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The consultants

The Peer Research Consultants (PRCs) are recruited from a pool of diverse students with a strong academic record. All of the consultants have completed the WRIT 1301 course (or a similar course) with a grade of B or higher. The PRCs go through rigorous training to develop their information literacy, tutoring, and cultural competency skills. This librarian conducted training continues throughout the school year and is complemented by the SMART Learning Commons CRLA training program. Read about the consultants for this school year.

Target audience

Any student is encouraged to meet with a PRC to improve their research skills. The program targets:

  • Students participating in First Year Writing- to supplement and build on the information given in University Libraries Unravel Workshops.
  • Students participating in Multicultural Center for Academic Excellence Academic Support Programs and Scholarships- to offer research skills support to these students.


Program goals

The PRC program aims to:

  • To provide academic support for University of Minnesota undergraduates and to support the University of Minnesota's Student Learning Outcomes.
  • To support the vision developed by the Office for Equity and Diversity. The priority areas identified for this program are:
    • Improve campus climate for diverse students, faculty, staff and visitors
    • Engage internal and external communities in re-imagining strategies for achieving the University’s retention and success goals for diverse students


Program partners

The University of Minnesota Libraries have partnered with the Multicultural Center for Academic Excellence, International Student and Scholar Services, and the SMART Learning Commons.

For more information about the Peer Research Consultant Program contact Andrew Palahniuk at 612-624-0365 or