Automatic renewal

Library materials automatically renew from the date of the original loan until they reach a maximum final due date. A courtesy email is sent before the final due date, after which items must be brought into the library to extend the loan.

Maximum renewal limits

  • U of M faculty, staff, and retirees - 2 years
  • U of M graduates - 1 year
  • U of M undergraduates - 6 months
  • Special privilege and Friends of the Library borrowers - 3 months
  • Periodicals (all borrowers) - 3 weeks


  • Different renewal policies may apply to maps, reserve materials, music recordings and scores, 3-day loans, and Law Library materials.
  • Recalls placed on checked out items become due within seven days.
  • Expiration of borrowing privileges prohibits additional renewals.

Please note: Interlibrary Loan items must be renewed through your ILLiad Account (U of M faculty, staff, and students only).