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What to expect
Preparations for meeting with a Peer Research Consultant


Peer Research Consultants help undergraduate students with the following:

  • Choosing a topic and narrowing down a broad research topic

  • Creating a research question

  • Finding and evaluating academic sources

  • Developing research skills

  • Navigating the Libraries’ website and locating good databases for a topic

  • Provide helpful resources



Before arriving at the consultation, try to be mindful of the questions that you have about your research project/paper. This allows for a smoother consultation. Coming in with knowledge about the assignment will help with the consultation and research process.


Bring your assignment and any work you have done thus far. It is okay to come without having started, because we can help you at any stage of the project.


Expectations at each session:

1. Arrival

Find the table where the Peer Research Consultant will be seated (there will be a sign).

2. Introduction

You will be introduced to your consultant.

3. Consultation

This will be the time when you will be able to work on your specific needs with a Peer Research Consultant.  Consultations are typically 30 minutes.

4. After your consultation
Your Peer Research Consultant will send a summary email listing databases, articles, or Library resources you talked about during your consultation. You will also be asked to fill out an evaluation.


More about us:

Peer Research Consultants at the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities are students who are trained in library research. The consultants find relevant databases through the Library Website, brainstorm research topic ideas, refine search terms, and evaluate resources.


Peer Research Consultants are trained to assist undergraduate students within any field of study and are prepared to provide beneficial resources.


Students have the option of scheduling a standard 30 minute consultation with one of the Peer Research Consultants. There is also the option of coming in during drop-in hours. Times and locations are listed on the PRC Website (


The consultant is there to assist you with any research questions, while also helping you become more comfortable and confident navigating the Library databases.