Introduction to The Universal Sherlock Holmes
Volume 1 of The Universal Sherlock Holmes
Volume 2 of The Universal Sherlock Holmes
Volume 3 of The Universal Sherlock Holmes
Volume 4 of The Universal Sherlock Holmes

X.  Actors, Performances and Recordings

K. Plays (continued)


L. Radio

1987 Tim Elliot and David Nettheim

1977-1979 Svatopluk Beneš and Jaromír Spal
1981 Svatopluk Beneš and Miloš Kopecký
1986-1987 Svatopluk Beneš and Ji_í Císler

1943 Poul Reumert and Bjarne Forchhamer
1959 Bendt Rothe and Emil Hass Christensen
1964 Ebbe Rode and Helge Kjaerulff-Schmidt
1968 Jørgen Reenberg and Keld Markuslund
1965-1968 Henrik Bentzon

1943 Arthur Wontner and Carleton Hobbs
1945 Sir Cedric Hardwicke and Finlay Currie
1945 Laidman Browne and Norman Shelley
1948 H. Marion-Crawford and Finlay Currie
1949 Laidman Browne
1953 Carleton Hobbs and Norman Shelley
1954 Sir John Gielgud and Sir Ralph Richardson
1956 Sebastian Shaw and Godfrey Kenton
1957 Noel Johnson
1959 Richard Hurndall and Bryan Coleman
1963 Alan Wheatley and James McKechnie
1952-1969 Carleton Hobbs and Norman Shelley
1968 Norman Shelley
1969 Nigel Stock
1974 Robert Powell and Dinsdale Landen
1976-1977 Nigel Stock
1978 Barry Foster and David Buck
1980 Denys Hawthorne and Gordon Reid
1980 Nigel Stock
1981 John Mofatt and Timothy West
1983 Peter Egan and Jeremy Nicholas
1986 Mark Wing-Davy and Andrew Hilton
1986 Tim Pigott-Smith and Andrew Hilton
1988 Roger Rees and Crawford Logan
1989 Dinsdale Landen and John Moffat
1990 Ronald Pickup and Norman Rodway
1990-1993 Clive Merrison and Michael Williams
1992 Frank Finlay and Richard E. Grant
1993 Simon Callow and Ian Hogg

1958-1959 Knut M. Hansson and Willie Hoel
1959-1964 Fridtjof Mjøen and Arne Bang-Hansen
1961-1962 Erling Lindahl and Einar Vaage
1968 Jens Gundersen and Arne Bang-Hansen

South Africa
1967 Robert Langford and Kenneth Baker

1959-1960 Georg Årlin and Ragnar Falck
1967 Jörgen Cederberg
1967 Hans Lindgren
1971 Georg Årlin and Gösta Prüzelius

United States
1930 William Gillette and Leigh Lovell
1930-1933 Richard Gordon and Leigh Lovell
1934-1935 Louis Hector and Leigh Lovell
1935 William Gillette
1936 Richard Gordon and Harry West
1938 Orson Welles and Ray Collins
1939-1946 Basil Rathbone and Nigel Bruce
1946-1947 Tom Conway and Nigel Bruce
1947-1948 John Stanley and Alfred Shirley
1948-1949 John Stanley and Ian Martin
1949-1950 Ben Wright and Eric Snowden
1955 Sir John Gielgud and Sir Ralph Richardson
1968 Carl Pilo and Lou Tripani
1977-1978 Carleton Hobbs and Norman Shelley
1979 John Cooke and Len Prosser
1981-1982 Gordon Gould

Radio Advertising

Radio Scripts

M. Records

N. Tap Dancing

O. Teaching Aids and Devices

P. Television


1991 Viktor Preiss and Josef Somr

1951 Alan Wheatley and Raymond Francis
1964-1965 Douglas Wilmer and Nigel Stock
1968 Peter Cushing and Nigel Stock
1969 Ray Alan and Derek Dene
1972 Nigel Davenport
1973 John Cleese and William Rushton
1974 Edward Fox
1977 John Cleese and Arthur Lowe
1977 Christopher Plummer and Thorley Walters
1982 Tom Baker and Terence Rigby
1982 Guy Henry
1983 Roger Ostime and Hubert Rees
1983 Ian Richardson and Donald Churchill
1983 Ian Richardson and David Healy
1984 Peter Cushing and John Mills
1987 Hugh Fraser and Ronald Fraser
1991-1992 Christopher Lee and Patrick Macnee
1992 Frank Finlay and Richard E. Grant
1992 Reece Dinsdale and Gerald Horan
1984-1993 Jeremy Brett and David Burke/Edward Hardwicke
First Series
Second Series
Third Series
Fourth Series
Fifth Series

1974 Rolf Becker and Roger Lumont

1970-1983 Vastily Livanov and Vitaly Solomin

United States
1937 Louis Hector and William Podmore
1953 Basil Rathbone and Martyn Green
1954-1955 Ronald Howard and H. Marion Crawford
1972 Stewart Granger and Bernard Fox
1973 Dennis Allen and Ernest Borgnine
1975 Leonard Nimoy and Burt Blackwell
1976 Larry Hagman and Jenny O'Hara
1976 Basil Rathbone and Nigel Bruce
1976 Roger Moore and Patrick Macnee
1977 Royal Dano and Robbie Rist
1977 John C. Eskridge and Nick Tael
1978 Michael Palin and Dan Aykroyd
1979 Geoffrey Whitehead and Donald Pickering
1980 Keith McConnell and Laurier Main
1981 Frank Langella and Richard Woods
1982 Peter Lawford and Donald O'Connor
1984 Patrick Macnee and John Hillerman
1984 Peter Evans
1986 -- 1987
1987 Michael Pennington and Margaret Colin
1990 Edward Woodward and John Hillerman
1991 Tom Bosley
1991 Charlton Heston and Richard Johnson

Television Commercials

Television Scripts

Q. Video Discs

R. Video Tapes


XI.  Parodies, Pastiches, Burlesques, Travesties and Satires

A. General and Miscellaneous Criticism

B. Solar Pons and Dr. Parker (August Derleth)

Collected Stories and Essays
The Writings about the Writings, The Agent, and The Praed Street Irregulars

C. Solar Pons and Dr. Parker (Basil Copper)

D. Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson(Adrian Conan Doyle and John Dickson Carr)

Short Stories
Collected Stories

E. Schlock Homes and Dr. Watney (Robert L. Fish)

Individual Stories
Collected Stories

F. Other Stories

Poul Anderson
Val Andrews
Isaac Asimov
John Kendrick Bangs
Robert Barr
Sir James M. Barrie
Dana Martin Batory
Anthony Boucher
Clive Brooks
John Dickson Carr
Agatha Christie
William S. Dorn
Carole Nelson Douglas
Loren D. Estleman
Philip José Farmer
Robert F. Fleissner
John Gardner
L. B. Greenwood
E. Tudor Gross
Robert Lee Hall
Charles Hamilton
Michael Hardwick
Bret Harte
H. F. Heard
O. Henry
Brad Keefauver
Miles Kingston
Bradley Kjell
Stephen Leacock
R. C. Lehmann
John Lennon
Nicholas Meyer
A. A. Milne
Christopher Morley
Ellery Queen
Tina Rhea
S. C. Roberts
John Ruyle
Tom Simpson
D. O. Smith
Vincent Starrett
Frederic Dorr Steele
Julian Symons
Bert Leston Taylor
M. J. Trow
Mark Twain
Manly Wade Wellman and Wade Wellman
Arthur Whitaker
Jerry Neal Williamson
P. G. Wodehouse

G. Children's Stories, Picture Books and Puzzles

Stan and Jan Berenstain
Walter R. Brooks
Alan Coren
Stewart Cowley
Terrance Dicks
Walt Disney
Kin Platt
Robery Quackenbush
Jim and Mary Razzi
Richard Scarry
Charles M. Schulz
Sesame Street
Marjorie Weinman Sharmat
Eve Titus

XII.  Cartoons, Comics and Jokes

A. Criticism

B. General Cartoons

C. Editorial Cartoons

D. Comic Books and Comic Strips

E. Jokes


Introduction to The Universal Sherlock Holmes
Volume 1 of The Universal Sherlock Holmes
Volume 2 of The Universal Sherlock Holmes
Volume 3 of The Universal Sherlock Holmes
Volume 4 of The Universal Sherlock Holmes