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K. Plays



This section lists professional and amateur productions, reviews, promptbooks, typescripts, souvenir programs, and published plays that have appeared between 1893 and 1994 in English-speaking countries, Czechoslovakia, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Holland, Japan, Norway, Russia, Spain, and Sweden. (The two published plays and one unpublished play by Conan Doyle are listed with The Apocrypha or Manuscripts.) Some of the plays are serious dramatizations while others, perhaps a majority, are humorous and satirical. In addition to the original plays, a number of them have been adapted from the Canonical tales.

William Gillette's play Sherlock Holmes is by far the most successful of the Holmes dramatizations. Between its first production in Buffalo, New York, on October 23, 1899, and its latest at The Shaw Festival at Niagara-on-the-Lake, on July 8, 1994, the play has been performed thousands of times by many casts in several countries. According to a printed postcard of Gillette, the play had been performed 4,457 times as of June 25, 1904! One-hundred eighteen separate productions of the play in various cities of the United States, Australia, England, France, Germany, Norway, and Sweden are listed here, together with the credits and cast for each production. The play also has been dramatized for the screen, radio, and television. It has been the subject of two satirical skits, The Remarkable Pipe Dream of Mr. Shylock Holmes and Sheerluck Jones, or Why D'Gillette Him Off? A Dutch novelization of the play was published in Amsterdam twenty years before the English publication appeared in 1922.

Gillette performed the leading role over 1,300 times between 1899 and 1932. He also portrayed Holmes in a film version of his play in 1916, and appeared in the first Sherlock Holmes radio dramatization in 1930. His performances were enormously successful, and many Sherlockians believe he resembled the Master Detective more closely than any one before or since. William Gillette, a tall, sparse figure of a man smoking a curved meerschaum pipe and wearing a deerstalker and cape, is inextricably connected with the role of the famous detective. Frederic Dorr Steele said of him, "I can think of no more perfect realization of a fictional character on the stage." In a personal note to the actor upon his return to the stage in 1929, Booth Tarkington wrote, "I would rather see you play Sherlock Holmes than be a child again on Christmas morning."

To honor the great actor, an annual William Gillette Memorial Luncheon is held in New York on the same day as the annual dinner of The Baker Street Irregulars. Sherlockians and the public pay homage to him by visiting his twenty-four room home -- the Gillette Castle -- in Hadlyme, Connecticut. Two scion societies -- The Cornish Horrors and The Men on the Tor -- also hold meetings and other events at the castle.

Even though Holmes has been played by numerous actors, it is perhaps fair to say that for the first generation of Sherlockians, William Gillette was Sherlock Holmes; for the second, Basil Rathbone; and for the third, Jeremy Brett.


C        19754. -- A5181. Bridgham, Gladys Ruth. A Case for Sherlock Holmes: A Comedy in Two Acts. For female characters only. Boston: Walter H. Baker & Co., 1914. 30 p. (Baker's Edition of Plays)


C19755. -- A5183. [Carr, John Dickson.] "The Adventure of the Conk-Singleton Papers," by Dr. John H. Watson. The Unicorn Mystery Book Club News, 1, No. 9 (1949), 8-9, 16.

----------. ----------, Ellery Queen's Mystery Magazine, 52, No. 4 (October 1968), 67-70.

A parody-pastiche in dramatic form, performed in April 1948 at the Mystery Writers of America's annual Edgar Allan Poe Awards Dinner with the following cast: Clayton Rawson (Sherlock Holmes), Lawrence G. Blochman (Dr. Watson), John Dickson Carr (The Mysterious Visitor).


C19756. -- A5184. Carr, John Dickson. "The Adventure of the Paradol Chamber," The Unicorn Mystery Book Club News, 2, No. 3 (1949), 8-9, 14-15.

----------. ----------, Ellery Queen's Mystery Magazine, 15, No. 75 (February 1950), 106-110.

----------. ----------, BSJ, 15, No. 3 (September 1965), 136-138.

----------. ----------, Ellery Queen's Minimysteries. Edited by Ellery Queen. New York and Cleveland: The World Pub. Co., [1969]. p. 189-194.

A dramatic sketch given at the Mystery Writers of America Annual Dinner show, The March of Crime.


C19757. -- A5185. [Clapp, Roger T.] "The Adventure of the Yellow Birds," Providence Sunday Journal Magazine (December 11, 1949), 3-6, 8.

Contents: The Yellow Birds, story synopsis by Roger T. Clapp; pictures by H. Raymond Ball. -- English 23, story by Henry H. Smith; pictures by Edward C. Hanson. -- Is Sherlock Holmes Still Alive? by Jeannette Hopkins.

A report on the presentation of Mr. Clapp's melodrama The Yellow Birds by members of Professor Ben Brown's English 23 class at Brown University.


C19758. -- A5186. Clapp, Roger T. "The Yellow Birds: A Sherlock Holmes Adventure in Five Scenes," The Third Cab. [Boston: The speckled Band, 1960.] p. 64-80.

----------. ----------, BSJ, 17, No. 2 (June 1967), 102-112.

A dramatization of the story that won the prize offered by The Speckled Band in 1949 for the best pastiche based on the untold adventure of "Wilson, the Notorious Canary Trainer," mentioned by Watson in Blac.


C19759. -- A5187. Crane, Burton. The Mystery of the Silver-Backed Hairbrush: A Whodunit in One Act. Boston: Baker's Plays, [1950]. 22 p.

"First presented by the Tokyo Women's Club in the auditorium of the Y.M.C.A. in Tokyo, Japan. It was staged by the author."

Two characters -- Chesterton and his assistant, Dobson -- are comic versions of Holmes and Watson.


C19760. -- A5188. Doyle, Sir Arthur Conan. The Crown Diamond An Evening with Sherlock Holmes: A Play in One Act. Bristol: Hippodrome, May 2, 1921. 1 performance. London: Coliseum, May 16-22, August 29-September 4, 1921. 28 performances.

Credits: Producer, Stanley Bell.

Cast: Dennis Neilson-Terry (Sherlock Holmes -- the famous Detective), [Unknown] (Dr. Watson -- His Friend), [Unknown] (Billy -- Page to Mr. Holmes), [Unknown] (Col. Sebastian Moran -- an intellectual Criminal), [Unknown] (Sam Merton -- a Boxer).

"The Adventure of the Mazarin Stone" (October 1921) was based on this play.


C19761. -- A5189. Doyle, Sir Arthur Conan. The Speckled Band: An Adventure of Sherlock Holmes. London: Adelphi Theatre, June 4-August 7, 1910.

Credits: Acting Manager (for George Edwardes), Charlton Mann; Stage Manager, W. W. Keene; Assistant Stage Manager, A. Bachner; Scenery, F. L. Schmitz; Wigs, Clarkson; Miss Silver's Dresses, Mrs. Caleb Porter; Musical Director, Brigata Bucalossi.

Cast: H. A. Saintsbury (Sherlock Holmes), Claude King (Dr. Watson), Lyn Harding (Dr. Grimesby Rylott -- a retired Anglo-Indian Surgeon, owner of Stoke Place), Christine Silver (Enid Stonor* -- Dr. Rylott's Step-daughter), Agnes Thomas (Mrs. Staunton -- Housekeeper to Dr. Rylott), A. S. Homewood (Rodger Rogers -- Butler to Dr. Rylott), Wilton Ross (Ali, an Indian -- Valet to Dr. Rylott), Arthur Burne (Mr. Scott Wilson -- engaged to Enid's Sister), Spencer Trevor (Mr. Armitage -- the Village Grocer), J. J. Bartlett (Mr. Longbrace -- Coroner), Frank Ridley (Mr. Brewer -- Foreman of the Jury), Geoffrey Hill (Inspector Downing), George Laundy (Coroner's Office), A. G. Craig (Mr. Holt Loaming -- Client of Sherlock Holmes), Gwendolen Floyd (Mrs. Soames -- Client of Sherlock Holmes), A. Corney Grain (Mr. James B. Montague -- Client of Sherlock Holmes), Frank Ridley (Mr. Milverton -- Client of Sherlock Holmes), Cecil F. Lowrie (Billy -- Page to Sherlock Holmes), C. Later (Peters -- a Butler), (Jurors at the Inquest).

Music: Overture -- "Egmont" by Beethoven. -- 1st Entr'acte. "The Speckled Band" (An Indian Melody in G Minor) by Brigata Bucalossi. -- 2nd Entr'acte. "Pagliacci" by Leoncavallo. -- 3rd Entr'acte. a. "Hilary" by A. Corney Grain. b. "L'Amour est Eternel" by Brigata Bucalossi.

Contents: Act 1. The Hall of Stoke Place, Stoke Moran. Two years elapse between Acts I and II. -- Act II. Scene 1. Dr. Rylott's Study, Stoke Place. Scene 2. Mr. Sherlock Holmes' Rooms, Upper Baker Street, London. -- Act III. Scene 1. The Hall of Stoke Place. Scene 2. Enid's Bedroom, Stoke Place.

Based broadly on the Canonical tale by the same name.


* The name of the heroine was spelled "Stoner." In the play the author, perhaps forgetfully, spelled it "Stonor." Some of the programs used the "-er" spelling and some the "-or" spelling. Also, Roylott's name is spelled "Rylott."


C19762. -- A5190. Doyle, Sir Arthur Conan. The Speckled Band: An Adventure of Sherlock Holmes. London: The Globe Theatre, August 8-October 29, 1910.

Credits: Charles Frohman's General Manager, W. Lestocq; Stage Manager, W. W. Keene; Assistant Stage Manager, A. Bachner; Scenery, F. L. Schmitz; Musical Director, Brigata Bucalossi.

Cast: H. A. Saintsbury (Sherlock Holmes), H. Lawrence Leyton (Dr. Watson), Herbert Waring (Dr. Grimesby Rylott), Christine Silver (Enid Stonor), Alice Beet (Mrs. Staunton), Ernest Cosham (Rodgers), Wilton Ross (Ali), Arthur Burne (Scott Wilson), Spencer Trevor (Armitage), J. J. Bartlett (Longbrace), Frank Ridley (Brewer), W. Coats Bush (Inspector Downing), George Laundy (Coroner's Officer), Henry Williams (Holt Loaming), Gwendolen Floyd (Mrs. Soames), Frank G. Bayley (James B. Montague), Frank Ridley (Milverton), Cecil F. Lowrie (Billy), C. Later (Peters), (Jurors at the Inquest).


C19763. -- A5191. Doyle, Sir Arthur Conan. The Speckled Band: An Adventure of Sherlock Holmes. Boston, Mass.: Boston Theatre, October 24-? 1910. New York: Garrick Theatre, November 21-December 17, 1910. 32 performances.

Credits: Managing Directors, Charles Frohman and William Harris; Stage Director, George A. Highland; Stage Manager, Walter Soderling; Scenery, Homer F. Emmons.

Cast: Charles Millward (Sherlock Holmes), Ivo Dawson (Dr. Watson), Edwin Stevens (Dr. Grimesby Rylott), Irene Fenwick (Enid Stonor), Katherine Brook (Mrs. Staunton), John Findlay (Rodgers), H. H. McCollum (Ali), Cyril Chadwick (Scott Wilson), Ben Field (Armitage), Alexander Frank (Longbrace), Ivan F. Simpson (Brewer), W. Coats Bush (Inspector Downing), John M. Troughton (Coroner's Officer), Frank Shannon (Holt Loaming), W. Soderling (James B. Montague), Ivan F. Simpson (Milverton), Kenneth Meinken (Billy), C Later (Peters), (Jurors at the Inquest).


C19764. -- A5192. Doyle, Sir Arthur Conan. The Speckled Band: An Adventure of Sherlock Holmes. Under the management of Mr. Arthur Hardy. London: Strand Theatre, February 6-25, 1911.

Credits: General Manager, Fred Pemberton; Stage Manager, W. W. Keene; Assistant Stage Manager, Oswald Strong; Scenery, F. L. Schmitz; Musical Director, Brigata Bucalossi.

Cast: O. P. Heggie (Sherlock Holmes), Claude King (Dr. Watson), Lyn Harding (Dr. Grimesby Rylott), Christine Silver (Enid Stonor), Grace Edwin (Mrs. Staunton), A. S. Homewood (Rodgers), Gerald Rogers (Ali), Alfred Beaumont (Scott Wilson), E. H. Brooke (Armitage), Walter Ringham (Longbrace), Frank Ridley (Brewer), Geoffrey Hill (Inspector Downing), George Laundy (Coroner's Officer), A. G. Craig (Holt Loaming), Alfred Beaumont (James B. Montague), Frank Ridley (Milverton), Cecil F. Lowrie (Billy), (Jurors at the Inquest).


C19765. -- A5193. Doyle, Sir Arthur Conan. The Speckled Band: An Adventure of Sherlock Holmes. Southampton: Grand Theatre, May 8, 1911-?

Partial cast: A. Corney Grain (Sherlock Holmes), Harold S. Standing (Dr. Watson), Walter Ringham (Dr. Grimesby Rylott), Herbert Bradford (Milverton).


C19766. -- A5195. Doyle, Sir Arthur Conan. The Speckled Band: An Adventure of Sherlock Holmes. London: St. James's Theatre, September 22-December 10, 1921. 92 performances. Royalty Theatre, December 26, 1921-January 14, 1922. 20 performances.

Cast: H. A. Saintsbury (Sherlock Holmes), Kenneth Rivington (Dr. Watson), Victor Pierpoint (Billy), Lyn Harding (Dr. Grimesby Rylott), Mary Merrall (Enid Stonor), Charles Barratt (Ali), George Mallet (Rodgers), Grace Edwin (Mrs. Staunton), Claude Watts (Scott Wilson), J. J. Bartlett (Longbrace), Arthur Cromer (Brewer), Archibald Forbes (Armitage), Ernest Ruston (Holt Loaming), Alan Craven (Milverton), Edward Stirling (James B. Montague), Edward Leader (Coroner's Officer), William Barlot (Inspector Downing), C. Later (Peters).


C19767. -- A5196. Doyle, Sir Arthur Conan. The Speckled Band: An Adventure of Sherlock Holmes. England and France: The London Players, 1922.

Partial cast: Henry Oscar (Sherlock Holmes), Edward Stirling (Dr. Grimesby Rylott), Margaret Vaughan and Elizabeth Dundas (Enid Stonor).


C19768. -- A5197. Doyle, Sir Arthur Conan. The Speckled Band: An Adventure of Sherlock Holmes. Pasadena, Calif.: Pasadena Community Playhouse, September 3-12, 1931. 10 performances.

Credits: Director, Gilmor Brown; Associate Director, Morris Ankrum; Art Director, Corliss McGee; General Production Manager, Murray Yeats.

Cast: Ralph Freud (Sherlock Holmes), Thomas Browne Henry (Dr. Watson), Robert Kreisman (Billy), Morris Ankrum (Dr. Grimesby Rylott), Elizabeth Porter (Enid Stonor), John Waldron (Ali), Franlin Provo (Rodgers), Sharley Simpson (Mrs. Staunton), Jack Rea (Scott Wilson), Frederick Blanchard (Longbrace), Howland Chamberlain (Brewer), Frank Starr (Armitage), Lewis Winslow (Holt Loaming), Robert Chapin (Milverton), John Blagdon (James B. Montague), C. C. Walton (Coroner's Officer), C. Later (Peters), (Coroner's Jury).


C19769. -- A5198. Doyle, Sir Arthur Conan. The Speckled Band: An Adventure of Sherlock Holmes. Manchester: Library Theatre, September 22-October 10, 1970.

Credits: Director, Paul Webster; Assistant, Gloria Parkinson; Design, Gillian Edwards; Lighting and sound, Martin McCallum.

Cast: Alan Moore (Sherlock Holmes), Michael Keating (Dr. Watson), Mike Savage (Dr. Rylott), Richard Henry (Ali), Alan Luxton (Rodgers), Ian McDiarmid (Armitage and Mr. Montague), Malcolm Storry (Foreman of the Jury and Mr. Milverton), Kevin Williams (Mrs. Scott Wilson and Billy), Paul Seed (Coroner's Officer and Mr. Loaming), Richard Vanstone (Coroner), Diana Lambert (Helen Stonor), Elizabeth Kelly (Mrs. Staunton).


C19770. -- A5199. Doyle, Sir Arthur Conan. The Speckled Band: An Adventure of Sherlock Holmes. [London: 1910.] 30, 41, 28 leaves. Typescript.

Promptbook. Includes property and light plots for the London production.

Location: Library & Museum of the Performing Arts at Lincoln Center.


C19771. -- A5200. Doyle, Sir Arthur Conan. The Speckled Band: An Adventure of Sherlock Holmes. [New York: Rosenfield, 1910.] 35, 56, 28 leaves. Typescript.

Promptbook. Includes property and light plots for the New York production.

Location: Library & Museum of the Performing Arts at Lincoln Center.


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C19772. -- A5201. [Eames, Charles.] "The Case of the Purloined Train," Esquire, 60, No. 4 (October 1963), 121. illus.

----------. Revised with title: "The Case of the Elusive Train," BSJ, 14, No. 4 (December 1964), 196-198.

The script of the Sherlockian puppet show presented in the IBM Pavilion at the New York World's Fair.


C19773. -- A5202. Fenisong, Ruth, and Samuel Sayer. Sherlock Holmes: A Play for Marionettes in Four Scenes. New York: National Play Bureau, Works Progress Administration, Federal Theatre Project, July 1937. 38 p. (Federal Theatre Playscript, No. 22)

"Adapted for marionettes from Conan Doyle's Speckled Band by Ruth Fenisong with the collaboration of Samuel Sayer."


C19774. -- A5203. Fenn, John. Sherlock Holmes and the Affair of the Amorous Regent. Adapted from stories by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Minneapolis: Theatre in the Round, July 13-30, 1972. 10 performances.

Credits: Director, John Fenn; Associate Director, Robert Roedocker; Set Design, Jon Neuse; Lighting Design, Richard Borgen; Costume Design, Karen Gerst; Sound Effects, Bob Friedman; Properties, Lisa Hoffmeister.

Cast: Charters H. Anderson (Sherlock Holmes), John McKay (Dr. Watson), Mark Miller (Billy), David Selberg (His Majesty King Wilhelm von Ormstein), Brian Ann Zoccola (Jenny Bassick), Mark Page (Alf Bassick), Joseph P. Franken (Sid Prince), Ron Pitzerell (Inspector George Lestrade), Barbara Bradshaw (Miss Irene Adler), Ron R. Cherry (Beads), James Naiden (Professor James Moriarty), Midge Semans (Miss Northton), Richard W. Viall (Kraigin), Andy Waggoner (Bell Boy), Ric Stuefer (Room Clerk), Paul Carland, Tim and Todd Cashman, Robert Englund, Paul Letofsky, Katie MacEachern, Nancy and Norman Read, Heather Simon, Mark Swanson, Andy Waggoner (The Baker Street Irregulars).

Reviews: Minneapolis Star (July 14, 1972) 17A (Peter Altman; (July 25, 1972), II, 16B (Don Morrison); Minneapolis Tribune (July 9, 1972), 10D (Mike Steele); (July 14, 1972), 15B (Bob Lundegaard).


C19775. -- A5204. George, Charles. Sherlock Holmes: A Play in a Prologue and Three Acts. Founded on "A Study in Scarlet," by A. Conan Doyle. Boston, Mass., and, Los Angeles, Calif.: [Walter H. Baker Co., 1936]. 128 p. (Baker's Royalty Plays).


C19776. -- A5205. Gillette, William. The Painful Predicament of Sherlock Holmes. New York: Metropolitan Opera House, March 24-? 1905.

Cast: William Gillette (Sherlock Holmes), Ethel Barrymore (Gwendolyn Cobb), Henry McArdle (Billy), W. R. Walters and Frank Andrews (Asylum Attendants).


C19777. -- A5206. Gillette, William. The Harrowing Predicament of Sherlock Holmes [alternate title for The Painful Predicament of Sherlock Holmes]. New York: Criterion Theatre, April 14-? 1905.

Cast: William Gillette (Sherlock Holmes), Jessie Busley (Gwendolyn Cobb), Henry McArdle (Billy).


C19778. -- A5207. Gillette, William. The Painful Predicament of Sherlock Holmes. London: Duke of York's Theatre, October 3-? 1905.

Cast: William Gillette (Sherlock Holmes), Irene Vanbrugh (Gwendolyn Cobb), Charles Spencer Chaplin (Billy).

The skit (a fantasy "in about one-tenth of an act") was produced at the Duke of York's Theatre as a curtain-raiser to Gillette's play Clarice.


C19779. -- A5208. Gillette, William. The Painful Predicament of Sherlock Holmes: A Fantasy in One Act. [Introduction by Vincent Starrett.] Chicago: Ben Abramson, 1955. 25 p.


C19780. -- A5209. Gillette, William. Sherlock Holmes. Buffalo, N.Y.: Star Theatre, October 23-25, 1899. 3 performances. Syracuse, N.Y. 1 performance. Rochester, N.Y. 1 performance. New York: Garrick Theatre, November 6, 1899-June 16, 1900. 235 performances.

Credits: Producer, Charles Frohman; Stage Manager, William Postance; Scenery, Ernest Gros; Incidental Music, William Furst.

Cast: William Gillette (Sherlock Holmes), Bruce McRae (Dr. Watson), Ruben Fax (Benjamin Forman), Henry McArdle (Billy), Harold Heaton (Sir Edward Leighton), Thomas McGrath (Count Von Stalburg), George Wessells (Professor Moriarty), Ralph Delmore (James Larrabee), George Honey (Sidney Prince), Henry Harman (Alf Bassick), Thomas McGrath (Craigin), Elwyn Eaton (Tim Leary), Soldene Powell (McTague), William Postance (John), Soldene Powell (Parsons), Katherine Florence (Alice Faulkner), Kate Ten Eyck (Mrs. Faulkner), Judith Berolde (Madge Larrabee), Hilda Englund (Terese), Kate Ten Eyck (Mrs. Smeedley).

Contents: Act I. Drawing Room at the Larrabees'. -- Act II. Scene 1. Professor Moriarty's Underground Office. Morning. Scene 2. Sherlock Holmes's Apartments in Baker Street. Evening. -- Act III. The Stepney Gas Chamber. Midnight. -- Act IV. Doctor Watson's Consulting Room Kensington. The following evening.

"Being a hitherto unpublished episode in the career of the great detective and showing his connection with the strange case of Miss Faulkner."


C19781. -- A5210. Gillette, William. Sherlock Holmes. Philadelphia: Broad Street Theatre, February 4-? 1901. Boston: Hollis Street Theatre, February 25-March 25, 1901.

Credits: Producer, Charles Frohman; Stage Manager, William Postance; Scenery, Ernest Gros; Incidental Music, William Furst.

Cast: William Gillette (Sherlock Holmes), Fred'k Truesdell (Dr. Watson), Ruben Fax (John Forman), Harold Heaton (Sir Edward Leighton), Alfred S. Howard (Count Von Stahlburg), George Wessels (Professor Moriarty), Ralph Delmore (James Larrabee), George Honey (Sidney Prince), Henry Harmon (Alfred Bassick), Thomas McGrath (Jim Craigin), Elwyn Eaton (Thomas Leary), Julius Weyms ("Lightfoot" McTague), Henry Koerper (John), Soldene Powell (Parsons), Henry McArdle (Billy), Maude Fealy (Alice Faulkner), Jane Thomas (Mrs. Faulkner), Olive Oliver (Madge Larrabee), Louise Collins (Thérèse), Gertrude Dawes (Mrs. Smeedley).


C19782. -- A5211. Gillette, William. Sherlock Holmes. Malden, Mass.: Malden Auditorium, April 17-? 1901.

Credits and cast as above except that Cuyler Hastings portrayed Sherlock Holmes.


C19783. -- A5212. Gillette, William. Sherlock Holmes. Liverpool: Shakespeare Theatre, September 2-? 1901. London: Royal Lyceum Theatre, September 9, 1901-April 11, 1902. 216 performances.

Credits: Producer, Charles Frohman.

Cast: William Gillette (Sherlock Holmes), Percy Lyndal (Dr. Watson), Sydney Herbert (John Forman), Harold Heaton (Sir Edward Leighton), Walter Selby (Count Von Stalburg), W. L. Abingdon (Professor Moriarty), Ralph Delmore (James Larrabee), Fuller Mellish (Sidney Prince), Henry Harmon (Alfred Bassick), Griffith Evans (Jim Craigin), Henry J. Hadfield (Thomas Leary), David Campbell ("Lightfoot" McTague), Soldene Powell (John), Frank D. Pengelly (Parsons), Henry McArdle (Billy), Maud Fealy (Alice Faulkner), Ethel Lorrimore (Mrs. Faulkner), Charlotte Granville (Madge Larrabee), Louise Collins (Thérèse), Claire Pauncefort (Mrs. Smeedley).

The performance on February 1, 1902, was attended by King Edward VII and Queen Alexandra.


C19784. -- A5213. Gillette, William. Sherlock Holmes. Boston: Hollis Street Theatre, October 27-November 2, 1902. New York: Knickerbocker Theatre, November 3-29, 1902. 28 performances.

Credits: Producer, Charles Frohman.

Cast: William Gillette (Sherlock Holmes), Herbert Percy (Dr. Watson), Edgar Selwyn (John Forman), Frank Andrews (Sir Edward Leighton), Frank Wilson (Count Von Stahlburg), Griffith Evans (Professor Moriarty), Ralph Delmore (James Larrabee), Quinton McPherson (Sidney Prince), Ben Graham (Alfred Bassick), Thomas McGrath (Jim Craigin), Sidney Walters (Thomas Leary), Charles Gibson ("Lightfoot" McTague), Harry Kooper (John), Harry McArdle (Billy), Henry J. Hadfield (Parsons), Mabel Howard (Alice Faulkner), Maude Giroux (Mrs. Faulkner), Alida Cortelyou (Madge Larrabee), Margaret Gordon (Thérèse), Ethel Lorrimore (Mrs. Smeedley).


C19785. -- A5214. Gillette, William. Sherlock Holmes. Boston Theatre, May 18-24, 1903.

Credits: Producer, Charles Frohman; Stage Manager, William Postance.

Cast: Herbert Kelcey (Sherlock Holmes), J. Palmer Collins (Dr. Watson), Frank L. Davis (Benj. Forman), Andrew Williams (Sir Edward Leighton), Arthur Grimwood (Count Von Stahlburg), Charles Canfield (James Larrabee), David Davies (Professor Moriarty), Charles A. Morgan (Sidney Prince), Allen Davenport (Alf. Bassick), W. R. Walters (Jim Craigin), Percy Campbell (Tim Leary), Harry Walters ("Lightfoot" McTague), Frank Adams (John), Walter McArdle (Billy), Archie Curtis (Parsons), Effie Shannon (Alice Faulkner), Lorina Atwood (Madge Larrabee), Winona Shannon (Terese), Mrs. Samuel Charles (Mrs. Faulkner), Kate Korrimore (Mrs. Smeedley).


C19786. -- A5215. Gillette, William. Sherlock Holmes. Washington, D.C.: Lafayette, November 14-20, 1904.

Credits: Management, Gus Bothner and Robert Campbell.

Cast: Erroll Dunbar (Sherlock Holmes), John De Gez (Dr. Watson), J. Hay Cossar (James Larrabee), David Davies (Professor Moriarty), Harry Dickeson (Benjamin Forman), G. A. Coutts (Sidney Prince), Irving Williams (Alf Bassick), Charles Courtney (Sir Edward Leighton), Thomas Desmond (Count Von Stalburg), James D. Croly (Jan Craigin), Robert Graham (Lein Leary), Charles Weaver ("Lightfoot" McTague), George Odell (Billy), William Betts (Parsons), Jay Shattuck (John), Kate Campbell (Alice Faulkner), Marie Gebhart (Madge Larrabee), Josephine Clairmont (Terese).


C19787. -- A5216. Gillette, William. Sherlock Holmes. New York: Empire Theatre, March 6-April 15, 1905. 41 performances.

Credits: Producer, Charles Frohman.

Cast: William Gillette (Sherlock Holmes), William Courtleigh (Dr. Watson), Sidney Herbert (John Forman), Frank Andrews (Sir Edward Leighton), Alfred S. Howard (Count Von Stahlburg), George W. Wessels (Professor Moriarty), Ralph Delmore (James Larrabee), Quinton McPherson (Sidney Prince), George Sumner (Alfred Bassick), W. R. Walters (Jim Craigin), Julius Weymss (Thomas Leary), Harold Heaton ("Lightfoot" McTague), Henry S. Chandler (John), Harry McArdle (Billy), Soldene Powell (Parsons), Jane Laurel (Alice Faulkner), Julia Thomas (Mrs. Faulkner), Hilda Spong (Madge Larrabee), Sybil Campbell (Thérèse), Maude Giroux (Mrs. Smeedley).

According to an Empire advertisement in The New York Times, the performance on April 15 was the 362nd in New York.


C19788. -- A5217. Gillette, William. Sherlock Holmes. Elizabeth, N.J.: Lyceum Theatre, September 28-? 1905.

Cast: Erroll Dunbar (Sherlock Holmes), William Little (Dr. Watson), J. Hay Cossar (James Larrabee), Charles J. Edmonds (Professor Moriarty), Harry Dickeson (Benjamin Forman), Joseph Allenton (Sidney Prince), J. F. Wighaman (Alf Bassick), Charles Courtney (Sir Edward Leighton), Frederick Rose (Count Von Stahlberg), Wilson Mostyn (Jim Craigin), Jos. Finn (Thomas Leary), Charles Weaver (Light-foot McTague), Owen Martin (Billy), William Betts (Parsons), Jay Shattuck (John), Leora Spellman (Alice Faulkner), Mathilde Weffing (Madge Larrabee), Eda Bothner (Terese).


C19789. -- A5218. Gillette, William. Sherlock Holmes. London: Duke of York's Theatre, October 17-December 2, 1905.

Credits: Producer, Charles Frohman; Scenery, Ernest Gros; Incidental Music, William Furst.

Cast: William Gillette (Sherlock Holmes), Kenneth Rivington (Dr. Watson), Eugene Mayeur (John Forman), Reginald Dance (Sir Edward Leighton), Frederick Morris (Count Van Stalburg), George Sumner (Professor Moriarty), Francis Carlyle (James Larrabee), Quinton McPherson (Sidney Prince), William H. Day (Alfred Bassick), Chris Walker (Jim Craigin), Henry Walters (Thomas Leary), Walter Dison ("Lightfoot" McTague), Thomas Quinton (John), G. Merton (Parsons), Charles Chaplin (Billy), Marie Doro (Alice Faulkner), De Olia Webster (Mrs. Faulkner), Adelaide Prince (Madge Larrabee), Sybil Campbell (Thérèse), Ethel Lorrimore (Mrs. Smeedley).


C19790. -- A5219. Gillette, William. Sherlock Holmes. Boston: Castle Square Theatre, December 24-30, 1906.

Credits: Staged by W. C. Masson.

Cast: Howell Hansel (Sherlock Holmes), Shelley Hull (Dr. Watson), Mark Kent (John Forman), Reginald Simpson (Sir Edward Leighton), Robert A. Thorne (Count Von Stahlburg), Ben Johnson (Professor Moriarty), John Waldron (James Larrabee), Louis Albion (Sidney Prince), Charles Miller (Alfred Bassick), Edward Wade (Jim Craigin), Robert A. Thorne (Thomas Leary), Lawrence Eyre ("Lightfoot" McTague), Henry S. Powell (John -- Moriarty's Clerk), Frederick Totten (Parsons -- Servant at Dr. Watson's), Louis F. Owen (Billy), Elfrida Lasche (Alice Faulkner), Grace Foote (Mrs. Faulkner), Jane Evans (Madge Larrabee), Frances Brandt (Thérèse), Helen Scott (Mrs. Smeedley).


C19791. -- A5220. Gillette, William. Sherlock Holmes. Lyceum Theatre, October 13-14, 1910. 2 performances.

Credits: Producer, Charles Frohman; Director, Robert Morris; Manager, Robert M. Eberle.

Cast: William Gillette (Sherlock Holmes), Clifford Bruce (Dr. Watson), A. Romaine Callender (Benj. Forman), John F. Hines (Billy), Frank Andrews (Sir Edward Leighton), Griffith Evans (Count Von Stalburg), J. E. Miltern (Professor Moriarty), Wm. Riely Hatch (James Larrabee), Albert Parker (Sidney Prince), Stewart Robbins (Alf Bassick), Griffith Evans (Craigin), Frank Andrews (Tim Leary), H. E. Moray (Lightfoot McTague), Frederick Wallace (John), H. E. Lindsley (Parsons), Louise Rutter (Alice Faulkner), Margaret Greene (Mrs. Faulkner), Marion Abbott (Madge Larrabee), Josephine Brown (Terese), Nellie Robinson (Mrs. Smeedley).


C19792. -- A5221. Gillette, William. Sherlock Holmes. Providence, R.I.: B. F. Keith's Theatre, May 15-? 1911.

Credits: Producer, Charles Frohman.

Cast: Lowell Sherman (Sherlock Holmes), Fred LeDuke (Dr. Watson), Elinor McEwen (Madge Larrabee), Richard Pitman (Benj. Forman), Harry Carlton (James Larrabee), Dorothy Shoemaker (Terese), C. Wilson Hummell (Sidney Prince), Grayce Scott (Alice Faulkner), Berton Churchill (Professor Moriarty), Frank Brady (John), Albert Lando (Alf Bassick), H. Dudley Hawley (Billy), Harry C. Arnold (Tim Leary), Frank Hopkins ("Lightfoot" McTague), Don Hancock (Parsons), A. C. Henry (Sir Edward Leighton), Everett Newcomb (Count Von Stalburg).


C19793. -- A5222. Gillette, William. Sherlock Holmes. Toledo, Ohio: R.F. Keiths, July 21-? 1913.

Credits: Director, George Farren.

Cast: Sam B. Hardy (Sherlock Holmes), A. S. Byron (Dr. Watson), Harold Hendee (John Forman), H. H. France (Sir Edward Leighton), G. Allyn Zang (Count Von Stahlburg), Edwin B. Bailey (Professor Moriarty), William H. Sullivan (James Larrabee), Royal Tracy (Sidney Prince), H. H. France (Alfred Bassick), G. Allyn Zang (Jim Craigin), William Jacob (Thomas Leary), Neil Pratt (Billy), William Jacob (Parsons), Fay Bainter (Alice Faulkner), Elise Scott (Madge Larrabee), Gilda Leary (Terese).


C19794. -- A5223. Gillette, William. Sherlock Holmes. New York: Empire Theatre, October 11-November 6, 1915.

Credits: Producer, Charles Frohman.

Cast: William Gillette (Sherlock Holmes), Edward Fielding (Dr. Watson), Stewart Robbins (Benj. Forman), Burford Hampden (Billy), Marshall Vincent (Sir Edward Leighton), Wade Hampton, Jr. (Count Von Stalburg), Joseph Brennan (Professor Moriarty), Edwin Mordant (James Larrabee), Stuart Fox (Sidney Prince), Fulton Russell (Alf Bassick), Louis Hendricks (Craigin), H. G. Bates (Tim Leary), H. A. Morey ("Lightfoot" McTague), Philip Sanford (John), Earl Redding (Parsons), Helen Freeman (Alice Faulkner), Evangelyn Blaisdale (Mrs. Faulkner), Marion Abbott (Madge Larrabee), Grace Reals (Terese), Nellie Robinson (Mrs. Smeedley).


C19795. -- A5224. Gillette, William. Sherlock Holmes. Scranton, Pa.: August 7-13, 1916.

Credits: Producer, S. Z. Poli; Director, Augustin Glassmire.

Cast: Walter Richardson (Sherlock Holmes), Stewart E. Wilson (Dr. Watson), Henry Carleton (James Larrabee), Arthur Buchanan (Professor Moriarty), Kerwin Wilkinson (Sidney Prince), Edouard D'Oize (John Forman), Willie Wheeler (Billy), James Brennan (Jim Craigin), Renton Day (Thomas Leary), Wilbur Norman ("Lightfoot" McTague), Tony Hodges (John), Helen Gillingwater (Mrs. Faulkner and Parsons), Edith Winchester (Madge Larrabee), Bertha Mann (Alice Faulkner).


C19796. -- A5225. Gillette, William. Sherlock Holmes. Pasadena, Calif.: Pasadena Community Playhouse, November 6-22, 1922.

Credits: Director, Gilmor Brown; Assistant, Eloise Sterling; Chairman of Production and Wardrobe Committee, Jerry Jerrems; Stage Settings, F. C. Huxley, H. E. Billheimer, and H. Arden Edwards; Incidental Music, Justin Gilbert.

Cast: Joseph Bell (Sherlock Holmes), Everett McCammon (Dr. Watson), Glenn Balch (Benjamin Forman), Frederic Wright (Billy), Edwin F. Gillette (Sir Edward Leighton), Russell M. Guthridge (Count Von Stalburg), Edward Murphey (Professor Moriarty), Cyrus Kendall (James Larrabee), Merwin Gouldthrite (Sidney Prince), George Sabin (Alf Bassick), Godfrey Mortimer (Craigin), Kent Blanche (Tim Leary), Allan Bartlett ("Lightfoot" McTague), Herbert Sollars (John), Edna Holbrook Bliss (Parsons), Ruth Pollock (Alice Faulkner), Dorothy Hooper (Mrs. Faulkner), Cloyde Duval Dalzell (Madge Larrabee), Estelle Tennis (Terese), Ruth Finnell (Mrs. Smeedley).


C19797. -- A5226. Gillette, William. Sherlock Holmes. Washington, D.C.: National Theatre, January 29-February 4, 1923. Philadelphia: Broad Street Theatre, 1923.

Credits: Producer, Charles Frohman; Manager, Joseph R. Williams; Stage Director, F. Cecil Butler.

Cast: William Gillette (Sherlock Holmes), Edward Fielding (Dr. Watson), Harold West (Benj. Forman), Dorian Anderson (Billy), Thomas A. Braidon (Sir Edward Leighton), Ralph Kirkwood (Count Von Stalburg), Leslie Stowe (Professor Moriarty), E. J. Ratcliffe (James Larrabee), William Podmore (Sidney Prince), Harry M. Cooke (Alf. Bassick), Henry Morey (Craigin), Fred Fulton (Tim Leary), Cyril Ingram ("Lightfoot" McTague), Robert Bert (John), Harry James (Parsons), Nora Swinburne (Alice Faulkner), Zeffie Tilbury (Mrs. Faulkner), Ada Sinclair (Madge Larrabee), Raphaelia Ottiano (Terese), Mary Rawlston (Mrs. Smeedley).


C19798. -- A5227. Gillette, William. Sherlock Holmes. New York: Cosmopolitan Theatre, February 20-March 3, 1928.

Credits: Director, Clifford Brooke; Supervisor, Mabel Brownell.

Cast: Robert Warwick (Sherlock Holmes), Stanley Logan (Dr. Watson), Philip Heege (Forman), George Alison (Sir Edward Leighton), J. H. Brewer (Count Von Stalburg), Fred L. Tiden (Jim Larrabee), Frank Keenan (Dr. Moriarty), Horace Braham (Sid Prince), Conway Wingfield (Bassick), Edward Rose (Jim Craigin), John Littell (Tim Leary), Ralph Vincent ("Lightfoot" McTague), Robert Linden (John), Raymond Guion (Billy), Edgar Henning (Parsons), Vivian Martin (Alice Faulkner), Julia Hoyt (Madge Larrabee), Fritzi Scheff (Terese), Jennie A. Eustace (Mrs. Faulkner).

Although Sherlock Holmes was played in modern dress, the text of the play remained the same as in its original production without any other modernization except that a musical score written for the first production was omitted.


C19799. -- A5228. Gillette, William. Sherlock Holmes. "Farewell Tours," 1929-1930, 1931-1932.

Partial list of performances: Springfield, Mass.: November 15, 1929. Boston: Hollis Street Theatre, November 18-? 1929. New York: New Amsterdam Theatre, November 25, 1929-January 4, 1930. 45 performances. Washington, D.C.: National Theatre, January 6-11, 1930. Baltimore: January 13-? 1930. Newark: Shubert Theatre, January 20-? 1930. Philadelphia: January 27-February ? 1930. Cleveland: Ohio Theatre, April 7-? 1930. Boston: Colonial Theatre, December 28, 1931-? Wilmington, Del.: March 19, 1932. Princeton, N.J.: May 12, 1932.

Cast: William Gillette (Sherlock Holmes), Wallis Clark (Dr. Watson), Brinsley Shaw (John Forman), Byron Russell (Sir Edward Leighton), Alfred Ansel (Count Von Stalburg), John Miltern (Professor Moriarty), Montague Shaw (James Larrabee), William Postance (Sidney Prince), F. Augustus Keough (Alfred Bassick), William H. Barwald (Jim Craigin), Herbert Wilson (Thomas Leary), Henry Lambert ("Lightfoot" McTague), Fred Tasker (John), Burford Hampden (Billy), Donald Campbell (Parsons), Peg Entwistle (Alice Faulkner), Dorothy Peabody Russell (Mrs. Faulkner), Roberta Beatty (Madge Larrabee), Kate Byron (Thérèse), Rose Kingston (Mrs. Smeedley).


C19800. -- A5229. Gillette, William. Sherlock Holmes. Washington, D.C.: The Roadside Theatre, August 10-? 1936.

Credits: Staged by Harold A. Weinberger; Settings, Edith I. Allen; Costumes, Dorothy Croissant; Pianist, Jeanne Brayshaw.

Cast: George Farrington (Sherlock Holmes), S. Carlton Ayers (Dr. Watson), Milton Freedman (John Forman), Edward Stevlingson (Sir Edward Leighton), Blake B. Espey (Count Von Stalburg), Fred Haskin, Jr. (Professor Moriarty), Harrold A. Weinberger (James Larrabee), Harrison Libbey (Sidney Prince), John Rapport (Alfred Bassick), Edward Stevlingson (Jim Craigin), John McKnight (Thomas Leary), Blake B. Espey ("Lightfoot" McTague), Frank S. Koonce (John), Frank S. Koonce (Billy), John McKnight (Parsons), Adele Gusack (Alice Faulkner), Joanne Adams (Mrs. Faulkner), Betty Gray (Madge Larrabee), Jean Smith (Terese), Joanne Adams (Mrs. Smeedley).


C19801. -- A5230. Gillette, William. Sherlock Holmes. Michigan City, Ind.: The Theatre of the Dunes, July 4-6, 1941. 3 performances.

Credits: Staged by L. Newell Taffant; Settings, Gulielma Daves.

Cast: Robert Claborne (Sherlock Holmes); Leake Bevil (Dr. Watson), John Alnuff (John Forman), Frank Chant (Sir Edward Leighton), Alan Stapleton (Count Von Stalburg), Robert Leser (Professor Moriarty), John Morgan (Jim Larrabee), Gene Gambrill (Jim Craigin), Frank Hopkins (Thomas Leary), Robert Enright ("Lightfoot" McTague), Mark Hipkins (John), David Ogren (Billy), Rosa Neil Reynolds (Parsons), Dolores Crane (Alice Faulkner), Laura Alnutt (Mrs. Faulkner), Phoebe Anne Petersen (Madge Larrabee), Virginia Stevens (Thérèse).


C19802. -- A5231. Gillette, William. Sherlock Holmes. Amherst, Mass.: Kirby Theater, Amherst College, September 18-20, 1970. 3 performances.

Credits: Director and Designer, Walter Boughton; Lighting and Technical Direction, Ralph McGoun; Stage Manager, Timothy Fort.

Cast: Geoffrey Keller (Sherlock Holmes), Morris Bailey (Dr. Watson), Elaine Bromka (Madge Larrabee), Timothy Fort (John Forman), Marie Melaugh (Terese), Robert Brown (James Larrabee), Peter Trencher (Sidney Prince), Deborah Kelly (Alice Faulkner), Robert Murphy (Professor Moriarty), George Spelvin (John), Julian Decyk (Alfred Bassick), Steven Sarafian (Billy), Graham Brown ("Bull" Craigin), David Rimmer ("Lightfoot" Leary), Oronoco Green ("Dummy" McTague), Kenneth Hoxsie (Parsons), Joshua Karter (Count Von Stalburg), Chauncey Panncefort (Sir Edward Leighton), Paul Jensen (Presiding at the pianoforte).


C19803. -- A5232. Gillette, William. Sherlock Holmes: A Drama in Four Acts, Being a Hitherto Unpublished Episode in the Career of the Great Detective and Showing His Connection with the Strange Case of Miss Faulkner. [New York: Z. & L. Rosenfield, 1900.] 53, 48, 35, 44 leaves. Typescript.

Promptbook for the New York production.

Location: Library & Museum of the Performing Arts at Lincoln Center.


C19804. -- A5233. William Gillette in Sherlock Holmes, as Produced at the Garrick Theatre, New York. Published with the authorization of Mr. Charles Frohman. New York: R. H. Russell, 1900. [16] p. illus.

A souvenir program.


C19805. -- A5234. Charles Frohman Presents William Gillette in "Sherlock Holmes." [London: Nassau Press, 1901.] 10 p.

----------, The Playgoer [New York] (November 1907), 79-86.

----------, CPBook, 1, No. 3 (Winter 1965), 57-60.

Program for the first performance of this play at the Royal Lyceum Theatre.


C19806. -- A5235. William Gillette in Sherlock Holmes, as Produced at the Garrick Theatre, New York; The Lyceum Theatre, London; Etc. Published with the authorization of Mr. Charles Frohman. New York: R. H. Russell, 1902. [16] p. illus.

A souvenir program.


C19807. -- A5236. Sherlock Holmes: Farewell Appearances of William Gillette, 1929-1930. [November 22, 1929.] [16] p. illus.

Contents: The Cast -- The Scenes. -- Foreword by William Gillette. -- Sherlock Holmes: A Little History of the World's Most Famous Fictional Character, by Frederic Dorr Steele. -- William Gillette -- Hail and Farewell, by Clayton Hamilton. -- William Gillette's Return to the Stage, by Waiter Prichard Eaton. -- The Return of William Gillette.

A souvenir program.


C19808. -- A5237. Gillette, William. Sherlock Holmes: A Drama in Four Acts. Adapted by Arthur Conan Doyle [sic] and William Gillette from the story by Arthur Conan Doyle entitled "The Strange Case of Miss Faulkner." Revised 1922 by Arthur Conan Doyle [sic] and William Gillette. London: S. French, Ltd.; New York: S. French, 1922. 123 p. (French's Acting Edition, No. 489)


C19809. -- A5238. Gillette, William. Sherlock Holmes: A Play, Wherein Is Set Forth The Strange Case of Miss Alice Faulkner, by William Gillette. Based on Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's Incomparable Stories. With an introduction by Vincent Starrett. Preface to this edition by William Gillette. Reminiscent notes by Frederic Dorr Steele and line drawings by Frederic Dorr Steele. Garden City, N.Y.: Doubleday, Doran & Co., 1935. xxx, 191 p.


C19810. -- A5239. Gillette, William. "Sherlock Holmes: A Melodrama in Four Acts," Famous Plays of Crime and Detection: From Sherlock Holmes to Angel Street. Compiled by Van H. Cartmell and Bennett Cerf. Introduction by John Chapman. Philadelphia: The Blakiston Co., 1946. p. 1-77.

----------. ----------, ----------. Freeport, N. Y.: Books for Libraries Press, [1971]. p. 1-77.


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C19811. -- A5240. Goldman, James. They Might Be Giants. London: Theatre Royal, June 28-July 29, 1961.

Cast: Harry H. Corbett (Sherlock Holmes), Avis Bunnage (Dr. Mildred Watson), Joan Littlewood, John Junkin, Brian Murphy, Barbara Ferris, Decian Mulholland.

"In They Might Be Giants Holmes wears a deerstalker and Inverness cape, but he is actually a rich madman -- a `classic case of paranoia' as he is called by the woman psychiatrist who comes to serve as his amorous Dr. Watson." (Felix Barker)

Reviews: London Evening News (June 29, 1961) (Felix Barker), and reprinted in SHJ, 5, No. 3 (Winter 1961), 95; The Times (June 29, 1961), 5.


C19812. -- A5241. Greene, Clay M. The Remarkable Pipe Dream of Mr. Shylock Holmes. Brooklyn: Columbia Theatre, February 26-March 4, 1900.

Cast: Alexander Clark (The Remarkable Mr. Holmes), Thos. Leary (Mr. Ditto, Professor Moriarty), Harry Kelly (The Heavy Mr. Larrabee), Ulric B. Collins (The Villainous Mr. Bassick), Horace Thrum (The Assistant Villainous Mr. Leary), William Sellery (The Assistant Villainous Mr. McTague), Edward Begley (The Pugnacious Billy), Amy Ashmore (The Peculiar Miss Faulkner), Mabel Russell (The Wicked Mrs. Larrabee), The Pipe (By itself).

A one-act skit that appeared with 'Round New York in 80 Minutes.


C19813. -- A5242. Hardwick, Michael and Mollie. Four Sherlock Holmes Plays: One-Act Plays, by Michael & Mollie Hardwick from stories by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. London: John Murray, [1964]. vi, 129 p.

Second impression published in a paperback edition in 1966.

Contents: Foreword. -- Notes for Producers. -- The Speckled Band. -- Charles Augustus Milverton. -- The Mazarin Stone. -- The Blue Carbuncle.

Review: SHJ, 7, No. 1 (Winter 1964), 28 (Lord Donegall).


C19814. -- A5243. Hardwick, Michael and Mollie. The Game's Afoot: Sherlock Holmes Plays, by Michael & Mollie Hardwick from stories by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. London: John Murray, [1969]. x, 102 p.

Contents: Foreword. -- Notes for Producers. -- The Three Garridebs. -- The Reigate Squires. -- Black Peter. -- The Dying Detective.

Review: SHJ, 9, No. 3 (Winter 1969), 106 (Lord Donegall).


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C19816. -- A5245. Kelly, Tim. If Sherlock Holmes Were a Woman: A Comedy in One Act for Seven Girls. Boston, Mass.: Baker's Plays, [1969]. 30 p.

Shirley Holmes, a young college student with a vivid imagination, lives her life in imitation of the master detective. Her conversation is a continual quoting from the Sacred Writings. Her big moment comes when the housemother in her dorm is found dead under odd circumstances. Shirley promptly locks all the suspects in a communal study and attempts to solve the "murder" as Holmes might have done. A peculiar twist solves the crime in spite of Shirley's deduction, but her faith in Holmes remains unshaken.


C19817. -- A5246. Kelly, Tim. The Last of Sherlock Holmes: A Comedy in One Act. Boston, Mass.: Baker's Plays, [1970]. 19 p.

During a typical day at 221b Baker Street, Watson brings news that Professor Moriarty, captured by Holmes that very morning despite an ingenious disguise, has escaped once again. Now it is up to Holmes to prove, via the new tool of fingerprinting, the arch-villain's true identity. It turns out to be Watson, who has already prepared a death certificate for his old friend. By the time Holmes reacts to the funny-tasting wine the doctor has served him, Watson is out the door with a lovely new client heading somewhere romantic for a spot of supper.


C19818. -- A5247. Knight, Joan. The Hound of the Baskervilles. Adapted for the Perth Repertory Company by Joan Knight. Perth, Scotland: Perth Theatre, April 7-17, 1971.

Credits: Director, Mike Ockrent; Design, Shaun Irwin; Lighting, Jonathan Allen.

Cast: Tim Preece (Sherlock Holmes), Richard Simpson (Dr. Watson), Irene Beveridge (Maid), Andrew Burt (Dr. Mortimer), William Corlett (Sir Henry Baskerville), Charles Bentley (John Clayton), Colin Higgins (Barrymore), Gregor Sampson (The Stranger), Virginia Stark (Mrs. Barrymore), Ian Bamforth (Jack Stapleton), Jean Rimmer (Beryl Stapleton), Sam Brown (Convict), Charles Bentley (George Frankland), Virginia Stark (Laura Lyons), David Birch (Inspector Lestrade).

Review: SHJ, 10, No. 2 (Summer 1971), 62-63 (Nicholas Utechin).


C19819. -- A5248. Mitchell, Basil. The Holmeses of Baker Street. London: Lyric Theatre, February 15-?, 1933.

Credits: Producer, Leon M. Lion; Adapters, William J. Rapp and Leonardo Bercovici.

Cast: Felix Aylmer (Sherlock Holmes), Sir Nigel Playfair (Dr. Watson), Rosemary Ames (Shirley Holmes), Alfred Clark (William), Vincent Holman (Detective-Inspector Withers), Martin Walker (Mr. Canning), Eva Moore (Mrs. Watson), Ernest Borrow (Laker), Ewell B. Gessing ("Scrunchy" Malone), Joan Cary (Maid), Henry Hallatt (Sir Joseph Masterman).

Reviews: Illustrated London News, 182 (February 25, 1933), 286; Spectator, 150 (February 24, 1933), 248; Theatre World, 19 (March 1933), 122 (F.J.D.); The Times (February 16, 1933), 10; Week-End Review (February 25, 1933), 202.


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Credits: Producer, Elizabeth Miele; Adapters, William J. Rapp and Leonardo Bercovici; Staged by Reginald Bach; Settings, Kate Drain Lawson.

Cast: Cyril Scott (Sherlock Holmes), Conway Wingfield (Dr. Watson), Helen Chandler (Shirley Holmes), John Parrish (Williams), Stuart Casey (Inspector Withers), Don Dillaway (Mr. Canning), Cecilia Loftus (Mrs. Watson), Raymond Bromley (Inspector Laker), Beatrice Graham (Maid), Arthur Marlowe (Joe Murray), Jack Lee (Tom Braggs), Murray Stephens (Arthur Singer).

Reviews: Brooklyn Daily Eagle (December 10, 1936) (Arthur Pollock); New York American (December 10, 1936) (Gilbert W. Gabriel); New York Daily Mirror (December 10, 1936) (Robert Coleman); New York Daily News (December 10, 1936) (Burns Mantle); New York Evening Journal (December 10, 1936) (John Anderson); New York Herald Tribune (December 10, 1936) (Richard Watts, Jr.); New York Post (December 10, 1936) (John Mason Brown); New York Sun (December 10, 1936), (Richard Lockridge); New York Times (December 10, 1936), 34 (Brooks Atkinson); New York World-Telegram (December 10, 1936) (Douglas Gilbert); Variety, 125 (December 10, 1936), 60 (Ibee).


C19821. -- A5250. Murray, John. "A Case for Mrs. Hudson," Plays, 11, No. 7 (April 1952), 1-14, 85.

----------. ----------, Mystery Plays for Young People:A Collection of Royalty-Free One-Act Dramas of Mystery and Suspense. Boston: Plays, Inc., 1956. p. 148-152.

In the absence of Sherlock Holmes, Mrs. Hudson solves a mystery involving a stolen ring.


C19822. -- A5251. Parry, John. The Hound of the Overspills. Cambridge University, Trinity Theatre, February 26-March 3, 1969.

Cast: Prince Charles (Sherlock Holmes), [Unknown] (Dr. Watson), [Unknown] (Sir Cummerbund Overspill), [Unknown] (Gipsy Girl), [Unknown] (Inspector Station).

A portion of the collegiate revue Revolution, which is produced annually by the Dryden Society of Trinity College, Cambridge University, England. The script for this travesty is reprinted in CPBook, No. 19 (June 1969), 367-372.


C19823. -- A5252. Piggin, Julia R. "The Case of the Copper Beeches," Scholastic Teacher [Practical English edition], 39 (October 14, 1965), 14-16, 23, 27-29, 37.

A dramatization of "The Adventure of the Copper Beeches."


C19824. -- A5253. Rathbone, Ouida. Sherlock Holmes. Boston: Majestic Theatre, October 10, 1953. 1 performance. New York: New Century Theatre, October 30-31, 1953. 3 performances.

Credits: Producer, Bill Doll; Staged by Reginald Denham; Settings and Costumes, Stewart Chaney; Incidental Music, Alexander Steinert.

Cast: Basil Rathbone (Sherlock Holmes), Jack Raine (Dr. Watson), Elwyn Harvey (Mrs. Hudson), John Dodsworth (Rt. Hon. Trelawney Hope), Richard Wendley (Arthur Cadogan West), Eileen Peel (Lady Hope), Gregory Morton (Eduardo Lucas), Margit Forssgren (Anna), Chester Stratton (Count Louis de Rothière), Jarmila Novotna (Irene Adler), Terence Kilburn (Walker), Bryan Herbert (Lestrade), Mary Orr (Miss Alice Dunbar), Evan Thomas (Andrew), Thomas Gomez (Professor Moriarty), Martin Brandt (Hugo Oberstein), Ludwig Roth (Captain Von Herring), St. John Phillipe (Prince Bulganin), Arthur N. Stenning (Gregson), Alfred A. Hesse (Villaed).

Contents: Act I. Scene 1. 221b Baker Street, London. An evening, March 1895. Scene 2. 16 Godolphin Square. The same night. -- Act II. Scene 1. 221b Baker Street. The same night. Scene 2. 13 Caulfield Gardens. Early the following morning. Scene 3. A chalet overlooking the Reichenbach Falls. Three days later. -- Act. III. The chalet overlooking Reichenbach Falls. Two months later.

Mrs. Basil Rathbone adapted her play primarily from Scan, Bruc, and Fina.


C19825. -- A5254. Rathbone, Ouida. "Sherlock Holmes": A New Play in Three Acts. [1953] 57, 45, 25 p. Unpublished typescript.


C19826. -- A5255. "Sherlock Holmes," On Stage. Boston: The Jerome Press, October 1953. [8] p.

Program for the first appearance of this play at the Majestic Theatre.


C19827. -- A5256. "Sherlock Holmes", The Playbill for the New Century Theatre [October 1953], 9-24.

Contents: Credits and Cast. -- Scenes. -- Who's Who in the Cast.


C19828. -- A5257. "Sherlock Holmes". New York: Program Pub. Co., [October 1953]. [16] p.

A souvenir program for the New Century Theatre production that includes an article entitled "Life with Sherlock Holmes" in which Ouida Rathbone tells how her play came to be written.


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C19829. -- A5258. Rice, Charles P. The Sign of the Four. Adapted from the novel by A. Conan Doyle. New York: West End Theatre, November 9-14, 1903. New York: F. F. Proctor's, January 11-16, 1904.

Credits: Producer, Charles L. Durban.

Cast: Walter Edwards (Sherlock Holmes), Charles D. Coburn (Dr. Watson), Van H. Kinze (Athelney Jones), Frank Tucker (Jonathan Small), Agnes Porter (Wiggins), Robert Lothian (Tonga), Leonard Hoyt (Major John Sholto), William Sheetz (Lal Chowdar), George Willard (Mordicai Smith), William Davis (Jim Smith), Mabel Hazlett (Mary Morgan), Georgine Brandon (Mrs. John Sholto), Mrs. Frank Tucker (Mrs. Hudson), Louise Lander (Bessie Hudson), Jessie Barnes (Mrs. Smith).

Review: New York Dramatic Mirror, 50 (November 21, 1903), 17.


C19830. -- A5259. Rice, Charles P. The Sign of the Four. Nashville, Tenn.: Bijou Theater, September 14-?, 1904.

Credits: Producer, Charles L. Durban.

Cast: Walter Edwards (Sherlock Holmes), Frank Sylvester (Dr. Watson), Jane Wheatley (Mrs. John Shotto), Marion Lore (Mary Morstan), Marie Justice (Wiggins), Virginia Kinsley (Mrs. Hudson), Louise Lander (Bessie Hudson), Messrs. Willard, Toy, Tucker and Bennett.

Review: Nashville American (September 15, 1904), 8.


C19831. -- A5260. Rice, Charles P. The Sign of the Four. Adapted from the novel by A. Conan Doyle. [New York: 1903.] 110 l. Unpublished typescript.

Location: Library & Museum of the Performing Arts at Lincoln Center.


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Illustrated with scenes from the Clearview High School, Lorain, Ohio (March 25-26, 1954), and the Robbinsdale High School, Robbinsdale, Minn. (May 20-21, 1954) productions.

The following are credits and cast for the Ohio premiere:

Partial credits: Director, Valerie Jenkins; Technical Director, Estes Bonsor.

Cast: Donald Carek (Sherlock Holmes), Joe Wozniak (Arthur ["Archy"] Stillman), Joanne Lucas (Mrs. Stillman), Virginia Rust (Nancy Palmer), Elaine Simko (Amanda Sink), Martha Beck (Rosemary Hillyer), Kenneth Book (Sammy Hillyer), Carole Monos (Mrs. Hogan), Virginia Wozniak (Katy Hogan), Marie Wozniak (Sadie Smith), Jack Mason (Jacob Fuller), Ruth Nore ("Injun" Hattie), Harvey Teaman (Flint Buckner), John Zivic (Fetlock Jones), Steve Moldovan (Pat Riley), Brian Carey (Donovan), Darrell Deitrich (Ham Sandwich), Carolyn Barnes (Millie).

"The time is approximately the year 1900. The visible action of the play is initiated in Mrs. Stillman's house in New England and concluded in the `Hope Tavern,' a small inn situated in the Western mining town of Hope Canyon, Colorado, about a year later."


C19833. -- A5263. Spence, Wall. The Sign of the Four. A Mystery Play in Three Acts. Minneapolis, Minn.: The Northwestern Press, 1940. [100] p.

"Suggested by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's famous Sherlock Holmes story of the same name."


C19834. -- A5264. Terry, J. E. Harold, and Arthur Rose. The Return of Sherlock Holmes. Cardiff: Playhouse, October 1-? 1923. London: Princes Theatre, October 9, 1923-January 26, 1924. 130 performances.

Credits: Producer, Eille Norwood; Presented by B. A. Meyer; Stage Director, Stafford Hilliard; Stage Manager, Paul Gill; Scenery, Paul Gill and J. Crosbie-Frazer; Musical Director, Edward Mervyn.

Cast: Eille Norwood (Sherlock Holmes), H. G. Stoker (Dr. Watson), Edward Mervyn (Sims -- Manservant to Dr. Shlessinger), Hilda Moore (Cecilia -- Shlessinger's Sister), Stafford Hilliard (Mortimer Profennis -- A Scientist), Molly Kerr (Lady Frances Carfax), Arthur Cullin (The Rev. Dr. Shlessinger -- alias "Holy Peters"), Eric Stanley (Charles Augustus Milverton -- A Blackmailer), Ann Desmond (Jenny Saunders), Victor Evans (Billy Cartwright -- A Messenger Boy), Lauderdale Maitland (Col. Sebastian Moran -- Late of the Indian Army; successor to Prof. Moriarty), Lichfield Owen (Old Meff), C. Lander (Scottie), Harley Merica (John Willie), J. S. Carre (Pat), Jack Minster (Froggie), Edward Mervyn (Ike), Geoffrey Bevan (John Clay -- Foreman of Moran's gang), Noel Dainton (The Hon. Philip Green -- affianced to Lady Frances), J. S. Carre (Mons. Oscar Meunier -- A Modeller in Wax), Paul Gill (Detective-Inspector Lestrade of Scotland Yard), Esme Hubbard (Mrs. Hudson).

Music: Overture -- "Sherlock Holmes" by Edward Mervyn. -- "Melody in G" and "Berceuse" by Eille Norwood.

Contents: Act I. At Dr. Shlessinger's. -- Act II. At Dr. Watson's. -- Act III. Scene 1. The Entrance Hall of an Unfurnished House. Scene 2. The Basement of the same. -- Act IV. At Sherlock Holmes's.

Reviews: Bystander (November 21, 1923), 578-579 ("Jingle"); Illustrated Sporting and Dramatic News (November 24, 1923), 470; New Statesman, 35 (August 9, 1930), 567-568 (Desmond MacCarthy), and reprinted in Essays of the Year, 1930-1931 (London: The Argonaut Press, 1931), 204-210; New York Times (October 11, 1923), 23; Stage (October 1923), and reprinted in Charles Augustus Milverton on Stage, Screen and Radio (London: The Milvertons of Hampstead, 1960).


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Partial cast: Ivan Agabeg (Sherlock Holmes), Mr. Bates (Dr. Watson).


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Credits: Producer, Stanley Van Beers; Director of Productions, Geoffrey Edwards; Stage Director, Joan Craft; Stage Manager, Don Deuchars; Settings, John Burnard; Scenery, Joseph Stokes and Paul Southey.

Cast: Geoffrey Edwards (Sherlock Holmes), Jack Lambert (Dr. Watson), Yvonne Manners (Cecilia), Henry Soskin (Mortimer Porfennis), Pay Sandys (Lady Frances Carfax), Alan Edwards (The Rev. Dr. Slilessinger), Edward Wheatleigh (Charles Augustus Milverton), Edna Petrie (Jenny Saunders), Frederick Murphy (Billy Cartwright), Willoughby Goddard (Col. Sebastian Moran), Myles Rudge (The Hon. Philip Green), Scott Harrold (Detective-Inspector Lestrade), Barbara Bolton (Mrs. Hudson).

Contents: Act. I. Scene 1. The Lounge Hall at Dr. Shlessinger's. Scene 2. At Sherlock Holmes', Baker Street. -- Act. II. Scene 1. The Lounge Hall at Dr. Shlessinger's. Scene 2. At Sherlock Holmes', Baker Street.


C19837. -- A5267. Wallace, Edgar. Sexton Blake. London: Prince Edward Theatre, September 18-October 11, 1930.

Cast: Arthur Wontner (Sexton Blake), Eve Gray (Muriel Raeburn), John Roderick (Tinker), Wilfred Babbage (Paul Cairns), David Hawthorne (Detective-Inspector Coutts), Arthur Macrae (Leslie Waring), Dora Gregory (Mrs. Bardell), Pauline Loring (Lydia Carrington), Harcourt Brooke (Creeper), Frank Tennant (Selton).

In this play Arthur Wontner appeared in his first Sherlock Holmes role -- as Holmes's imitator, Sexton Blake.

Reviews: Illustrated London News, 177 (September 27, 1930), 550; The Times (September 19, 1930), 8.


C19838. -- A5269. Yew, Elizabeth. The Doomsday Book: A Pastiche in Four Acts. 82 p. Unpublished typescript.

Performed at the Lowell High School in San Francisco on May 14, 1965.


C19839. -- A5270. You See Too: A Musical Farce in Seven Paroxisms. Performed on board a British warship in 1915.

Partial cast: G.E.A. Jackson (Sherlock Holmes), E.L.B. Damant (Dr. Watson), P.E.Goldsmith (Professor Moriarty).

Review: The Bookman, 42 (September 1915), 3-4.


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Credits: Adapter, Karin Latin Adams; Stage Director, Art Tabbert; Technical Director, Madeline Fairlie; Stage Manager, Lucile Tabbert, Properties and Scenery, Murray Shaw.

Cast: Art Tabbert (Sherlock Holmes), John Bliss (Dr. Watson), Rex Mulligan (Col. Sebastian Moran), Karen Gobel (inspector Lestrade and Two Policemen), Willard Lighter (Man in Street), Dorothy Lighter (Mrs. Hudson): Karin Latin Adams (Narrator).


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Characters: Surelocked Home; Dr. Whatsis; Lady Berylium Vizcaya, wife of the victim; Cabby; Lord Henry Vizcaya, the victim; Dr. Parsimonious, kindly minister; Herr Stomp; Inspector Lestrade, of Scotland Yard.


C19842. -- B4340. Altman, John. "The Hound," KCDJ, No. 14 (June 23, 1978), 2-5.

The narrator's script for the pantomime version of Houn, presented at the September 24, 1977 meeting of The Great Alkali Plainsmen, and featuring John Altman, Carl Helmstetter, Tim Kirk, Vikki Marshall, Mary Nelson, and Ernest Willer.


C19843. -- B4341. The Amateur Mendicant Society. "The Hound of the Baskervilles Skit," JAMS, 1, No. 2 (Summer 1972), 2-12.

Performed by the Baskerville Players at the Sherlock Holmes Amateur Mendicant's Banquet, Cuba Club, Madison, Wis., May 21, 1973.


C19844. -- B4342. Bocek, Maximilian Mark, Jr. The Murders at the Sherlock Holmes Club. Portland, Ore.: Reed College, Theatre Dept., November 2, 7, 15, 23, 1975. 5 performances.

Credits: Director, Maximilian Mark Bocek, Jr.; Stage Manager, Ellen Shireman; Assistant Stage Manager, J. Ross Day; Sound, Larry Gilbert; Special Assistant to the Director, Sharon Mazer.

Cast: Christopher Steele (Sherlock Holmes), Dean Frost (Dr. Watson), Jeffrey Thomas (Bartholomew Sholto), David Beckwith (Lt. Tobias Gregson), Katherine King (Irene Adler), Eric Overmyer (Sgt. Lestrade), Susan Smith (Mrs. Ivy Douglas), Mark Wiener (Theodore J. Baldwin III), Ed Nazarko (Joseph Strangerson, Jr.), Scott Foster (Enoch Drebber), Craig Talbot (the Postman), Scott Foster (Staunton, the Dogkeeper).


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Credits: Producer, David Munn; Director. Dale Whitt; Book, Richard Bradford: Music, Marianne De Pury; Songs staged by Elizabeth Harris; Lighting, Susan Scott Mayer; Set, Lynda M. Jasper-Vogel.

Cast: Robert Nugent (Sherlock Holmes), Mark Katzman (Dr. Watson), Mark Katzman (Dr. A. Conan Doyle), Lois Geary (Mrs. Hudson), Maria Wentworth (Mrs. Holmes -- Sherlock's Mother), Maria Wentworth (Irene Adler), Robert Garrison (Prof. James Moriarty), Richard Egan (inspector Lestrade).

Reviews: Albuquerque Journal (December 21, 1972); New Mexican/Viva (November 26, 1972); (December 17, 1972); New Mexican (December 18, 1972), A13; (December 20, 1972), A3; (December 21, 1972), A3; (December 26, 1972), B6.


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Credits: Musical Director, Edward Jones; Acting Director, Leonard Lillies.

Cast: Charles H. E. Brookfield (Sherlock Holmes), Seymour Hicks (Dr. Watson), R. Nainby (M. Emile Nana), W. Wyes (Master of Ceremonies), Maude Wilmot (The Third Mrs. Tanqueray), Lottie Venne (Hannah, Maid of all Work), Chorus, Foresters, Monks, Sailors, Dancers.

An extravaganza in one act in which Holmes and Watson are portrayed for the very first time.

Reviews: Me and My Missus: Fifty Years on the Stage, by Seymour Hicks (London: Cassell and Co., 1939), 127-129, 133; Revue: A Story in Pictures, by Raymond Mander & Joe Mitchenson (New York: Taplinger Pub. Co., 1971), 14-17, 7; SHJ, 9, No. 3 (Winter 1969), 87-88 (Michael Pointer); The Times, (November 27, 1893), 7.


C19847. -- B4346. Burnette, George F. The Curse of the Nine Angels, or Holmes, Sweet Holmes. San Antonio: Melodrama Theatre, August 19-October 2, 1977. 21 performances.

Credits: Director, M. Griffith; Music, C. Ballo; Assistant Director, K. Jones; Stage Manager, S. Burnette; Special Effects and Scenery, P. Shaughnessy.

Cast: R. Walker (Sherlock Holmes, private investigator), J. Sears (Dr. Watson), E. Baumann (Inspector Lestrade, Scotland Yard), Langford (Mrs. Hudson, housekeeper), Mumma (Daphne Ferrers, Holmes' client), C. Ballo (Joshua Ferrers, corpus delecti), C. Kippes (James Tonston, a thug), R. Jones (Prof. Moriarty, evil genius), D. Davis (Policeman, boobie bobby), C. Kippes (Hotel Clerk, salaud), G. Burnette (Col. Moran, a silent partner).


C19848. -- B4347. Burnette, George F. The Curse of the Nine Angels, or Holmes, Sweet Holmes. Austin: Melodrama Theatre, January 13-February 26, 1978. 21 performances.

Credits: Director, Burdette Parks.

Cast: John K. White (Sherlock Holmes), Bill Cramer (Dr. Watson), J. David Moeller (Inspector Lestrade), Mary L. Clark (Mrs. Hudson), Rebecca Lane (Daphne Ferrers), Tim E. Lane (Joshua Ferrers), Guy Bergquist (Col. Moran), Johnny Lopez (James Tonston), Steve Ross (Prof. Moriarty), Tim E. Lane (Policeman), Johnny Lopez (Hotel Clerk), Tim E. Lane (Billy, an irregular), John Kevin (Justice Mycroft, a barrister), Dick Ziedler (Musician, a pianist).


C19849. -- B4348. Buxton, David. Sherlock Holmes and the Speckled Band. Colchester, Essex, Eng.: Colchester Repertory Theatre, December 3-14, 1968.

Cast: Roger Heathcott (Sherlock Holmes), Clive Rust (Dr. Watson), Anthony Martin (Billy), Hal Jeayes (Dr. Grimesby Roylott), Derek Pollitt (Raschid), Pamela Ruddock (Helen Stonor), Angela Ellis (Julia Stonor), Brian Ellis (Dr. Mortimer).


C19850. -- B4349. Caddes, Andrew R. The Hound of the Baskervilles. Sacramento, Calif.: Old Eagle Theatre, Old Sacramento State Historic Park, June 11-13, 17-20, 24-27, 1976. 12 performances.

Credits: Adapter and Director, Andrew R. Caddes; Stage Manager, Melinda Moore; Sets, Gary Harmer; Costumes, Eunice Golightly; Lights, Bryon Malpert.

Cast: Jim Pulsifer (Sherlock Holmes), Jim Roberts (Dr. Watson), Bradford Johnson (Sir Henry Baskerville), Alexander Fin (Dr. James Mortimer), Nick la Notte, Jr. (Barrymore), Barbara Anne Reese (Mrs. Barrymore), Henry Teichert (Stapleton), Marilyn P. Denny (Miss Stapleton), Kathy Greene (Laura Lyons), Tom Pulsifer (Inspector Lestrade), Andrew R. Caddes (Frankland), B. A. Reese (Messenger).


C19851. -- B4350. Carr, John Dickson. The Adventure of the Paradol Chamber. Chicago: King Arthur's Pub, January 9, 1973. 1 performance.

Credits: Director, Cecil Hahn.

Cast: Richard Schwartz (Sherlock Holmes), Aaron Brill (Dr. Watson), David Levinson (Marquis de Paradol), Herbert Tinning (Lady Imogene Ferrers).

A pastiche-play performed at the Hugo's Companions' 4th annual Sherlock Holmes Birthday Party.

Reviews: DCC, 4, No. 2 (February 1973), 3-4; 4, No. 3 (April 1973), 1, 12 (Robert W. Hahn).

See also DA5184.


C19852. -- B4351. Cassatt, Robert. The Hat. Presented by the Theatre of the Ionosphere. Cincinnati: Lutheran Church of the Cross, July 9-11, 16-18, 23-25, 30-31; August 1, 6-8, 13-15, 1976.

Cast: Bob Dister (Sherlock Holmes), Sally Crabbs (Dr. Watson), John Seifert (Rocky), Marybelle Hughes, Beth Ertel, Richard Dickson, Michael Smith (the Gang), Mike Meiers (Janitor).

One of five playlets in Dream Tattoos, written and supervised by Robert Cassatt.


C19853. -- B4352. Clapp, Roger T. The Yellow Birds: A Sherlock Holmes Adventure in Five Scenes. Providence: Brown University, Faunce House Theatre, November 21-22, 1949. 2 performances.

Credits: Producer, Ben Brown; Director, Frank P. Drummond.

Cast: Al Russell (Sherlock Holmes), Dick Walton (Dr. Watson), Betty Meyers (Martha Hudson), Robert McVicker (Sir Arthur Cottswold), Harold Lindahl (Constable Higgins), Sally Ashbaugh (Maud Wilkins), Peter Petropolous (Jimmie the Duck), Al Watkins (Mortimer Wilson), George Blessing (Sergeant Appleby), Don Parker (Announcer).

Also performed by the students of Moses Brown School, Providence, in 1951, and at the Church of Christ, New York, in 1968.

See also DA5185, DA5186.


C19854. -- B4353. [Claro, Fran.] "Sherlock Holmes and the Case of the Beryl Coronet," Illustrations by Mile Hodges. Scholastic Scope, 27, No. 1 (September 7, 1978), 8-15.

Cover illustration of Gillette as Holmes by Mike Hodges.


C19855. -- B4354. Cochran, Dean. Sherlock Holmes: The Game of Chess. Fort Worth, Tex.: Casa Manana Playhouse, February 11-12, 18-19, 26, 1977. 6 performances.

Credits: Director, Alan Klem; Scenery and Lighting, M. Barrett Cleveland; Costumes, Virginia Vogel.

Cast: Johnny Jennings (Sherlock Holmes), Kurt Kleinmann (Dr. James Watson), Mark Walker (Prof. James Moriarty), Elizabeth Townsley (Mrs. Hudson), Jim Nayfa (Bassick), Linda Lee (Tasha), Zac Ward (Lord Arthur Swandam), Bob Olsen (Jim Larrabee), Sharon Garrison (Madge Larabee), Dean Cochran (Andrew Griffin), Annie Laurie Looney (Christine Fairchild), Shari Becker, Gwen Edgett, Billy Robertson, Darla Robertson, Cheryll Patton, Holly Bottoms, Jacques Martinsen, Ellen Haler, Cathy Wyche, Mike Burns, Leslie Rosen, Camile deTonnancour, Margie Elmore, Michelle Winder (Baker Street Irregulars).


C19856. -- B4355. Commerford, Paul. Holmes, Sweet Holmes? Performed by the Priory Players. Eltham, Eng.: Christchurch Centre, September 1976.

Cast: Peter Howitt (Sherlock Holmes), Tony Smith (Rev. I. B. Priestly), Angela Montgomery (Shirley Aston), Pat O'Connell (Lord Julian Aston), Bill Page, Steve Page.

Review: Eltham Times (September 9, 1976) (C.C.)


C19857. -- B4360. Deck, John. "The Defective Detective," Plays for Reading. Book 3. Palo Alto: Educational Progress Corp., 1971. p. 7-13.

----------. ----------, ----------. Teacher's Guide, [by] Esther Mack. Palo Alto: Educational Progress Corp., [1971] p. 24-26.

"Steven, a devotee of Sherlock Holmes, tries to convince his friend Fred that one can learn much about other people by observing clues. Fred is not impressed with Steven's detecting ability, and when Steven pretends to deduce certain facts about a man he actually knows, Fred finds him out."


C19858. -- B4361. Deery, John. Inspector Fibbs. Presented by the Youth Theatre. Birkenhead, Cheshire, Eng.: Beechcroft, July 1976.

Cast: John Deery (Inspector Fibbs), Mike Bennett (a Lunatic), Dave Oliver (the Colonel), Kenny Walker (Mavis, the butler), Margaret Morrison (Ginger), Paul McDermott (Basil), R. Goulding (Granny), Tony Goulding (Webster C. Willowby, the inspector's assistant), Dave Stewart (the Director), Dave Wilson (the Native).

A skit on Sherlock Holmes.

Review: Birkenhead News (July 23, 1976) (H. L.)


C19859. -- B6103. Dias, Earl J. "The Case of the Missing Pearls," Plays (March 1957), 37-47.

Characters: Shellack Homes, the great detective; Dr. Jon Whoopson, his faithful companion; Buxton Anguish, a wealthy, retired British diplomat; Penelope Anguish, his wife; Mrs. Slipcover, their housekeeper; Hermione Anguish, an attractive, delicate girl of eighteen; Monty Dare, her financé, a breezy young fellow of twenty; Alice Paddlecart, Hermione's friend, about Hermione's age; Slipcover, the butler; Handsome Hogan, a brilliant member of Scotland Yard.


C19860. -- B4362. Doyle, Sir Arthur Conan. The Illustrious Client. Reading, Berks, Eng.: All Saints Church, December 1973.

Presented by fourth-form pupils at St. Edwards School, Tilehurst, Reading.

Cast: David Payne (Sherlock Holmes), Anthony Kramers (Dr. Watson), John Miller (Sir James Damery), Edward Simpson (Shinwell Johnson), Bruce Bucknell (Kitty Winter).

Review: Evening Post [Reading] (December 6, 1973).


C19861. -- B4363. Doyle, Sir Arthur Conan. "Sign of the Four," or Sherlock Holmes. Presented by The Roe Stock Co. Taunton Theatre, March 6-8, 1905. 3 performances.

Credits: Stage Manager, Frank B. Fagan; Musical Director, Elmer Tolman.

Cast: Campbell Stratton (Sherlock Holmes, a detective), Winfield Hiatt (Dr. John Watson), Arthur Griffin (Jonathan Small, escaped convict), Earl McLellan (Athelney Jones, a Scotland Yard detective), William Kirby (Wiggins, of the Baker Street Irregulars), Arthur A. Kelley (Tonga, an East Indian dwarf), J. Hall Owen (Major John Sholto, a retired Army officer), James Kirby (Lal Chowdar, a Hindoo Khitmagar), Charles Leigh (Mordechi Smith, owner of the "Aurora"), George F. Walters (Jim Smith, his son), Walter Morton (Policeman), Mabel Van Tassell (Mrs. Sholto, wife of Major Sholto), Margaret Thayer (Mrs. Hudson, lodging housekeeper), Nelly Franklyn (Bessie, Mrs. Hudson's niece), Florence Melville (Mrs. Smith, wife of Mordechi), Gay Rhea (Mary Morstan, an orphan).


C19862. -- B4364. Doyle, Sir Arthur Conan. The Speckled Band: An Adventure of Sherlock Holmes. Ruhleben, Berlin: Frivolity Theatre, 1915.

Credits: E. J. Davies (Sherlock Holmes), L. R. Alston (Enid Stonor), H. F. Hamlyn (Armitage), C. J. Pearce (Ali), J. H. Thorpe (Mrs. Staunton), F. Ch. Adler (Dr. Roylott).

Review: In Ruhleben Camp, No. 3 (July 11, 1915), and reproduced, with an added note, by The Cimbrian Friends of Baker Street, 1963.


C19863. -- B4365. Doyle, Sir Arthur Conan. The Speckled Band: An Adventure of Sherlock Holmes. Manchester: Library Theatre, September 22-October 10, 1970.

Reviews: Evening News [Bolton] (September 23, 1970) (B.R.); Manchester Evening News (September 23, 1970) (Beryl Jones); (October 9, 1970); Oldham Evening Chronicle (September 24, 1970) (Tom Parkinson); SHJ, 10, No. 1 (Winter 1970), 13, 24-26 (Michael Pointer; Colin Prestige).

See also DA5198.


C19864. -- B4366. Doyle, Sir Arthur Conan. The Speckled Band: An Adventure of Sherlock Holmes. Nottingham Playhouse, November 27, 1974-?

Credits: Director, Richard Eyre; Costumes, David Collis; Sets, Trevor Pitt; Lighting, Geoffrey Mersereau; Music, Nicholas Bicat.

Cast: Donald Gee (Sherlock Holmes), Roger Sloman (Dr. Watson), Bob Hescott (Sexton), Paul Dawkins (Rodgers), Buz Williams (Vicar), Steve Chapman, Philip Cheney-Williams, Dick Downing, Chris Lillicrap (Pall Bearers), Ralph Nossek (Dr. Grimesby Roylott), Louise Breslin (Mrs. Staunton), Brenda Fricker (Enid Stonor), Sue Weston (Violet Stonor), Julian Hough (Scott Wilson), James Warrior (Ali), Richard Simpson (Armitage), Tom Wilkinson (Coroner), Julian Hough (Policeman), Sue Weston (Juror), Gail Macfarlane (Billy), Millie (Siva).

Reviews: Derby Evening Telegraph (November 23, 1974); Financial Times (December 23, 1974); Plays and Players, 22 (February 1975), 17.


C19865. -- B4367. Doyle, Sir Arthur Conan. The Speckled Band: An Adventure of Sherlock Holmes. Vancouver: Queen Elizabeth Theater, December 15, 1975-? 16 performances.

Credits: Director, Alan Dossor; Designer, Cameron Porteous; Lighting, Jeffrey Dallas.

Partial cast: Richard Fowler, Michael Ball, Diana Belshaw, Norman Browning.


C19866. -- B4368. Doyle, Sir Arthur Conan. The Speckled Band: An Adventure of Sherlock Holmes. Toronto: St. Lawrence Centre, December 31, 1975-January 24, 1976.

Credits: Director, Malcolm Black; Sets, Murray Laufer; Costumes, Hilary Corbett; Lighting, Donald Acaster.

Cast: Patrick Horgan (Sherlock Holmes), Owen Foran (Dr. Watson), Jacquie Presly (Violet Stonor), Wenna Shaw (Enid Stonor), Kenneth Pogue (Dr. Grimesby Roylott), Mervyn Blake (Rodgers), Louis Negin (Ali), John Cutts (Scott Wilson), Ron Hastings (Longbrace), Howard Siegel (Coroner's Officer), Andrew Foot (Brewer), James B. Douglas (Armitage), Sean McCann, Lubomir Myktiuk, Allan Royal, Greg Wanless, Fred Nicholson (Members of the Jury), Marilyn Lightstone (Mrs. Staunton), Greg Wanless (Billy), S. Semloh (Escott), Sean McCann (Holt Loaming), Allan Royal (James B. Montague), Lubomir Myktiuk (Milverton), Charlie Coombes (Peters), Sara Better (Amelia).

Reviews: Globe and Mail (January 2, 1976), 13 (John Fraser); Toronto Star (December 20, 1975), H1 (Margaret Daly); (January 2, 1976), D6 (David McCaughna); Toronto Sun (January 2, 1976), 24 (McKenzie Porter); Varsity (January 9, 1976), 9 (Bruce Wall).


C19867. -- B4369. Doyle, Sean. The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes. New York, N.Y.: The White Horse Inn, January 1973-?

Credits: Adapter, Sean Doyle.

Cast: Thomas Molyneaux (Sherlock Holmes), Gerard A. Burke (Dr. Watson).

A dramatized reading and melodrama held Thursdays through Saturdays in this Irish bar.

A poster of Holmes and Watson by Stanley Park used at The White Horse Inn is reproduced in BSJ, 23, No. 1 (March 1973), 34-35.

Review: New York Times (January 11, 1973), 34 (Richard F. Shepard), and reprinted in BSJ, 23, No. 1 (March 1973), 65.


C19868. -- B4370. Ericson, Eric. Sherlock Holmes and the Ladies in Distress. Presented by The Chautauqua Players. Sacramento, Calif.: Old Eagle Theatre, Old Sacramento State Historic Park, January 9-February 7, 1976. 12 performances.

Credits: Adapter and Director, Eric Ericson; Producer, Rodger Hoopman; Settings and Lighting, Zack Arbios.

Cast: Gene Morrow (Sherlock Holmes), Rodger Hoopman (Dr. Watson), Marianne Morrow (Mrs. Hudson), Julie Hoopman (Miss Mary Sutherland), Jerry Carlin (Mr. Windibank), Barbara Girvin (Miss Helen Stonor), George Lineer (Dr. Grimesby Roylott), Peter Ericson (Tom, the driver from the Crown Inn).

A one-act play in three scenes based on Iden and Spec.

Review: Sacramento Union (January 13, 1976) (Nick Lahart).


C19869. -- B4371. Eustace, Grant, and Philip Burley. The Monte Carlo Telegram. Croydon, Eng.: Old Whitgiftian Association clubhouse, January 26-31, 1976. 6 performances.

Credits: Producer, Grant Eustace; Set Design and Construction, Alec Kelly; Stage Manager, Graham Jago; Props, Allan Carter; Lighting, Paul Champness; Special Effects, David Bruce-Johnson; Prompter, Sue Savage; Costumes, Bermans & Nathans Ltd.; Wardrobe Mistress, Margaret Komaromy; Choreography, Janie Harris; Production Manager, Colin Heath; Music, Philip Burley.

Cast: Chris Unwin (Stamford Holmes, a consulting detective), Philip Burley (James Watson, a general practitioner), Tony Percy (Alphonse, concierge of the hotel), Leon Sacks (Manager of the hotel), Lindsay Nunn (Michelle, maid at the hotel), Karl Knott (Kay Moore, an actress), Christine Burley (Charlotte Brookes, her daughter), Neil Tosh (Ernest Flashman, her companion), Allan George (Fuller, her agent), Peter Voce (Chow, porter at the hotel), Mike Spanswick (Col. Macintyre), John Branston (Count Von Brauschitsch-Poldach), Jennie Branston (Countess Von Brauschitsch-Poldach) (guests at the hotel), George Parnaby (Eliot Morrison), Peter Gaillard (Inspector Maigret, a French policeman), David Stranack (Dr. Sarginson), Karl Knott (Mrs. Sarginson), Lis Lawrence (Agatha Ballantine) (guests at the hotel).

The action takes place in Monaco in 1934. Stamford Holmes -- son of Sherlock, and continuing in his father's profession -- is called in to investigate an unusual death in a luxury hotel. He is accompanied, of course, by the son of Dr. Watson; while six more relations of well-known characters appear or are unmasked, including the twin brother of Groucho Marx and the grandson of Flashman.

Reviews: Croydon Advertiser (January 15, 1976); (January 30, 1976) (G.M.P.).


C19870. -- B4372. Faulkner, Robert. Excelsior. Presented by the Tyrrell Society. Oxford: Clarendon Press Institute, February 28-March ? 1977.

Credits: Producer, Christine Blacklin; Directors, Jonathan Lermit and Vincent Gillespie.

Cast: Robin Walker (Sherlock Holmes), Gavin Graham (Dr. Watson), Vincent Gillespie (Arthur Conan Doyle), Martin Everett (Stephen Sharp), John Whitfield (Paget), Hilary Robinson (Mrs. Doyle), Louise Fletcher (Mrs. Hudson), Richard Lloyd (Det. Insp. Timmins), David Townshend (Sgt. Edge), Tony Taig (Corpse and Mycroft Holmes).

Review: SHJ, 13, No. 2 (Summer 1977), 53-54 (R. A. Moss).


C19871. -- B4373. Fenn, John. Sherlock Holmes and the Affair of the Amorous Regent. New Orleans: Le Petit Théâtre du Vieux Carré, April 26-May 11, 1974. 16 performances.

Credits: Director, Stocker Fontelieu; Production designed and executed by Jack Gallier, Larry Kelley, Bill Turnbull, and Eddy Vedrenne; Lighting, Sidney Valadie iii; Costumes, Fanny Casey; London Music Hall Singer, Rose Mary Tichenor; Piano, Fred Palmisano.

Cast: Blair Ziegler (Sherlock Holmes), Adrian C. Benjamin, Jr. (Dr. Watson), John V. Mouledoux (Billy), Harold M. Jeansonne, Jr. (His Majesty Wilhelm von Ormstein), Mary Margaret McCrea (Jenny Bassick), Al Becker (Alf Bassick), Tom Lombard (Sid Prince), Robert N. Cronin (Inspector Lestrade), Judy Lankford (Irene Adler), Dennis E. M. Zimmer (Beads), Richard P. Kepler (Prof. James Moriarty), Becky Mayo (Miss Northton), Douglas A. Kewley (Kraigin), June Austin (Lucille), Michael Taormina (Room Clerk), Jim Bergeron (Bell Boy), Jim Bergeron, Kenny Lotz, Elizabeth Mialaret, Doug Trotter (The Baker Street Irregulars).


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Reviews: Tulsa Daily World (October 12, 1975) (Ronald E. Butler); Tulsa Magazine (October 1975) (Peggi Ridgway).


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Limited to 100 copies.

Contents: Poster. -- Program for Theatre in the Round production (DA5203). -- Script. -- Letter from Karen L. Knudsen. -- Three Reviews.


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Limited to 1000 copies.

Purple cover with a photograph of Charters H. Anderson and John McKay.

Contents: Program for Theatre in the Round production. -- Script. -- Four Reviews.


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Limited to 1000 copies.

Orange cover with a photograph of Charters H. Anderson and John McKay.

Contents as above.


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Limited to 1000 copies.

Gold cover with a photograph of Charters H. Anderson and John McKay.

Contents as above, except for the addition of two photographs from the Theatre in the Round production and a photograph and short biographical sketch of the author.


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A one-act play with the following cast of characters: Mrs. Hudson, Dr. Watson, Sherlock Holmes, Inspector Lehey, Pebbles, and Wilfred Rattigan.


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Also published in a Teacher's edition.

With four photographs of Rathbone and Bruce and a cover illustration of Rathbone in the form of a jigsaw puzzle.


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Partial cast: Richard Buhler (Sherlock Holmes), Carl Smith Seerle (Dr. Watson), Jessaline Rodgers (Mary Morstan), Lawrence Hanley (Major Sholto), Lillian Mortimer.

Reviews: Chicago Evening Post (May 6, 1901); Chicago Journal (May 6, 1901) (Barrett Eastman); Chicago Tribune (May 6, 1901); Daily Inter Ocean (May 6, 1901).


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Also published in a Teacher's edition.

Cover illustration of Rathbone as Holmes by Catalano.


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"Founded on A Study in Scarlet. Produced by special arrangement with Baker's Plays of Boston and Los Angeles."

Credits: Director and Set Design, Larry Eisenberg; Stage Manager and Lighting, Bruce Franklin; Set Construction, Marge Rogasner and Helen Carter.

Cast: Michael George (Sherlock Holmes), Ernie Valt (Dr. Watson), Steve Fitch (Mr. Gregson), Joel Miller (Mr. Lestrade), Peter Italiano (Jefferson Hope), Chuck Miller (Wiggins), Bruce Franklin (John Rance), Barbara Breckenridge (Mrs. Sawyer), Mary Height (Mrs. Hardcastle), Chris Herman (Mrs. Carpentier), Fran Fitch (Alice), Carolyn Koerber (Lucy Ferrier).


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Credits: Director, Lucy Chase Williams.

Cast: Michael A. Cooper (Sherlock Holmes), Lucy Chase Williams (Gwendolyn Cobb), John Murphy, Dirk Denison, John Gerard.

Reviews: Birmingham Eccentric (April 20, 1972) (Lorie Neiman); (April 21, 1972).


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See also DA5209-DA5239.


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Cast: Walter Covell (Sherlock Holmes), Charles Keilus (Dr. Watson), Leah Dooley (Madge Larrabee), J. Wilbur Riker, Jr. (Forman), Raymond Carmichael (James Larrabee), Janice Ward (Terese), Ruth Meader (Mrs. Faulkner), William MacLeod (Sid Prince), Joan O'Gorman (Alice Faulkner), Walter Boughton (Professor Robert Moriarty), Charles Makepeace (John), George Baker (Alf Bassick), Arthur Markoff (Billy), James Wolohoojian (Craigin), Frederick Lohse (Leary), George McAlpin (McTague), Blanche Jones (Parsons), Charles Makepeace (Count Von Stalburg), William MacLeod (Sir Edward Leighton).


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Credits: Producers, Dorothy and Frank Bryan; Director, Harry Minturn; Settings and Lighting, W. Broderick Hackett.

Cast: John Glendinning (Sherlock Holmes), Harry Huguenot (Dr. Watson), Charles Francisco (Benj. Forman), Ed Udovich (Billy), Jack Parsons (Sir Edward Leighton), W. Broderick Hackett (Count Von Stalburg), Bob Hanscom (Professor Moriarty), Louis Tanno (James Larrabee), Jarl Victor (Sidney Prince), Bill Slout (Alf Bassick), H. Minturn (Craigin), L. D. Schectman (Tim Leary), Galen C. Hays (Parsons), Francine Julian (Alice Faulkner), Lolabelle Godfrey (Mrs. Faulkner), Kay MacDonald (Madge Larrabee), Brina Magida (Terese).


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Credits: Director, James J. Quinn, Jr.; Assistant Director, Arthur Perry; Technical Director, Albert J. Lender; Stage Manager, Mark Swartz; Assistant Stage Manager, Joel Slonim Peck; Sets, Albert J. Lender, Robert Fehsinger, Jeffrey Slocomb, Stanley Wasser; Lights, Harvey Berger; Assistant, Peter Capek; Costumes, Arthur Perry, Martin Rothenberg; Properties, Michael Lissim, Jeffrey Gamso, Stephen Meshel; Stage Crew, Stephen Schwartz, Leslie Manse, Jeffrey Slocomb, Stanley Wasser.

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Credits: Director, Frank Faragoh.

Partial cast: Robert Cripps (Sherlock Holmes), Gloria Green (Madge Larrabee), David Doucet (James Larrabee), David Conter (Professor Moriarty), Patricia Hazen (Alice Faulkner).

Review: Montreal Star (January 24, 1969) (M.M.)


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Credits: Adapter and Director, Dennis Rosa; Sets, Grady Larkins; Lighting, Peter E. Sargent; Costumes, Lawrence Miller.

Cast: Richard Ramos (Sherlock Holmes), Bruce M. Kornbluth (Dr. Watson), Peter Wallach (Little Billy, Captain of The Baker Street Irregulars), Arthur A. Rosenberg (King Wilhelm Gottsreich Sigismond von Ormstein), Joseph De Pause (Forman, the Butler), Gretchen Oehler (Madge Larrabee), George Vafiadis (Sidney Prince), Laura Esterman (Alice Faulkner), Brendan Burke (Professor Moriarty), James Scott (Alf Bassick), Martin Molson (Craigin), Mike Genovese (McTague), Kenneth Stack (Body).

Review: St. Louis Post-Dispatch (March 24, 1972) (Myles Standish).


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Cast: Jonathan Farwell (Sherlock Holmes), Robert Snook (Dr. Watson), Bruce Tarrant and Benjamin Zelman (Little Billy), Allen Leatherman (King Wilhelm Gottsreich Sigismond von Ormstein), Edith Owen (Madge Larrabee), Bob Moak (Forman), Richard Halverson (Sid Prince), Brenda Curtis (Alice Faulkner), Robert Allman (Professor Moriarty), John Buck, Jr. (Alf Bassick), Ralph Neeley (Craigin), Marcus Smythe (McTague).

Review: Plain Dealer [Cleveland] (December 17, 1972) (Peter Bellamy).


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Credits: Director, Sobolik; Technical Director, Martin Smith; Designer, Mike Smanko; Assistant Designer, Kevin Smith; Costumes, A. Neilson Morse.

Cast: Thomas Recca (Sherlock Holmes), John T. Bower (Dr. Watson), Jeff Moos (Forman), Jackie G. Levinson (Madge Larrabee), George Agalias (Jim Larrabee), Grace Ristovski (Terese), Dov Fahrer (Sid Prince), Beatrice Merganz (Mrs. Faulkner), Susan Ann Kovac (Alice Faulkner), Don Attanasio (Professor Moriarty), Robert Lowe (John), Rob Grantors (Bassick), Hal Plain (Billy), Terry Bauer (Craigin), Vincent X. Borelli (Leary), Robert Lowe (McTague), Vincent X. Borelli (Parsons), Terry Bauer (Sir Edward), Robert Lowe (Von Stalburg).


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Credits: Adapter and Director, Dennis Rosa; Scenery and Costumes, Bill Mikulewicz; Lighting, Dan Leigh; Stage Manager, Charles Morey; Assistant Director, Ellen Dinerstein.

Cast: Richard Fancy (Sherlock Holmes), Robert Alvin (Dr. Watson), Brooks Whitehouse (Little Billy), Allan White (Ormstein), Ingrid Sonnichsen (Madge Larrabee), Alvin Treadwell (Forman), Charles Morey (Sidney Prince), Phyllis Somerville (Alice Faulkner), Richard Peterson (Professor Moriarty), Kenneth Kraus (Craigin), Keith Brandwen (McTague), William Roberto (Alf Bassick), (A Victim).

Reviews: Keene Sentinel (July 26, 1973) (C. Paul Martin); Peterborough Transcript (July 26, 1973) (Bill Loan).


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Credits: Adapter, Dennis Rosa; Director, Larry Tarrant; Settings and Lighting, Richard Gould; Costumes, Estelle H. Painter.

Cast: Jonathan Farwell (Sherlock Holmes), Robert Snook (Dr. Watson), Bruce Tarrant (Little Billy), Allen Leatherman (King Wilhelm Gottsreich Sigismond von Ormstein), Edith Owen (Madge Larrabee), Norm Berman (Forman), Richard Halverson (Sid Prince), Brenda Curtis (Alice Faulkner), John Bergstrom (Professor Moriarty), John Buck, Jr. (Alf Bassick), Ralph Neeley (Craigin), Dale Place (McTague), Jonathan Miller (Dead Man).


C19897. -- B4399. Gillette, William. Sherlock Holmes. San Mateo, Calif.: College of San Mateo, Hillbarn Theatre, Fridays and Saturdays, August 24-September 24, 1973. 10 performances.

Credits: Adapter and Director, John Rechtfertig; Settings, James Sibbert; Costumes, Sam Rolph.

Cast: Clay Miller (Sherlock Holmes), Derek Charnley (Dr. Watson), Karen Johnson (Madge Larrabee), David DeRussy (Judson Forman), Larry Hyink (Jim Larrabee), J. Geoffrey Colton (Robert Trelawney-Hope), Suzanne Walls (Hilda Trelawney-Hope), Douglas Gruehl (Sid Prince), Kathleen McIntyre (Alice Faulkner), Bruce McNair (Prof. James Moriarty), Ralph Moslander (Col. Sebastian Moran), Peter Schmaltz (Bassick), William Hooker (LeFarge), Ernic Nordlinger (Leary), Tom Luzader (McTague), John Barnett (Billy), Ron Ross (Charly), Mark Dinning (Alfy), John Stimson (Wiggy), Jon Toby (Jessie), Joyce Luzader (Mrs. Hudson), Constance Blackwood (Mrs. Seaton), Avery Dillingham (Parson Sims), Edwin Lord (1st Cabman), Rolph Weathersall (2nd Cabman).

Reviews: VH, 7, No. 3 (September 1973), 6, 7-8, 10 (Hargrave; Earl Anderson).


C19898. -- B6104. Gillette, William. Sherlock Holmes. Indianapolis: Indiana Repertory Theatre, March 28-April 20, 1974.

Credits: Adapter, Dennis Rosa; Director, Edward Stern; Settings and Costumes, William E. Schroder; Scenic Artist, Richard Ferguson-Wagstaffe; Lighting, Johnny Walker; Production Stage Manager, Peter J. Hajduk; Stage Manager, Richard Harden.

Cast: John Wylie (Sherlock Holmes), Dennis Kennedy (Dr. Watson), Thomas Mula (Little Billy), Erik Fredricksen (King Wilheim), Maury Cooper (Professor Moriarty), Nancy Zala (Madge Larrabee), Eric Sinclair (Sid Prince), Nancy Leonard (Alice Faulkner), Raymond Singer (Alf Bassick), Jon Oak (Craigin), Jerry Lee (MacTague), Mark Winkworth (Forman), Jerold Kappel (Cabman).


C19899. -- B4400. Gillette, William. Sherlock Holmes. Presented by The Royal Shakespeare Company. London: Aldwych Theatre, January 1-August 10, 1974. 84 performances. Bristol: Hippodrome, August 27-31, 1974. 6 performances.

Credits: Director, Frank Dunlop; Music, Michael Lankester; Lighting, Stewart Leviton; Settings, Carl Toms.

Cast: John Wood (Sherlock Holmes), Tim Pigott-Smith (Dr. Watson), Barbara Leigh-Hunt (Madge Larrabee), Harry Towb (John Forman), Nicholas Selby (James Larrabee), Madeline Bellamy (Terese), Trevor Peacock (Sidney Prince), Mary Rutherford (Alice Faulkner), Philip Locke (Professor Moriarty), Paul Gaymon (John), Martin Milman (Alfred Bassick), Sean Clarke (Billy), Peter Schofield (Jim Craigin), Christopher Jenkinson (Thomas Leary), Keith Taylor ("Lightfoot" McTague), Sidney Livingstone (Parsons), Patrick Godfrey (Sir Edward Leighton), John Bott (Count von Stalburg), Francis Maguire (Newsboy), John Bott, Joseph Charles, Joe Marcell, Joan Marcell, Joan Morrow (Londoners and others).

The play was first produced in Buffalo, N.Y., on October 23, 1899, with Gillette or Holmes (see DB5960) in the title role, and was performed on and off for thirty years until 1932. Gillette last appeared in a radio broadcast of it in 1935 at the age of 82. This production, the first in London for almost seventy years, joined the RSC's 1973-74 season on January 1, 1974, and was mainly responsible for the latest Holmes revival.

Reviews: Amateur Stage, 29 (February 1974), 25 (Roy Stacey); The Armchair Detective, 7 (February 1974), 140-141 (Deryck Harvey); BSJ, 24, No. 1 (March 1974), 20-21 (Colin Prestige); Birmingham Post (November 17, 1973) (J. C. Trewin); Bromley Times (January 11, 1974); Cambridge Evening News (January 5, 1974), 5 (Deryck Harvey); Chelsea News (January 11, 1974) (J.L.); Chicago Tribune (January 13, 1974), VI, 5 (Arthur Veysey), and reprinted in DCC, 10, No. 3 (April 1974), 4; Christian Science Monitor (January 24, 1974), F5 (Harold Hobson); Church Times (February 15, 1974), 5 (Martin Fagg); Cincinnati Enquirer (January 12, 1974) (Tom McElfresh); City Press (January 10, 1974) (Piers Harding); Colchester Evening Gazette (January 2, 1974) (Shirley Davenport); Country Life (January 24, 1974); Dagens Nyheter [Stockholm] (January 5, 1974), 12 (Barbro Hähnel); Daily Express (January 2, 1974), 10 (Ian Christie); Daily Mail (January 2, 1974), 3 (Jane Gaskell); Daily Telegraph (January 2, 1974) (John Barber); (January 4, 1974) (Peterborough); (April 1, 1974); Denver Post (February 25, 1974), 13 (Gregory Jensen); Drama (Spring 1974), 29-30 (J. W. Lambert); Eastern Daily Express (January 4, 1974); Evening News (December 28, 1973) (James Green); (January 2, 1974), 9 (Felix Barker); Evening Standard (October 30, 1973); (January 2, 1974), 19 (Milton Shulman); (January 17, 1974); Financial Times (January 2, 1974) 3 (B. A. Young); Fulham Chronicle (January 11, 1974) (J. L.); Glasgow Herald (January 7, 1974); Globe and Mail (January 11, 1974) (Herbert Whittaker); Guardian (January 2, 1974), 8 (Michael Billington), and reprinted in Manchester Guardian Weekly, (January 12, 1974), 22-23, and in DCC, 10, No. 3 (April 1974), 4; Hammersmith Post (January 11, 1974) (J. L.); Hempstead Express (January 11, 1974) (P.S.); Homes and Gardens (April 1974); Ilford Pictorial (January 16, 1974) (T. H.); Illustrated London News, 262 (March 1974), 63-65 (J. C. Trewin); Ipswich Evening Star (July 9,1973); Kansas City Star (1974) (Brian Dunning); Kilburn Times (January 11, 1974); The Lady (January 17 and 24, 1974), 51 (J. C. Trewin); Listener, 91 (January 10, 1974), 62-63 (John Elsom); Manchester Evening News (December 31, 1973); (December 3, 1974); Miami Herald (January 16, 1974), 6-D (Arthur Veysey); Morning Star (January 3, 1974) (Jack Sutherland); New Society, 29 (August 1, 1974), 300-301 (Albert Hunt); New Statesman, 87 (January 11, 1974), 56 (Benedict Nightingale); New York, 7 (August 26, 1974), 67 (John Simon); New York Post (January 21, 1974) (Dan Sullivan); New York Times (August 9, 1974), 24 (Clive Barnes), and reprinted in The New York Times Theater Reviews, 1973-1974, 12 (1975), 259-260; (August 10, 1974), 18 (Clive Barnes); (August 3, 1975), II, 1, 5 (Robert Brustein); Northampton Chronicle (January 4, 1974) (Shirley Davenport); Observer (January 6, 1974), 24 (Robert Cushman); Observer Review (January 6, 1974); (January 19, 1974); Orpington Times (January 10, 1974) (C.R.S.); Over 21 (April 1974), 6 (Shirley Green); Potters Bar Press (December 18, 1974) (W.H.G.); Punch, 266 (January 16, 1974), 102 (Jeremy Kingston); St. Louis Post-Dispatch (February 10, 1974); Scotsman (January 3, 1974) (Alasdair MacPherson); Sentinel (October 16, 1974), 3 (Jay Alan Quantrill); SHJ, 11, No. 3 (Winter 1973), 90-91 (Michael and Mollie Hardwick); Sherlockiana, 20, Nr. 2-3 (1975), 16-17 (Poul Erik Jensen); South London Press (January 18, 1974); Spectator [London] (January 12, 1974), 48 (Kenneth Hurren); Stage (January 10, 1974) (R. B. Marriott); Sunday News [New York] (February 17, 1974), 42 (Gregory Jensen); (February 24, 1974) (Suzy); Sunday Telegraph (December 23, 1973) (T. S. Ferguson); (January 6, 1974), 16 (Frank Marcus); Sunday Times (December 30, 1973), 33 (Philip Oakes); (January 6, 1974), 27 (Harold Hobson); Svenska Dagbladet [Stockholm] (July 15, 1974) (Ulla-Britt Edberg); Tatler & Bystander (February 1974) (Sheridan Morley); This Month in London (March 1974), 27-28; Time & Tide, 55 (February 1974), 23; The Times (October 31, 1973), 15; (November 1, 1973), 13, and reprinted in Sherlockiana, 18, Nr. 4 (1973), 16; (December 29, 1973), 7 (Michael Pointer); (January 2, 1974), 7 (Irving Wardle); Variety, 273 (January 16, 1974) (Hawk.); What's On in London (January 11, 1974); Where to Go (January 24, 1974), 23-24; Women's Wear Daily, 128 (January 23, 1974), 24 (Martin Gottfried).

C19900. -- B4401. Gillette, William. Sherlock Holmes. Presented by the Royal Shakespeare Company. Washington, D.C.: Eisenhower Theater, Kennedy Center, October 7-November 2, 1974. 32 performances. New York: Broadhurst Theatre, November 12, 1974-January 4, 1976. 219 performances.

Credits: Director, Frank Dunlop; Music, Michael Lankester; Lighting, Neil Peter Jampolis; Scenery and Costumes, Carl Toms.

Cast: John Wood (Sherlock Holmes), Tim Pigott-Smith (Dr. Watson), Barbara Leigh-Hunt (Madge Larrabee), Harry Towb (John Forman), Nicholas Selby (James Larrabee), Pamela Miles (Terese), Trevor Peacock (Sidney Prince), Mel Martin (Alice Faulkner), Philip Locke (Professor Moriarty), Michael Mellinger (John), Martin Milman (Alfred Bassick), Sean Clarke (Billy), Morgan Sheppard (Jim Craigin), Keith Taylor (Thomas Leary), Joe Marcell ("Lightfoot" McTague), Arthur Blake (Parsons), John Keston (Sir Edward Leighton), John Bott (Count von Stalburg), Robert Cook (Newsboy), Wendy Bailey, Joseph Charles, Alan Coates, Robert Cook, Joe Marcell, Michael Walker (Londoners and others), Christopher Tarlé (violin), Dick Perry (trumpet), Irving Joseph (piano).

Cast changes: January 1975. Kim Herbert replaced Michael Walter. -- February 4. Dennis Cooney (Dr. Watson), Christiana Pickles (Madge Larrabee), Richard Lupino (John Forman), Ron Randell (James Larrabee), Diana Kirkwood (Terese), Tony Tanner (Sidney Prince), Lynne Lipton (Alice Faulkner), Clive Revill (Professor Moriarty), "George Spelvin" (John), Robert Phalen (Alfred Bassick), Tobias Haller (Billy), Richard Woods (Jim Craigin), Arthur Burghardt (Thomas Leary), Richard Council ("Lightfoot" McTague), Mathew Tobin (Parsons), Patrick Horgan (Sir Edward Leighton), Fred Stuthman (Count von Stalburg), Rock Townsend (Newsboy), Michael Hawkins, Kim Herbert, Susan Merril-Taylor, Robert Perault, Richard Council, Rock Townsend (Londoners and others). -- March. Matthew Tobin (John). -- April 22. Patrick Horgan (Sherlock Holmes), Kim Herbert ("Lightfoot" McTague), Richard Woods (Sir Edward Leighton), Kim Herbert (Londoner). -- May 13. John Neville (Sherlock Holmes), Patrick Horgan (Sir Edward Leighton), Joe Muzikar (Londoner). -- August 19. Robert Stevens (Sherlock Holmes), Jeffrey Hillock (Newsboy). -- September. Geoff Garland (Sidney Prince), Jeffrey Hillock (Londoner). -- October. Michael Hawkins (Dr. Watson), Dennis Cooney (Dr. Watson), Elizabeth Swain (Terese), Fred Stuthman (Professor Moriarty), Robert Persault (Count von Stalburg), Michael Hawkins (Londoner). -- November 4. Robert Stattel (Dr. Watson), Alan Sues (Professor Moriarty), Fred Stuthman (Count von Stalburg), Tom Tarpey (Jim Craigin), Jonathan E. Freeman ("Lightfoot" McTague), Rex Robins (Sir Edward Leighton), Michael Hartman (Londoner). -- December. Josef Warik (Londoner), Donald Benedetti (trumpet).

The play was last produced on Broadway on November 25, 1929, for 45 performances with Gillette in the title role (DA5228).

Carl Toms received a Tony Award and a Drama Desk Award for best scenery. His un-nominated costumes were also noteworthy.

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C19901. -- B6105. Gillette, William. Sherlock Holmes. Bowling Green, Ohio: Bowling Green State University, Main Auditorium, November 19-22, 1975. 4 performances.

Credits: Director, Norman J. Myers; Settings and Lighting, John H. Hepler; Costumes, Kitty Hilmer.

Cast: Dennis Lasagna (Sherlock Holmes), Thomas A. Meyrose (Dr. Watson), Mark R. Zimmerman (Benj. Forman), Mark A. Kepke (Billy), Bob Braley (Sir Edward Leighton), Tim Gerkin (Count Von Stalburg), Chris Flaharty (Professor Moriarty), Brian Alexander Pavlac (James Larrabee), Dennis O'Dell (Sidney Prince), Paul Causman (Alf Bassick), Edward Magel, Jr. (Jim Craigin), Don Keiper (Thomas Leary), Dick Ogden ("Lightfoot" McTague), Richard Wentworth (Parsons), Karen S. Hines (Alice Faulkner), Elizabeth Kerezsi (Madge Larrabee), Kristina Lou Touzeau (Terese), Dorene Might (Mrs. Faulkner).


C19902. -- B4402. Gillette, William. Sherlock Holmes. Presented by the Royal Shakespeare Company. Toronto: O'Keefe Centre, January 14-31, 1976. 22 performances.

Credits: Director, Warren Enters; Music, Michael Lankester; Lighting, Neil Peter Jampolis; Scenery and Costumes, Carl Toms.

Cast: Robert Stephens (Sherlock Holmes), Ronald Bishop (Dr. Watson), Valerie French (Madge Larrabee), Neil Hunt (John Forman), Dalton Dearborn (James Larrabee), Alexandra Stoddart (Terese), Geoff Garland (Sidney Prince), Diana Kirkwood (Alice Faulkner), Alan Sues (Professor Moriarty), Richard Lederer (John), Charles Berendt (Alfred Bassick), Jeffrey Hillock (Billy), Alvah Stanley (Jim Craigin), Henry Leon Baker (Thomas Leary), John Seitz ("Lightfoot" McTague), Richard Lederer (Parsons), John C. Vennema (Sir Edward Leighton), George Ebeling (Count von Stalburg), Brian Bownlee (Newsboy), Michael Connolly, Tivice Davenport, Vivien Ferrara (Londoners and others), Paul Childs (violin).

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C19903. -- B4403. Gillette, William. Sherlock Holmes. Presented by the Royal Shakespeare Company. Detroit: Fisher Theatre, February 10-March 13, 1976. Cleveland: Hanna Theater, March 15-20, 1976. 8 performances. Los Angeles: Shubert Theatre, March 23-May 2, 1976. 48 performances. Denver Auditorium Theatre, May 5-9, 1976. 7 performances. Chicago: Shubert Theatre. May 12-June 12, 1976.

Credits: Director, Warren Enters; Music, Michael Lankester; Lighting, Neil Peter Jampolis; Scenery and Costumes, Mason Arvold.

Cast: Leonard Nimoy (Sherlock Holmes), Ronald Bishop (Dr. Watson), Valerie French (Madge Larrabee), Neil Hunt (John Forman), Dalton Dearborn (James Larrabee), Alexandra Stoddart (Terese), Geoff Garland (Sidney Prince), Diana Kirkwood (Alice Faulkner), Alan Sues (Professor Moriarty), Richard Lederer (John), Charles Berendt (Alfred Bassick), Jeffrey Hillock (Billy), Alvah Stanley (Jim Craigin), Henry Leon Baker (Thomas Leary), John Seitz ("Lightfoot" McTague), Richard Lederer (Parsons), John C. Vennema (Sir Edward Leighton), George Ebeling (Count von Stalburg), Brian Brownlee (Newsboy), Michael Connolly, Tiv Davenport, Vivien Ferrara (Londoners and others), Paul Childs (violin).

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C19904. -- B4404. Gillette, William. Sherlock Holmes. Derived from an original production by the Royal Shakespeare Company. Tour Management: Columbia Artists Theatricals Corp., December 31, 1976-May 3, 1977.

Credits: Producers, Paul Elliott and Bernard Jay; Director, Tony Tagner; Settings, Michael J. Hotopp and Paul De Pass; Company Manager, Gean Rocco; Production Stage Manager, Ian Drake; Stage Manager, Audrey Koran; Assistant Stage Managers, Roger Shea and Pandora Bronson; Production Carpenter, Randall Moreland; Production Electrician, Malcolm Callory; Production Property Mistress, Sharon L. McFarlin; Wardrobe Master, Sam Elterman; Production Assistant, Sandra Mandel.

Cast: John Michalski (Sherlock Holmes), Richard Lupino (Dr. Watson), Kurt Kasznar (Professor Moriarty), Kathleen Gaffney (Madge Larrabee), Richard Bowden (John Forman), Christopher Wynkoop (James Larrabee), Fran Ferrone (Terese), Ian Trigger (Sidney Prince), Allison Moore (Alice Faulkner), Ca Hutton (Alfred Bassick), Rock Townsend (Billy), Richard Holmes (Jim Craigin), Bruce Sherman (Thomas Leary), Sheldon Silver ("Lightfoot" McTague), Rand Mitchell (Parsons), John Straub (Sir Edward Leighton), Jack Schmidt (Count von Stalburg), Rock Townsend (Newsboy), Bruce Sherman (Trumpeter).

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C19905. -- B4405. Gillette, William. Sherlock Holmes. Presented by the Trinity Square Repertory Company. Providence, R. I.: Lederer Playhouse, April 16-May 25, 1974. 37 performances.

Credits: Adapter and Director, Dennis Rosa; Settings, Robert D. Soule; Lighting, Roger Morgan; Costumes, Betsey Potter; Properties, Sandra Nathanson; Stage Managers, William Radka and Howard London; Assistant Stage Managers, Beverly Andreozzi and Carolyn Knox.

Cast: Timothy Crowe (Sherlock Holmes), George Martin (Dr. Watson), Ted Orson and Zachary Miller (Little Billy), William Damkoehler (Willheim Gottsreich Sigismon Von Ormstein), Barbara Orson (Madge Larrabee), Richard Jenkins (Sid Prince), Mina Manente (Alice Faulkner), Richard Kavanaugh (Professor Moriarty).

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C19906. -- B4406. Gillette, William. Sherlock Holmes. St. Louis: Goldenrod Showboat, May-June 8, 1974.

Credits: Director, Bill Rowley; Stage Manager, Allan C. Amann.

Cast: Joe Aubuchon (Sherlock Holmes), Mike Kalist (Dr. Watson), Terry Vaughan (Madge Larrabee), John Foreman (Judson), Pete Mayer (James Larrabee), Jeff Weiner (Sidney Prince), Janet Hoffmann (Alice Faulkner), Ray Anzalone (Prof. Robert Moriarty), Carl Traynor (Alf Bassick), Bill Koetting (John Forman), Frank Kovac (Craigin), John Waite (Count Von Stalburg).

Unique in being the first known performance of a Sherlock Holmes play on a showboat!

Review: St. Louis Post-Dispatch (May 17, 1974), 5D (Dick Richmond).


C19907. -- B4407. Gillette, William. Sherlock Holmes. Presented by the University of Washington, School of Drama. Seattle: Showboat Theatre, August 2-3, 7-10, 1974. 6 performances.

Credits: Director, Arne Zaslove; Stage Manager, Lynn James Holzworth; Assistant Stage Manager, Richard Kirschner; Sets and Lights, Bill Forrester; Costumes, James R. Crider.

Cast: Larry R. Ballard (Sherlock Holmes), Brad Smith (Dr. Watson), Barbara Sofia (Terese), Timothy Humes (Benj. Forman), Robert L. D'Aprile (James Larrabee), Gayle E. Hudson (Madge Larrabee), Susan Weingarten (Mrs. Faulkner), Steven J. Goddard (Sidney Prince), Evaughn Flaming (Alice Faulkner), Michael Fuller (Professor Moriarty), Paul Merry (John), Patrick Turner (Alf Bassick), Gerald Burgess (Billy), David Hudson (Craigin), Richard Kirschner (Tim Leary), James Loy (McTague), Eugene Radach (Parsons), Stephen Lloyd Elliott (Sir Edward Leighton), Richard Esterbrook (Count Von Stalburg).

Review: BSJ, 25, No. 1 (March 1975), 31-32 (Tom Alessandri).


C19908. -- B4408. Gillette, William. Sherlock Holmes. Presented by the English Drama Players. Memphis State University, Patterson Hall, April 15, 1975. 1 performance.

Credits: Director, Louis Charles Stagg.

Cast: Ferrel Hinds (Sherlock Holmes), Charles Pack (Dr. Watson), Melinda Menke (Madge Larrabee), David Dawson (Forman), Lynne Scott (Terese, Billy, Craigin), Kay Pollard (James Larrabee), Dana Clausing (Alice Faulkner), Andrew Kelley (Moriarty), Mary Anne Payne (Bassick and Sir Edward), Vickie White (Leary and Count Von Stalburg), Dr. Stagg (McTague and Parsons).

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C19909. -- B4410. Gillette, William. Sherlock Holmes. Whitefield, N.H.: Weathervane Theatre, August 1, 5, 13-14, 20, 28, 1975. 6 performances.

Uncredited, with title: The Casebook of Sherlock Holmes.

Credits: Director, Tom Haas; Designer, Gibbs Murray.

Cast: Michael Maroney (Sherlock Holmes), Gibbs Murray (Dr. Watson), Mark Phialas (James Larrabee), Deborah Phialas (Madge Larrabee), Harold Shepard (Sidney Prince), David Bodin (Benjamin Forman), Susan Conners (Terese), Mary Burt (Alice Faulkner), Brian Keeler (Professor Moriarty), Ron Cameron (John), Stephen Berenson (Alf Bassick), Bill Mannle (Craigin), Nina Heuman (Parsons), John Allen (Sir Edward Leighton).


C19910. -- B4411. Gillette, William. Sherlock Holmes. Los Angeles: Department of Recreation and Parks Cultural Arts Center, October 3-5, 10-12, 17-19, 24-26, 1975. 12 performances.

Credits: Adapter and Director, Tom Clapp.

Cast: Layne Montgomery (Sherlock Holmes), Stuart Dowling (Dr. Watson), Barbara Crosby (Madge Larrabee), Richard Nathan (Forman), Robert Van Praag (James Larrabee), Marlyne Dutton (Terese), Nyla Arslanian (Alice Faulkner), Oscar Arslanian (Professor Moriarty), Steve Bugard (John), Billy Simpson (Billy), Edward Bennett (Sir Edward Leighton), Hans Bolen (Count Von Stalburg), Parry Ford, Richard Nathan, Bill Corwin, Joe Ciriello (Londoners and others), Justin Segal (violin).

Review: Sherlock Holmes (July 1976), 52-54 (Cecil A. Ryder, Jr.) (E-GO Collectors Series, No. 3)


C19911. -- B4412. Gillette, William. Sherlock Holmes. Coconut Grove, Fla.: The Coconut Grove Playhouse, October 7-November 2, 1975. 32 performances.

Credits: Director, Colin Cook; Scenery, Kenneth N. Kurtz; Costumes, David Rubinstein; Lighting, Christine Voellinger.

Cast: John Colicos (Sherlock Holmes), Donald Symington (Dr. Watson), Lois Markle (Madge Larrabee), William Wright (John Forman), Jack Davidson (James Larrabee), Tanit Buday (Terese), John Ramsey (Sidney Prince), Erin Connor (Alice Faulkner), Leonard Frey (Professor Moriarty), Charles Herrick (Alfred Bassick), Gary Imhoff (Billy), Thomas Conway (Jim Craigin), Fred Buch (Thomas Leary), Richard Rossetti ("Lightfoot" McTague), Dan Fitzgerald (Parsons), Steve Hansen (Count von Stalburg).

Reviews: Miami Herald (October 19, 1975), 7-H (Candice Russell); South Dade News Leader (October 10, 1975), 10-B (Chuck McCartney); WINZ News Radio 94 (October 10, 1975) (Sam Hirsch).


C19912. -- B4413. Gillette, William. Sherlock Holmes. University of Wisconsin -- Milwaukee, Department of Theatre, November 13-16, 19-23, 28-30; December 3, 5-6, 1975. 15 performances.

Credits: Director, Ron Gural; Set design, E. J. Dennis; Costume design, Al Tucci; Lighting design, Mark Stapleton.

Cast: Mark Kuechle (Sherlock Holmes), Ken Kacner (Dr. Watson), Susan Haas (Madge Larrabee), John Brennan (Benjamin Forman), Jane Witherell (Terese), Scott Jaeck (James Larrabee), Ava Sussan (Mrs. Faulkner), Douglas G. Udell (Sidney Prince), Mary Guy (Alice Faulkner), Bruce Goodrich (Professor Moriarty), Victor J. B. Delorenzo, Jr. (John), Eugene P. Rubenzer (Alf Bassick), Kurt Ida (Billy), Alan Atwood (Craigin), Michael Andrews (Leary), Michael Sommers (McTague), Richard J. Weber (Parsons), John E. Zeugner (Count Von Stalburg), Daryl E. Kroken (Sir Edward Leighton), Christina Fauber (Mrs. Smeedley).

Reviews: Crossroads [University of Wisconsin] (November 20, 1975) (Dana Alioto); NCTM, 1, No. 4 (Fall 1975), 8-9 (Daniel P. King), and reprinted in Northeast Post News [West Allis, Wis.] (December 8, 1975), A-15.


C19913. -- B4414. Gillette, William. Sherlock Holmes. Birmingham Repertory Theatre November 4-December 11, 1976.

Credits: Director, Peter Farago; Set Designer, Geoffrey Scott; Costumes Designer, Priscilla Truett; Lighting, Robert Ornbo; Music Composer and Arranger, Michael Lankester; Pianist, Geoffrey Turner.

Cast: Alan Rickman (Sherlock Holmes), Michael Hughes (Dr. Watson), Ursula Smith (Madge Larrabee), Arthur Cox (John Forman), Peter Gordon (James Larrabee), Janet Maw (Terese), David Foxxe (Sidney Prince), Barbara Flynn (Alice Faulkner), David Suchet (Professor Moriarty), James Saxon (John), Colin Higgins (Alfred Bassick), Bill Pryde (Billy), Terry Molloy (Jim Craigin), Tony McHale (Thomas Leary), John Main ("Lightfoot" McTague), Robert Benfield (Parsons), Philip Garston-Jones (Sir Edward Leighton), James Irwin (Count Von Stalburg), Robert Benfield, Roy Finn, Tony McHale, John Main, Terry Molloy, Bill Pryde, Elizabeth Revill, Frederick Adcock, Dave Speedy (Londoners and others).

Reviews: Birmingham Post (October 29, 1976) (Celia Hall); (November 5, 1976) (Anthony Everitt); Coventry Evening Telegraph (November 5, 1976) (David Isaacs).


C19914. -- B4415. Gillette, William. Sherlock Holmes. Presented by the Library Theatre Company. Manchester: Forum Theatre, November 18-December 11, 1976.

Credits: Director, Howard Lloyd-Lewis; Designer, Chris Kinman; Lighting, Geoff Hillier; Sound, Michael Williams.

Cast: Paul Webster (Sherlock Holmes), Russell Dixon (Dr. Watson), Michael Graves (John Forman), Margot Leicester (Madge Larrabee), Mark Sheridan (James Larrabee), Lavinia Bertram (Terese), Patrick Carter (Sidney Prince), Virginia Clarke (Alice Faulkner), Reg Stewart (Professor Moriarty), Graham Pountney (John), James Stephens (Alfred Bassick), Jonathan Ellis (Billy), Taylor McAuley ("Lightfoot" McTague), Stephen Rayment (Thomas Leary), Alan Luxton (Jim Craigin), Graham Pountney (Parsons), Stephen Rayment (Count Von Stalburg), Taylor McAuley (Sir Edward Leighton), James Stephens (Policeman).

Review: Wythenshawe Express and Recorder (November 26, 1976).


C19915. -- B4417. Gillette, William. Sherlock Holmes. Williamstown, Mass.: The Williamstown Theatre Festival, July 12-23, 1977. 12 performances.

Credits: Director, Peter Hunt; Scenery, John Lee Beatty; Costumes, David Murin; Lighting, Peter Hunt; Music, Lawrence Rosen; Stage Manager, Tom Aberger.

Cast: Frank Langella (Sherlock Holmes), Richard Woods (Dr. Watson), Kevin Bushee (Violinist), Max Hunt (Urchin), Jeffrey Moxon (1st Boy), Torben Brooks (Newsboy), Paul Burg (1st Policeman), Philip Knoerzer (2nd Policeman), Madeleine Ouelette (Old Lady), Charlie Hopton (2nd Boy), Spenser Hopton (3rd Boy), Robert Brolli (John Forman), Barbette Tweed (Madge Larrabee), Jack Ryland (James Larrabee), Jill Goldrach (Terese), Louis Beachner (Sidney Prince), Colby Willis (Alice Faulkner), Susan Santiago (Street Singer), Tom Domenici (Mimist), Breez Cooper (Moroccan Prince), Gil Konowitch (Estate Agent), Maggie Topkis (Whore), Wendell Green (Beggar), George Morfogen (Professor Moriarty), Barry O'Donnell (John), Tony Abatemarco (Alfred Bassick), Erika Stadtlander (Penny Whistler), Mugsy (Bassett Hound), Mary Hastings (Trumpeter), Henry Rinehart (Billy), Philip Kroerzer (Chinaman), Tobin Wheeler (Karate Expert), Thomas Carroll (1st Sailor), David Babcock (2nd Sailor), Ellis Roberts ("Lightfoot" McTague), Ken Olin (Craigin), Albert Cummings (Leary), James Drummond (Organ Grinder), Diane Toomey (Nanny), Tom Domenici (1st Guardsman), Tobin Wheeler (2nd Guardsman), Ralph Renzi (Beefeater), David Simonds (Parsons), Dudley Bahlman (Sir Edward Leighton), Leonard Tucker (Count Von Stalburg).

Reviews: Berkshire Eagle (July 11, 1977) (Milton R. Bass); (July 13, 1977), 12 (Milton R. Bass); (July 19, 1977), 6; Morning Union [Springfield] (July 18, 1977), 13 (John Hitchcock).


C19916. -- B4418. Gillette, William. Sherlock Holmes. Monterey, Calif.: Wharf Theatre, October-November 1977.

Credits: Director, Dan Gotch; Assistant Director and Stage Manager, Arlis Duncanson; Resident Designer and Set Construction, Lance Jacobson; Costumer, Jeanne Graham.

Cast: Keith Decker (Sherlock Holmes), Dick Vreeland (Dr. Watson), Tony Mariano (Forman), Dennis Gagomiros (Billy), Faith Van Woerkom (Alice Faulkner), James Honroth (Dr. Moriarty), Rachel Laurendeau (Mrs. Blessick), David Hoskins (James Larrabee), Mary Looram (Madge Larrabee), Rudy Rafanelli (Sid Prince), Keith Cornell (Craigin), Howard Hinckley, Jr. (McTague), Stavros Kondilis (Leary).


C19917. -- B4419. Gillette, William. Sherlock Holmes. A Comedy in Two Acts. Cleveland: Greenbrier Theatre, November 3-5, 10-12, 17-19, 1977. 9 performances.

Credits: Director, James Binns; Sets, James M. Stone; Costumes, Lila Priver: Lighting, Lance Switzer.

Cast: Ira Pierson (Sherlock Holmes), Roman Drake (Dr. Watson), Janet Kronenberger (Madge Larrabee), R. J. Musat (John Forman), John J. Polk (James Larrabee), Claudia Lynn Stefany (Terese), Tim Jones (Sidney Prince), Nancy Eddy (Alice Faulkner), Donald E. Novorsky (Professor Moriarty), Stanley L. Orr III (Alfred Bassick), Alan S. Tuskes (Billy), Al White (Parsons and Chinaman), Allan Faulhaber (Newsboy), Chris Dembinski ("Lightfoot" McTague), Bruce Keller (Thomas Leary), Jim Craigin, Christopher Taylor (Ensemble), Rudy Adella (Indian Prince and Karate Expert), Jane Madey (Nanny, Old Lady, Street Singer), K. Arthur Lytle (Sailor), Ron Perger (Count Von Stalburg), Ray Bonham (Sir Edward Leighton).


C19918. -- B4420. Gillette, William. Sherlock Holmes. San Diego: Old Town State Historic Park, Mission Playhouse, February 23-? 1978.

Credits: Director, Edythe Pirazzini; Technical Director, Dick Snyder; Scenic Art, Barbara Stockton; Costume Coordinator, Dorothe Du Bois; Properties, Barbara Krepps; Lighting, Donald Spangler.

Cast: William Quiett (Sherlock Holmes), Fredrick Edmund (Dr. Watson), Doug Smalheer (John Forman), Gwen Hovland (Madge Larrabee), Al Pickett (James Larrabee), Coralie Schatz (Terese), Doug MacDonald (Sidney Prince), Patricia Elmore (Alice Faulkner), Cezar J. Banks (Moriarty), Fred Horn (Alfred Bassick), Douglas Hall (Billy), David Figg (Jim Craigin), Norman Diamond (Thomas Leary), Stan Glickman ("Lightfoot" McTague), Joe Ratliff (Parsons), George Demetre (Sir Edward Leighton), Merrill Nelson (Count Von Stalburg), Barbara Krepps, Julie Fox, Francine Chemnick, Brian Van de Watering, Steve Horn, David Hovland, Coralie Schatz (Londoners and others).

Reviews: San Diego Evening Tribune (February 24, 1978) (Margery Craig); San Diego Union (February 19, 1978), E-2 (Welton Jones); (February 24, 1978), C-4 (Welton Jones).


C19919. -- B4221. Gillette, William. Sherlock Holmes. San Luis Obispo: Cal Poly Theatre, February 23-25, 1978. 3 performances.

Credits: Director and Scenic Design, Murray Smith; Technical Director and Lighting Design, Bill Drake; Costumes, Debbie Crawford; Stage Manager, Joe Justiniano, Jr.; Assistant Stage Managers, Joanie Hawkins and Judy Lear; Publicity and House Manager, Elaine M. Hammermaster.

Cast: Kirt Kisling (Sherlock Holmes), Joe Cartwright (Dr. Watson), Judy Robbins (Madge Larrabee), Ed Cardoza (John Forman), Peter Magee (James Larrabee), Ann R. Meacham (Terese), Max Darnielle (Sidney Prince), Margie Kelley (Alice Faulkner), David Sterling (Professor Moriarty), Douglas L. Francis (John), Ed Beauchamp (Alfred Bassick), Mike Huber (Billy), Greg McConnell (Jim Craigin), Bruce Wilson (Thomas Leary), Mike McHugh ("Lightfoot" McTague), Mark Bunyard (Parsons), Russel McBrien (Sir Edward Leighton), Michael Hampton (Count Von Stalburg).

Reviews: Mustang Daily (February 23, 1978), 1 (Brian Tomlinson); San Luis Obispo County (Calif.) Telegram-Tribune (February 18, 1978), 5; (February 23, 1978), A-5.


C19920. -- B4422. Gillette, William. Sherlock Holmes. Annapolis, Md.: Colonial Players, March 3-5, 10-12, 17-19, 23-25, 1978. 12 performances.

Credits: Director, Rick Wade; Assistant Director, Andy Parr; Production Manager, Dinah Emmet; Stage Manager, Mark Smith; Set Design, Hank Ortland; Lighting Design, Terry Scott Morton.

Cast: John Ortman (Sherlock Holmes), Dan Higgs (Dr. Watson), Barbara Wood (Madge Larrabee), Mike Driscoll (John Forman); Edd Miller (James Larrabee), Debby Jackson (Terese), Stan Morrow (Sidney Prince), Karen Wadman (Alice Faulkner), Jim Byrnes (Prof. Moriarty), Andy Parr (John), John Norris (Alfred Bassick), Jeffrey Jockell (Billy), Don Finlayson (James Craigin), Rick Bruinsma (Thomas Leary), Bob Rude ("Lightfoot" McTague), Sue Norris (Mrs. Smeedley), Mark Smith (Parsons), A. J. Feeney (Count Von Stalburg), Tom Lugenbeel (Sir Edward Leighton).

C19921. -- B4423. Gillette, William. Sherlock Holmes. A Comedy in Two Acts in 1890's Melodrama. Presented by International Artists Management Corp. Los Angeles: Embassy Auditorium, April 6-8, 1978. 4 performances.

Credits: Producers, Mervyn and Allan Shapiro; Director, Francis X. Liska; Assistant Director, Mary K. Coleston; Set Supervisor, Mark McKerracher; Costume Designer, Sylvia Kujawski; Business Manager, Tom Schuman; Stage Manager, Charles Howell; Special Artists, Crystal and Kathy.

Cast: Christopher Lowry (Sherlock Holmes), James Angle (Dr. Watson), Mary K. Coleston (Madge Larrabee), Jan Rabson (John Forman), Mark McKerracher (James Larrabee), Pamela Armstrong (Terese), Dan Smythe (Sidney Prince), Pamela Scanion (Alice Faulkner), Frank Liska (Professor Moriarty), Randy Bowser (Alfred Bassick), Mike Mendelsohn (Billy), Robert Odell (Jim Craigin), Peter York (Thomas Leary), Dennis McKenzie ("Lightfoot" McTague), Dennis McKenzie (Parsons), Robert Odell (Sir Edward Leighton), Peter York (Count Von Stalburg), Carol Ann Sudderth, Greg Coutes, Christopher Conroy (Londoners and others).


C19922. -- B6106. Gillette, William. Sherlock Holmes. Presented by the Nebraska Repertory Theatre. Lincoln: University of Nebraska, June 23-August 18, 1978.

Credits: Director, Rex McGraw; Assistant, Joe McNeely; Settings, Forrest Newlin; Costumes, William Brewer; Lighting, Michael Bautista.

Cast: Phil Heckman (Sherlock Holmes), V. Eric Sorensen (Dr. Watson), Cynthia A. Brown (Madge Larrabee), Steven Brown (John Forman), Joe McNeely (James Larrabee), Kathy Morrow (Terese), Myron Papich (Sidney Prince), Stephanie Kallos (Alice Faulkner), Cliff Radcliff (Professor Moriarty), Judith Radcliff (Freda Bassick), Jim Anderson (Billy), James Mellgren (Jim Craigin), Larry Petersen (Thomas Leary), Kirby Hendersen ("Lightfoot" McTague), Suzy Wurtz (Mrs. Parsons), David Henry Elsen (Sir Edward Leighton), Patricia Raun (Countess von Stalburg).


C19923. -- B4424. Gillette, William. Sherlock Holmes. Weston, Vt.: The Weston Playhouse, July 27-31, 1978. 5 performances.

Credits: Director and Designer, Walter Boughton; Technical Director, Bruce W. Bacon, assisted by Scott Anderson and Georgia T. Nicholson, Jr.; Lighting, Tim Fort; Scene painting, Christopher Lyon; Costumes, Susan Venman, assisted by Susan Hall and Georgia Wyeth; Properties, Tad Webb and Kim Davis; Stage Manager, Mark A. Davis; Assistant Stage Manager, Kim Davis.

Cast: Stevan Sylvester (Sherlock Holmes), Malcolm Gill (Dr. Watson), Naomi Dratfield (Madge Larrabee), Tim Fort (John Forman), Dennis Hagan (James Larrabee), Dorian Lerner (Terese), Neil Musante (Sidney Prince), Lisa Laport (Alice Faulkner), Jeff Natter (Professor Moriarty), T. Taylor Scull (John), Frank Aronson (Alfred Bassick), Chip Coykendall (Billy), Douglas Bernstein (Jim Craigin), Tad Webb (Thomas Leary), Mark A. Davis ("Lightfoot" McTague), Katherine Hanscom (Parsons), Samuel Kerr Lockhart (Sir Edward Leighton), Douglas Bernstein (Count Von Stalburg).


C19924. -- B4425. Gillette, William. Sherlock Holmes. Presented by The Old Chestnut Drama Guild. Berkeley: University of California, Zellerbach Playhouse, August 10-12, 16-19, 1978. 8 performances.

Credits: Director, William I. Oliver; Scene Designer, Henry May; Costume Designer, Warren Travis; Lighting Designer, Derek E. Duarte; Makeup Designer, Lisa Britt; Production Coordinator, George Ulnic; Technical Director, Mark A. Wardrip.

Cast: Robert Lanchester (Sherlock Holmes), Leigh Woods (Dr. Watson), Anthony Taccone (Benjamin Forman), Barron D. Chugg (Billy), Garff B. Wilson (Sir Edward Leighton), Paul Highley (Count Von Stalburg), Roderic Prindle (Professor Moriarty), Joseph McClinton (James Larrabee), Richard Drapkin (Sidney Prince), Stephen LeGrand (Alf Bassick), Charlie Carr (McTague), Garff Spelvin (Craigin), P. Highley Spelvin (Tim Leary), Stephen H. Thewlis (Parsons), Deborah Merola (Alice Faulkner), Jean Afterman (Mrs. Faulkner), Lorri Holt (Madge Larrabee), Rebecca Engle (Terese).

Reviews: Funfinder (August 5, 1978), 17 (Jorie Parr); San Francisco Chronicle (August 16, 1978), 56 (Judy Stone).


C19925. -- B6107. Gillette, William. Sherlock Holmes. Washington, D.C.: Gallaudet College Theatre, October 27-28; November 2-4, 1978. 5 performances.

Credits: Director, Timothy Owens; Set Design, Jeffrey J. Grandel; Costume Design, William A. Moses; Lighting Design, Frank Florentine.

Cast: Nat Wilson (Sherlock Holmes), Frank Marcil (Dr. Watson), Carol Cambone (Madge Larrabee), Tom Hattaway (John Forman), Jer Loudenback (James Larrabee), Donna McCord (Terese), Scott Recht (Sidney Prince), Lori Kronick (Alice Faulkner), Ben Bahan (Professor Moriarty), Bernard LeMaire (John), Tom Holcomb (Alfred Bassick), Charles Katz (Billy), Frank Varveri (Jim Craigin), Dale Kennedy (Thomas Leary), Jay Krieger ("Lightfoot" McTague), Bobby Green (Parsons), Andrew Lange (Sir Edward Leighton), Jock Johnston (Count Von Stalburg).

Readers: Bernie Collins, Doreen Feerick, Pat Frawley, Bill Haig, Lew Jacobs, Jock Johnston, William M. Quinn, Jr., Hank Young; Jo Tracy -- Coordinator.


C19926. -- B6108. Gillette, William. Sherlock Holmes. Pittsburgh: Community College of Allegheny County, The Ridge Avenue Theater, March 9-11, 16-18, 1979. 8 performances.

Credits: Director, D. E. Jukes; Scene and Lighting Design, Matthew T. Clancy; Costume Design, Emily Abmayer.

Cast: Donald DeTemple (Sherlock Holmes), D. E. Jukes (Dr. Watson), Scott A. Stegman (Forman), Carinne Carpentieri (Madge), Jim Zunic (Larrabee), Mary Kay Hensler (Terese), Richard Roberts (Prince), Susan Hoffman Barujel (Alice), Harrold "Butch" Madison (Professor Moriarty), Dale Anderson (John), Gean Miller (Bassick), Russell Rusiski (Billy), Anthony Quinn Thompson (Craigin), Patrick Finnegan (Leary), John E. Scherer (McTague), Kathy A. Chapman (Mrs. Parsons), Frances Malarkey (Mrs. Smeedly), Dale Anderson (Driver), Ralph Hay (Sir Edward Leighton), Shawn McCracken (Count Von Stalburg).

Reviews: ND (April 1979), 3-5 (Jim Zunic); Pitt News [University of Pittsburgh] (March 14, 1979), 9-10 (Philip Contes); Vue [CCAC] (February 6, 1979), 6 (Carinne Carpentieri).


C19927. -- B4426. Gillette, William. Sherlock Holmes: A Play Wherein Is Set Forth The Strange Case of Miss Alice Faulkner.... Santa Barbara, Calif.: Helan Halbach, 1974. xxx, 191 p. illus.

"Printed from the original Doubleday, Doran plates, including the illustrations and dust jacket ... [and] limited to 1000 copies of which 250 are numbered and contain an extra set of illustrations inserted along with a new Sherlock Holmes bookmark."

See also DA5238.


C19928. -- B4427. Gillette, William. "Sherlock Holmes: A Drama in Four Acts," Plays of the Year. Vol. 44. Edited by J. C. Trewin. London: Paul Elek Ltd., [1975]. p.13-166.


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First published by Samuel French in 1922 (DA5237).


C19930. -- B4429. Gillette, William. Sherlock Holmes: A Play, by William Gillette and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Garden City, N.Y.: Doubleday & Co., 1977. 210 p.

Jacket by Fred Marcellino.


C19931. -- B4430. Giovanni, Paul. The Crucifer of Blood. Buffalo, N.Y.: Studio Arena Theatre, January 6-February 4, 1978.

Credits: Executive Producer, Neal Du Brock; Director, Paul Giovanni; Scenery and Costumes, Robert P. Van Nutt; Lighting, Robby Monk.

Cast: Paxton Whitehead (Sherlock Holmes), Timothy Landfield (John Watson, M.D.), Stephen Keep (Major Alistair Ross), Bill Herndon (Capt. Neville St. Claire), Christopher Curry (Jonathan Small), Ian Trigger (Durga Dass, a Hindu), Tuck Milligan (Wali Dad, an Afghan), Greg Houston (Achmet Kahn, a Mohammedan), Glenn Close (Irene St. Claire), Tuck Milligan (Birdy Johnson), Ian Trigger (Inspector Lestrade), Melvin Lum (Fung Tching, a Chinaman), T. Ervin (Tonga).

Contents: Scene 1. The Great Fort at Agra, India (1857). -- Scene 2. 221-B Baker Street (thirty years later). -- Scene 3. (Pt. 1) Pondicherry Lodge at Maidenhead (the same day). -- Scene 4. The Gate of a Hundred Sorrows (the following night). -- Scene 5. On the River Thames (later that night). -- Scene 6. 221-B Baker Street (dawn of the next morning).

Reviews: Buffalo Courier-Express (January 6, 1978) (Patricia Ward Biederman); (January 7, 1978), 12 (Bob Groves); Buffalo News (January 7, 1978) (Ronald J. Colleran; John Dwyer); Niagara Gazette (January 7, 1978) (Bill Branche); PP, 1, No. 1 (May 1978), 5-6 (Bob Thomalen); Tonawanda News (January 9, 1978), 6 (Ted R. Hadley).


C19932. -- B4431. Giovanni, Paul. The Crucifer of Blood. Presented by Lester Osterman, Richard Horner, Terry Allen Kramer, and John Wulp. New York: Helen Hayes Theatre, September 14-? (previews); September 28, 1978-April 22, 1979.

Credits: Director, Paul Giovanni; Scenery Design, John Wulp; Costumes Design, Ann Roth; Lighting Design, Roger Morgan; Scenery Supervisor, Lynn Pecktal; Makeup Design, Joseph Cranzano; Wigs and Hairstyles, Paul Huntley.

Cast: Paxton Whitehead (Sherlock Holmes), Timothy Landfield (John Watson, M.D.), Dwight Schultz (Major Alistair Ross), Nicolas Surovy (Capt. Neville St. Claire), Christopher Curry (Jonathan Small), Edward Zang (Durga Dass, a Hindu), Tuck Milligan (Wali Dad, an Afghan), Andrew Davis (Mohammed Singh, a Mohammedan), Glenn Close (Irene St. Claire), Tuck Milligan (Birdy Johnson), Roumel Reaux (Tonga), Edward Zang (Inspector Lestrade), Melvin Lum (Fung Tching, a Chinaman), Martin LaPlatney (Hopkins, a Policeman), Andrew Davis (Mordecai Smith, a Sailor).

Reviews: Atlanta Journal and Constitution (October 8, 1978) (Glenne Currie), and reprinted in PUn, 2, No. 11 (November 1978), 2; BSM, No. 16 (December 1978), 23-24 (Bruce Kennedy); BSR, 1, No. 5 (January 1979), 1-2; Christian Science Monitor (October 2, 1978), 18 (John Beaufort), and reprinted in New York Theatre Critics' Reviews, 39 (1978), 211; City News (August 22, 1978), 51; (September 13, 1978), 23 (John Corry); Daily News (November 6, 1978), and reprinted in New York Theatre Critics' Reviews, 39 (1978), 212; EQMM, 73 (January 1979), 82 (Chris Steinbrunner); Milwaukee Journal (November 7, 1978), 1, 3 (William Glover); MM, No. 11 (February 1979), 4-5 (Dwight J. McDonald); New York, 11 (October 16, 1978), 131 (John Simon); New York Daily Press (September 5, 1978) (Patricia O'Haire); New York Post (October 5, 1978), and reprinted in New York Theatre Critics' Reviews, 39 (1978), 212; New York Times (May 19, 1978), C2 (John Corry); (November 6, 1978), 54 (Walter Kerr), and reprinted in New York Theatre Critics' Reviews, 39 (1978), 212; New Yorker, 54 (November 9, 1978) (Brendan Gill); Newsweek, 92 (October 9, 1978), 121 (Jack Kroll), and reprinted in BSR, 1, No. 5 (January 1979), 1-2, and in New York Theatre Critics' Reviews, 39 (1978), 210; ND (January 1979), 6 (Dave Brink); (May 1979), 7 (Abby Mendelson); Plain Dealer [Cleveland] (November 25, 1978) (Peter Bellamy), and reprinted in MM, No. 11 (February 1979), 3-4; St. Petersburg Times (September 3, 1978) (Barbara Crosette), and reprinted in PPofFC, No. 40 (September 15, 1978), 2; Salt Lake Tribune (November 19, 1978), H5 (William Glover); Saturday Review 5 (December 1978), 45 (Martin Gottfried); Time, 112 (October 16, 1978), 130 (T. E. Kalem), and reprinted in New York Theatre Critics' Reviews, 39 (1978), 210; Times Herald Record [Middletown, N.Y.] (September 13, 1978), 45-46 (Barbara Crosette); Variety, 252 (October 4, 1978), 98 (Hobe.); WABC-TV7 (October 1, 1978) (Bob Lape), and reprinted in New York Theatre Critics' Reviews, 39 (1978), 212; WCBS-TV2 (October 1, 1978) (Dennis Cunningham), and reprinted in New York Theatre Critics' Reviews, 39 (1978), 212; Wall Street Journal (October 6, 1978) (Edwin Wilson), and reprinted in New York Theatre Critics' Reviews, 39 (1978), 211-212; Women's Wear Daily (September 29, 1978), 24 (Howard Kissel), and reprinted in New York Theatre Critics' Reviews, 39 (1978), 211.

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