Course Reserves integration with Moodle

Library Course Reserves readings can now be integrated directly into the main Moodle interface for any course that uses both Course Reserves and Moodle. This means that students can access their course readings from within Moodle, creating a single point of access for most course materials. Course Reserves and Moodle can be integrated in two ways: 1) install the Library Resources block and/or 2) include a Library Reserves link in the main body of the Moodle course page.

Install the Library Resources block

Library Resources block Most course pages within Moodle include a Library Resources block by default. The Library Resources block typically appears in the left-hand sidebar of a Moodle course page and includes a simple library catalog and article search tool, links to library resources specific to the subject of the course, library chat access, and more. If the course is making use of the Course Reserves service from the Libraries it also automatically includes a link to "Access Course Readings." If your course page does not include the Library Resources block you may install it by following these instructions:

1. Turn editing on by clicking the "Turn Editing On" button in the upper right hand corner of the course page.
2. Find the "Add a block" drop down menu at the bottom of the column on the left side of the course page.
3. Choose "Library Resources" in the menu.
4. The block should now appear in the left hand sidebar. You may configure the block if you would like to add more library links and options. Click the "gear" icon in the block to configure it further.

Again, the link to "Access Course Readings" will automatically appear in the block if course readings/reserves are available.

Include a link to Library Reserves in the main body of the Moodle course page

A link to the "Access Course Readings (Library Reserves)" resource can also be added inside the main body (middle section) of the course page. To add this link:

1. Turn editing on by clicking the "Turn Editing On" button in the upper right hand corner of the course page.
2. Find and click the "+ Add an activity or resource" link in the topic/section you would like to add the link.
3. In the resulting menu, scroll to the "Resources" section and choose "Library Reserves."
4. Click "Add" and then "Save and return to course."

A resource link to "Access Course Readings (Library Reserves)" should now appear in the section you choose to add it to.

If you are interested in Course Reserves for your class through the libraries, please contact If you have further questions about Course Reserves integration with Moodle, please contact Shane Nackerud at