The University Libraries are committed to supporting instructors and students in the research process. Do not hesitate to call on us for any of the following functions.

Assignment Consultation

  • Get advice on designing assignments that help students learn to effectively research.
  • Discover how to use QuickStudy, the Libraries' online tutorial, to help your students build information literacy skills and become more effective researchers.
  • Get clarification on the types of resources that are available to support your specific assignments and class projects.
  • Next Step: Contact the librarian in your subject area.

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Library Workshops

  • Arrange for a customized library workshop designed with your particular assignment in mind. The main libraries on campus have computer labs for hands-on workshops, but librarians can also come to your department's computer lab or classroom. Contact the librarian in your subject area to discuss this further.
  • Note: In order to arrange for a demonstration/hands-on session for your class, contact your librarian as early as possible (minimum of two weeks notification) so that library instructional facilities can be reserved and to ensure that the librarian will be able to accommodate your needs.

  • The Libraries also offer free, open workshops that students, staff, and faculty may register for. Many faculty require (or encourage) their students to attend particular workshops.. Go to the workshop registration database to see what is currently being offered. Although there are workshops covering various topics, the three core undergraduate workshops are in the "Unravel the Library" workshop series. Over 200 of these workshops are scheduled throughout the fall and spring semesters to accomodate faculty demand.

    Next Steps: See what open workshops are being offered currently, learn more about the "Unravel the Library" workshop series, and contact your librarian to arrange for a customized library workshop.


  • Tours of the library or libraries that your students will be using most frequently are a way to increase students' comfort levels with the library and introduce them to the lay-out and services of the Libraries.
  • Note that tours are not effective unless those attending can hear and see. An optimum size for a tour group is 10 people. You may need to assist with the tour in order to keep the tour group to the optimum size.
  • The Unravel 1 workshop includes an orientation to the Libraries and a tour of Wilson Library. Go to the workshop registration page for days/times.

    Next Steps: Contact the appropriate librarian as soon as possible so that an itinerary for the tour can be determined that ensures that the tour meets the needs of your students.

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