Library Computers

Library computers are available at all University Libraries to support teaching, learning and research and offer a variety of software. Current University of Minnesota --Twin Cities students, faculty, and staff have unlimited access to these computers.

All other visitors must stop by a library service desk to sign up for computer workstation card by presenting a valid government issued photo ID. This card will give the visitor up to two hours of computer access per day and is valid for one year. After one year the card may be renewed.

Additional visitor computer access is available by joining the Friends of the Libraries or qualifying for Special Borrowing Privileges.

Visitors may use library computers to access most of our licensed indexes and databases and electronic books while using library computer workstations.

Note: All users must agree to abide by University Libraries' policies.

SMART Learning Commons

The SMART Learning Commons are a one-stop resource for students needing research, technology, or writing help. Two of the three locations on the Twin Cities campus host a collection of computers offering a wide variety of special software available to all Twin Cities students, faculty, and staff. These are:
West Bank - Wilson Library, Basement Level
East Bank - Walter Library, Room 204

Other Computers

The Office of Information and Technology has general purpose computer labs across the Twin Cities and St. Paul campuses. See for more information.

Wireless Access

Wireless access is available at all University Libraries via the University’s network. General information on guidelines, set-up information, and technical standards can be found here:

Printing & Photocopying

Printing From a Library Workstation

Black-and-white printing is available at all University Libraries. Color printing is also available at Wilson, Walter, and Magrath Libraries.

Self-serve UniPrint machines accept payment via Gopher GOLD on your U Card or copy card. Departmental users with EFS accounts may also use a departmental copy card. Black-and-white prints cost $0.12 per exposure, and color prints are $1.00 per exposure.

To print from a library workstation:

  1. Add value to your U Card or Gopher GOLD Card at the ValuePort if needed.
  2. Print your document (Ctrl-P or File > Print). You will be asked to enter a job name and an ID. These are used to identify your job in the print queue.
  3. Go to the Uniprint release station at your library -- staff can assist you in locating it.
  4. Swipe your UCard or GopherGold card on the keyboard.
  5. Select your print job from the print job list on the screen next to the printer. The cost will appear on the bottom of the screen. Click Print to accept, and then Log Out.

Printing From Your Laptop

Windows and Mac users can print from their laptop at the Bio-Medical, Magrath, Walter, and Wilson Libraries. See our guide for details.


Photocopiers are available at all University Libraries. A U Card or Gopher GOLD Card is required for use, and copies are 17 cents per exposure. (See below for instructions on how to add value to your U Card or Gopher Gold Card.) Library staff are available to assist with any copy questions that may arise.

Adding Value to Your U Card

Don't have a UCard? You can purchase a re-usable Gopher GOLD card at any Value Port for $1.00 (which buys an empty card. Additional money is required for printing.)

Adding value to your card is simple, using any of the following options:

Other Printing and Photocopying Services

The University’s Printing Services operates four full-service Copy Centers on campus. See for additional information.

Scanning & Digitization

General Scanning

There is one free standalone digital scanner in Wilson Library and one in Magrath Library. Each of these scanners can be customized to scan in color or at various page sizes and resolutions. There is no charge for use, but a flash drive is required.

Other flatbed scanners are available in the SMART Learning Commons (in the Walter and Wilson locations). The Borchert Map Library in the Wilson Library Sub-Basement, the Bio-Medical Library, the Natural Resources Library, and the Veterinary Medical Library also offer scanners.

Microform Scanning

There are five self-service microform scanners located in the Basement level of Wilson Library. Walter, Magrath, and Bio-Medical Libraries each have one self-service microform scanner.

With these machines, you can view microfilm or microfiche and also:

  • Email images
  • Save images to a USB flash memory drive
  • Burn images to a CD or DVD
  • Print images (cost is 25 cents per page)

Library staff are available to assist with the use of these machines.

Archival Scanning & Digitization

The Libraries' Digital Library Services provides reliable and trustworthy digitization services to the University community and researchers using University materials across the globe. The DLS strives to provide the best quality and most sustainable digital surrogates possible at a reasonable cost.