Sometimes you use search to see if there's something available on a topic. Other times, you use search as a quick way to get to something that you know the Libraries have in our collections. We're launching a new feature on our homepage that will quickly get you to some of our most-used resources.

Now, when you begin to type the name of a frequently-searched resource, say "pub med," you'll be presented with a link below the search box that will rocket you right to it.

Try it below, and then tell us what you think:

(Library staff: please note that the suggestions won't appear if you are currently logged in to this site as a staff member. Click "Sign out" in the drop-down under your Internet ID above to see this tool in action.)

Suggested Resources

Below you'll find a complete list of resources that we will suggest to you. We started with a list of the 100 resources that our users search for most frequently from our home page.