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November 30, 2015
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Archives and Special Collections Staff Directory

Andersen Horticultural Library Minnesota Landscape Arboretum
3675 Arboretum Drive, Chanhassen, MN
Reference email:
Allen, Kathy: 952-443-1405,
Jensen, Renee: 952-443-1405,

The Archie Givens, Sr. Collection of African American Literature / Upper Midwest Literary Manuscripts / Performing Arts Archive
213 Andersen Library
Ph: 625-3550 Fax: 625-5525
Marcus, Cecily: 624-8812,
Hujda, Kate:

Charles Babbage Institute (History of Information Technology)
211 Andersen Library
General email:
Ph: 624-5050 Fax: 625-8054
Nelsen, R. Arvid: 625-4867,

Children’s Literature Research Collections
113 Andersen Library
Ph: 624-4576 Fax: 625-5525
General email:
Marineau, Caitlin: 626-9182,
Von Drasek, Lisa: 624-4817,

James Ford Bell Library
472 Wilson Library
Ph: 624-1528 Fax: 626-9353
Reference email:
Borg, Margaret: 624-7040,
Olson, Karen: 625-3346,
Ragnow, Marguerite: 624-6895,

Jean-Nickolaus Tretter Collection in Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender Studies
111 Andersen Library
Ph: 626-9166 Fax: 625-5525
Vecoli, Lisa: 624-7526,

Migration and Social Services Collections
Engseth, Ellen: 625-0553,
  • Immigration History Research Center Archives
  • 311 Andersen Library
    Ph: 625-4800 Fax: 626-0018
    Reference email:
    Hoehn, Jamie: 626-5928,
    Necas, Daniel: 625-6581,
  • Kautz Family YMCA Archives
  • 318 Andersen Library
    Ph: 625-3445 Fax: 624-4848
    Reference email:
    Bean, Ryan: 626-7899,
    Bentley, Alexandra: 626-7956,
    Friedman-Shedlov, Lara: 626-7972,
    Merriam, Louise: 626-7956,
  • Nathan and Theresa Berman Upper Midwest Jewish Archives
  • 320 Andersen Library
    Ph: 625-0192 Fax: 624-4848
    Dietrick, Kate: 825-0192,
  • Social Welfare History Archives
  • 320 Andersen Library
    Ph: 624-6394 Fax: 624-4848
    Reference email:
    Anderson, Linnea: 624-6394,

Northwest Architectural Archives
213 Andersen Library
Ph: 625-3550 Fax: 625-5525
Bezat, Barb: 625-3550,

Sherlock Holmes Collections / Rare Books and Special Collections
111 Andersen Library
Ph: 626-9166 Fax: 625-5525
Johnson, Tim: 624-3552,

University Archives
218 Andersen Library
Ph: 624-0562 Fax: 625-5525
Reference email:
George, Erin: 624-2370,
Hoffman, Susan: 626-8191,
Moore, Erik: 625-5756,

Wangensteen Historical Library of Biology and Medicine
568 Diehl Hall
Ph: 626-6881
Reference email is
Hendrickson, Lois: 626-6881,
Herzberg, Christopher:

(Does not include Minitex and Library Access Center staff)
Anderson, Linnea 624-6394 Social Welfare History Archives
Bahnemann, Greta 625-6497 Minnesota Digital Library
Bean, Ryan 626-7899 Kautz Family YMCA Archives
Bentley, Alexandra 626-7956 Kautz Family YMCA Archives
Bezat, Barb 625-3550 Northwest Architectural Archives
Blissenbach, Mary 625-6432 Central Services and Student Supervisor
Borg, Margaret 624-7040 James Ford Bell Library
Charlet, Katie 624-5050 Charles Babbage Institute
Claybourne Torkelson, Jennifer 625-8821 Digital Library Services
Dietrick, Kate 625-0192 Nathan and Theresa Berman Upper Midwest Jewish Archives
Dupont-Crocker, Francine 624-6910 University Archives
Engseth, Ellen 625 0553 Immigration History Research Center Archives
Friedman-Shedlov, Lara 626-7972 Kautz Family YMCA Archives
Gillies, Meredith 624-4576 Children's Literature Research Collections
Hallgren, Sue 624-3008 Central Services
Hoffman, Susan 625-0192 University of Minnesota Archives
Hujda, Kate Performing Arts Archives
Johnson, Tim 624-3552 Sherlock Holmes Collections, Rare Books and Special Collections
Kiesling, Kris 626-5776 Elmer L. Andersen Director of Archives and Special Collections
Lee, Erika 625-5573 Immigration History Research Center
Mahoney, Ahn Na 624-6316 Digital Library Services
Marineau, Caitlin 626-9182 Children's Literature Research Collections
Merriam, Louise 625-3445 Kautz Family YMCA Archives
Misa, Thomas 624-5050 Charles Babbage Institute
Moore, Erik 625-5756 University of Minnesota Archives
Necas, Daniel 625-8898 Immigration History Research Center Archives
Nelsen, Arvid 625-4867 Charles Babbage Institute
Olson, Karen 625-3346 Central Services and James Ford Bell Library
Ragnow, Marguerite 624-6895 James Ford Bell Library
Ratsabout, Saengmany 625-2387 Immigration History Research Center
Roy, Jason 625-0028 Digital Library Services
Strnad, Rob 625-9825 #1 640-4006 pager Building Office
Terpstra, Darren 624-6096 Exhibits
Vecoli, Lisa 624-7526 Jean Nickolaus Tretter Collection in GLBT Studies
Von Drasek, Lisa 624-4817 Children's Literature Research Collections
Wilson, Rebecca 626-5449 University of Minnesota Archives
Yost, Jeffrey 624-5050 Charles Babbage Institute