Training for peer tutors

Our training curriculum has earned the highest possible certification (level 3) of the College Reading and Learning Association. Peer Tutors (CRLA ITTPC Level I) are educated in a variety of topics before and during service, including: consulting ethics, communication skills, goal setting, effective questioning, critical thinking and learning preferences. These topics are covered through interactive workshops, online assignments, and experiential learning opportunities. Workshops are facilitated in collaboration with the Multicultural Center for Academic Excellence Instructional Center, Northstar Stem Alliance, Multicultural Family Literacy Program, Peer Research Consultants, and McNamara Academic Center.

Advanced Peer Tutors (CRLA ITTPC levels II and III) take a one credit course, Introduction to Peer Education (OUE 3050), offered through the University of Minnesota Office of Undergraduate Education. This course introduces students to relevant educational theories, models, and history to inform their practice as peer educators. The goal of this course is to provide a theoretical and historical background useful to approaching tutoring, session planning, and group facilitation.