Use of archival and special collections materials is freely granted to all responsible researchers, subject to the following regulations and procedures, to ensure that the materials are protected from deterioration, mutilation, or loss.

Policies and procedures for using materials in Archives & Special Collections

  1. Complete a registration form and get an orientation about the use of materials in the reading room.
  2. Food and beverages are not allowed in the reading room.
  3. Camera bags, purses, laptop sleeves, briefcases, backpacks, large notebooks, and bags of any kind are not allowed in the reading room and must go in a locker. Outerwear must be left in a locker.
  4. You may bring a small amount of paper, small notebook, pencils, computers, camera, and small valuables (cell phone, small wallet) into the reading room.
  5. Sign in at the Reading Room monitor's desk.
  6. Materials cannot be checked out and must be used in the reading room. Materials will be retrieved from and returned to storage areas by staff members. Depending on the type of materials you request, you will fill out a separate slip for each book, serial, newspaper, box (or range of boxes) or other items you wish to see.
  7. Do not take any materials from the collections out of the Reading Room. When you have finished using the materials, put them back in the box. If you were assigned a cart, please return your box your cart.
  8. Use one box at a time and remove only one folder from the box at a time. Use an out-card to mark the folder position within the box. out cards are available on the Reading Room desks or from the monitor.
  9. Please handle all items carefully. Materials must not be written on, fastened together, or altered in any way. Keep the original order of file folders in boxes and items within folders. If you find problems with the condition or arrangement of materials, bring them to the attention of the curator.
  10. Materials that are fragile or rare may need special handling. Staff will explain how to handle the items.
  11. Use only pencils to take notes; no pens are allowed in the Reading Room.
  12. Check with staff to see if you are allowed to photograph documents. If photography is allowed with the materials you are using, please turn off the camera sounds and flash.
  13. A staff member will show you how to use of equipment for microform or video/sound recordings. There may be time limits on the use of equipment to permit other researchers access to the machines.
  14. Phone conversations are not permitted in the reading room. Please set cell phones to silent and take all calls in the hallway.
  15. People working in groups should contact staff before their appointment to see if separate research space is available. Groups working in the Reading Room should go into the hall to have a conversation.
  16. The last box retrieval of the day is at 3:30. The reading room and all building offices close at 4:30.
  17. When you leave for the day, sign out at the reading room monitors desk.