Position Description

We seek exemplary students to serve as peer tutors for University of Minnesota students.


Peer Tutors:

  • Assist students academically by:
    • establishing a rapport conducive to positive personal and professional interactions
    • respecting differences in background, opinion, ability, motivation, and desires
    • upholding standards of academic integrity when providing support
    • supporting the student in establishing challenging, yet attainable goals within and beyond the consultation
    • maintaining confidentiality of records, grades, and other protected information
  • Attend and actively participate in scheduled training sessions and staff meetings
  • Accurately record consultation proceedings and submit required documentation
  • Serve as a respectful and positive representative of the Peer Tutor program


We look for evidence of three primary qualifications:

  1. academic excellence
  2. a demonstrated passion for education
  3. superior communication and interpersonal skills

To be eligible for consideration, applicants must:

  • be currently enrolled students at the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities
  • be undergraduates eligible for student employment
  • maintain a 3.2 college grade point average (3.5 or above is recommended)
  • have earned an "A" (or demonstrated equivalent competency) in all courses they wish to support as a tutor. (In some cases, an A- may be acceptable.)

Applicants are considered eligible to support all courses in which:

  • the applicant received a full "A" grade
  • the applicant demonstrated competency equivalence to an "A" grade through an AP Exam, CLEP Exam, IB score, transfer credit, etc.
  • the applicant received an "A-" grade and SMART receives an endorsement letter from faculty for each "A-" class
  • the applicant confirms their capability to tutor the course(s)

Highly competitive applicants will also:

  • have successfully completed advanced coursework in their area(s) of specialization
  • possess prior tutoring experience
  • have available work-study funds
  • be eligible to support multiple courses


Tutoring shifts vary considerably based on a tutor's schedule, areas of specialization, available appointment hours, and qualifications as an educator. Most successful applicants will have at least 4 hours per week available during peak times (typically Mon-Thu, 10a-6p). Preference will be given to applicants who can work at least 8 hours per week.

Areas of Specialization

While we carefully consider any applicant with the above qualifications, we are traditionally in most need of tutors who can support math (Calculus II and below), introductory physics, economics, chemistry, and/or statistics. Applicants able to specialize in multiple content areas are particularly desirable.


Initial pay is $10.50/hr. Salary increases with training and experience.


Peer Tutors have the opportunity to:

  • earn College Reading and Learning Association (CRLA) certification
  • gain valuable, resume-building experience helping peers
  • improve interpersonal communication and tutoring skills
  • meet other Peer Tutors

Application Process

Please note that while all received applications are considered, this review does not always happen in a timely manner due to issues such as the number of applications in process, changing needs, and varying administrative workload. It is not uncommon for several weeks to pass before your application is reviewed. Please do not be discouraged. A lack of immediate response is not often indicative of insufficient qualifications.

The priority deadline for Spring 2019 applications is Monday, November 12th at 8AM. SMART will continue accepting applications after that deadline and will keep applications on file for 2 semesters.  Late applications will be reviewed if all positions are not filled or in the event of an unanticipated vacancy.


To apply:

  • Complete online application form (click HERE for application form)
    • Application will also require you to attach a copy of your resume
  • At least one (1) faculty member must submit a brief endorsement letter on your behalf, indicating why they support your application
    • The faculty member should be from one of the courses you are applying to support
    • The faculty member should email the endorsement letter directly to smartlc@umn.edu
    • Applicants are responsible for working with faculty members to ensure the endorsement letter is submitted
    • If you are applying to support courses in which you received "A-" grades, SMART will need an endorsement letter from faculty in each "A-" course
    • More information is available on the online application form

Faculty endorsement letters may be submitted after the priority deadline but should be submitted as soon as possible for full consideration.  Applications will not be reviewed until applicants submit the online application and faculty members submit a letter of endorsement on behalf of the applicant.

Please note that we are unfortunately unable to respond to all application submissions.

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