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Since the first known Sherlock Holmes dramatization Under the Clock on February 26, 1893, hundreds of actors have portrayed Holmes and Watson on the stage, screen, radio, television, and recordings. Among the well-known actors are: Dan Aykroyd, John Barrymore, Jeremy Brett, Charles Chaplin, Tom Conway, Peter Cushing, Robert Duvall, Douglas Fairbanks, Sir John Gielgud, William Gillette, Stewart Granger, Larry Hagman, Charlton Heston, Christopher Lee, Patrick Macnee, James Mason, Dudley Moore, Leonard Nimoy, Sir Laurence Olivier, Christopher Plummer, Basil Rathbone, Sir Ralph Richardson, George C. Scott, Fritz Weaver, Orson Welles, Gene Wilder, Nicol Williamson, and Joanne Woodward.


Who could have predicted that so many famous actors would ever have played the detective duo? It is truly exciting to have had all these gifted actors put on a deerstalker or bowler and assume the identity of the Master Detective and his assistant. Most have done their best to emulate them, but others have poked fun at them with their humorous interpretations, sometimes to the dismay of audiences.


Listed in this part are the credits, casts, dates, number of performances, and reviews for most of these dramatizations. Information on the plays was usually obtained from playbills or reviews, many of them borrowed from John Bennett Shaw. Information on the radio and television programs was acquired from logs published in The Times of London and The New York Times (complete runs of these newspapers are held by the Colorado State University Libraries). Detailed information on British programs was gathered from the BBC's Radio Times, and I also received data from libraries and Sherlockians in several European countries. Additional information about the actors and dramatizations can be found in the articles and books listed under Criticism, and also under the subheadings Films, Musicals, Plays, Radio, and Television.



A. Criticism



C18536. -- A5015. Baring-Gould, William S. "`You Would Have Made an Actor, and a Rare One,'" The Annotated Sherlock Holmes. New York: Clarkson N. Potter, [1967]. Vol. 1, chap. 4, p. 27-32. illus.

A discussion of the stage and film versions of the tales.


C18537. -- A5016. Berman, Ruth. "`The Stage Lost a Fine Actor,'" BSJ, 17, No. 3 (September 1967), 136-138.

Links between the Sacred Writings and the actors who have portrayed Sherlock Holmes.


C18538. -- A5017. Berman, Ruth. "`The Stage Lost a Fine Actor When He Became a Specialist in Crime': A Clerihewical Meditation," VH, 1, No. 2 (April 1967), 3.

"Did the stage lose? / By now it is no news / That it has often grasped the essence / Of the Holmesian presence."


C18539. -- A5020. Daugherty, Frank. "Baker Street Regulars," The Christian Science Monitor (August 19, 1944), 7.

An illustrated article on the films and radio programs of "the most regular performers of Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson" -- Basil Rathbone and Nigel Bruce.


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A look at the film and radio portrayals.


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Previews and reviews of Sherlock Holmes radio and television series and motion pictures.


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A comprehensive and well-illustrated account of the stage, film, and radio impersonations.


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"A brief look at those who have trod the boards and/ or solved problems in the flickers, as the Great Detective."


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A series of illustrated articles on the following portrayers of Sherlock Holmes: 1. Charles Brookfield. -- 2. Clive Brook. -- 3. Hr. Bergendorff. -- 4. Hr. Bergvall. -- 5. Hr. Knud Nyblom. -- 6. Mack Sennett. -- 7. Fred Mace. -- 8. Henry Oscar. -- 9. Carlyle Blackwell. -- 10. Alan Moore. -- 11. John Barrymore. -- 12. Francis Ford. -- 13. H. Hamilton Stewart. -- 14. Howard Marion Crawford. -- 15. Ronald Howard. -- 16. Chubb-Lock Holmes. -- 17. Shylock Bones. -- 18. Sherlocko and Watso. -- 19. Julian Royce. -- 20. H. A. Saintsbury. -- 21. Marcel Myin.


C18545. -- A5043. [Richard, Peter, comp.] Charles Augustus Milverton on Stage, Screen and Radio. London: The Milvertonians of Hempstead, 1960. [30] p.

A comprehensive survey with credits, cast, and story for The Speckled Band, Charles Augustus Milverton, The Return of Sherlock Holmes, The Missing Rembrandt, and Dr. Watson Meets Sherlock Holmes.


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A verse in four stanzas about Holmes on stage, screen, radio, and television.


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----------. Revised with title: "Portrayers of Sherlock Holmes," The Private Life of Sherlock Holmes. Rev. and enl. The University of Chicago Press, [1960]. p. 115-127.

The Master on stage and screen.


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Estate forms Sir Nigel Films Ltd. for film and TV productions.


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Recollections of the Great Detective's stage and screen incarnations. "The moment I made first acquaintance with those two portrayals [by Rathbone and Bruce], I knew with a certitude which has never been challenged since, that Holmes lives."


C18550. -- B4136. Haydock, Ron. Deerstalker! Holmes and Watson on Screen. Metuchen, N.J., & London: The Scarecrow Press, 1978. x, 313 p. illus.

A detailed, comprehensive history of more than 400 film and television appearances of the Master Detective, with an extensive index compiled by Donald F. Glut. A fascinating and valuable book.

Reviews: BSM, No. 15 (September 1978), 32-34 (Robert W. Pohle, Jr.); Choice, 16 (May 1979), 400; Library Journal, 103 (September 1, 1978), 1658 (W. H. Lyles); Screen Thrills and The Nostalgia Monthly, No. 8 (November-December 1978), 26 (Michael R. Pitts).


C18551. -- B4154. Marill, Alvin E. "Films on TV," Films in Review (February 1977), 107-109.

Reviews of Sherlock Holmes telefeatures and TV movies, with a photograph of Roger Moore as the detective.


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Discusses the radio and television programs, from The Speckled Band (October 20, 1930) to The Hound of the Baskervilles (February 12, 1972). Includes seven illustrations with descriptions.


C18554. -- B4183. Pointer, Michael. The Public Life of Sherlock Holmes. Catalogued and described by Michael Pointer. Newton Abbot: David & Charles, [1975]. 200 p. illus.

----------. ----------.[New York]: Drake Publishers, [1975]. 200 p. illus.

"This is the first book to recount the many ways in which the entertainment industry has used, and misused, the best-known character in all fiction. It is based on the author's accumulated data on the subject, gathered over 30 years and now the most extensive collection in the world." (Jacket)

Reviews: The Armchair Detective, 8 (August 1975), 303-305 (Norman Schatell); BSM, No. 2 (July 1975), 16 (Donald K. Pollock, Jr.); Chronicle and Echo [Northampton] (May 3, 1975) (Ian Mayes); San Francisco Chronicle/Panorama (August 20, 1975) (Lenore Glen Offord); SS, 2, No. 3 (November 1975), 3 (Daniel Morrow); SHJ, 12, Nos. 3-4 (Summer 1976), 92-93; SM, 3, No. 4 (August 1975), 9 (Wally Conger); Sherlockiana, 20, Nr. 2-3 (1975), 13 (Henry Lauritzen); Spectator, 235 (January 3, 1976), 14 (Benny Green); West Lancashire Evening Gazette (April 7, 1975) (H.R.G.)


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----------. ----------. New York: Clarkson N. Potter/ Distributed by Crown Publishers, [1976]. 168 p.

Jacket design by Ken Sansome.

A pictorial survey of the many ways in which the Master Detective and his world have been presented and mis-presented by artists, actors, and dramatist. There is a separate chapter on the illustrations, the actors, The Hound of the Baskervilles, Dr. Watson, Holmes in disguise, 221b Baker Street, and the Swiss tour of 1968. The book is based on the author's extensive collection.

Reviews: The Armchair Detective, 19 (January 1977), 70 (Jon L. Lellenberg); BSM, No. 9 (March 1977), 15-16 (John Bennett Shaw); Booklist, 73 (February 1, 1977), 784-785; Books and Bookmen, 22 (February 1977), 52-54 (Colin Wilson); Detroit Free Press (January 9, 1977), 5-C (Marcia Abramson); Film Illustrated (January 1977) (John Williams); Library Journal, 102 (January 15, 1977), 216 (Sheila Pepper); MM, No. 7 (August 1977), 5 (Peter Varley); Politiken [Copenhagen] (June 21, 1978), II, 7 (Tage la Cour); Rocky Mountain News/Now [Denver] (November 21, 1976) (Peter G. Chronis); San Francisco Sunday Examiner & Chronicle (December 12, 1976) (Kira Kay), and reprinted in CPBook, 1, No. 2 (February 1978), 47; SHJ, 13, No. 1 (Winter 1976), 26-27 (Nicholas Utechin); Sunday Times (November 28, 1976), 41.


C18556. -- B4197. "Sherlock Holmes." By arrangement with the Governors of the Royal Shakespeare Company, Stratford-Upon-Avon, England. [New York: Raydell Pub. & Distr. Corp., 1976.] [18] p.

A souvenir program designed by Marianne Persson, containing numerous photographs of scenes from Gillette's play, stills of Holmes films, and drawings by Paget and Steele. The photographs are mainly of Gillette, Wood, and Nimoy.


C18557. -- B4199. "Sherlock Holmes Scrapbook," The History of Sherlock Holmes in Stage, Films, TV & Radio Since 1899 (1975), 62-63. (E-GO Collectors Series, No. 1): Sherlock Holmes (July 1976), 62-64. (E-GO Collectors Series, No. 3)

A series of illustrations -- thirteen in each issue -- with descriptions, mainly of scenes from the dramatizations.


C18558. Brogdon, Philip R. "Sherlock Holmes in Black." Washington, D.C.: Privately Printed, 1990. 1 folded sheet. (Essays in Black Series, No. 1)

"A Sanger Original printed in a limited edition to be given the weekend of 12 January 1990, to members of the Baker Street Irregulars and kindred spirits."

"Important contributions made by black people working in the media and performance fields to keep Holmes' memory alive." With a photograph by Philip Collins of a black butler serving Basil Rathbone a glass of Walker's DeLuxe bourbon.


C18559. Canton, Rolf J. "Acting the Part of Sherlock Holmes," Explorations, No. 4 (Winter 1988), 7-9.

A study of Holmes for the actor.


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Comments on the productions from 1893 to 1989.


C18561. Cleary, James C. "No, But I've Seen the Movie," BSJ, 42, No. 1 (March 1992), 46-47.

The author cautions Sherlockians (as "keepers of the flame") to be alert to correct faulty impressions of Holmes, Watson, and the plots of the tales, which may be held by those who gain all their knowledge of the Canon from film or tape.


C18562. Davies, David Stuart. "A Parade of Watsons," MPapers, No. 3 (1990), 43-53. illus.

"A brief survey of Dr. J. H. Watson as a dramatized figure. In no way can it be claimed to be comprehensive, but the major interpretations of Holmes' chronicler are included."


C18563. Edwards, Owen Dudley. "The Case of the Silver Screen," The List (December 11, 1987-January 7, 1988).

"As television prepares to celebrate a hundred years of Arthur Conan Doyle's Sherlock Holmes, Owen Dudley Edwards tracks down his various incarnations on screen and stage, and delivers verdict on Who Did It Best."


C18564. Feldman, Larry. "The Best Watson Ever," LP, 1, No. 2 (Spring 1991), 1-3.

A survey among a select group of Sherlockians reveals that their favorite Watsons are: James Mason, David Burke, Robert Duvall, Norman Shelley, Ralph Richardson, and Nigel Bruce.


C18565. Harris, Samela. "Elementary for Experts on Holmes," Adelaide Advertiser (June 18, 1986). illus.

Four Adelaide actors (Kelvin Harman, Richard Margetson, Janeen Brian, and John Kelly) have dedicated themselves to the cause of reading the Sherlock Holmes stories to patrons of Styles restaurant at Unley.


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A list of actors in the Granada Holmes series who have also appeared in other Sherlockian dramatizations.


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"A listing of all known radio and television broadcasts, movies, and recordings in the United States and Great Britain."


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----------. ----------, LCH (March-April 1988), 10.

Of the three actors to portray Watson (Bruce, Burke, and Hardwicke), Edward Hardwicke comes closest to Doyle's description.


C18569. Leonard, William Torbert. "Sherlock Holmes," Theatre: Stage to Screen to Television. Metuchen, N.J., & London: The Scarecrow Press, 1981. Vol. 2, p. 1401-1432.

A five-page "Comment and Critique" is following by a listing, with credits and casts, of numerous Holmes dramatizations.


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----------. ----------, Revised by Peter E. Blau. S&CG, No. 3 (1992), 13.

A chronological list of the radio, film, and television adaptations of Lady, from 1923 to 1991.


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"Other TV sleuths and movie detectives have been heartier, hardier, sexier, splashier. It doesn't matter. To legions of Baker Street devotees, Holmes is where the heart is."


C18573. Peel, John. Sherlock Holmes. Edited by Hal Schuster. [Granada Hills, Calif.: Files Magazine/Pop Cult, Inc., 1987.] 53 p. illus.

Cover photograph of Robert Stephens and Colin Blakely.

Contents: Introduction. -- Holmes: The Man. -- Basil Rathbone, the Greatest Holmes? -- Baker Street. -- The Great Mouse Detective. -- The Television Holmes.


C18574. "Point of Controversy," The Ritual, No. 1 (Spring 1988), 11-12.

Quotes the concluding paragraph of the introduction to the Folio Society's edition of Houn in which Julian Symons states that Holmes and Watson "belong not to stage, cinema, TV or radio, but to the printed page." The paragraph is reprinted in MPapers, No. 1 (1988), 38-39, with replies from David Stuart Davies, Peter E. Blau, Vivien Young, and Catherine Cooke.


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Front jacket illustration of Holmes by Frank Wiles; back jacket illustration of a cover from The Strand Magazine.

A handsomely illustrated and informative book (the largest Sherlock Holmes book ever published!) about the Great Detective and his impersonators, impostors, amusers and persuaders on the stage, screen, and television.

A worthy addition to any collection.

Reviews: BSM, No. 70 (Summer 1992), 37-38 (Bruce Southworth); BSPB, No. 12 (October 1992), 23-24 (Allan J. Palmer); Once Upon a Crime Blotter [Minneapolis], 1, No. 1 (March 1992), 3-4 (Bruce Southworth); The Ritual, No. 8 (Autumn 1991), 31-32 (Stephen Farrell); SHJ, 20, No. 4 (Summer 1992), 142 (Christopher Roden); SHR, 3, No. 3 (1991), 132-133 (Steven T. Doyle).


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Address to members of The Sherlock Holmes Society of Australia (Adelaide, November 17, 1992; Melbourne, November 26, 1992).


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Reflections on the importance of Nigel Bruce to Basil Rathbone and Edward Hardwicke to Jeremy Brett.


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Reviews the Holmes films and plays based on the Ripper murders.


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"One thousand copies printed, of which 325 are presented to the Baker Street Irregulars and the Adventuresses of Sherlock Holmes, on 10 January 1986, by John Bennett Shaw, BSI, Senior Fellow, University of Minnesota."

Contents: 1. William Gillette (1853-1937). -- 2. Eille Norwood (1861-1948). -- 3. Arthur Wontner (1875-1960). -- 4. Basil Rathbone (1892-1967). -- 5. Jeremy Brett and David Burke.

Reviews: BSM, No. 44 (Winter 1985), 39-42 (Philip A. Shreffler); SHJ, 17, No. 4 (Summer 1986), 133-134 (Nicholas Utechin).


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----------. ----------, CPBook, 6, No. 1 (March 1983), 525-526.

"It's only an elementary deduction that the most popular detective on cassette is Basil Rathbone's Sherlock Holmes, with Nigel Bruce as Dr. Watson. Part of their appeal is that viewers can imagine themselves in both roles." Also comments on other actors who have portrayed Holmes and Watson in the cinema and on television, and features a caricature of Holmes and Watson by David Febland and a photograph of Rathbone and Bruce.

C18581. The South Downers. "TV/Radio Directory," SDJ, 4, No. 10 -- ; October 19, 1988 -- .

Originally entitled: "TV Guide to Mystery and Malfeasance."

A valuable listing of mysteries, including Sherlock Holmes adventures, with dates, stations, times, programs and notes.


C18582. Sullivan, Dan. "Sherlock: A Myth That Wouldn't Die," Los Angeles Times/Calendar (November 30, 1980), 62-63. illus.

----------. ----------, CPBook, 4, No. 1 (March 1981), 328-329.

A brief look at the dramatizations, prompted by Charlton Heston's appearance as Holmes in The Crucifer of Blood.


C18583. Tibbetts, John C. "Holmes in London, 1988," BSM, No. 57 (Spring 1989), 32-43. illus.

A profile of Sherlockian activity in London during the summer and fall of 1988. The author interviews Lady Jean Bromet (sole surviving child of Sir Arthur), Jeremy Brett (who had recently opened in the play The Secret of Sherlock Holmes), and Michael Caine (whose film Without a Clue had just been released). Links among the three personages are drawn and photographs by the author are provided.


  -- Films


C18584. -- A5018. Cabana, Ray, Jr. "Always Holmes," Kaleidoscope, 2, No. 1 (1965), 24-34.

A detailed account of the Sherlock Holmes films featuring Basil Rathbone and Nigel Bruce. Includes thirteen photographs of scenes from the films.


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The author traces the various screen dramatizations of the Master from Sherlock Holmes Baffled (1900) to The Hound of the Baskervilles (1959). Illustrated with ten photographs.


C18586. -- A5023. Gruber, Frank. "Reminiscences. II. On Script-Writing Holmes and Bulldog Drummond," The Armchair Detective, 2, No. 1 (October 1968), 56.

Most of this brief but interesting article is concerned with the author's experience of writing the screenplays for Terror by Night and Dressed to Kill (DA5158, DA5159).


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A history of the filmed version of this adventure from the first production in 1914 by Pathé Frères to the 20th Century-Fox production in 1939.


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A valuable discussion and listing of several cinematic portrayals of Holmes.


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Seven historic photographs from the collection of Anthony Howlett.


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"A discussion and review of the famous films." (Subtitle)


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----------. ----------, The Strand Magazine, 110 (January 1946), 38-41.

Most of this article deals with the cinematic adaptations of the stories.


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An interesting review of the films, from Sherlock Holmes Baffled in 1900 to The Private Life of Sherlock Holmes in 1970.


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An important documentation of the cinematographical history of the period.


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Program notes for the showing of this film and a partly annotated listing of some forty films "which have treated, in great or small fashion, with Sherlock Holmes, his cases, or the intellectual prowess which his very name implies."


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Contains an introductory essay by Chris Steinbrunner, reproductions of the advertising posters, and a synopsis of each film.


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Pages 37-40 of this bibliography contain a chronological list of the films, including the names of the actors who portrayed Holmes and Watson, that have been based upon the Canonical tales or written as original screenplays.


C18597. -- B4087. The Adventure of Sherlock Holmes' Smarter Brother: Press Kit. Beverly Hills, Calif: Twentieth Century-Fox Film Corp., [1975]. 1 portfolio.

Contains several stills, a production information guide, and other publicity sheets (88 p.) on the film and stars, prepared by Gordon Armstrong, National Publicity Director for 20th Century-Fox.


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Program notes by Chris Steinbrunner for the film series at the AFI Theater, March 5, 8, 12, and 29, featuring The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes (1939), The Scarlet Claw, (1944), A Study in Terror (1965), The Private Life of Sherlock Holmes (1970), Sherlock Holmes (1932), and The Hound of the Baskervilles (1959).


C18599. -- B4090. American Film Institute Theater. 40th Anniversary Retrospective, 1935-1974. Washington, D.C.: 1974. [38] p. illus.

A brochure, edited by Michael Webb, with an introduction by Stephen Zito, describing the films in this 20th Century-Fox retrospective, including The Hound of the Baskervilles.


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"An eleven-event series comprising all the major Sherlock Holmes films and many rarities. Compiled with the assistance of Sherlockians Peter Blau, Ronnie James, and Chris Steinbrunner."


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"Screen interpretations of the great detective." (Subtitle)


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A fragmented discussion, with an incomplete checklist, containing little that is new.


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Lists the fifteen films, including Crazy House, with partial credits and cast.


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A brief introduction to Doyle, Holmes and Watson, followed by detailed reviews of Sherlock Holmes and the Voice of Terror, Sherlock Holmes and the Secret Weapon, The Speckled Band, The Scarlet Claw, and Silver Blaze (Murder at the Baskervilles).


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A chronological listing of the Rathbone/Bruce films, with comments on the most memorable ones.


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Reprinted from Kaleidoscope, 1965, with many additional photographs (DA5018).


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A long and well-illustrated synopsis of the film.


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Jacket design by Terry Griffiths.

Published in hardcover and paperback editions.

----------. ----------. New York: Bramhall House, [1978]. 175 p.

"This is an illustrated study of his screen career, which includes a comprehensive filmography -- from the flickering silent movies to the stage and small screen, from serious thrillers to spoofs. It is also a study of the men who, have portrayed Holmes...." (Jacket)

Reviews: BSM, No. 13 (March 1978), 26-27 (Richard L. Katz); Huddersfield Daily Examiner (February 15, 1977); SHJ, 13, No. 2 (Summer 1977), 54 (Nicholas Utechin); Sherlockiana, 22, Nr. 2-3 (1977), 16 (Henry Lauritzen).


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All fourteen of the Rathbone/Bruce films were featured during a film festival at Colorado State University. See also DB4198.


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An historical reminiscence of the detective film, with comments on past and present Holmes films.


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The festival was first mentioned in SM, 2, No. 2 (December 1974), 5.


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Review; Scarlet Street, No. 5 (Winter 1992), 82-85 (Ken Schactman).


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See also DB3689, DB4637.


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See also DA5135.


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"Following the wonderful success of Without a Clue on the silver screen, Priory Scholar Productions proudly announces its next intention, starring Clint Nor'Eastwood as `Dirty Harry Holmes,' NorWood Allen as `Dr. Watson,' Don Rickles-etti as `Moriarty,' Dustin Hoffman as `The Woman,' Joan Rivers as `Mrs. Hudson' in The Study 'n' Scarlett or The Singular Disappearance of the Red Butler."


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  -- Musicals


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----------. ----------, The Sherlock Holmes Scrapbook. p. 116-117.

Primarily a review of the musical Baker Street and the BBC-TV series, Sherlock Holmes. "Perhaps the Sherlock Holmes revival will start a new fashion in heroes -- the crime-buster who cares more about the crime than he does about busts."


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Two separate musicals were under consideration by rival producers, Alexander H. Cohen and Arthur Shimkin. (Cohen acquired the stage rights from the Doyle estate.)


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The author looks askance at musicalizing Sherlock Holmes.



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An unfavorable review of the Broadway musical.

Letters: CH, 9, No. 3 (Spring 1986), 29-30 (Mark Hacksley; Colin Hoare).


C18786. Swift, Francine Morris. "`Harmless Necessary Cats,'" BSJ, 33, No. 1 (March 1983), 42-43. (Letters to Baker Street) A favorable review of the musical.

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