may see the goods / When making fine deductions, / But have you ever taken note / Of Nature's good productions? ... " Williamson & Haffner, 1906. (No. 726)

A poem in three stanzas, with a small sketch of Holmes.


C17414. Sherlock Holmes series 1. England: Karizzma Enterprises, 1990. (KSR13)

Reproduction of the John Murray dust jacket for The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes showing Holmes holding a crown.


C17415. Société Sherlock Holmes de France. Sherlock Holmes et les Quincailliers de la Franco-Midland, le 10 avril 1993 au museum d'Histoire naturelle de Paris. Réalisé par Jean-Pierre Cagnat. 1993. 6 1/4 x 4 1/4 in.


C17416. Société Sherlock Holmes de France. Visite de Sherlock Holmes à Alphonse Bertillon au musée de la Police de Paris. Photo: Michel Maliarewsky. 1993. 4 1/4 x 6 1/4 in.


C17417. Turner, Joseph Mallord William. The Great Falls of the Reichenbach, 1804.

A reproduction of the watercolor in the Cecil Higgins Art Gallery, Bedford.

Affixed with a Canonical greeting from the Honorary Joint Secretaries, Geoffrey Stavert and Pamela Bruxner, of The Sherlock Holmes Society of London on the occasion of the 60th anniversary dinner of The Baker Street Irregulars, January 7, 1994.


C17418. Victoria and Albert Museum. William Gillette (1855-1937): American Actor and Playwright. (TM 413)

Cartoon by "Spy" (Leslie Ward) published in Vanity Fair.


C17419. You Are a Regular Sherlock Holmes.

A suede leather postcard with a portrait of Holmes in the likeness of Gillette, postmarked "Worcester, Mass., Nov. 24" and "Spencer, Mass., Nov. 25, 1907."

Commentary and photograph: John Bennett Shaw's Christmas card for 1982.




C17420. -- B3741. The Adventure of Sherlock Holmes' Smarter Brother. Sherman Oaks, Calif.: Thought Factory, c. 1977 Columbia Pictures. 35 x 23 in.

"Hollywood box office hits; authentic movie posters."


C17421. -- B3742. American Chemical Society. "It is a capital mistake to theorize before one has data. Insensibly one begins to twist facts to suit theories, instead of theories to suit facts." Sherlock Holmes. 22 x 16 1/2 in.

Photographs: Chemistry, 50 (April 1977), inside front cover; Chemical & Engineering News (January 2, 1978), inside front cover.


C17422. -- B3743. Colorado State University. Sherlock Lives! A Symposium on Sherlock Holmes, February 2-5, 1975. Sponsored by SEB. Made possible by a grant from ASCSU. Design: G. Magley. 22 x 17 in.

A design based on the Holmes and Watson wood carvings by Art McKellips.


C17423. -- B3744. Gillette, William. Sherlock Holmes. [England]: Star Posters Ltd., [1972]. 30 x 20 in.

This poster is the frontispiece of Baring-Gould's Sherlock Holmes (Rupert Hart-Davis, 1962).


C17424. -- B3745. Gillette, William. Sherlock Holmes, by Arthur Conan Doyle and William Gillette. Aldwych Theatre, [1973-1974]. Gordon House/G & B Arts Ltd./Photo: Dominic. 30 x 20 in.

Shows John Wood (Sherlock Holmes) and Mary Rutherford (Alice Faulkner).


C17425. -- B3746. Gillette, William. Sherlock Holmes. By arrangement with the governors of the Royal Shakespeare Co., Stratford-Upon-Avon, England. Broadhurst Theatre, [1974-1975]. [Designed by] Page Wood. 20 x 14 in.


C17426. -- B3747. The Great Adventures of Sherlock Holmes. West Haven, Conn.: Pendulum Press, 1973. 17 x 11 in. (71-1379)

"Reprinted by permission of Now Age Illustrated Series." From the cover of The Great Adventures of Sherlock Holmes (DB4697-DB4698).


C17427. -- B3748. Hollywood Stars. Lansdale, Pa.: Freelance, [1975]. 36 x 24 in. (No. 1503)

A composite photograph of many famous film stars, including Rathbone as Holmes.


C17428. -- B3749. National Multiple Sclerosis Society. Hey, Kids! Be a Mystery Sleuth. Join the MS (Multiple Sclerosis) READ-a-thon. Help Solve the Mystery of Multiple Sclerosis. 22 x 17 in. (DR 100 9/75 50M)

Illustrated with a Sherlock dog in gym shoes, by Susan Todys and Celeste McCrome.

Photograph: Publishers Weekly, 211 (June 6, 1977), 44.


C17429. -- B3750. San Francisco Public Library. "Meet Me at the San Francisco Public Library."

A bus poster with a composite photograph of Sherlock Holmes, Mao Tse-Tung, Mark Twain, and others.


C17430. -- B3751. [The Sherlock Holmes Society of London.] Sherlock Holmes. De Néve Stans. 27 1/4 x 19 3/4 in.

An original black-and-white ink poster from Meiringen, commemorating the Society's Swiss Tour of 1968.

Limited to 50 copies.


C17431. -- B3752. Young & Rubicam Ltd. "Baker St. cuppa," Graphics Posters 76: The International Annual of Poster Art. Edited by Walter Herdeg. Zurich (Switzerland): Walter Herdeg, The Graphics Press, [1976]. p. 26. (Publication No. 142)

Photographer, R. Croxford; Art Director, John Crewe/Mike Stephenson.

"Small poster selling Ty-Phoo tea via a pictorial reference to Sherlock Holmes and his proverbial London address." Significantly, this is the first poster in the book!


C17432. Abbey National Building Society. Souvenir Brick. [1981] 16 x 11 1/2 in.

"A brick taken from buildings forming part of the Abbey National Building Society Head Office which itself is partly constructed on land comprising 221b Baker Street, the legendary home of Sherlock Holmes."


C17433. Academic American Encyclopedia. How to Write a Research Paper. Princeton, N.J.: Aretê Pub. Co., 1980. 23 x 17 in.

An attractive poster listing seven step-by-step procedures using a Sherlock Holmes theme.

Review: School Library Journal (January 1981), 36.


C17434. The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes. A. Conan Doyle. [San Mateo: The Burkhardt Co., 1981.] 26 x 20 1/2 in.

A full-size, uncut production sheet of the playing cards (listed under Games).


C17435. American Dental Association. Join Kermit's Tooth Sleuths: Start Learning to End Unhealthy Tooth Habits: February 1985 Is National Children's Dental Health Month. 1985. 22 x 17 in.

Features Kermit in Sherlockian costume.


C17436. American Library Association. Explore Strange New Worlds: Read. Hollywood: Paramount Pictures, 1991. 28 x 22 in.

Photograph by Dirck Halstead of members of the original Star Trek crew celebrating their 25th anniversary. Walter Koenig (Pavel Chekov) is holding a copy of The Annotated Sherlock Holmes.

The photograph also appears on ALA bookmarks and the cover of American Libraries (January 1992).


C17437. Angrave, Bruce. Sherlock Holmes Exhibition. Presented for the Festival by St. Marylebone Borough Council at Abbey House, Baker St. NW1, daily except Sundays from 10:30 to 7:30, 22nd. May to 22nd. Sept. 1951. Admission 1s -- Children 6d. 30 x 20 in.


C17438. Crane, Linda. "Paget, Steele, and ...," SMuse, 11, No. 4 (Spring 1993), 11.

A highly favorable review of Steven Emmons' Sherlockian poster art.


C17439. Emmons, Steven. Sherlock Holmes. New York: Privately Printed, 1993. [6] p.

A brochure featuring reproductions and descriptions of the artist's Sherlockian posters.


C17440. Emmons, Steven. "Sherlock Holmes Posters," SMuse, 11, No. 2 (Winter 1992), 6-7.

Small reproductions of five vintage advertising posters that were displayed at the Chisholm Gallery in New York during January 5-10, 1993.


C17441. Fiat Motor Sales Ltd. Now the big name in Baker Street for home and tax-free sales. Fiat Motor Sales Ltd., 62-64 Baker Street, London. [1979] 62 x 40 1/2 in.

An advertising poster for Fiat automobiles, with a large figure of Holmes -- brown and purple on white.


C17442. General Foods Corp. Hey Kids! Help Me Solve the Kool-Aid Caper. You'll Find the Clues in My New Comic Book! 20 x 11 1/2 in.

Features an illustration of a pitcher of Kool-Aid with a deerstalker and magnifying glass.


C17443. Grit. The Frog of the Baskervilles. Williamsport, Pa.: [n.d.]. 17 x 12 in.

Features an illustration by Arnold Varga of a frog smoking a pipe and a brief commentary by Holmes and Watson extolling the advantages of Grit, the national small-town weekly newspaper.


C17444. Hearn, Michael Patrick. The Art of the Broadway Poster. New York: Ballantine Books, [1980]. 95 p. illus.

An informative and exquisitely illustrated book that includes an explanatory note and a reproduction of a poster of William Gillette in Sherlock Holmes (p. 40-41).


C17445. The Hound of the Baskervilles: An Adventure of Sherlock Holmes by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. With 50 photographs by Michael Kenna. The book, published in a limited edition of 400 copies at $300. San Francisco: The Arion Press, June 1985. 24 x 18 in.

Features a photograph of Dartmoor, 1984, by Michael Kenna.

The poster is also reproduced on the back of a prospectus for the book.


C17446. Kimberly-Clark Corp. Munising Paper Div. Sherlock Holmes. Neenah, Wis.: [1981]. 36 x 24 in. color.

An extremely handsome poster printed on a Texoprint canvas-finish paper -- "Texoprint -- for ideas that endure."


C17447. Kurtzman, Harvey. Tales Calculated to Drive You Mad, No. 7, Oct.-Nov. [1953]. [Detroit]: E. C. Publications/Stabur Graphics, 1985. 24 x 16 1/2 in.

One of four Mad Magazine fine art cover posters, signed or unsigned by the artist, featuring Shermlock Shomes and Dr. Whatsit.

See also DB5795.


C17448. Lelevier, Leticia. Celebrate the 100th Anniversary of Sherlock Holmes: Sherlockon II, March 13-15, 1987.

----------. ----------, Sherlock in L.A. Catalogue #5. Los Angeles: Vincent Brosnan, 1986. cover.

Holmes examines with his lens the word "Sherlockon" printed in blood on a wall.


C17449. Lincoln National Sales Corp. A Brilliant Deduction. 35 x 23 in.

"75th anniversary sales campaign, June 1980."

Features a large illustration of Holmes and references to Holmes and Watson in the text.


C17450. The Looney Tunes Poster Book. Introduction by Mel Blanc. Art direction by Chuck Jones. New York: Harmony Books, [1979]. 47 p. 15 1/4 x 11 1/4 in.

One of the posters features Daffy Duck in Sherlockian costume (p. 25).


C17451. Los Angeles Actor's Theatre. Sherlock's Last Case, by Charles Morowitz. June 29-September 22, 1984. 28 x 22 in.

A handsome full-color poster by William Stout of Holmes, Watson, a skull with a snake coiled around the top, a masked woman, rats, and a border of footprints.


C17452. McGraw-Hill. Business Week: The Smart Place to Advertise. 85 x 31 in.

Also issued in a smaller size: 17 x 8 3/8 in.

Frederic Dorr Steele's drawing of Gillette as Holmes, photographed through a large magnifying glass. Illustration from The Bettmann Archives.


C17453. Mystery! Presents The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes. Series I. Jeremy Brett as Sherlock; David Burke as Watson. A seven-part series begins Thursday, March 14, 9 PM, Channel 13 PBS. Host: Vincent Price. c. Mobil Corp. Design/Illustration: Paul Davis Studio. 1985. 46 x 30 in.

Mobil Oil Corp. commissioned this illustration for use as a bus-shelter poster.

Reproduced on the cover of the Dell paperback and in American Artist, 51 (January 1987), 50.


C17454. National Pork Producers Council. Help Sherlock Hog Find the Truth About Today's Pork. Des Moines: Forecast for Home Economics, September 1979. 28 1/2 x 21 in.

An unusual and very attractive two-sided poster featuring both Holmes and Watson. Drawn by Downing.

Review: Freebies, 3 (February 1980), cover, 8.


C17455. Niles, Nancy. The Hound of the Baskervilles. [Waterloo, Iowa: Privately Printed, 1981.] 25 x 20 1/2 in.


C17456. 1987: The Year of the Reader. San Francisco. 22 x 29 1/2 in.

"In cooperation with the Center for the Book in the Library of Congress. This poster was made possible by Robert Cameron. Illustrated by John Hyatt. Art direction by Jacqueline Jones Design. Printed in Japan."

Features a quotation, with an illustration, from Blue.


C17457. North Atlantic Treaty Organization. Vigilance et Discrétion sont les meilleures des Protections. [Paris: ca.1981.] 16 x 11 1/4 in.

A security poster illustrated with a deerstalker and calabash pipe.


C17458. Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance Co. Looking for a part-time job with good pay and flexible hours, and need some Real experience in business? A job is waiting for you at: The Quiet Company, Northwestern Mutual Life, Milwaukee. 1975. 23 x 17 in.

Features a large profile of Holmes.

Printed in at least two colors: yellow and black or orange and black.


C17459. OpenStage Theatre Company. The Crucifer of Blood. Fort Collins, Colo.: May 14-June 20, 1982, Lincoln Center Mini-Theatre. 22 x 17 in.

Illustrated with a striking profile of the master detective by Donna Braginetz.


C17460. Royal Bank. Discover banking at its best, with Royal Certified Service. [1978] 29 1/4 x 19 3/4 in.

Features a large caricature of Holmes holding a Royal Bank of Canada credit card.


C17461. Royal Bank. You're hot on the trail of banking at its best. [1978] 17 1/2 x 49 in.

A caricature of Holmes with his pipe and magnifying glass following footprints that lead to "Royal Certified Service."

Similar to above item.


C17462. Sherlock Holmes Nutcracker. B. A. Westphal Import Corp., 1983. 22 x 16 in.

An attractive color photograph of the Holmes nutcracker, a Sherlock Holmes book and other Sherlockian items.


C17463. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's The Hound of the Baskervilles, with Richard Green, Basil Rathbone, Wendy Barrie... [Corte Madera, Calif.]: Portal Publications, [1979]. 28 x 20 in. color. (M062)


C17464. Spider Woman. Basil Rathbone as Sherlock Holmes and Nigel Bruce as Dr. Watson, with Dennis Hoey, Vernon Downing, Mary Gordon, and Gale Sondergaard as the Spider Woman. San Francisco: Celestial Arts, 1971. 35 x 23 in. color. (MP20)


C17465. Tilterud, Todd. Gasfitters Ball, South Pasadena, California, November 7, 1992. Los Angeles: The Curious Collectors of Baker Street, 1992. 17 x 11 in.

Limited to a numbered and signed edition of 221b.


C17466. U.S. Department of Agriculture. Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service. Medfly Worm Watchers Call It In (408) 399-0100. 18 x 12 in.

Illustrated with a silhouette of Holmes inspecting apple trees.


C17467. University of Minnesota. The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes in Minnesota: An International Conference, Sept. 28-29, 1984, Minneapolis. 32 3/4 x 19 in.

"Sponsored by: The University of Minnesota, the St. Paul Public Library, the Minneapolis Public Library, BSI Scion Society, and F. R. Bigelow Foundation. Designed by D. S. Freigenbaum at the Daedalus Press. The illustration is from a wood engraving by Barry Moser."

Limited to 350 numbered copies; signed by the artist.


C17468. Waldenbooks. You Meet the Most Interesting Characters in Books. 1987: The Year of the Reader. 24 x 48 in.

One of the characters in the poster illustration is Sherlock Holmes.


C17469. Western Electric Co. Energy Management Program. Look Around, Watson, Save Energy! 20 x 15 in.

Illustrated with a caricature of Holmes and Watson by Milton, dated 1978.


C17470. Who is the final inspector? The person "doing" the work or the person "checking" the work? In this business it's the customer who demands that our work and service be perfect in every detail! Concordville, Pa.: Clemprint, 1979. 36 x 24 in.

Illustrated with a color photograph of Sherlock Holmes (18 x 18 in.).


C17471. Whodunit? Solve a Mystery at the Library. [Williamsport, Pa.: Brodart, 1980.] 25 x 19 in.

A library promotion poster, in full color, featuring a magnifying glass and deerstalker.


C17472. Williams, Donald E. The Bimetallic Question. [Quebec]: February 7, 1983. 22 x 16 in.

"Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson evaluating the clues."

Reproduced in CH, 9, No. 1 (Autumn 1985), 15.




C17473. -- A3880. Hunt, Roy. The Something Hunt: A Sherlockian Portfolio of 10 Prints. Introduction by Nathan L. Bengis. [Culver City, Calif.]: Privately Printed by Luther Norris, 1967. 10 prints.

Limited to 221 numbered copies.

Contents: Sherlock Holmes--Street Scene. -- Sherlock Holmes and the Empty House. -- An Evening with Sherlock Holmes. -- Hound of the Baskervilles. -- Hound of the Baskervilles. -- Clive Brook as Sherlock Holmes. -- William Gillette as Sherlock Holmes. -- Arthur Wontner as Sherlock Holmes. -- Basil Rathbone as Sherlock Holmes. -- Gustave von Seffertitz as Professor Moriarty.

Reviews: The Armchair Detective, 1, No. 2 (January 1968), 62 (Allen J. Hubin); BSP, No. 33 (March 1968), 4; New York Times Book Review (October 22, 1967), 46 (Anthony Boucher); SHJ, 8, No. 3 (Winter 1967), 102 (Lord Donegall).


C17474. -- B3753. Balbes, Sidney L. Sherlock Holmes Prints. Sepulveda, Calif.: Privately Produced, 1976. 6 prints. 12 x 10 in.

Printed on a heavy grade of blue-grey Victorian paper in a numbered and signed edition of 500 copies. The prints are described as follows: "(A) Holmes posed with Victorian globe; (B) Doctor Watson, the biographer; (C) Moriarty, the Napoleon of Crime; (D) Holmes, the inquiring chemist; (E) Holmes and Watson in a London street scene; (F) Holmes ponders a scientific problem."


C17475. -- B3754. Bartlett, W. H. Upper Cascade of the Reichenbach. [Detroit: Heritage of Britain, 1977.] 10 x 8 in.

Reproduction, in color, of the 19th-century original.

Advertisement: British History Illustrated (July 1977), 5.


C17476. -- B3755. Bogart, Joel. Sherlock Holmes. Morton Grove, Ill.: The Hall Closet, 1976. 22 x 17 in.

One in a set of four drawings of Holmes, Stan and Ollie, Judy Garland, and an Old-Time Radio. The profile of the detective is made up of the sixty Canonical titles.

See also DB3893.


C17477. -- B3756. Chaykin, Howard. A Portfolio by Howard Chaykin Illustrating Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's A Study in Scarlet. Denver: Middle Earth, 1976. 6 plates. 15 x 11 in.

Six handsome pen-and-ink drawings depicting scenes from this first adventure, and a Certificate of Authenticity stating that the portfolio is limited to 1,000 numbered and signed copies.


C17478. -- B3757. Finch, Linda Earle. The Sleuth. Vol. 1-2. [Los Angeles: Privately Printed, 1975.] 8 1/2 x 11 in.

Limited to 500 numbered and signed copies.

Two excellent portfolios, each with ten brown-and-white illustrations, suitable for framing.

The artist, who is founder and president of The Basil Rathbone Memorial Society, admits that she has an "obsession" for Rathbone and an "overwhelming compulsion" to restrict her work to illustrations of the Canon.


C17479. -- B3758. Gola, Jim. Homage to Holmes. Commissioned by The Noble and Most Singular Order of the Blue Carbuncle. Portland, Ore.: Vic Hale, 1976. 24 x 20 in.

Limited to 750 prints, of which 222 are numbered and signed.

Reproduced on the cover of FFTN, 7, No. 1 (April 1977).


C17480. -- B3759. Grow, Michael. John Barrymore/Sherlock Holmes. Crockett, Calif.: Paulson's Duo Specialties, 1978. 24 x 18 in.

A lithograph of the original photograph of Barrymore as Holmes, taken in 1922. The edition is limited to 200 numbered and signed lithographs by the artist.


C17481. -- B3760. Kirby, Tom. Sherlock Holmes, Dr. Watson, and Professor Moriarty. Dallas: 1977. 16 3/4 x 14 in.

Original pen-and-ink drawings.


C17482. -- B3761. Lebowitz, Mo. Happy Birthday, Holmes. "The world is full of obvious things which nobody by any chance observes." Sherlock Holmes in The Hound of the Baskervilles. 23 x 10 in.

"A keepsake printed for the Annual Baker Street Irregulars Dinner on Friday, the 5th of January, 1973, by Mo Lebowitz (Arthur Staunton) at The Antique Press."


C17483. -- B3762. Linton, John. The Chase on the Moor. [Arlington, Va.: The Dispatch-Box Press], May 17, 1973. 9 x 14 in.

A black-and-white pen drawing issued in a limited edition of 200 numbered and signed prints.

Reproduced in BSJ, 23, No. 3 (September 1973), 170-171; Tempo [George Mason Junior-Senior High School, Falls Church, Va.] (Spring 1974), 40-41.


C17484. -- B3763. Linton, John. Colonel Sebastian Moran. [Arlington, Va.: The Dispatch-Box Press], July 16, 1974. 1 1/2 x 11 in.

A black-and-white pen drawing issued in a limited edition of 200 numbered and signed prints.


C17485. -- B3764. Linton, John. Professor James Moriarty. [Arlington, Va.: The Dispatch-Box Press], September 17, 1973. 13 x 10 in.

A black-and-white pen drawing issued in a limited edition of 200 numbered and signed prints. Commissioned by John Bennett Shaw. Reproduced on the back of The Brothers Three of Moriarty Menu and Program, October 25, 1973; Torrance County Citizen [Estancia, N. M.] (November 1, 1973), 1; BSJ, 24, No. 2 (June 1974), 88.


C17486. -- B3765. Portraits of Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson. Unsigned. Los Angeles: The Non-Canonical Calabashes, 1973. 11 1/2 x 11 in.

Reproduced in BSJ, 23, No. 4 (December 1973), 261.


C17487. -- B6078. Skrukrud, Karil L. Sherlock Holmes. December 1977. 16 x 12 in.

Print of a pen-and-ink drawing done for Patricia Pierce; matted and limited to 28 numbered and signed copies.


C17488. -- B3766. Smith, Sheila. Sherlock Holmes. 1971. 16 x 13 in.

A profile of the detective resembling Rathbone, with motif "Elementary, my dear Watson" as background.


C17489. -- B3767. Talbot, Jonathan. Silver Blaze.... Commem-orating the 25th Running of the Silver Blaze, Belmont Park, N.Y., September 17th, 1976. Etching: 4 1/2 x 5 3/4 in. Matted: 9 3/4 x 10 in.

Limited to 140 numbered and signed copies, of which 40, with the inscription, were presold to people attending the race.

Reproduced in BSJ, 27, No. 1 (March 1977), 56.


C17490. -- B3768. Titerud, Todd. Original Sherlockian Serograph. Commissioned for The Tigers of San Pedro by John F. Farrell, Jr. 12 x 8 in.

Limited to 100 signed copies.


C17491. -- B3769. Vukos, James. Basil Rathbone/Sherlock Holmes. [Racine, Wis.: Graphics I, 1978.] 8 1/2 x 4 in. (mat: 11 x 8 1/2 in.)

Limited to 25 numbered and signed lithographs.


C17492. -- B3770. Wells, Betty, and George E., Jr. Sherlock Holmes Prints. [Baltimore: Privately Produced, 1965-1978.] 64 prints (9 x 9 in.).

Limited to 40 numbered and signed copies.

Lino-block prints of a scene from each of the Canonical tales, including two from each of the four novels. Reproduced in The Universal Sherlock Holmes.

Photographs: Danc, BSJ, 15, No. 3 (September 1965), 189. -- Prio, BSJ, 16, No. 3 (September 1966), 137. -- Soli, BSJ, 17, No. 1 (March 1967), 52. -- Bruc, BSJ, 20, No. 2 (July 1970), 78. -- Suss, BSJ, 21, No. 3 (September 1971), 157. -- Lion, BSJ, 22, No. 3 (September 1972), 141. -- Spec, BSJ, 23, No. 3 (September 1973), 201. -- Musg, BSJ, 24, No. 4 (December 1974), 260.


C17493. Alexander, Penny. Basil Rathbone and Nigel Bruce. Downey, Calif.: Privately Printed, 1979. 11 x 8 1/2 in.; matted: 15 1/2 x 11 1/2 in.

A handsome portrait in pastel of the actors as Holmes and Watson.


C17494. Barros, Joe. "A Three Pipe Problem." Denver: Baker Street, 1981. 22 x 18 in.

A superb lithograph portrait of Holmes, commissioned by Bob Williams and Brian S. Kagan, and limited to 500 numbered and signed prints.

Advertisements: The Armchair Detective, 14 (Spring 1981), back cover; BSJ, 31, No. 2 (June 1981), back cover.

Review: BSJ, 32, No. 1 (March 1982), 52 (L. C. Dobbins).


C17495. Bash, Kent. [Sherlock Holmes.] North Hollywood Calif.: The Picture Peddlar, [1981]. 20 x 16 in.

Profile of Holmes in the likeness of Rathbone.


C17496. Bash, Kent. [Sherlock Holmes.] Santa Monica, Calif.: The Tinder Box International Ltd., 1982. 20 x 16 in.

With the advice of Richard Carleton Hacker, the artist has depicted Holmes in his early thirties, around 1885. The portrait resembles a young Roger Moore, and is limited to 500 prints -- 221 are numbered and signed.


C17497. Cory, David. A Study in Scarlet. Cambridge: Rupert Books, 1987. 1 folder. 12 x 8 3/4 in.

"A series of eight especially commissioned drawings by David Cory to celebrate the Centenary (1887-1987)."

These excellent drawings were originally commissioned and used by Rupert Books as the centerpiece for its 1987 catalog, A Century of Scarlet.


C17498. Cowden, Leonard. Moriarty as Professor. Racine, Wis.: Graphics I, 1975, c. 1979 C. J. Thomas. 6 1/4 x 5 7/8 in. on 10 x 8 in. paper.

Lithograph, based on an original pen-and-ink drawing, limited to 25 numbered prints; also unnumbered edition.


C17499. David, Helen. The Hound of the Baskervilles. Warren, R.I.: Creative Prose Prints, April 1980. 24 x 18 in. (Series 1)

Advertisement: BSJ, 30, No. 2 (June 1980).


C17500. Drucker, Mort. Sherlockian Design. Detroit: Stabur Graphics, 1984. 10 1/2 x 3 1/2 in.

Black-and-white portrait of Holmes, signed in pencil.

Illustration: BSJ, 34, No. 1 (March 1934), 34.


C17501. Elder, Will. "By Jove, Holmes -- What a Remarkable Disguise." Detroit: Stabur Graphics, 1983. 17 x 13 in.

A color print of Watson tripping the light fantastic with a voluptuous blonde; limited to 1,000 numbered and signed prints.


C17502. Hawks, Stefanie Kate. "The Moss Rose." Knoxville: 1986. 15 1/2 x 11 1/2 in.

Limited to 50 numbered and signed copies.

Gray image on black with rose of each print handcolored by the artist.

"What a lovely thing a rose is..." Nava. And what a lovely portrait of Holmes holding a colored rose!

Illustration: RF, No. 7 (1988).


C17503. Jones, Amy. "Is That You, Moriarty?" Poundridge, N.Y.: The Gallery of Sporting Art, 1981. 29 x 17 in.

Black-and-white graphic of Holmes peering into the Reichenbach chasm; limited to 100 numbered and signed or unsigned copies.

Advertisement: BSJ, 31, No. 3 (September 1981), inside front cover.


C17504. King, Linda. The Brett Set. Salisbury, Wiltshire: Privately Printed, 1990. 4 prints. 16 x 12 in.

Four attractive black-and-white prints featuring Jeremy Brett and Edward Hardwicke.


C17505. Largent, Charlie. Jeremy Brett / Peter Cushing. Bloomington, Ind.: The Sherlock Holmes Review, 1990. 2 prints. 11 x 8 1/2 in.

Printed on heavy stock; suitable for framing.

Also issued in a limited edition, numbered and signed by the artist.

Advertisement: SHR, 2, No. 4 (1990), 195.


C17506. Linton, John. The Hound of the Baskervilles. Rockville, Md.: Privately Printed, March 1980. 1 portfolio. 8 3/4 x 5 1/2 in.

A handsome portfolio of five drawings plus a cover drawing, issued in a limited edition of 500 numbered and signed copies. The drawings are titled: Sir Charles, Death, Baskerville Hall, Man on the Tor, Candle-lit Portrait, and The Hound.


C17507. Naylor, Paul. Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson. Kingston, N.Y.: Frameables Ltd., 1981.

Portrait of Rathbone and Bruce, based on a still from Pursuit to Algiers.


C17508. Naiedly, Margaret. Sherlock Holmes. Racine, Wis.: Graphics I, 1980. 11 x 8 1/2 in.

Based on an original painting and signed by the artist.


C17509. O'Neill, Marcella J. Canonical Print. Paramus, N.J.: Us 2, 1984. 8 x 10 in.

The sixty Canonical titles in different typefaces; brown on beige; limited to 221 numbered and signed copies.


C17510. Paget, Sidney. "Holmes gave me a sketch of the events." Albany, N.Y.: Kenneth C. Lanza, Christmas 1980. 11 x 8 1/2 in.

An illustration from Silv; limited to 221 numbered copies.


C17511. Paget, Sidney. "Lestrade took out his official note-book." Albany, N.Y.: Kenneth C. Lanza, Christmas 1984. 11 x 8 1/2 in.

An illustration from SixN; limited to 221 numbered copies.


C17512. Paget, Sidney. Mycroft Holmes. Albany, N.Y.: Kenneth C. Lanza, Christmas 1982. 11 x 8 1/2 in.

Limited to 221 numbered copies.


C17513. Paget, Sidney. "Professor Moriarty stood before me." Albany, N.Y.: Kenneth C. Lanza, Christmas 1981. 11 x 8 1/2 in.

An illustration from Fina; limited to 221 numbered copies.


C17514. Paget, Sidney. Sherlock Holmes Collection. City of Westminster Libraries, 1987. 8 prints. 11 3/4 x 8 1/4 in.

Reproductions, in color, of illustrations from The Strand Magazine for Twis, Silv (2), Fina, Abbe, Houn (2), and Vall.


C17515. Paget, Sidney. The 221b `The Hound of the Baskervilles' Series. Brentwood, Essex: Tekna Productions, c. Michael Coote. 8 plates. 7 3/4 x 5 3/8 in.; with border, 11 3/4 x 8 1/4 in.

Superb color prints of illustrations from The Strand Magazine.


C17516. Piper, Eric B. Sherlock Holmes. University Park, Md.: Privately Printed, 1980. 11 x 8 1/2 in.

Print, in a limited edition, of a pen-and-ink drawing (inspired by a photograph of Peter Cushing) that first appeared on the July 1975 cover of BSM.


C17517. Pudim, Robert. "Philo Vance needs a kick in the pance," -- Ogden Nash. Boulder: The Rue Morgue Press, 1982. 16 x 12 in. mat.

A letterpress print of Sherlock Holmes and William Powell as Philo Vance; limited to 221 numbered and signed copies.

See also DB5471.


C17518. Tyburn, John. Sherlock Holmes. Weston, Ontario: Privately Printed, 1989.

Limited edition.

Photograph: CH, 12, No. 4 (Summer 1989), 9.


C17519. Vukos, James. Mini-Posters. Racine, Wis.: Graphics I, 1978, 1979. 5 prints. 11 x 8 1/2 in.

Exact but larger copies of the original Sherlockian greeting/note cards (DB3529).


C17520. Walker, Jan. Holmes. Bountiful, Utah: Privately Produced, 1992. 17 x 14 in.

Exquisite pen-and-ink portrait on heavyweight, bright white, high-rag, acid-free paper, individually numbered and signed by the artist.


C17521. West, Douglas E. Sherlock Holmes Prints. London: Solomon & Whitehead (Guild Prints) Ltd., 1979. 6 prints. 17 3/4 x 12-3/8 in., (SWS/R.118 to SWS/R.123, Code SB)

A set of six exquisite colored prints, reproduced from the original watercolor paintings. Three of the paintings are of London scenes, with Holmes and Watson portrayed, and three are of Dartmoor, again with Holmes and Watson. They are entitled: "The beginning of another adventure," "The arrival," "A meeting on the Moor," "The welcoming Inn," "Moorland Bastion," and "Thank you Cabby."


C17522. Wiggins, Elizabeth. "Deirdre's Art Show Recaptures Victorian World," SHG, No. 1 (May 4, 1991), 14-15. illus.

Sherlockian pencil sketches by Deirdre Keetley are displayed at the Sherlock Holmes Hotel to mark the 100th anniversary of the Reichenbach death struggle.


Pub Signs


C17523. -- A4833. Sherlock Holmes Sign. Tuckahoe, N.Y.: Alexander Sales, 1968. 4 1/4 x 5 1/4 in. (Catalog No. D1528)

Hand-screened in black on colored paper and framed in black-finished wrought iron.

Photograph: BSJ, 18, No. 3 (September 1968), 187.

Note: Another miniature replica of the sign adorning The Sherlock Holmes pub was made in 1972 by Brewers Sign Mfg. Co., St. Albans, Herts, England. The sign is 5 1/4 x 4 1/4 in., with a swing-type stand 7 1/4 x 4 3/4 in. and hook with a bottle opener.




C17524. -- A4886. Sherlock Holmes Hand Puppet. Germany: Kersa, [n.d.]. 12 in. cloth. (Nr. 302)


C17525. -- B3771. Sherlock Hemlock Finger Puppet. A Jim Henson muppet puppet. Bronx, N.Y.: Child Horizons, 1973. (A Child Guidance Toy)

See also DB5312, DB5318.


C17526. -- B3772. Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson. New York: Diversions, 1977. 24 in.

"Sherlock has his checked cap and pipe, and Dr. Watson is outfitted with black cap and a pocket full of stock market quotations."

Review: New York Times (August 24, 1977), C13 (Enid Nemy).


C17527. -- B3773. Tennant, Dennis. "Puppet in Her Pack?" Daily Athenaeum [West Virginia University] (March 17, 1978), 1.

A photograph, with caption, of Ray Betzner's Sherlock Holmes Muppet in the backpack of Helen Brancazio.


C17528. Sherlock Dog Hand Puppet. San Francisco: R. Dakin & Co., 1980. 11 in.

Product of Korea.

Hand puppet with a plaid deerstalker.


C17529. Sherlock Holmes Hand Puppet. Los Angeles: Lea's Loveables, 1979. 13 in.


C17530. Shylock Bassett. San Francisco: R. Dakin Toy Co., 1981. (Nature Puppet) (No. 19-2497)

A hand puppet similar in design to the Multiple Sclerosis Sherlockian hound (DB3254, DB3749).


Railroad Locomotive -- Sherlock Holmes


C17531. -- A4859. Day, John R. "S. H. Locomotive," Sherlockian Who's Who and What's What. Edited by W. T. Rabe. Ferndale, Mich.: Old Soldiers of Baker Street, 1962. p. 2-6.

A brief history and description, with three photographs, of the No. 8 locomotive named after Sherlock Holmes.


C17532. -- A4860. Prestige, Colin. ["Letter"], BSJ, 4, No. 2 (April 1954), 122-123. (From the Editor's Commonplace Book)

A description of the ceremonies attendant upon naming the railway engine of Great Britain's Metropolitan Line "Sherlock Holmes."


C17533. -- A4861. "The Sherlock Holmes Locomotive," SHJ, 1, No. 4 (December 1953), 29; 6, No. 2 (Spring 1963), 60.


Rubber Stamps


C17534. Cabbage Patch Kid Figurine Stamper. Cleveland, Ga.: Appalachian Artworks, 1984. 3 in.

Made in Hong Kong.

Rubber stamp with a CPK Sherlockian figurine as a handle; the "top secret" stamp also is a CPK figure with a deerstalker and magnifying glass.


Sculpture (Criticism)


C17535. Heppner, Frank. "Canonical Sculptures from the Philippines," BSJ, 33, No. 3 (September 1983), 146-148.

The author commissioned Abel Cagayat of Paete to make two woodcarvings of Holmes and Moriarty. The article is illustrated with a full-page photograph of these unique and handsome carvings.


C17536. Lauterbach, Edward D. "The Ho Holmes," BSM, No. 42 (Summer 1985), 18-24. (Sherlockian Collectibles)

A discussion, with eight photographs, of the four figures (Holmes, Watson, Lestrade, and Moriarty) by Neville Stocken that were made for model railroad enthusiasts by Scale Structures in 1976.


C17537. "Sherlock Holmes Can Break This One Easily," San Antonio News (November 13, 1980), 11-E.

----------, CPBook, 6, No. 1 (March 1983), 532.

"Sherlock Holmes Bust Stolen," The Coloradoan [Fort Collins] (November 14, 1980), B8.

"Collected for a Collector?" The Oregonian [Portland] (November 23, 1980).

----------, SHJ, 15, No. 1 (Winter 1980), 30.

An AP news item concerning a plaster of paris and paper pulp bust by Peter Melanos that was taken from the Playhouse of the Square in Memphis.


C17538. Utechin, Nicholas. "The Statue?" SHJ, 19, No. (Summer 1990), 105. illus.

An editorial note on a new life-size statue of Holmes, to be erected at the corner of Baker Street and Marylebone Road. With a photograph of a plaster maquette, 15 in. high, of Vincent Butler's proposed bronze statue.


C17539. "You're a Softie, Sherlock Holmes," New York Teacher, 22, No. 20 (January 25, 1981), 11A.

----------, CPBook, 5, No. 3 (September 1982), 493.

"Beverly Halm, librarian at Hillside JHS 172, Queens, has created a series of soft sculptures called `Reading Room.' The life-size sculptures are shown sitting around a table reading books relating to their professional or personal lives. Sherlock Holmes is shown reading a case-book .... (the Sherlock Holmes figure appeared Jan. 9 on a Channel 7 newscast)."




See also Wall Heads, Wall Plaques


C17540. -- A4882. Cassin-Scott, Jack. Figurines of Sherlock Holmes, Dr. Watson, Irene Adler, Mycroft Holmes, and Professor Moriarty. 1969-1971. 12 in. (Cassin Baker Street Series)

Moulded in latex composition, handpainted, and mounted on a free-standing wooden base. There are at least three variations of Holmes and two of Watson.

Photographs: BSJ, 19, No. 3 (September 1969), 190; 20, No. 1 (March 1970), 60.


C17541. -- A4883. Imrie, Helen. Figurines of Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson. 1968-1969. 3 1/2 in.

Cast in pewter, lightly antiqued, and mounted on a walnut base.

Photograph: CPBook, 4, No. 16 (Fall 1968), 303.


C17542. -- A4884. McKellips, Art. Hand-Carved Wooden Figures of Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson.

Holmes is 24 in. tall, with a removable pipe, magnifying glass, and head that can be turned in any direction. Watson is shorter by about 5 in. and stouter by about 4 in.

Photographs: BSJ, 17, No. 1 (March 1967), 49.


C17543. -- A4885. The Royal London Wax Museum, Chicago. Wax Figures of Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson.

An illustrated article by Robert W. Hahn about the figures and exhibit appears in DCC, 7, No. 5 (June 1971), 4-7; and a letter, with illustration, in SHJ, 10, No. 4 (Summer 1972).136-137.


C17544. -- A4887. Smith, Edgar Pichard. The Oscar Meunier Bust of Sherlock Holmes. 7 in.

A reproduction in matte porcelain of the world-famous wax effigy that caused the downfall of Col. Sebastian Moran.


C17545. -- A4888. Smith Edgar Pichard. Statuette of Sherlock Holmes.

The figure, cast in plaster from the clay model, shows the Master in a reclining position in cap and dressing gown with his pipe and violin.


C17546. -- A4889. Whitmore, Luques. Statuette of Sherlock Holmes. 17 in. 1963.

Commissioned by Luther Norris.

Cast in unbreakable Durastone, hand finished, and mounted on a wooden base with an individual nameplate.

Photographs: The Annotated Sherlock Holmes (1967), Vol. 1, p. 46; BSJ, 13, No. 4 (December 1963), 253; SHJ, 6, No. 3 (Winter 1963), 70; Sherlockiana, 8, Nr. 3-4 (1963), 7.


C17547. -- B3795. Black, James. Sherlock Holmes, Dr. Watson, and Professor Moriarty. Distributed by Luther Norris, Culver City, Calif., 1975-1976. 17 to 21 in.


C17548. -- B3796. Clarkson, Steve. Bust of Sherlock Holmes. Owings Mills, Md.: 1972. 4 1/2 in.

Cast in clay with a sandstone finish and mounted on a wood pedestal.


C17549. -- B3797. The Detective. Stoke-on-Trent, Eng.: Royal Doulton Tableware Ltd., c. 1976. 9 1/4 x 4 in.

A handsome handpainted china figure of Sherlock Holmes, depicted with an inverness cape, deerstalker, pipe, and magnifying glass.

Photograph: Royal Doulton Figures Collection: Figure Collector's Book, No. 15 (January 1977), 48.


C17550. -- B6079. Evertts, Gerald B. Sherlock Holmes. Hamilton, Ind.: Armatures for Imagination, 1979. 5 1/2 in.

Unique metal figure made from nuts, washers, and cotter pins.


C17551. -- B3798. Ferrándiz, Juan Castells. Inspector. Italy: Anri, [n.d., 1977]. (Catalog 142, No. 55264 -- 7 cm. -- 3 in.; Catalog 161, No. 55284 -- 15 cm. -- 6 in.)

Hand-carved figure of a boy with a magnifying glass, handcuffs, inverness cape and cap, a pigeon, and a cat perched on his left shoulder.


C17552. -- B3799. Herron, Craig. Sherlock Holmes. Baltimore: Craig Herron Crafts, 1973-1975. 3 in.

Attractive handmade and painted figures -- each one is different.


C17553. -- B3800. Jakobe, Igor. Sherlock Holmes. Hollywood: Theatrical Creations, 1973. 16 in.


C17554. -- B3801. MacNeil, S. Detective Sagittarius, Nov. 22-Dec. 21. 7 in.

A mythological figure of Holmes.


C17555. -- B3802. Margolin, Eleonore. Sherlock Holmes. 1977. 15 in.

The figure, made of Hydrocolex with a bronze finish and a Formica base, is limited to 10 numbered and signed copies.


C17556. -- B3803. Masloski, Richard. Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson. Newburgh, N.Y.: 1973.

Molded in Hydrocal and finished in pantique bronze, these castings stand over 8 in. high and are produced in authentic detail. The series includes a bust of Doyle.

Photograph: Playboy, 25 (December 1978), 42.


C17557. -- B3804. Nejedly, Margaret. Basil Rathbone as Sherlock Holmes. 1977. 6 1/2 in.

Individually cast in patina aluminum (classic lost-wax process), mounted on a hardwood base, and limited to 25 numbered, signed and dated castings.


C17558. -- B3805. Newhauser, Harrison Thomas. Sherlock Holmes. Bethesda, Md.: Quill & Brush, 1978. 15 in.

Exquisite cast stone bust commissioned by Quill & Brush and limited, numbered and signed edition of 100.

Photograph: Quill & Brush Catalog, No. 26 (Spring 1978), inside front cover.


C17559. -- B3806. Piersanti, Jay C. The Characters of the Canon. Hamburg, N.Y. 8 in.

Original handpainted ceramic figures of Holmes, Watson, Moriarty, Irene Adler, Dr. Grimesby Roylott, Jabez Wilson, the King of Bohemia, Mycroft Holmes, Inspector Lestrade, and several others.


C17560. -- B3807. Piersanti, Jay C. Sherlock Holmes, Dr. Watson, and Professor Moriarty. Hamburg, N.Y.: 1975. 5 3/4 in.

Handmade and painted clay figures.


C17561. -- B3808. Pvoszowski, J. G. Sherlock Holmes. Chicago: Tuschny Studio, 1973. 18 x 6 1/2 in.

White plaster figure, numbered and signed.


C17562. -- B3809. Saunders, Roger. Branchline Figures of Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson. Rothbury, Northumberland: New Hope Design, [1977]. 1 1/2 in.

Especially designed for the model railway enthusiast.


C17563. -- B3810. Sherlock Hemlock. A Jim Henson Muppet. Made in Japan. Gorham Div. of Textron, c. 1976. 5 1/2 x 2 1/2 in. (in box) (Style 7917)

"Figurines from the gift world of Gorham."


C17564. -- B3811. [Sherlock Holmes.] Russ Barrie & Co.; Wallace Barrie & Co., 1970. 6 1/2 in.

"Unbreakable" caricature of the detective with a deerstalker, pipe, and magnifying glass. The caption on the pedestal reads: "I'm searching for someone like you."


C17565. -- B3812. Snoopy. Made in Japan. New York: F.A.O. Schwarz, 1975. 2 3/4 in. (Snoopy Adventure Hangups Set)

Snoopy in Sherlockian guise.


C17566. -- B3813. Von Roepke, John. Sherlock Holmes Miniature Figures. Woodbury, N.J.: JVR Miniatures, September 1978. 2 1/4 in.

Cast in French pewter alloy in 5 numbered sets of eight figures each: Sherlock Holmes, Dr. Watson, Moriarty, Lestrade, Irene Adler, the King of Bohemia, Dr. Roylott, and London Bobby.


C17567. Appleton, Marion. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. London: Laboromnia & Co., 1991. 9 1/4 in.

Light bronze mounted on Welsh black slate, or dark bronze mounted on Cumberland green stone, with plaque: "Steel True, Blade Straight. Knight, Patriot, Physician, Man of Letters."


C17568. Beard, Tom. "Come, Watson, come! The game is afoot." Kansas City: Tom Beard Art Studio, 1990. 9 x 5 1/4 x 4 1/4 in.

Limited edition of 250.

Bronze figure of Holmes carrying his coat, walking stick, and deerstalker. Mounted on a solid walnut base. Each bronze is accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity signed by the sculptor.


C17569. Benson, Rex. Sherlock Holmes, by Rex. 1979. 10 1/2 in.

A unique caricature of the detective.


C17570. British Inn Signs: Sherlock Holmes. A Matchbox Product. London: Lesney Products, 1975. Box: 4 1/4 x 3 in.

"Heritage Metal Miniatures."


C17571. The Case of The Hound of the Baskervilles. Pawtucket, R.I.: Pewter Port, 198-. 3 3/4 x 3 in.

Pewter figures of Holmes and Watson, mounted on a wooden base, examining James Mortimer's walking stick.


C17572. Chaney, Warren H. Sherlock Holmes. Houston: The John Openshaw Society, 1982. 15 in.

Limited, numbered edition of 221.

Solid bronze figure on a wooden base with plaque.

Photographs: BSJ, 32, No. 4 (December 1982), 244; SHJ, 15, No. 4 (Summer 1982), 126.


C17573. Clark, Thomas Fetzer. Sherlock Holmes. Davidson, N.C.: The Cairn Studio, 1982. 14 in.

Limited, numbered and initialed edition of 50.

A handcarved clay figure of the Master affixed to a wooden base, with several books at his feet. A nice sculpture of an older Holmes.


C17574. Dabritz, Mary Ann. Sherlock Holmes. Portland, Oreg.: M. A. Dabritz, 1979. 3 1/2 in.

Limited, numbered and signed edition of 21.

Solid bronze figure mounted on a wooden base.

Commissioned by Jerry Margolin.


C17575. Dabritz, Mary Ann. Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson Desk Set. Portland, Oreg.: A Case of Characters, 1986. 5 1/2 x 5 x 3 in.

Limited, numbered edition of 150.

The figures are cast in solid bronze by the cire perdu (lost wax) process and mounted on a handmade cherry base. Holmes is examining a walking stick with his magnifying glass and Watson is holding his bowler hat.


C17576. Doubleday, John. Sherlock Holmes. Meiringen, Switzerland.

A larger-than-life bronze figure seated on a boulder within sight of the Reichenbach Falls. The statue was unveiled on September 10, 1988, by Bernard Müller, President of the Government of the Canton of Berne.

Reviews: Der Bund [Bern] (September 12, 1988); SHJ, 19, No. 1 (Winter 1988), 27-28 (Patsy Dalton); SNOB, Nr. 1 (January 1989), 2-4 (Corinna Koch); The Times (August 23, 1988), and reprinted in BC, 7, No. 8 (November-December 1990), 11.


C17577. Fabb, Penny. Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson. Maidenhead, Berkshire: Penny Fabb Figures, 1989. 3-3/8 in.

Handpainted metal figurines mounted on a polished wooden base.


C17578. Firris, Thomas G. Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson. Morton Grove, Ill.: Mark of the Gryphon, 1979. 3 in.

Handcrafted fine pewter figures, signed by the artist.

Commissioned by Arthur Meckeman for Norman Forgue.


C17579. Hall, Charles. Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson. Edinburgh: 1979. 2 1/4 in.

Cast in white metal (lead and tin); pewter finished or painted.

Review: SHJ, 14, No. 1 (Spring 1979), 4 (Nicholas Utechin).


C17580. Hansom Cab. Thingumybobs of Sheffield, 1988. 6 1/4 x 4 x 8 in. (Fine Art Miniatures) (KA99767/LA99775)

"Handcrafted in England."

Holmes and Watson are standing near the hansom and a lamp post.


C17581. Imrie, William F., and Clyde A. Risley. Sherlock Holmes Series. Burnt Hills, N.Y.: I/R Miniatures, 1983. 5 kits.

Contents: 1. The Hound of the Baskervilles Group (C-100). -- 2. Sherlock Holmes (C-101). -- 3. Dr. John Watson (C-102). -- 4. Professor Moriarty (C-103). -- 5. Inspector G. Lestrade (C-104).


C17582. Laing, Gerald. Sherlock Holmes. Edinburgh, Scotland. 7 ft. 6 in.

Cast in bronze and installed in Piccardy Place, where Doyle was born in 1859. The statue was unveiled on June 24, 1991, to mark the 50th anniversary of the Edinburgh Federation of Master Builders.

Reviews: BSJ, 40, No. 2 (June 1990), 126-127; Evening News [Edinburgh] (May 23, 1990) (Aidan Smith); The Scotsman (December 4, 1989); (July [?] 1991) (Rod Fleming); SHJ, 20, No. 3 (Winter 1991), 80; The Times (May 28, 1991) (John Paul), and reprinted in MSB, 14, No. 3 (October 1991), 3, and PUn, 15, No. 4 (October 1991), 2.


C17583. Lamb, Ray. Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson. 1980. 4 in.

A set of attractive perth pewter figures.


C17584. Lee, Sherry. Sherlock Dragon. Springfield, Va.: 1981. 17 1/2 in.

Handbuilt stoneware head, hands, feet and base, slab construction; eyes of glazed lustre; body of armature wire construction and soft sculpture; clothing designed and handmade by the artist.


C17585. Lloyd, Marcia. Tony as Sherlock Holmes. Brooklyn: September 1978. 15 x 11 x 11 in.

Limited edition of 5.

Wet-formed English cowhide, fabric, pipe and deerstalker.

"The piece was conceived as an interpretation of my husband, Tony, as Sherlock Holmes. He reminds me of Holmes in his appearance, his approach to things, his range of knowledge, and his personality."


C17586. Masloski, Richard. Sherlock Holmes. Newburgh, N.Y.: 1981. 17 in.

Hydrocal casting, with a bronze patina, of the detective, complete with violin, magnifying glass and reference book, working out a three-pipe problem.

Photograph: Playboy, 29 (June 1982), 277.


C17587. Masloski, Richard. Sherlock Holmes. Newburgh, N.Y.: 1983. 12 in.

Lifelike plaster bust of the detective, with deerstalker and pipe; painted orange.


C17588. Masloski, Richard. Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson. Newburgh, N.Y.: 1978. 17 in.; base: 20 in.

Cast in durable hydrocal and steel reinforced, with a bronze patina.

Photographs: Playboy, 25 (December 1978), 42; PPofFC, No. 46 (September 9, 1979), 5.


C17589. Mickey Mouse. The Walt Disney Co., 1987. 2 3/4 in. (The Disney Collection).

Made in Taiwan.

Porcelain figure of Mickey Mouse in Sherlockian costume.


C17590. Nejedly, Margaret. Arthur Conan Doyle. Racine, Wis.: Graphics I, 1979. 7 in.

"Bronzed" clay bust on a hardwood base.


C17591. Rohn, Edward J. Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson. Elmhurst, Ill.: Rohn Porcelain Inc., 1985, 1987. 9 in.

Editions of 2210, worldwide; individually numbered.

High-fired, hand decorated, fine porcelain busts (extended) with a solid wooden base. Holmes is holding a calabash pipe and has a mused look; Watson is writing an address on his left cuff: "Smith, 13 Lower Burk." Highly recommended!

Photograph (Holmes): DCC, 22, No. 2 (June 1986), cover.


C17592. Rovelstad, Gloria-Ann. Sherlock Holmes. Elgin, Ill.: 1984. 7 1/2 in.

Handsome bronze-patinaed hydrostone miniature portrait bust of the detective -- without a pipe and deerstalker but still recognizable as Holmes.


C17593. Satoh, Yoshinori. Sherlock Holmes. Oiwake, Karuitzawa, Japan.

A life-size bronze statue, produced at a cost of $40,000, and unveiled on October 9, 1988.

Photograph: SHJ, 19, No. 2 (Summer 1989), 38.


C17594. Sherlock Holmes, by Designers Group. Esco Products, 1980. 17 in.

An attractive handpainted, stonelike figure of Holmes, with a large head.


C17595. Sherlock Holmes. Peltro, Italy, ca. 1981. 2 3/4 x 1 3/4 in.

A delightful caricature of the detective in imitation pewter.


C17596. Sherlock Holmes. Linden, Pa.: L. & S. Enterprises, 1987. 9 1/2 x 7 1/2 in.

"This centennial tribute to the memory of the Master is a beautifully detailed sculpture, cast in a stone hard material, then finished with a unique patina resembling rich antique bronze. The base is of solid English oak, topped by a cameo white marble-like slab that subtly reflects light up into the intricate detail of the sculpture. The solid brass plate on the face of the base states that the sculpture is a centennial issue and will only appear on those pieces sold during 1987."


C17597. Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson. Bridgend: Marlborough Military Models Ltd., [n.d., 1987]. 2 1/2 in. (CP6)

Handpainted figurines in a display box.

On base: MMM. Made in U.K.


C17598. Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson. Maidenhead, Berkshire: Penny Fabb, 1989. 3 1/2 in.

The figures are handpainted and mounted on a polished wooden base.

Advertisement: BSJ, 39, No. 4 (December 1989), 236.


C17599. Sherlock Hound. Hanover, Pa.: J. H. Schulter Co., 1981. 5 in.

A Luvkin Critter.


C17600. Stadden, Charles. The Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson Commemorative Statues. Santa Monica: The Tinder Box, 1983. 4 1/4 in.

Limited, numbered, dated, and certified edition.

Pewter replicas from the studios of the sculptor and artist, Chas. Stadden; handpainted to the minutest detail at Twickenham, England. The gift box is a permanent display with die-cut oversheet depicting a scene from the 221b sitting room.


C17601. Stapley, Derek. Sherlock Holmes, Dr. Watson, and Professor Moriarty. Sheffield: Studio 21, [n.d.]. 10 1/4 in.

Handpainted porcelain figures.


C17602. Stead, M. G. Conan Doyle. Redruth, Cornwall: Finesse Studio, [n.d., 1987]. 6 1/2 in. (Keramic Figure Editions)

Limited numbered edition of 5,000.

A poor likeness of the Literary Agent.




C17603. -- B3774. The Adventuresses of Sherlock Holmes. T- Shirt.

100% cotton, shrink proof shirts in royal blue, purple, or brown, with beige lettering.


C17604. -- B3775. Alex & Harm, Terrow of London. Dragonette.

Sherlock Holmes exclaims, "Just want facts mam! The bare facts mam."


C17605. -- B3776. Bakka II. "Sheerluck Duck" Toronto. Ontario: c. 1977 Ronn Sutton.

100% cotton T-shirts in autumn gold, sky blue, autumn yellow, or white peach, with black lettering.


C17606. -- B3777. Dallas Theater Center. Sherlock Holmes.

T-shirts in dark brown on tan, with a design of the detective and "There's No Police Like Holmes," by E. House, on the front. From cover of program, without quotation.


C17607. Largely Literary T-shirts: Arthur Conan Doyle. Caricature by Steven Cragg. Chapel Hill, N.C. Largely Literary Designs, 1992.

The box containing the "100% heavyweight cotton" shirt is made to resemble a book.


C17608. -- B3778. Royal Shakespeare Co. Sherlock Holmes. [New York: 1974.]

Cotton T-shirts in at least seven different colors, with a profile of Holmes and his name, in black, on the front and an eagle, with a deerstalker and pipe and the name "Broadhurst Theatre," on the back.

Photograph: Daylight TV, No. 1: Super Special (1976) (Rita McLaughlin).


C17609. -- B3779. S & H Ltd. Sherlock Holmes and Professor Moriarty. Dayton, Ohio: 1975.

White cotton T-shirts, with a profile, in black, of Holmes or Moriarty, by Gregory L. Sipe and David A. Hughes. Each of the two shirts is limited to a numbered (inside collar) edition of 300.

Advertisement: BSJ, 25, No. 2 (June 1975), 127.


C17610. -- B3780. Sesame Street. Muppets T-Shirt. J.C. Penney Co., c. Muppets, Inc., [1976]. (406-5712)

On front is a print of the Muppets, including Sherlock Hemlock. Available in assorted colors and sizes.


C17611. -- B3781. Sesame Street. Sherlock Hemlock Shirt. J. C. Penney, c. Muppets, Inc., [1977]. (Toddle Time)

Beige with brown stripes and a Sherlock Hemlock appliquá.


C17612. -- B3782. Sesame Street. Sherlock Hemlock Sweat Shirt. J. C. Penney, c. Muppets, Inc., [1977].

Short-sleeved, in red and navy blue, with a rubberized decal of Sherlock Hemlock on the front, and the words, "Egad!! 4 footprints!"


C17613. -- B3783. Sesame Street. Sherlock Hemlock T-Shirt. J. C. Penney , c. Muppets, Inc., [1977].

Sherlock Hemlock examines a picture and exclaims, "Egad!! I, Sherlock Hemlock, have found many hidden circles."


C17614. -- B3784. Sesame Street.Sherlock Hemlock T-Shirt. J. C. Penney, c. Muppets, Inc., [1977]. (Toddle Time)

On the front is a print of Sherlock Hemlock and the figure "9." On the back is the name "Sherlock Hemlock."


C17615. -- B3785. Sesame Street.Sherlock Hemlock T-Shirt. J. C. Penney, c. Muppets, Inc., [1977].

Light orange, with Sherlock Hemlock framed in a magnifying glass and the words, "World's Greatest Detective: Sherlock Hemlock," on the front.


C17616. -- B3786. The Seven-Per-Cent Solution.

On the back is a decal of the jacket illustration by David K. Stone of Meyer's novel.


C17617. -- B3787. Sherlock Holmes. N.Y.C.: Alan Transfer Co., c. 1975.

T-shirts, with an 8 1/2 in. reproduction, in full color, of the Holmes cigar box label (DB3828) on the front.

C17618. -- B3788. The Sherlock Holmes. T-Shirt. Portugal: Marshall Lester, [n.d.].

Cotton shirts in orange or yellow, with the name "Sherlock Holmes Whitbread" and a print, in brown, of a deerstalker, pipe, and magnifying glass on the front.


C17619. -- B3789. Sherlock Holmes. San Francisco: Nina's Needleworks, [1978].

Silhouette appliqué in dark-blue brushed denim. Magnifying glass appliqué on left front.


C17620. -- B3790. Tweety Pie. Montgomery Ward, [1977].

Long-sleeved shirt with Tweety Pie in Sherlockian attire examining a man's footprints.


C17621. The Afghanistan Perceivers of Oklahoma. Sherlockians Do It Undercover! Tulsa: 1981.

Illustration of Holmes and the above words.


C17622. Fauer, Ilene. Sherlock Holmes. Paramus, N.J.: Us 2, January 1980.

"Spread the Canon!"

Brown design silk screened on a tan short sleeved T-shirt.


C17623. Fauer, Ilene. Sherlock Holmes and ... / Watson Too! Paramus, N.J.: Us 2, March 1982.

Black design on a gold short sleeved two-sided T-shirt.


C17624. Fauer, Ilene. The Speckled Band. Paramus, N.J.: Us 2, March 1983.

Brown design on a yellow short sleeved T-shirt. Designed in honor of the 100th anniversary of the adventure.


C17625. Fauer, Ilene and Corliss. Holmes Is Where the Heart Is! Paramus, N.J.: Us 2, March 1981.

Red design on a white short sleeved T-shirt.


C17626. Fauer, Ilene, and Sherry Kugler. Sherlock Holmes. Paramus, N.J.: Us 2, March 1979.

"Wear the Master close to your heart!"

Navy blue design silk screened on a light blue short sleeved T-shirt.


The Silver Blaze Horse Races


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C17635. The Toronto Silver Blaze Event, Woodbine Race Course. Sponsored by The Bootmakers of Toronto.

1st. July 16, 1988 "Spigot" -- 2nd. July 22, 1989 "Fast Market" -- 3rd. July 14, 1990 "Time Delivery" -- 4th. July 13, 1991 "Spanish Play" -- 5th 11 July 1992 "Buckley Gal" -- 6th. July 17, 1993 "Plenty of Sugar".


C17636. The Wessex Cup, Tampa Bay Downs, Oldsmar, Florida. Sponsored by The Pleasant Places of Florida. Inaugurated February 1991. There is a special Souvenir Program printed for each year's race.

1st. February 9, 1991 Big Eye's Moment by Rafael Gaston. -- 2nd. February 8, 1992 Island Chatter by William Henry. -- 3rd. February 6, 1993 Judge Delin by Benny Feliciano. -- 4th. February 12, 1994 [Horse] by [Jockey].


Stained Glass


C17637. -- B3791. Lange, Austin H., and Conrad Pichel. Sherlock Holmes. Designed by Austin H. Lange. Manufactured by Conrad Pichel. St. Paul, Minn.: O'Shaughnessy Library, College of St. Thomas, 1959. 14 x 10 in.

One of many medallions set into the Library's windows, portraying various themes and subjects. Several of the medallions, including "Sherlock Holmes," are pictured on the cover of the Library's dedication book and discussed in the Self-Guided Art Tour of O'Shaughnessy Library. A photograph of the window is also reproduced and described in John Bennett Shaw's Christmas card for 1975, and on the jacket of the Bramhall House reprint of The World Bibliography of Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson.


C17638. -- B3792. St. Simon's Episcopal Church. The Stained Glass Windows of St. Simon's Episcopal Church. Arlington Heights, Ill. 11 p. (1M 10-75)

One of the stained glass windows illustrated and described in this booklet (p. 2) is dedicated to Dr. Leon Sterndale!


C17639. -- B3793. Spindler, Gertrude. Profile of Sherlock Holmes. Matawan, N.J.: Privately Produced, 1976. 11 1/2 x 11 1/2 in.

Based on Diane Nolan's needlepoint (DB3817).


C17640. -- B3794. Taulbee, Ann. 221b. Santa Fe, N. M.: Privately Produced, 1975. 12 1/2 x 8 3/4 in.

The window design includes a deerstalker, magnifying glass, calabash pipe, and the number "221b."


C17641. O'Neill, Marcella J. Stained Glass Suncatcher. Paramus, N.J.: Us 2, 1981. 4 1/4 x 7 in.

A deerstalker in shades of brown stained glass, outlined in copper, commissioned by Us 2 in a limited, numbered edition of 100.




C17642. Clee, S. "Basset Rathbone." Philadelphia: Running Press Book Publishers, 1983.

----------. ----------, BSJ, 34, No. 2 (June 1984), 126.

Portrait of a basset with a deerstalker and pipe that appears in a series of notecards.


C17643. Fauer, Ilene. Dancing Men Message Pad. Paramus, N.J.: Us 2, February 1984. 75 sheets.

Black design on white paper.


C17644. Fauer, Ilene. Sherlock Holmes Envelope Stickers. Paramus, N.J.: Us 2, October 1983. 1 1/2 in.

Blue design on silver metallic background.


C17645. Fauer, Ilene. Sherlock Holmes Stationery. Paramus, N.J.: Us 2, March 1981.

Black design on ivory laid paper with an illustration of Holmes and quotation: "My correspondence ... is a varied one." Each set includes ten printed sheets, five blank sheets, and ten printed envelopes.


C17646. Fauer, Ilene. Sherlockian Pad. Paramus, N.J.: Us 2, October 1981. 100 sheets.

Black design on white paper.


C17647. Fox River Paper Co. Companion Pieces: A Lighthearted Look Between the Lines. Appleton, Wis.: March 23, 1981. 1 folder.

The folder is a sales tool featuring eight different papers from the company's Eagle-A line. One of the sheets and envelopes has the letterhead "Mr. Sherlock Holmes, 221b Baker Street, London, England," and a photograph of a deerstalker, magnifying glass, and calabash pipe. The sample sheet also includes a typed letter to Mr. Watson from Holmes.


C17648. The Great Detective Holmes. Tokyo: RAI, 1984. 1 v. (unpaged) illus.


"In the dark, misty fog of London, our renown detective, Holmes, and his loyal companion, Dr. Watson, leave their home on Baker Street in pursuit of the infamous satanic genius, Dr. Moriarti, his followers, Tod & Smilie, and many others." (Cover)


C17649. Hacker, Rick. Sherlock Holmes, Consulting Detective, 221b Baker Street. Beverly Hills: Rick Hacker's Celebrity Cards, [1984]. 1 set (10 cards) (SHN-184)

Features a photograph of Holmes's calling card, a deerstalker, pistol and magnifying glass.


C17650. Hartman, Carolyn. Mysterious Messages: Sherlock Holmes. New York: The Mysterious Bookshop, 1979.

A plastic box containing 50 sheets of paper, each with a profile of Holmes.


C17651. Keeping track of important things. Taylorville, Ill.: Sangamon, 1989.

A memo pad (100 sheets) featuring a dog in Sherlockian attire examining footprints, which are used as lines.


C17652. Sherlock Holmes. Laguna Beach, Calif.: The Pickwick Club, [1983].

"Mystery Productions."

A notecard featuring a profile of Holmes framed in a magnifying glass.


C17653. "Sherlock Hound." Dedham, Mass.: Rust Craft Greeting Cards, [1981].

A sheet of stickers (5 3/4 x 4 1/2 in.) with nine versions of "Sherlock Hound." Similar to the artwork on the Rust Craft sets of greeting cards.


C17654. Sherlock Hound Seal and Send Letters. Dedham, Mass.: Rust Craft Greeting Cards, [1981]. 1 box. (225SY5111-0)

Twelve decorated letters with matching seals.


C17655. White, Ronald S. Scenes from 221b, As Seen at the Holiday Inn -- Union Square, San Francisco, California. Lafayette, Calif.: Privately Printed, 1992. 1 set (12 note cards)

"Produced exclusively for The Scowrers & Molly Maguires of San Francisco."

Four black-and-white photographs of the 221b sitting room.


Stuffed Toy Animals


C17656. Bearlock Holmes. Designed by Barbara Isenberg. Chicago: North American Bear Co., [1989]. 21 in. (The V.I.P.'s -- Very Important Bears)

Advertisement: BSJ, 39, No. 3 (September 1989), back cover.


C17657. Grant, Laura. Sherlock Welly Bear. Scotland: Laura Grant, 1984. 11 in.

"One of the Welly Bear Gang."


C17658. Joe Camp's Benji. San Francisco: R. Dakin & Co., 1978. 10 in. (No. 31-1293)

Benji in a black-and-white plaid deerstalker.


C17659. Klondike Holmes Bear. Clearwater, Fla.: The Isaly Klondike Co., 1991. 15 in.

White teddy bear in Sherlockian costume with a "genuine magnifying glass to help unravel any mystery."


C17660. Sherlock Mouse. Overland Park, Kans.: Susi-Bird Gallery, 1982. Three sizes: 17 in., 8 in., 2 in.

Gray felt; brown plaid deerstalker and cape; holding pipe and magnifying glass.


C17661. Shipley, Marian A. Sherlock and Dr. Watson Bears. Eugene, Oreg.: Marian A. Shipley, 1984. 25 in.

The bears are made of cinnamon (Sherlock) and rust (Watson) colored deep pile fake fur, stuffed with dacron fibrefill. They have movable arms and legs and plastic eyes, noses, and claws. Sherlock is outfitted with an inverness cape, deerstalker, magnifying glass, and toy pipe. Watson wears a white shirt, vest and coat, spectacles, a gold chain, and a toy pipe fits in his mouth.


C17662. Shylock Basset. San Francisco: R. Dakin & Co., [1980]. 11 in. (Dakin Nature Babies) (No. 31-1419)

Product of Korea.

The dog sports an attractive plaid deerstalker.


C17663. Wilkinson, Anne. Sherlock. England: Anne Wilkinson Designs, 1980. 4 in.

Handmade dog in Sherlockian costume.




C17664. Baker Street Superior Orange Pekoe. Shrewsbury, N.J.: Baker Street Tea Co., [n.d., 1991]. 1 box (50 tea bags)

With a cover illustration of a lamp post and the tops of several buildings.


C17665. Rose-Bond, Sherry. [Tea Bag] Philadelphia: Privately Produced, 1992.

Distributed at the annual dinners of BSI and ASH, January 10, 1992.

Includes a quotation from Nava ("The table was laid, and just as I was about to ring, Mrs. Hudson entered with the tea and coffee") and a greeting from "Grace Dunbar," ASH.


C17666. Rose-Bond, Sherry. [Tea Bag] Philadelphia: Privately Produced, 1993.

Distributed at the annual dinners of BSI and ASH, January 8, 1993.

Includes a quotation from Gree ("It was after tea on a summer evening") and a greeting from "Violet Hunter," BSI, ASH.


C17667. Rose-Bond, Sherry. [Tea Bag] Philadelphia: Privately Produced, 1994.

Distributed at the annual dinners of BSI and ASH, January 7, 1994.

Features a quotation from Devi ("At his invitation we had taken tea at the vicarage...") and a greeting from "Violet Hunter" and "Grace Dunbar," BSI, ASH.




C17668. Sherlock Holmes Master Sleuth Teapot. Special anniversary edition. East Liverpool, Ohio: Hall China Co., 1987. 12 in.

Handcrafted in porcelain. Dover white base and golden corduroy deerstalker.

Advertisement: BSJ, 38, No. 3 (September 1988), 170.


Textile Motifs


C17669. -- B3814. Deerstalker "Hat Pillow." Vacaville, Calif.: Zealous Art Projects, c. Meadow 1977. 8 x 21 in.


C17670. -- B3815. Handkerchief. Switzerland: Boots, [n.d.] 10 x 10 in.

A design in stitches of a dog in Sherlockian garb on green linen.


C17671. -- B3816. "Irish Cabin" Linens. Made in Ireland. 31-1/2 x 20 in.

A dish towel, in at least two different colors, illustrated with twelve pub signs, including The Sherlock Holmes.


C17672. -- B3818. Peanuts. New York: J. P. Stevens & Co., [1977].

Twin flat sheet for 39 x 75 in. mattress; 66 x 96 in. finished size. No iron Muslin: 50% cotton; 50% polyester.

One of the "Snoopy Snapshots" is "Snoopy Sleuth," with a deerstalker, calabash pipe, and magnifying glass.


C17673. -- B3820. The Sesame Sheet and Pillowcases. New York: Burlington Industries, [1977].

Features a color design of the Muppets at a picnic, including Sherlock Hemlock watching a group of twiddlebugs through his magnifying glass.


C17674. -- B382. Sherlock Holmes Pillow. Sherman Oaks, Calif.: Scene of the Crime, 1976.

Black, brown, wine, kelly green suede with complementary plaid profile, or wool blend plaid profile with solid suede profile; also in custom colors. With four tassels. Approximately 22 in. square or 15 x 14 in. rectangle.


C17675. -- B3825. The Sherlock Holmes Society of London. Scarf. 1977. 26 1/2 x 26 1/2 in.

Tricel, washable white scarf, with motif of the deerstalker and curved pipe in dark blue-same design as the Society's tie.

C17676. -- B3826. Wood, Joan. Sherlock Holmes Crocheted Coasters. Holmes Beach, Fla.: 1978.

A set of four coasters, each with a different pattern: a deerstalker, a magnifying glass, a calabash pipe, and the initials "P.P.F." (The Pleasant Places of Florida).


C17677. Fauer, Ilene. Sherlock Holmes Handkerchief. Paramus, N.J.: Us 2, 1981.

White handkerchief with a silhouette of the Master silk-screened in black.


C17678. Gauntlets (Kitchen Mittens) of Sherlock Holmes, Dr. Watson, and a London Bobbie. Designed by Pat Albeck. Peckham Bush, Tonbridge, Kent: Cuckoobird, [1985?]. 12 x 6 in.

The palms of the gauntlets for Holmes and Watson show the doorway of 221b Baker Street.


C17679. Senter, Carolyn. Sherlockian Scarves, by The Woman, Purveyor of Singular Sherlockian Knitwear. Cincinnato: Knitting Pretty, 1987.

Four scarves custom handcrafted of 100% merino wool: No. SH301. Holmes/Watson Silhouettes; No. SH302. The Speckled Band; No. SH303. A Study in Scarlet; No. SH304. The Musgrave Ritual.


C17680. Sesame Street Number Poster. Harrison, N.J.: Tri-Chem, 1979. 18 x 24 in. (Catalog No. 7513)

Embroidery iron-on transfers, with instructions, featuring Sherlock Hemlock.


C17681. Sesame Street Picnic. Harrison, N.J.: Tri-Chem, 1979. 18 x 24 in. (Catalog No. 7517)

Embroidery iron-on transfers, with instructions, featuring Sherlock Hemlock.


C17682. Sherlock Holmes Beach Towel. Burlington, Mass.: Filene's, Burlington Mall, 1982.

Features a large profile of Holmes in the center. Written above the profile is: "The Strand, August 1901, A Popular Weekly Magazine, Presents Another Adventure of England's Most Renowned Detective;" and below: "The Sumatran Horror."


C17683. The Sherlock Holmes Pub: Pub, Restaurant & Museum Dedicated to the Life of the Famous Detective, Northumberland Street, near Trafalgar Square. Dunmoy read. 1592. 30 x 19 in.

Pure Irish linen dish towel with a print of the pub.


C17684. Sherlock Pillow. Overland Park, Kans.: Susi-Bird Gallery, 1982. 11 x 11 in.

Soft sculpture Sherlock head, mustache and monocle.


C17685. Stretch Hipsters, by `Be Free.' Morgan Inc., [1980].

Laced-trimmed panties featuring an "Under Cover Agent" (racoon) with a deerstalker and magnifying glass.




C17686. China, Francesca. Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson Thimbles. Harbor City, Calif.: Heirloom Editions, 1986.

Multicolored, handpainted thimbles. One shows a youthful Holmes; the other portrays a slightly older Watson.




C17687. -- A4830. No. 221b Baker Street. Denmark: Specially blended for FDB Cigar. og Tobaksfabrikker Esbjerg.

A round tin of tobacco containing "a carefully balanced blend."

Photographs: Sherlockiana, 14, Nr. 3 (1969), 12; 14, Nr. 4 (1969), 16; 15, Nr. 1-2 (1970), 7; 15, Nr. 3-4 (1970), 12.


C17688. -- A4831. Sherlock Holmes Aromatic. Extremely mild. Philadelphia: A. Runge & Co. (1414 S. Penn Square)

A one-pound tin and a 1 1/2 ounce plastic packet of tobacco.


C17689. The Sovereign Tobacco Collection. Staten Island, N.Y.: Sovereign Pipe Shop, 1982. [6] p.

A catalog listing and describing several tobaccos, including 221b and Sherlock's Shag.


Tobacco Humidors


C17690. Sherlock Holmes Humidor. Burns Lake, B.C.: Tahtsa Ventures, 1987.

Limited to 500 numbered humidors, with a certificate of authenticity printed on parchment bearing the owner's name and a seal verifying that only 500 will be produced.

The commemorative humidor is made of stoneware in a leather casing with a hand-carved relief of Holmes and a scene of 221b Baker Street. The eastern maple hardwood lid is stamped in gold leaf with a special 100th year seal.


Tobacco-Pipe Tool-Knives


C17691. Pipe Tool-Knife. Germantown, Term.: Fortuna Co., 1981.

Limited edition of 1200.

Stainless steel, with silhouettes of Holmes and Watson and an inscription commemorating the 100th anniversary of their meeting.




C17692. -- B3829. The Calabash. Austria: Andreas Bauer, 1975. (No. 16797)

"More than a mere idiosyncrasy, the famed Sherlock Holmes Calabash meerschaum is a smoker's delight!"


C17693. -- B3830. Manhattan Sherlock Pipe. Holland: Zenith Gouda, [1975].

"This pipe has the famous Hollow Bowl System. That is why the Sherlock smokes perfectly dry and cool."


C17694. -- B3831. The Sherlock. Tampa, Fla.: Thompson Cigar Co., [n.d.].

"A trio of Sherlock clay pipes, made in Holland ... The milkwhite smoker's delight that turns to gold as you smoke them!"


C17695. -- B3832. The Sherlock Holmes "Baker Street Pipe." Made in Holland. New York: Wally Frank Ltd., 1973. (Stock No. P10051)

Brindle hued two-tone finish.

Advertised in 1973 catalog, p. 45.


C17696. -- B3833. Sherlock Holmes Briar Portrait Pipe. Underhill, Vt.: J.C.&L.D. Cooke, 1975.

"Hand carved from the finest Greek briar ... no two are exactly alike."


C17697. -- B3834. The Sherlock Holmes Pipe. Chicago: R. H. Sherlock Co.

Four briar pipes, ranging in price from $1.50 to $5.

Advertisement: Collier's, 40 (February 8, 1908), 3.


C17698. -- B3835. Sherlock Holmes Pipe. Cleveland: Bessai Pipe Clinic, 1977.

Hand-carved meerschaum pipe (head of Holmes with a deerstalker and pipe) in leather case, made in Eskisehir, Turkey.


C17699. The Dr. Watson Literary Companion. Santa Monica: The Tinder Box International, 1982.

This companion to the Sherlock Holmes Commemorative Pipe is limited to 450 pipes, each of which bears a gold band to symbolize the doctor's marriage to Mary Morstan. The briar bowl is hand carved and finished in either smooth sandblast or spot carved. The pipe resides in a white silk-lined case depicting a bound copy of The Strand Magazine. The inside cover features a color photograph of the 221b sitting room.


C17700. "Marc Darrah Carved Briars," The Compleat Smoker, 1, No. 4 (Summer 1991), 30-31.

Photographs and descriptions of two hand-carved and unique Sherlockian pipes with a theme from Houn.


C17701. Sherlock Holmes. Northbrook, Ill.: E. A. Carey, 1983.

Hand carved by a master pipe sculptor of France.

Photograph: E. A. Carey Catalog (April 1983), 1.


C17702. Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson Meerschaums. Tampa: Thompson & Co., [n.d.]. 1 set (2 pipes in lined presentation case)

"Cool, sweet-smoking and exquisitely carved from solid blocks of selected Turkish meerschaum."

Advertisement: ST, No. 20 (January 1993).


C17703. Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson Pipes. 1980.

Hand-carved meerschaum bowls with a fitted leather case, made in Eskisehir, Turkey.

See also DB3835.


C17704. The Sherlock Holmes Commemorative Pipe. Santa Monica: The Tinder Box International, 1982.

Fashioned from flawless Grade AA briar and limited to 221 numbered pipes. The richly stained and hand finished bowl is highlighted with a sterling silver cap and a hallmarked silver band around the black lucite stem, into which the initials "SH" are embossed. The pipe resides in a bookstyled, purple silk-lined case that is a facsimile of the 1892 first edition of The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes. The inside cover features a color photograph of the 221b sitting room.


Tobacco Tins


C17705. -- B3827. Hugh Campbell's Shag: Smoking Tobacco for Pipe and Cigarette. Richmond, Va.: The U. S. Tobacco Co., Factory No. 15, 2nd District of Va. 4 1/2 x 3 x 7/8 in.

A profile of Holmes, similar to Steele's famous drawing of the detective, appears on the pocket tin container. The U.S. Revenue tax stamp on the tin says, "Series of 1910, Act of August 5, 1908."

Review: BSM, No. 16 (December 1978), 9-11 (Jackie Geyer).


C17706. -- B3828. Sherlock Holmes Crooks. Factory No. 3, 1st Dist. Pa. [n.d.]

"Rum Cured Crooks."

The inside cover has a color portrait of William Gillette as Holmes.

Photographs: BSJ, 23, No. 4 (December 1973), 260; New York 8, (November 10, 1975), 76.


C17707. MacDonald, Brian R. "Sherlockian Shag [Farland, Ind.]: The Nonpareil Press, 1983.

A Christmas card in which the author discusses (with illustrations) three variants of the "Hugh Campbell's Shag" tobacco tin that have been discovered since Jackie Geyer described hers in the December 1978 BSM.


Toby Bells


C17708. Tootle, Douglas. Sherlock Holmes. Minneapolis: Calhoun's Collectors Society, 1983. (The World's First Toby Bell Collection)

One in a series of twelve handpainted characters from English literature, sculpted in Stoke-on-Trent, England, and issued in a single limited edition.


Toby Jugs


C17709. -- B3412. The Sleuth. Stoke-on-Trent, Eng.: Royal Doulton Tableware Ltd., c. 1972. (Catalog No. D6635)

A handpainted character jug of Sherlock Holmes made in a large, small, and miniature size: 7 in., 4 in., and 2 1/2 in.

Illustration: Character Jug and Toby Jug Collector's Book, No. 2, p. 1.

Review: SHJ, 11, No. 2 (Summer 1973), 71 (Donald A. Redmond).


C17710. Jackson, Peter. Sherlock Holmes. Franklin Center, Pa.: Franklin Porcelain, 1982. 2 in. (The English Heritage Miniature Toby Jug Collection)

One in a set of twenty-five handpainted porcelain toby jugs. The backstamp on the base includes the name "Sherlock Holmes," the signature of the artist, the mark of Franklin Porcelain, and the year issued.


C17711. Tabbenor, Robert. Sherlock Holmes. Stoke-on-Trent: Royal Doulton Tableware Ltd., 1981. 8 3/4 x 4 1/2 in. (Catalog No. D6661)

Issued to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the death of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.




C17712. -- B3836. Digger the Dog. Pawtucket, R. I.: Hasbro Industries, 1974. 9 1/2 x 14 in. (Romper Room, No. 574)

"Ages 2 to 6."

A plastic dog on wheels with a deerstalker (the only Sherlockian connection) and a wind-up leash.


C17713. -- B3837. Mystery Math: Adds, Subtracts, Multiplies, and Divides. Bronx, N.Y.: Questor Education Products Co., [1976]. (A Child Guidance Toy, No. 988)

"Ages 5 to 8."

Features Sherlock Holmes holding a magnifying glass.


C17714. -- B3838. Sesame Street. Big Bird's Musical Jack-in-the-Box. Featuring Jim Henson's Muppets. [New York]: Child Horizons/Children's Television Workshop, 1976. Box: 6' x 5 in. (A Child Guidance Toy, No. 3195)

"Ages 1 1/2 to 5."

Includes Sherlock Hemlock.


C17715. -- B3839. Sesame Street. Change Around. Designed to help your child match parts to make wholes. Featuring Jim Henson's Muppets. Hollis, N. Y.: Ideal Toy Corp., 1972.

One of the Muppets is Sherlock Hemlock.


C17716. -- B3840. Sesame Street. Patrol. Featuring Jim Henson's Muppets. Bronx, N. Y.: Child Horizons, 1975. 3 x 8 in. (A Child Guidance Toy, No. 3156)

A cardboard police car with Bert, Ernie, and Sherlock Hemlock as "miniaturized muppets."


C17717. -- B3841. Sesame Street. Play Family. More! Sesame Street Characters. Featuring Jim Henson's Muppets from the Sesame Street TV show. East Aurora, N. Y.: Fisher-Price Toys, 1977. Box: 8 1/4 x 9 3/8 in. (No. 940)

Features seven Muppets, including Sherlock Hemlock.


C17718. -- B3842. Sesame Street. Wood Blocks. Chicago: Playskool, 1975. Can: 21 1/2 x 9 in. (No. 231)

"For ages 1 1/2 to 6 years."

"50 wood letter blocks featuring Jim Henson's Muppets. Colorful 20 x 30 in. Sesame Street wall poster [by Joe Mathieu] included."

Sherlock Hemlock is depicted on the can and poster ("Egad! The letter Z is missing") and on one or more of the blocks.


C17719. -- B3843. "Sherlock Holmes" Pull Toy. Middletown, N.J.: Wood'n Stuff, 1978. 12 x 6 in.

A "custom made" plain wooden figure of the detective on a platform with four wheels and a string.


C17720. -- B3844. Sherlock Snoopy, from the TV Special, It's a Mystery, Charlie Brown. Cincinnati: General Nulls Fun Group/Kenner Products, 1975. Box: 4 x 6 1/4 in. ("Snoopy" Movie cassette Color Show, No. 10) (No. 35980)

"For use with your Kenner Snoopy Movie Viewer and Drive-in Theater."


C17721. The Case with the Springing Sleuth. Tucson: Janus Books, 1987. Box: 4 x 4 in.

"After you find the secret panel, the Great Detective, magnifying glass in one hand, London Times in the other, leaps out ready for any investigation. Dressed in a brown Inverness cape and houndstooth deerstalker cap, he is concealed in a hardwood box with a handrubbed Danish oil finish. All handcrafted in the U.S., he ingeniously solves the problem of the vacant space." (Janus Books, Catalog No. 17)


C17722. The Hound of the Baskervilles, by A. Collie Dog. Harrison, N.J.: Vo-Toys, [n.d., 1989]. 6 1/2 x 4 1/2 in.

Made in Spain.

A soft vinyl dog toy in the shape of a book.


C17723. Sesame street. Rub n' Play Magic Transfer Set. Norwood, N.J.: Colorforms, c. 1978. Box: 12 1/2 x 8 in.

"A Colorforms Activity Toy."

Ages 5-up.

"Magic transfers to create 11 Stand-Up Play Muppets," including Sherlock Hemlock.


C17724. Sesame Street. Sherlock Hemlock's Magic Slate Paper Saver. Racine, Wis.: Western Pub. Co.; in cooperation with Children's Television Workshop, 1979. 13 1/2 x 8 1/2 in. (Whitman)

A "self-erasing paper saver product," featuring an illustration of Sherlock Hemlock: "Egad! Look at that!"


C17725. Sherlock Holmes Fingerprinter. New York Toy and Game Co., [n.d.].

"A complete fingerprint outfit in suitable case. Set contains real parts and equipment just as used by Government Men -- the famous G-Men."




C17726. "What's in a Name? `I Hear of Sherlock Eveywhere...,'" CH, 16, No. 3 (Spring 1993), 29.

A list of proposed wares and services in Canada using the name Sherlock and/or the detective's image.

Reprinted from Trade-Marks Journal des Marques de-Commerce (February 1993).




C17727. Multiple Sclerosis Society of Canada. Mystery Sleuth Trophy. Toronto: St. John's Trophies Ltd., [1979]. 9 x 4 3/4 in.

"For outstanding support of the MS Read-a-thon, a national program to motivate youngsters to read while raising funds for MS research and patient services."

See also DB3749.


Wall Heads


C17728. Bossons, W. Ray. Sherlock Holmes, Dr. Watson, and Moriarty. Congleton, Eng.: W. H. Bossons, 1987. 6 in.

Attractive handmoulded and handpainted wall heads.


C17729. Tootle, Douglas V. Sherlock Holmes. Macclesfield, Cheshire: Legend Products (Artware) Ltd., c. 1978. 6 x 4 in. (Catalog No. WM1/22)

An excellent handpainted composition plaster head of Holmes.


C17730. Wright, Fred. Dr. Watson. Macclesfield, Cheshire: Legend Products (Artware) Ltd., c. 1981. 6 x 4 in.

An attractive handpainted composition plaster head of Watson.


C17731. Wright, Fred. Sherlock Holmes. Macclesfield, Cheshire: Legend Products (Artware) Ltd., c. 1981. 5 1/2 x 4 in.

Another fine handpainted composition plaster head of the detective.


Wall Plaques


C17732. Sherlock Holmes. Cambridge, Mass.: Historical Products, 1982. 11 x 9 in. (No. 230H)

A profile of Holmes by Frederic Dorr Steele mounted on pine, coated with a clear finish, and baked to a high gloss.


C17733. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle Plaque. Detroit: Gale Research Co., 1982. 8 x 6 in.

A plaster plaque with a bronze patina of Doyle, Holmes, and Watson.




C17734. -- A4834. Sherlock Holmes Wallpaper. Chicago:, United-DeSoto, 1969. 20 1/2 in. wide. (PDQ, 5th ed., Pattern No. 11594)

Vinyl-coated, prepasted, washable wall covering in one colorway -- red, brown, and black on a white background. A sample of the pattern appears in Sherlockiana, 14, Nr. 3 (1969),13; and on the cover of DCC, 7, No. 1 (November 1970).


C17735. -- B3845. Sherlock Holmes Wallpaper. Westerly, R. I.: Carefree Walkoverings Co., 1978. Trimmed width: 24 in.

"Bathroom and kitchen favorites." Cloth backed vinyl, pre-pasted, washable wall coverings in two patterns: No. BK 1321 and 1322. Pattern repeat: 22 in.




C17736. Dr. Watson's Neglected Patients. Sherlock Holmes Special Reserve. Vinted and bottled by the Negociants, Healdsburg, Calif. Denver: 1993.

"California Table Wine, Reserve Red."


C17737. The Sherlock Holmes Society of Australia. Dr. Watson Claret 1985 Shiraz. Produced by L.F. & L.K. Holmes, Springton, for The Sherlock Holmes Society of Australia. Mt. Pleasant, South Australia: Holmes Winery, 1987.

On label: "`... We sat for an hour over a bottle of claret ... '" (Card).


C17738. The Sherlock Holmes Society of Australia. Sherlock Holmes 100th Anniversary Springton Port. Produced by L.F. & L.K. Holmes, Springton, for The Sherlock Holmes Society of Australia. Mt. Pleasant, South Australia: Holmes Winery, 1987.

On label: "`It is a good wine, Holmes.' `A remarkable wine, Watson.' Commemorating the 100th anniversary of Sherlock Holmes' adventures."

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