The libraries are more than just books and journals! Here are some highlights of services at the Libraries that you might have missed.

Ebooks Minnesota

It covers a wide variety of subjects for readers of all ages, & features literature & nonfiction.


Learn good study habits & stress managing techniques.


The Libraries do not hold a specific genealogy collection but do have many useful materials.

Leisure reading collections

Wilson Library’s McCollister Collection & Walter Library popular literature for browsing.


3D printers, sewing machines, & electronics equipment. Available in Walter and Bio-Medical.

Movie collection

Walter Library has a collection of movies that can be checked out for 3 days.

Online exhibits

Unique topics put together with materials from the University archives.

Popular newspapers online

New York Times, Star Tribune, St. Paul Pioneer Press, Washington Post, Wall Street Journal.

Published by the Libraries

We don't just shelve books! The Libraries has published journals, open textbooks, open books, & conference proceedings.