See a Peer Research Consultant (PRC) when you have a research paper or assignment for class and need help with it. Most times it is best to visit earlier than later. Come prepared for the appointment to get the most out of the meeting.

Before your session

  • Learn what the assignment includes and what the instructor expects. Come with ideas about what interests you.
  • Think of the questions that you have about your research project/paper. This allows for a smoother consultation.
  • Bring the assignment, any completed work, and the course syllabus.

At the session

  • PRCs have table signs - find your PRC!
  • The consultation: discussion of your assignment and where you are in the process. The PRC can help brainstorm ideas, find resources offered by the Libraries’ web page, or demonstrate ways to navigate databases effectively. You decide what to cover and talk about with the PRC. The meeting is relaxed. Consultations are typically 30 minutes.

After the session

  • The PRC sends a summary email listing databases, articles, or resources discussed during the consultation. The email includes a request for evaluation.